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Title: Conversations With Ghosts
Author: Tommygirl
Summary: While teaching at Hogwarts, Remus remembers a time in his life and finds himself talking with ghosts.
Rating: I guess R for slash mentionings.
Pairing: Mentions Remus/Lily and Remus/Sirius
Written for: ekaterinn
A/N: Thanks to my wubulous beta, Steph. Also feel the need to warn that this is the first time I’ve ventured into writing for Remus, so I hope I didn’t do him any injustices.
A/N 2 Reposting this to my actual journal as I originally only archived through the community.

The drabble the remix is based on... )

the story... )
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Title: There Was a Time (the Waltzing Remix)
Author: Tommygirl
Summary: Daisy thinks Georgia has never waltzed. That's not entirely true.
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Characters: George, Daisy, Joy
Rating: PG-13 for language
Original story: Instruction by [personal profile] aphrodite_mine
A/N: It had been ages since I did any writing and I couldn't help but panic about worrying about why I had signed up. I'm glad I did. I was introduced to great stories by [personal profile] aphrodite_mine, forced to suck it up and write, and I think it turned out okay. Much appreciation to [personal profile] iamtheenemy for the beta and the encouragement that it did not, in fact, suck. Also, a lot of thanks to [personal profile] musesfool for running remix again.

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The amazing [ profile] cathybites is running another round of the [ profile] spn_remix with sign-ups until August 15th. I've always had a lot of fun with this challenge, so I'm hoping to be able to sign up. I'm waiting a day or two though, simply because with moving at the end of this month and work being insane...I don't want to commit until I truly ponder my schedule.

I'd also like to squee that now has Amazon Green. Currently, they are doing a poll of the three green products people can't live without. My main one that I think would help in such an easy way is if everyone just switched to the cloth, reusable bags rather than plastic bags when shopping. So check it out!


I really need to hunker down on my [ profile] apocalyptothon story. I have the basic gist of it in my head and a starting paragraph, which are always the hardest parts for me, but with the Olympics, I haven't wanted to do anything but watch the competition. Must do my writing. (and then packing for the big move on the 27th - happy birthday to me!)
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[ profile] kamikazeremix for Supernatural fandom sounds really interesting. Alas, it's all set around the time of settlement on the new house and moving, so I know I won't be able to play this time around. But the rest of you should.

Tomorrow evening I hope to get some of the stuff for week of drabble-a-thons dealt with and share the polling results. So consider it your last chance to go vote for themes and dates.


I'm taking some personal time tomorrow afternoon for a few hours of me time. With friends in hospitals and other friends moving and upcoming moves...I just need a few minutes to be by myself without any worries. Maybe I'll go see a movie (not Dark Knight as that is on Saturday with friends) or go to the park and read. Just something relaxing.
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Title: Sometimes All I Can See Is How I Feel
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Written For: [ profile] spn_remix based on [ profile] memphis86's story, Little Fish
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sometimes Sam doesn't even need injuries on a hunt to knock him out. Luckily, Dean is there to take care of him.

Onto the story... )
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Title: So Much for the Afterglow (The Sam Tries to Knock Sense Into Dean Remix)
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] tommygirl
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean – I’ve finally caved and written them
Written For: the Supernatural Remix based on So Much for the Afterglow by frayen
A/N: Much love to Steph and chaneen for their help with making this readable. Love to frayen for allowing me to play with her story and to [ profile] cathybites for organizing the thing. It was much fun! Feedback, as usual, is always appreciated!

Where I write Sam/Dean for the first and make it schmoopy with a side of angst to boot… )
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Title: The Halfway Girl (The Uncle Oscar Is at It Again Remix)
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Arrested Development
Summary: Uncle Oscar and Buster have a brilliant idea, leaving Michael to clean up the mess
Rating: PG
Written For: [ profile] remix_redux - I remixed "The Halfway Girl" by [ profile] zarahemla
A/N: Much love to both my sister and [ profile] iamtheenemy for the beta work.

