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Life has been super busy recently and work's been charging along as well. Which is good, I guess, because I do enjoy job stability, but a few minutes of rest is always something I enjoy. I've just had a lot of HR-related seminars and workshops recently, so then I'm out of the office and when I'm back in, I've got to play catch up.

I had a few things I wanted to post about, but now that I'm writing the entry, I've got nothing much to report.


A Story Rec:

For Fandom Trumps Hate, I did some bidding with the plan to make donations no matter what, but I won a few things.

And I got this amazing story set in the Cal Leandros world - Brothers Before Souls  by [ profile] yopumpkinhead  - It's set during Blackout, but it's from Niko's perspective on dealing with Cal going missing, to finding him, and to making the choices that he does for his brother.  I loved everything about this story and I highly recommend it.  One can never go wrong with Niko POV.  If you know the books, I definitely recommend you check it out.


So author reveals occurred for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm and I meant to share the story I wrote, but again...time gets away from me. 

I wrote The In Between Moments - Walking Dead, Rick/Daryl - it's set over the course of seasons four to winter finale of current season (7) - Somehow Daryl and Rick have managed to carve something out for themselves despite the constant loss and destruction around them. At least they always find their ways back to each other. A series of moments (missing scenes) between Daryl and Rick set from the end of season four through to the winter finale of season seven.

After the initial panic I always experience before starting a project for a challenge, I had a lot of fun with this one.  It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to write and how I wanted to bring canon into it.  And I had one scene written, but I was feeling like I wanted to do it slowly expanded and I'm happy with the final product.  Gotta thank my betas for keeping me on target and pointing out when things that are in my head didn't translate onto the page.  And, it was nice to sort of give Daryl and Rick a few happy moments.


I made up my deficit from January on my word count and pulled ahead during February.  A lot of it was nonfannish writing and a few WIPs I've been tossing around in my brain (I long ago stopped posting WIPs because when/if I lose interest, I didn't want people wondering how something ends)

Currently on my fannish writing to-do list:

-my piece for [ profile] picfor1000 - I've got this cool picture.  Now the challenge is to keep my wordy butt limited to exactly 1000 words.
-Ante-Up Losers story - I love any excuse to rewatch/read Losers.
-Just got my fandom5K assignment the other day and I'm super excited.  And this one I need to come up with something good and something that will lead to at least 5000 words of a story. 

I've also got to continue with my regular writing. 


Not much else to report.  I joined Planet Fitness by my house because it was 10.00 a month and I figured it would help me break up my routine.  Though I do most of my working out at home or my Saturday bootcamp class...I do a lot of Jillian Michaels with her dvds or app.  But thought, this might be good for me.  Change it up.  I met with the trainer to set up a personal fitness plan...

This woman was crazy.  Like I just wasted an hour of my time.  First, she told me that I should have a heart rate of 114 when I'm working out to be in the "fat burn zone" like it's still the 80's/early 90's.  And then she just proceeds to give me a sheetful of machines to use and never showed me how to actually use the machines.  And learning the machines is the whole reason I signed up for the personal fitness plan.  It was just insane and has me rethinking this gym.  It's super cheap, but I don't know.  As part of my gastric sleeve surgery I got to use the gym's fitness center for a three month program and work with a trainer.  And maybe I got spoiled because she showed me how to do a move and then made me do it a few times to perfect my form and we moved on.   That's what I need and like.    For  now though, I think I'll just google some of the machines and go from there...or just use the gym for cardio and stick with home for strength training with free weights/body weight.


Alright, I'm off.  I'm going to head to bed and do some reading.  I'm trying to finish up the first book in the Mistborn trilogy.  I'm really enjoying it.  It started a bit slow and it took me a little bit to catch on about the journal entries at the start of each chapter, but I find this world fascinating.  Even if the book is 600 pages long.

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Congrats Team Canada on the hockey win. That was an amazing game and both goalies rocked. As a Flyers fan, I'm proud of Richards getting a gold, but very sad for my team, mostly for Ryan Miller. He looked so despondent and upset and really, it was not his fault. He was amazing throughout the games, alas, Canada brought their A-game too.

I still hate Crosby, but will ashamedly admit he looked adorable getting his then I slapped myself silly and am back to hating him irrationally.

Now back to NHL hockey tomorrow.


Wanted to thank everyone for the book recommendations. I added them to my list. I'm always on the lookout for new books to read (oh and if any of you are on goodreads, make sure I have your info as I love other people's reviews of books as well) and I got a nice bunch to work from.

