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Real post to come in the near future. I'm participating in Mini-Nanowrimo again this year, with a daily word count, in hopes to get myself back on track with my writing. Just writing something. I am working on two ongoing projects - a girl!Niko Veritas fic and a Supernatural/Warehouse-13 fic set after the end of last season's SPN and somewhere in the Warehouse-13 realm...but those are both longer projects and some days I don't feel like working on them.

So I turn to you guys.

Please feel free to provide me with some fandom/pairing/small prompt and I'll see what I can do. Give me as many as you want as I've decided to just go with whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment. I think that's part of the issues I've had with writing (it's a very long story that only my therapist really needs to hear)...I'm too worried about what I should write that I'm become paralyzed.

So again, please feel free to provide me with a fandom/pairing/prompt. For fandoms, good rule of thumb, is any fandom I've written before or those listed in my user info. And some of you know other stuff I love and am willing to try.


Also, I want everyone to give mad props to two of my lovely ladies - Jen and Steph - for getting into graduate school! They rock!

Real post to come soon. I swear!
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Happy New Moon day! I can only hope the movie is half as entertaining as the first one was, which has more to do with who I saw it with than the astounding acting and direction. but still, I love the books and therefore have a great amount of love for the movie(s).


--Here's a great article from Huffington Post called "The Best Writing Tips." It's put together by someone who worked under Ginsberg and knew about his "Mind Writing Slogans." Two decades' experiences teaching poetics at Naropa Institute, half decade at Brooklyn College, and occasional workshops at Zen Center; Shambhala/Dharmadhatu weekends have been boiled down to brief mottoes from many sources found useful to guide myself and others in the experience of "writing the mind." --Allen Ginsberg

I've missed two days so far with mininanowrimo. It's sad, but sometimes it's inevitable. And I'm trying to focus on the positive. This has been a really crappy year in many ways and one of those turning-pages-moving-forward types as well, and this month, my little amounts for most of the days of November has been the most I've written since my mother died. So i'm not too upset with myself. And I'm really happy because I've got this basic idea and characters for a new novel. Who knows what will come of it, but I'm in that happy getting-to-know-my-characters place.

And have I mentioned how awesome my yuletide assignment is? I'm really looking forward to writing this. It's a pairing I love, but have never undertaken. And a few of the other fandoms, I know, just wasn't sure I could write. So who knows what will come out of it? I always enjoy yuletide. It's a lot of fun and it's in those smaller fandoms that don't always get notice written by brilliant (in my opinion) writers.


Don't die from surprise everyone, but I actually have recs to go up at [community profile] polyfandomrecs. I've slowly been reading and gathering, so most of the stories aren't new per se, but I wanted to wait until I had more than three recs. I might change that in the new year and just rec smaller amounts just to get them out there, but I'm OCD and like to have certain amounts that fit certain fandoms that fit other certain crazy criteria.

And on that note, I shall beg my leave until I've seen New Moon. Pray that the reason the woman in Whole Foods next to me was wearing a mask over her face was her own issues and not that I am now infected with plague.
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So, I'm doing [ profile] mini_nanowrimo again this year with a daily goal of 300 words. I'm hoping to write more than that, but I wanted to be reasonable to account for evil work days when I leave drained and brain-fried.

Anyway, this is the post where I want y'all to leave me different sorts of prompts - words, basic prompts, five times fic ideas, first lines, character mash-ups...whatever you got, feel free to throw at me. If you're not sure about fandoms, just look at my user info.

This is more just to help me get my muse working. I can't make any guarantees about finished pieces or length or if it will even fit the prompt. I'll do my best though.

So yes, leave me prompts, please.


Oct. 27th, 2008 08:51 pm
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[ profile] mini_nanowrimo

The fabulous [ profile] scarlett_o and [ profile] poisontaster are taking it over this year, so if Nano seems like too much, you can set a daily word limit (at least 100 words) and play.
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Friday evening is here. Week of hell is over and now I'm in bed on my laptop with Jericho season one on my dvd player. Good times.