This is the story of the Bluth Family... )
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I was actually productive today! Alas, not involving anything fannish aside from finally watching the finale of season two of Prison Break

I cut just to be on the safe side...Prison Break 2.22 )


On the productive side today, I managed to get my room cleaned. It was a bloody mess and I still have way too many things, mostly books and dvds, that I need to somehow get organized. That's been one of my main projects recently - trying to get organized - and right now I'm making headway, but it really doesn't look like it yet.

I do have two new bags full of clothes and shoes for Good Will though. I'm sure I'll have a bag or so for the library too once I get through all my books.


Have any of you been able to find the Supernatural comic, Origins # 1 for ordering online? The two online comic shops I tend to use only have # 2 for pre-order. I guess I can actually make a trip to an actual comic book shop, but I'm a lazy girl.


Finally, [ profile] remix_redux authors were revealed today. I can now say that I wrote The Halfway Girl (The Uncle Oscar Is at It Again Remix). It's Arrested Development, a new fandom for me to undertake, especially considering my serious love of the series. I'll post more about the experience later, but for now, I must say, that I'm actually quite proud of the final product and so glad that [ profile] zarahemla enjoyed it.

And now I can properly thank [ profile] dontyouwaitup for her remix of It's In Those Moments, it's in those moments (the "my kind of girl" remix). It's a great Supernatural story all on it's own without even reading mine. It takes the small idea of Sam's favorite memories of his family and turns it into this completely wonderful piece. Great stuff.

As always, mad props to [ profile] musesfool and her helpers for putting together another fabulous year of Remix. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into it and I totally appreciate the end product we all see.
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Do you ever feel like life is moving so fast and you're trying your best to keep up, but end up flailing about instead? That's currently the mode I'm in. Last week was a blur and I really can't say where the time went. The only thing I remember is the evil colonoscopy and that's just impossible to forget - mostly because the prep work is god awful.

Luckily for you guys, I do remember last night's Heroes quite well because it was an hour of awesome.

Spoilers for last night's episodes... )


I'm hoping to do remix recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs in the next couple of days. The story written for me was great. I loved it. And the person I wrote for seems to have liked the remix that I did. Now there are just tons of great stories for reading.


Het Summer Prompt-A-Thon is taking prompts until April 29th. It's multifandom and even if you're not going to participate, you can offer up prompts. I went back and added some for the Twilight book series as well as a few other things. Come join me in the fun.
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Remix stories are due tomorrow night and I finally figured out what I want to write. I started a few different things, kept going back and forth on a few stories, and then decided on one, but I sorta talked myself out of it. The idea I had was all about a character that I just can't seem to get a grip on. Honestly, I blame all the amazing writers out there. So many people do that specific character justice and I fear I would just suck.

And I don't want to suck when I'm writing a story for someone else.

Okay, I never want to suck, but sometimes, it happens. I turn into McGhee from NCIS, except I don't shred, just highlight and delete from Word.

But so, I reread this story today on my lunch and suddenly I had an idea.

And it's something I never thought about writing and maybe tackling a huge challenge twenty four hours before it's due isn't my best idea, but I have notes, people. And if I can get the tone down, I think this will be really good.

So pray that I get the tone. It all goes back to that not wanting to suck thing.


Between notes on the story and some personal universe writing with [ profile] larah33, I totally made my goal of 200 words and then some. Woo-hoo.

Now if only I could cross some of the many things of my fannish to-do list. I would just be so damn happy.

But taxes are done and I have no big plans this weekend (the boy cancelled on me to work - he's so lucky my lazy self can understand love of job) and I'm actually (::fingers crossed::) feeling aside from some errands tomorrow, I want to get a bunch of writing/reading/random things done that I've been putting off.

Because there are a few million things to do and [ profile] cricketkate sent me her requests for the three stories for Sweet Charity, so I should at least try to work on one of those.


Alrighty, off to try to catch up on friends list as much as I can before Real Time with Bill Maher and then I'll most likely collapse in bed.

Ciao darlings!
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I'm not really sure where my week has gone thus far. That's actually good when it comes to work as who wants that to drag, but I have accomplished nothing the past few days. And Remix is due this weekend and I keep going back and forth on the story I want to remix. See, there is one I really want to do, but the character I have the idea for? I'm not sure I can do this character justice. So I'm tentative on undertaking the whole thing, and really, I think that's how the story would work best. So then I was thinking of doing this other one, but in the back of my head, it just feels like a cop out. Can I blame the author for having so many good, fun stories?

