Mar. 30th, 2017

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Dear Creator:

I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  Life has been happening lately.  Please feel free to use as much or as little of this as you want.  I'll love stories of any of these characters.  I know some people like prompts/ideas and others can find it restrictive - so whatever works.

Things I love:   I love fluff and schmoop.  Sucker for happy endings.  I'm a huge fan of hurt/comfort and I even like angst, but I prefer it to at least end hopefully and definitely prefer happy.  I love competency, being equals, and protective siblings. I'm a huge fan of banter.  I'm always a fan of cliches as long as it's done well and you have fun with it. 

No, thank you:  I can't read non-con/rape.  I also can't handle violence against animals or children.  I'm not a fan of death fic or unhappy/no-hope endings.  I don't particularly enjoy incompetence or humiliation for no reason...if it serves a purpose in the story and it makes sense, I can handle it.  And most AUs aren't my go-to reads.  I'll read some, but not really what I seek out for fic. 

Below are the specific requests.  Again, take as much or little from these as you want.  I get how the muse can work (or sometimes not work).  If the match is for vids, I don't really have any guidelines for that.  I'm in awe of those abilities, so go where the muse takes you. 

Request 1 - Cal Leandros - Fic
Cal/Niko or Cal & Niko & Robin - Note that i haven't read the last book that came out yet, but I've read all the others in the series.  I adore Cal and Niko's relationship, even at its most co-dependent and slightly crazy.  I love their friendship with Robin.  I would especially love Niko point of view as it's always nice to get inside his head...Feel free to set it around one of the books or just random moments.  Let them be hunting or just having Niko kick Cal's butt with a workout.  If you want to go back to the early days...I've always been intrigued by getting Niko's perspective on what happened in the first book.

Request 2 - Boondock Saints - Fic, Vid
Connor/Murphy - I love these two.  I love how devoted they are to each other and their cause, but that they'll still start pummeling each other and bickering over things like rope.  I'm a huge fan of hurt/comfort, especially with Murphy being the one to get hurt and Connor going into super protective mode, which both amuses and worries Murphy.

Request 3 - Outsiders, Fic
Ponyboy & Sodapop; Darrel & Ponyboy; Darrel, Ponyboy & Sodapop - Outsiders is my favorite book of all time.  I've read it multiple times over the years since I was eleven (This might be what started me on my weird obsession with close familial sibling relationships in fiction/tv/movies).  I love the book, the movie and even the short-lived tv show.  Really can't go wrong as long as you're bringing the closeness and protectiveness of the characters toward each other.  Maybe something from Sodapop or Darrel's point of view when Ponyboy is off with Johnny or get the call about the fire.  Or just a random moment in their present or future.  Really anything.

Request 4 - Battleship, Fic
Alex HOpper & Stone Hopper;  Alex/Stone - It's such a silly movie, but part of what I love about it is the relationship between Alex and Stone.  I'd prefer to live in a happy place where Stone survived somehow or set before the acts of the movie.  One really would want to have Stone see that his little brother stepped up and saved the day, learning to get past himself to do what he needed.

Request 5 - Joan of Arcadia, Fic
Joan & Kevin; Joan & Luke, Joan & Kevin & Luke; Joan & Kevin & God - I adore Joan's relationships with her brothers on the show.  I loved that they teased each other, protected each other and really loved one another.  I love that neither Luke or Kevin ever quite know what to make of their sister and her little experiments/adventures.  And I really like the idea of Kevin finding out about Joan and God and moving from thinking his sister is crazy to believing.

Request 6 - Charmed, Fic
Chris & Wyatt; Chris & Piper; Chris & Leo; Wyatt & Chris & Melinda; Piper/Leo, Chris & Wyatt & Melinda - I seriously love and adore Chris Halliwell.  He's my favorite character in all of Charmed canon (which is probably evident if you look at my Ao3 stories written as there are many about him).  I love his relationship with Wyatt in both the original dark world and his one with a good!Wyatt.  I used to want the Wyatt & Chris spin-off series so badly.   I also love Chris after the reveal with Piper and Leo, keeping both at a distance at first but slowly letting them in.  And I like how far he and Leo came in fixing their relationship.  Just really - anything Chris is a happy place for me.  And I'm okay with the angst, but if it can be hopeful.

Request 7 - Killjoys, Fic
D'avin & Johnny;  D'avin/Johnny/Fancy - I love and adore Johnny.  I love how far his relationship with his brother has come since he found him in the pilot.  I'm fine with gen brotherly love or going to more and throwing in Fancy (who I also love because he's so different from Johnny and yet, I find them compelling together).    I'm up for anything.

I hope this helps and didn't confuse things.  I'll say it again - I love all these characters so I'll enjoy whatever comes my way.

Thank you!

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