Much love to [ profile] maygra for running [ profile] mini_nanowrimo! I still had four or five days where I didn't get any writing done, but I've been much more productive this month than I had managed in awhile. And more than made my goal of 15,000 words. I wrote 24,565 words this month. Woo-hoo.

Alas, I didn't finish all the Mix & Match drabbles, but they will be coming. And tomorrow begins my holiday drabble-thon throughout the month. Not to mention all the holiday challenges that I always sign myself up for like a crazy person. I think I'm going to aim for 500 words a day for December too - just so I can get through everything I need to do.

But right now, I'm off to try to finish up a beta that needs completion.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] butterfly!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, complete with pampering and adoration.


I managed to get a good night's sleep last night, but I'm sitting here in my office about ready to fall asleep at my desk. I think I'm just addicted to sleep. That I could do it for hours and hours and hours without ever getting too much. Too bad life interferes with such plans.

It didn't help that when I pulled the covers back this morning, it was freezing. I wanted to stay in my warm & comfy bed.

I really need to win the mega-million dollar lottery.


Last night I managed to do my 500 words for Mini-Nanowrimo, but again, they were terrible. I'm just not feeling my writing the past few days. It's like I know what I want to say and have happen, but I'm having a real problem making that clear to the reader in a way that doesn't suck.

Today I will attempt to write something that I do not feel compelled to delete immediately after typing out.


I am almost caught up on Friday Night Lights. I'm one episode behind at the moment. And I...I was a bit worried after the season premiere, but it's gotten so very good again. I love these characters in all their flawed relationships and behavior. Spoilers for what I've watched of season two... )


I guess I should attempt to do some work. Half my office is out today so it's quiet and I'm sleepy. Cry me a river.
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Is livejournal moving very slow for anyone else out there? Argh. I guess it's a sign that I should be writing rather than procrastinating...but I just can't seem to settle my brain down enough to focus on any writing.

I did write four ficlets over the past four days and I have two stories with betas. So November and Mini-Nanowrimo are going rather well over all. I just have a lot on my writing to-do plate and this doesn't even make much of a dent at the moment. Oh, me and my love of challenges and over-committing myself. One day I will learn.


There needs to be more Alice/Jasper fic from Twilight. I've found tons of Edward/Bella and Jacob/Bella and yes, I understand they are the main love triangle...but Alice/Jasper rock! They are awesome as individuals and as a couple and nowhere in Eclipse did they make me want to kill any of them, unlike the three main characters.

There also needs to be more schmoopy Heroes Matt/Mohinder fic. Something with a possessive Mohinder or a hurt/comfort fic!

Actually, there needs to be more schmoopy fic, period. It's my favorite sort. Angst and dark fic are fine, but schmoop is something I always love, no matter what my mood. maybe I should run another round of Schmoopfest, but it'll probably wait until after the holidays.
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I apologize for the ongoing daily counts and such that will continue throughout the month. It will be over soon enough and hopefully, at some point, there will be fic for everyone to enjoy.

Mini-Nanowrimo - [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Day: 10
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 838
Words done total: 9,185

I finished my Dean/Carmen story for [ profile] vinylroad and sent it off to betas. I have a feeling it might need some work as het is not my forte in this fandom. It's weird because there are certain fandoms where all I write is het (Alias, Supernatural), but then I get all flustered trying to write it for Supernatural.

And it turned out not to be something that I think my darling, Kat, will love so much, so when I get a chance, I might give some girl!Sam/Dean a go.


I ended up napping. Though I'm not sure it's a nap when it lasts four hours. One minute I was watching Bionic Woman from this week and next thing I know it's almost seven pm. It seems my little bit wore me out. Thank goodness she is only mine on loan for fun times and then I return her to her mom and dad. I am a little worried that the little bit thinks having frozen minions like the Ice Queen from Chronicles of Narnia would be cool.


Considering all the Sam & Dean, Jared & Jensen icons I have, why is it that I have no Jared/Sam smiling like whoa icon? What is wrong with me? I must rectify this.
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Mini-Nanowrimo - [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Day: 9
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 504
Words done total: 8,347

I didn't get much writing done yesterday as my little bit stayed with me for a sleep over. But I got my minimum done and hope to do some more today, now that I've dropped her off at home.