I didn't think so.

I did manage to write my 200 words last night for [ profile] stilettocamp last night. Not much more than my goal, but I made my goal. I might actually finish the next part of Winchester Meets Halliwell in this lifetime. Even though every time I think I'm close to finished with this story, it gets longer. Oh, just wait until Steph and Lara get their hands on it to beta. They will so love me. Heh.


I should officially call this "The Tuesday Ten that I Do On Wednesdays" because I never seem to get it done on time.

Onto the tuesday ten, random info about me... )


Not that I didn't already appreciate y'all who run/post for newsletters, but now that I'm helping [ profile] dragonsinger with the [ profile] het_newsletter, I am so much more impressed with you guys. My night was fairly easy and it was still hard work. Goodness.

That said, if you ever have any het news, please be sure to post it over at [ profile] het_alerts or hook me up with a link. And if you want to know all about the het fic out there, just check out [ profile] het_newsletter.


I will have a pimpage post in the near future. I'm sitting on links that I should pimp like mad, but haven't had time to go through and properly do anything with them. I'm trying y'all. Bear with me just a little bit longer.

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Leave a comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you like starting with that letter. Post them in your journal and give out new letters to your commenters in turn. NO TAGBACKS ALLOWED, unless a commenter specifically requests to be given a letter!

I was given the letter "M"

- Michael Scofield of Prison Break
- Matchbox Twenty
- Movies
- Muppets
- Michael Chabon's books
- Melinda Doolittle on American Idol
- My friends
- MacManus Brothers (Boondock Saints)
- Music
- milkshakes


[ profile] dorkdance is hosting a Seasonal Friending Meme over at her journal. It's multifandom, so if you're looking for new friends, stop by.

I have finally begun working on my remix story, having chosen a story after going back and forth on a few different ones. I share a lot of fandoms with my recipient so it was really hard for me to narrow it down. But I've discovered a new author for future reference...and it's part of why I love the Remix challenge. I'm usually assigned to someone that I've never read before. I also managed to do a few hundred more words on the next installment of Winchester Meets Halliwell. This is a longer one than any of the previous as I had this damn idea based off [ profile] jellicle's prompt back in the day to have Victor from Charmed interact with Sam of Supernatural.


Alas and woe, I did not get to see Grindhouse today and it looks like I have to wait until next weekend. My sister woke up violently ill this morning and she would kick my ass if I went without her. Plus, this way the boy can come down and go with us next weekend. Of course, this is the second time we had to reschedule, so I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doomed.

We did watch Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and From Dusk 'Til Dawn. I forgot how much I really enjoyed From Dusk 'Til Dawn and not just because of my obsession with George's just a fun movie. I forget that sometimes, whereas I never forget how much I love PF or RD. Oh Quentin, you are so violent and over-the-top. I love it.


Entourage is a little over an hour away. I'm waiting for the west coast showing on HBO though so that I don't have to miss Brothers and Sisters. I mean, if I had to choose between them, it would be Entourage, but thankfully, I live in a world where such evil choices are not required of me and I can enjoy *all* the cute boys I want.
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Title: So Much for the Afterglow (The Sam Tries to Knock Sense Into Dean Remix)
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: R
Pairing: Sam/Dean – I’ve finally caved and written them
Written For: the Supernatural Remix ([ profile] spnremixfics), based on So Much for the Afterglow by [ profile] frayen
A/N: Much love to [ profile] iamtheenemy and [ profile] chaneen for their help with making this readable. Love to [ profile] frayen for allowing me to play with her story and to [ profile] cathybites for organizing the thing. It was much fun! Feedback, as usual, is always appreciated!