Currently reading the Graceling and am really enjoying it. The one confusing thing for me is simply because I recently read Hunger Games. So I go from main characters Katniss and Peeta to Katsa and Po. I keep muddling them up in my head.


Now I'm off to track down screencaps from the movie, Miracle, as [ profile] tinylegacies offered to make me some icons. Anyone able to point me in a good direction?
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1) Listening to the podcast of today's Talk of the Nation and the discussion on health care and all this extra crap that they're putting women though as far as paperwork for abortion/reproductive rights is ridiculous. And why do we need this extra paperwork? What will it be used for? I've already lost any real enthusiasm for this bill - I'm not sure what it actually accomplishes. And I really want to know why the democrats (technically my party, though I lean more toward the green/progressive party) are a bunch of cowards.

2) My yuletide fic got posted around 7pm and I felt massive relief. Now here's to hoping that my recipient enjoys the story.

3) Dear NBC, It's not too late to stop airing the stupid Jay Leno show every night and bring back Life. I miss it greatly. As I rewatch season one, I realize how much more the world needs of Charlie Crewes for he is awesome and Zen. And Reese kicks butt. And Ted is Ted. And yes, I just want more. How could you do this to me? No love, Me.

4) Considering the amount of money we pay in taxes in New Jersey, I really would like to know why the plowing services suck so badly. Because our traffic (and drivers) aren't insane enough, let's add roads that aren't really plowed so we can all go careening into snow banks.

5) I'm in the mood for some Criminal Minds, but a very specific Criminal Minds episode. Is this normal? Are other people so addicted to certain crime dramas that they're like, "I want to watch the one where Luke Perry is a crazy cult leader!"

6) Just started reading the Hunger Games. My sister and I each picked a book we loved to make the other read. She's reading The Book Thief, which I highly recommend to everyone because it was amazing and original. So far, I'm enjoy the Hunger Games, but I haven't made it very far yet. Will get back to you on that one. I've been reading so many nonfiction books lately that it's nice to read some fiction again.

7) Who wants to work for me tomorrow? It's just gross outside. I wish I was allowed to telecommute. You'd think working for an nonprofit agency for the environment would encourage such things, but that's only for other companies.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] miss_anya!!!

I hope it's a fabulous day, darling. I run a bit behind on ficlets, but feel free to give me a prompt/character/pairing and I'll write one for you.


So many eons ago as a Phillies' fan, I used to be madly in love with Darren Daulton, the catcher.

And since, I have become more in love with him for his special brand of crazy. Because I'm mean, I find his insanity loveable and ohmygod, I cannot wait for his book to come out next month.

If you're thinking it's because of my love of baseball, I must direct you to one of these numerous quotes from his website:

"In If They Only Knew Darren will delve into issues of ascension such as dimensions and levels of consciousness, the Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012, creating one's own reality and a lot more. The book's message is clear: Open your mind to new ideas and know that there is more to our life than only what we can see, feel and touch! "

Dude, my favorite is still the interviews he's done recently where he said things like, "Well, of course I've time traveled." Just INSANE. And I *LOVE* it.

Oh and I can't forget the Sports Illustrated Interview from 2006.

"At 44, Daulton is not nearly the same guy he was at 24 or even 34. "I didn't have my first out-of-body experience until I was 35," he says. Curiously, the epiphany occurred at one of baseball's holiest shrines -- Wrigley Field. "I hit a line-drive just inside the third base line to help win a game," he recalls. "The strange thing was I didn't hit that ball. I never hit balls inside the third base line!"

Seriously, even if you're not a Phillies or baseball fan, check this stuff out. Oh, the crazy, it burns. This is my favorite meltdown since Tom Cruise went all batshit insane.


Also crazy? Color Me Badd dude on Mission: Manband. He's going crazy and we're only two episodes in. And how sad is it when of the four of them, the music producer thought Rich from LFO's lyrics were the best? Oh dear.

Crack! I love it.
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Why is today going so slow? It's probably because all I want to do is lay in bed and read Eclipse. I only had a chance to read about two chapters yesterday and I want to devour it, but le sigh. Silly life interfers.


What does a girl have to do - who must she beg - to get some Jack Bauer (24), Sydney Bristow (Alias), and Jason Bourne (Bourne movies) fic where they are hanging out talking about being the elite at their jobs? Because that would rock and I don't want to have to do it.