Anyway, 500 more words on Winchester Meets Halliwell:

Sam thought this was a bad idea. A monumentally bad idea.

The problem was he couldn’t rationally explain it to his brother. It was nothing more than a gut feeling, but it was gnawing at him like a drill to his stomach.

“You don’t trust them?” Dean asked, peering at Sam in that way of his that was a mix of concern and annoyance.

“It’s not…”

“They’ve saved our asses a few times now, Sammy. They helped me get you back from the freaking Underworld for god’s sake.”

“I know, Dean, and that’s not what this is about,” Sam replied. Sam wasn’t used to being the distrusting Winchester - usually a role Dean played to the hilt – but he could feel the bad vibes creeping in on him. He knew he couldn’t explain it rationally, at least not without worrying Dean, so Sam took a deep breath and said, “We don’t need them for everything.”

“Maybe not everything, but that supernatural bitch needs killing and with this stupid broken leg, I can’t help you.”

”I can handle it on my own.”


A poll with spoilers for Heroes of episodes already aired... )
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It's Friday! The weekend is upon me! I don't have a long weekend like some as I have opted to work and take a floating holiday at Christmas time. Much rather have off then.

Time for some television talk:

Ugly Betty was highly enjoyable. Spoilers for last night's episode... )

And then to the show that continues to own me - this week's supernatural

Much spoilers and on if you want... )

I will have some fic suggestions to share soon. And by suggestion I mean, y'all are brilliant writers who should undertake these challenges for me. Heh.


My Mini-Nanowrimo ([ profile] mini_nanowrimo) for yesterday. I managed to get back on track after the day before was a big fat zero!

Day: 8
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 1,494
Words done total: 7,843

I'm up to five pages on a Supernatural Dean/Carmen fic that I'm not quite sure about yet as far as where it's heading. I did it on lunch and had hoped to write last night before tv time, but that just didn't happen.

a little excerpt:

The first time Dean met Carmen it played out like a horrible chick flick cliché. It’s one of those stories Carmen loves to share with other women, who love nothing more than the idea of a knight riding in to save the damsel. Even if the damsel could more than take care of herself and the knight didn’t really do much.

Dean stood in the corner of the bar while his buddy made small talk with some college girl with big tits. Dean officially declared the night a bust a few beers ago, but lack of better options kept him in place. As Dean nursed his beer, he debated whether sheer boredom at a bar or at his apartment was more pathetic, and when he glanced across the bar, there she was. Beautiful brown hair, gorgeous body, and killer smile, trying her best to make a graceful exit from an unwanted admirer.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ignipes!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! I'll try to send the Winchester brothers your way to play with, but Sam is very hard to fit in the box.

If you'd like a drabble/ficlet, let me know. I run way behind on them, but it will get done eventually!


Happy Supernatural Day to everyone else! My days are never bad when I get new Sam and Dean!


I did not make my [ profile] mini_nanowrimo goal of 500 words yesterday. Work was busy and my head was killing me all day, so after work, I ran to pick up sinus meds and then went to bed very early. Only woke up to eat something and then back to bed. Feeling better today, so hopefully I can make up yesterday's word count, but I'm feeling like a slacker now.

But I'm also very intrigued by some of the prompts you guys made yesterday! It's not too late to come up with one if y'all want. Just sign up here.
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I continue to conquer my daily goal for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Day: 6
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 1,009
Words done total: 6,349

I had wanted to work on the Dean/Carmen to try to finish it, but until about ten minutes ago our stupid Comcast internet was out. Again. They're really starting to annoy me with these problems as of late.

Anyway, because I had worked on a little bit of it at work, I couldn't work from the most updated file. So I worked on more of Winchester Meets Halliwell. Another thousand words into the story and still nowhere near done. Seriously, my friends. I think I used to be able to write a short story.
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The Prompt: Roswell, Michael Guerin, luck
Rated: PG

Onto the ficlet... )
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I'm doing pretty well with Mini-Nanowrimo so far. I've made my goal every day. Sure, it's only been five days, but for me that's a big improvement over the little to no writing I'd been doing lately.

