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Dear Creator,

Again I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  Time has this nasty habit of getting away from me.  Please feel free to use as much or as little of this as you want.  I'll love stories of any of these pairings/characters.  And I know some people like prompts/ideas and others can find it restrictive - so whatever works.

Things I love:   I love fluff and schmoop.  Sucker for happy endings.  I'm a huge fan of hurt/comfort and I even like angst, but I prefer it to at least end hopefully and definitely prefer happy.  I love competency, friends to more, being equals.  I love familial relationships, but also families we create ourselves.  I'm a huge fan of banter and all that can be said with nuance in those moments.  I'm always a fan of cliches like stranded, forced together, long as it's done well and you have fun with it.  I love genderbending as far as taking a cool male character and making him an even more awesome female character.   I do love me some jealousy/possessiveness as long as it doesn't cross over into a creepy stalker type feeling.  

No, thank you:  I can't read non-con/rape.  I also can't handle violence against animals or children.  I'm not a fan of death fic or unhappy/no-hope endings.  I don't particularly enjoy incompetence or humiliation for no reason...if it serves a purpose in the story and it makes sense, I can handle it.  And most AUs aren't my go-to reads (though I'm sometimes a sucker for those soulmate ones).  I'll read some, but not really what I seek out for fic. 

Below are the specific requests.  Again, take as much or little from these as you want.  I get how the muse can work (or sometimes not work).   Again, go where the muse takes you.  Note:  On a lot of these I didn't choose angst as a tag, however, I'm okay with angst as long as it doesn't end dark.  

Request 1:  Marvel Cinematic Universe

So I love Steve Rogers. Definitely my favorite character in all of Marvel Universe.   For Steve/Thor - I just love that they're both sort of strangers in this current world and could see them bonding over things like that.  For Steve/Sam - I just love their friendship.  I love that Sam is protective of Steve and completely trusts him, but will still call him on things.  And I love that Steve lets Sam in.  I love Steve feeling jealous and Sam having to point out he's an idiot.  For Steve/Bucky - I didn't pick AU-Modern, but they are the one pairing that I can handle that long as the basics are the same in that they grew up best friends.   For Steve/Tony - I love a domestic side to them.  I like them being equal partners, but still bickering.  For Steve/Bucky/Sam - I really love the idea of Steve being completely clueless, feeling left out but happy that Bucky and Sam are close, and Bucky & Sam needing to knock Steve over with things.  Or just random domesticity and the ways the three of them take care of each other (Just please keep that sort of dynamic of Sam & Bucky we get).

Request 2: Crossover Fandoms

Steve Rogers/Kara Danvers - so yes, did I mention my love of Steve Rogers and that my brain often spends time inserting him into different worlds.  I think he and Kara would be this odd fit, a person Kara doesn't have to worry about being strong around (and same for Steve).  Someone who understands that even when it's tiring, it feels good to help people.   For some reason with Steve & Kara, I picture Steve trying to be very private about his relationship and everyone on the Avengers trying to find out what's going on.  Sam and Bucky demanding to know and plotting...and of course Natasha already figured it out. 
Steve Rogers/Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez - so I love Losers almost as much as I love MCU.  And really, with this pairing, I'm open to pretty much anything, including - are Steve and Jake the same person?  Is Jake related to Steve?  I just love the idea of them and I'm open to anything.
Bucky Barnes/Jake Jensen - like above I just find it all fascinating and I know I have this weird obsession of crossing over all of Chris Evans roles at times.  But it just intrigues me and I'm open to anything.
Barry Allen/Oliver Queen - They are my DC TV OTP.  I love Barry and Oliver.  They're so different in a lot of ways, but they both care a lot about their cities and people.  And I think they bring out the best in each other when they work together, so I think that could go so far in another type of relationship.  I'd love hurt/comfort fic, with Oliver being protective and annoyed with Barry - because Barry rushes into everything.  And then Barry pointing out that Oliver can be just as fast to react. 
Barry Allen/Kara Danvers - Again, I love the idea of Kara having someone she doesn't have to hold back with.  They can fight villains and unwind together without having to close off parts of themselves or leaving someone behind every

Request 3: The Martian

Mark Watney is awesome and I love Mark/Chris.  I love them as an established relationship that ends up going on this adventure together where everything goes wrong.  I love exploring Chris battling with grieving someone he loves and then the guilt of being the one to making the call to leave him behind (even though only he would be blaming himself).  I love Mark using science and being smart and hating disco and potatoes.   And yeah, I saw the "mystery/procedural" tag and my brain was suddenly like "now there needs to be Mark & Chris solve crimes and make out a lot." 

Request 4: The Flash

I love the separate relationships that Barry has with both Cisco and Caitlyn.  I love the idea of them moving from friendship to more.  I love Barry and Cisco working through some of the issues of this season (whether established relationship that hit the rocks or getting together).  I just love that the three of them always come together in the end to save the day and there is a lot of trust and mutual respect built into those relationships.  And they're just fun characters too.

Request 5: The Losers

I love every single thing about Jake Jensen/Cougar Alvarez.  They are one of my favorite pairings that hit on all my favorite things:  best friends, teammates, partners in crime, and just two people that really respect each other's abilities.  I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort and competent!Jake, who kicks ass, but sometimes still needs Cougar to save him.  I love Jake then returning the favor and saving Cougar too.  Feel free to add any of the other team members, Aisha, Jolene, or Jensen's sister & niece as supporting characters. 

I do know the comics for this fandom.  I know it sign-up was for the movie and that's fine to stick with, but if you like the comic storylines and want to utilize it - that's fine by me. 

Request 6:  Killjoys

I adore this show and I really, truly love Johnny.  I don't really do pairings on this show.  I just love the dynamic and relationships that Johnny shares with D'avin and Dutch.  I love that Johnny is the heart of the trio and he's the only one who doesn't seem to realize it.  I love how far his relationship with D'avin has come since season one and even him stabbing Johnny.  I love how much Dutch depends on Johnny.  And Lucy loves Johnny the most, which is always awesome to me!

Request 7: Supergirl

Kara/Winn - I adore Kara and her relationship with Winn.  And it hits on my fave friends-to-more trope and just...the idea of Kara starting to realize exactly what Winn means to her after a close call.  Winn being leary.  And Kara having to win him over.   I just think her relationship with Winn is one of the things that keeps Kara grounded.  And did I mention Winn is adorable?
Kara & Alex - sisters kicking ass together!  Having each others' backs.  Being overprotective and stupid and sometimes snippy as sisters are known to do, but always being there when they need each other.  I just love Kara & Alex.  Separately they are great characters, but together, they're this amazing team.

I enjoy all the tags I chose and all the pairings.  I'm pretty easy to please and I hope you enjoy writing the story because I know I'll enjoy reading the final product.

So yes.  This is my long-winded way of saying Thank you!

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