Let's see if I can move a few more things for posterity over here. Consider yourselves warned.
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Argh. I am stuck at work on a Saturday. I came in for a project that needs to get finished. it's now pretty much done, but I'm waiting for the Office Manager to get here (she was supposed to be here two hours ago) to stay with our IT person as he doesn't have keys as he's more of a consultant than actual employee of the company. Le sigh.

I'm going to a book sale this afternoon with the mother and then I'm going to stop by Borders to see if maybe they have Eclipse out a few days early. They sometimes put out a few books ahead of time, so here's to hoping. That would just be lovely.


Finished the edits on my multiverse story and sent it in. A few days late, but it's done and [ profile] ladybug218 assured me that it did not, in fact, suck ass. So hopefully the recipient will like it.

Next up this weekend: Finish Winchester Meets Halliwell. I will not write more Sam/Dean until this damn story is done...otherwise, Jen will kick my butt.
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Livejournal is being evil again. I have a bunch of crap to get done, but I'm falling asleep at my desk. I probably won't even read tonight, just watch Daily Show and The Colbert Report from last night before collapsing for the evening.

To those who love the show Supernatural: I *highly* recommend the book Nightlife by Rob Thurman if you haven't read it yet. I just did a re-read of it yesterday (because I love it so - brothers! Who *HUG*) and I just...adore this book. In a lot of ways, Cal and Niko remind me of Sam & Dean if their roles were reversed. And of course, I love Cal, the smart ass, more than is healthy.
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I was thinking of doing some writing today, preferably on the Dean Crossover 'O Doom since I had yet another idea for who Dean can meet on his journeys and really, I need to stop. This thing is already four chapters long and running about 20,000 words. I'm way too verbose at times. I need to take a step back.


Have drabbles to write for people. I did some and will start posting them, but I wanted to finish more before I put them up. I keep planning to work on them during my lunch break, but instead I've been reading Full Frontal Feminism. Interesting book so far. And yes, feminism *is* cool and I think more women should be proud to be feminists. That said, it's a book that's sorta preaching to the converted with me.


I did manage to update my website on Sunday with most of my stories (drabbles not included). I hate coding, but I keep it up because I like to have a separate archive of my stuff.
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I think when I get paid tomorrow I'm going to spring for the permanent account over here. It's highly enjoyable and I figure I'll use it for something. Plus, more icons, and I'm an icon addict. It doesn't hurt that I'm still not quite sure how I feel about livejournal at the moment. I mean, I have no plans to give up my LJ accounts at the moment. They're paid through the fall at the very least. But I'm not getting the permanent account. Don't have 150 bucks to shell out on something I'm not sure I'll want around permanently.

This evening I went to the library and returned some books and picked up two more. How is that even with the library I still spend tons of money on books? I have a problem. But then I tell myself, "being literate is a good thing, not a problem." Of course, my wallet begs to differ.
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1) Work was busy today. We're getting a new plotter for better mapping and stuff, but it became a big ordeal with the delivery and oh the fun.

2) Supernatural Crossover Challenge sign-ups are running until June 29th. Write a story, get a story! Fun times to be had! Lots of great crossover fic to be produced.

3) So over at insane journal, [ profile] ladybug218 started a muse community and with her patience and Yoda-like explanations, I have undertaking writing for Dean Winchester. It's freaking *addictive*, my friends. And it might be Dean's goal to hook up with all the pretty ladies at some point.

4) Yeah, I know I didn't need to take that on what with the billion things to do. I came up with the title for my [ profile] schmoopfest Sam/Dean story though, so that should let me off the hook. Now I just have to write it.

5) I just finished Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita and now I want the sequel, but my library doesn't have it. ::cries:: The first book was an enjoyable quick read. I've never outgrown my love of young adult books.

6) No, really, my friends, go sign up for the Supernatural Crossover Challenge. Or pimp it. Or if that's not your cup of tea, check out [ profile] schmoopfest - there are still plenty of prompts available.

7) Does one know if there are Prince Harry and Prince William icons? And if so, where can they be found? I watched their Dateline interview and I may love them more than I used to. And I already loved them a great deal. According to [ profile] larah33, I love lots of boys though, so this is nothing new.

8) I'm starting to get excited about [ profile] winchestercon! This is totally my first con ever and I'm doing it with my other half, [ profile] iamtheenemy. And I'm looking forward to getting to meet some of y'all a whole lot!

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