I have all the drabble prompts saved to try to do over the course of the month, but feel free to leave any prompts for fandoms I know and I'll try to see what inspires me. The problem with me is that I suck at drabbles. I tend to get big ideas with prompts. Kinda defeats the purpose.


Some Mini Nanwrimo Stuff:

- I currently have a Dean Winchester as a Whitelighter story with betas that will need some heavy editing once I get it back.

- I did two of the prompts over at [ profile] bestbigbrother to try to get Dean Winchester back on track for muses.

- I started a Dean/Carmen story.

- A Roswell ficlet (which I'll post next)


I'm totally supporting the writers during this strike, but the idea of losing seasons of television makes me sad. I'm a television addict. What will I do without my daily fixes of good shows?
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Day: 5
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 617
Words done total: 5,340

Today I did two of my muse prompts for Dean Winchester for voicesinmyhead over at insane journal. Then I started working on [ profile] vinylroad's drabble prompt, which has of course turned into something much more.
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Day: 4
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 715
Words done total: 4,723

Today I wrote one of the drabble requests. This one is for [ profile] aliaspiral, who had asked for Michael Guerin (roswell) & luck.

Onto the ficlet... )
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[ profile] mini_nanowrimo for the day...

Day: 3
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 746
Words done total: 4008

Today I didn't get that much done beyond the word count as I have to call it day of being the mother's bitch. She dragged me shopping and then for about the bazillionth time made me show her how to use my laptop so she could order something from Amazon. Fun. I can't complain too much though because she bought me some stuff. I'm nothing, if not, spoiled.

Also napped for an hour. That was lovely.

And I did make the word count today! And got 746 more words done on my SPN/Blade Trinity crossover epic. It's still nowhere near done and I'm seriously at the point where I just want to be like "And then Dean saved the day (with Sam's help). And so did Abigail (with King's help). And then Sam and Dean had sex while Abby and King made out. The end." Not sure how that would go over though.


Anyway, I'm not making any promises and y'all know how long it takes me to finish things because I get wordy and crazy long ideas. But feel free to leave me prompts in any of my fandoms and if it hits me throughout the month, I shall undertake it.
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Current [ profile] mini_nanowrimo standings:

Day: 2
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 2,762
Words done total: 3,262

It's probably not quite the way it should be as the "ficlet" I started at earlier didn't get finished until this evening, but this is me and I don't do short. And [ profile] dragonsinger asked for a drabble that poked my muse and dammit, I've created a new 'Verse. It's Dean winchester as a whitelighter. Only, it's not quite as was asked for with it being after CrossRoads demon and being set in a world where Dean made his decision with Tessa before John could make a deal with the demon. I hope that's cool, Amy.

Now I just have to get the piece beta'd.
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So it's been a whole month and now I am once again battling the sinus plague. I planned to go into work a few hours late, but still felt like death and unable to breathe, so I decided to stay home all day. Slept a lot, watched more episodes of Numb3rs, and then my sister and I watched 28 Weeks Later. It was okay, but nowhere near as good as the first one.


Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] wendy! You are a bright light in fandom and I'm so glad that I was able to meet you (and hug you in person) at wincon this year. ::lots of huggles::


Mini-Nano starts on Thursday and I'm aiming for 500 words a day, which is completely doable for me. My main problem is not lack of words, but rather getting started/procrastinating. So I'm hoping that I can use mini-nano to get my ass in gear and finish some of the numerous projects I have kicking it in my brain and half-started on my computer.


I'm thinking of writing my own Ellie/Captain Awesome fic. I can't decide if I want to focus on how they got together or just domestic schmoop of some sort. Have they said anything during the episodes on how those two met?


Speaking of Chuck, let's talk last night's episode and how this show continues to own me. spoilers for last night's episode... ) This show is seriously one of my happy moments during the week. Nothing comes close to my Supernatural love and there are a few other really good shows out there, but Chuck is so good.

I'm not even going to bother with an in-depth on Heroes because West continues to annoy me and I hate how Claire behaves around him. And it's just taking too long to get to anything interesting. It's one thing to need a few episodes to put a few pieces into place - like at the beginning of the first season - but this is taking too long. And frankly, I don't really care about anything that isn't Matt/Mohinder.

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