Where I write Sam/Dean for the first and make it schmoopy with a side of angst to boot… )
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Title: And Then: Long Live the Queen (The Prue Perspective Remix)
Author: TommyGirl /[ profile] storydivagirl
Original Story: And Then: Long Live the Queen by [ profile] lilian413
Fandom: Charmed
Summary: Prue watches her sisters try to comfort Phoebe after Cole's vanquishing
Rating: PG
A/N: Much love goes to [ profile] musesfool for organizing the challenge once again. Great appreciation goes to [ profile] ladybug218 and [ profile] iamtheenemy for being kick ass betas and listening to me bemoan the state of my remix fic for weeks. Feedback always appreciated.

On very rare occasions I write Charmed fic that DOESN'T have Chris in it... )
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Further proof that the house I'm living in currently is out to get me...I fell down the front stairs and screwed up my back. Now, this is nowhere near as bad as the fall I took two summers ago in Chiles parking lot where I ended up with two sprained wrists and two sprained ankles, but it's definitely one of the worse falls of my day. And I've had many. I mean, if you look up the word klutz in the dictionary, there is a huge photograph of me.

So yes, in utter and horrendous pain and my doctor can't see me until tomorrow and I really didn't want to go to the Emergency Room, so I'm waiting until tomorrow to see him. In the meantime, I'm just weeping and gripping my back and using a heat pad at work like I'm freaking eighty.

Damn house!

Damn klutzy feet!


Needless to say, I've been far too busy whining and complaining about woe the pain to do any writing. I really need to change that. I'm behind already on the April Fools challenge and that's not how I wanted to start. I've got to write 28K this month. I did it last year, so I know it can be done. I just have to actually sit down and do it.

Anyway, since I'm doing April Fools, I figure, if any of you have any ficlet requests that you want to see, comment and I'll see what I can do. I'm not promising anything definite, but if your prompt strikes me, it will probably get done as I need the word count. Also, for those who didn't get their lyric or valentine's ficlets yet, those will get done this month as well. Figure anything that helps my word count.


[ profile] medie and [ profile] iamtheenemy: The things I was sending out to you guys went out in the mail this afternoon, so keep a lookout for them.


So Remix authors have been revealed and I'll do another post with my story and such. Once again the stories were all amazing and [ profile] musesfool rocks the house for running it so well. The only downside for me? The person I wrote for never sent feedback or mentioned it in her livejournal. Makes me sad. And a bit peeved. But what can you do?
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In case you live under a rock and didn't know, Remix Stories are up for reading. And so far, from the few I've had a chance to read, they all rock like whoa. That's whoa.

Especially the story written for me.

Step by Step (The Double Time Remix) is a remix of my Gilmore Girls story, The Next Step. It's awesomeness, told from Kirk's perspective as he wonders if he and Lulu need to consider a "next step" since the entire town is saying it about Luke and Lorelai. I love it. It's so original and wonderful and the Kirk voice is entirely entertaining and spot on. So definitely check it out.

I'll have some recs for [ profile] polyfandomrecs of Remix stories in the near future, but at the moment, I've only read a few thus far aside from the one written for me.

Also waiting with baited breath to see if the person I wrote for enjoys the remix that I did. I was freaking out a bit about writing this one so I really hope it's enjoyed.


Is it sad that I'm counting down the days until Thursday when I will have new pretty to look at and enjoy? I need more Clark. And I definitely need a whole lot more Sam and Dean. It should be law.

Speaking of Sam and Dean, I had another one of my weird Supernatural dreams and STILL there is no Dean making out with me. What kind of evil psyche do I have? Anyway, where was I? Oh in my dream Sam and Dean end up in unnamed city and it's discovered that Dean worked with the Nighthawkes (of Blade Trinity) from time to time while Sam was in college. And there is Dean/Abby and Dean/Hannibal. So Dean let's Sam go out on a hunt with them and explains what they do like Sam is *new* and Sam gets annoyed and pouty and wondering what the hell else he doesn't know about his brother from those four years while he was at Stanford.

And I woke up.


Dear subconscious,

The next Supernatural dream I have better include Dean and Tommygirl making out or I'm suing for emotional damages.

No love,



Okay, off to do some more reading of Yeah.

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Title: Chord - The Awkward Comfort Remix
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Roswell
Written For: Remix Redux III and is a remix of the story, Chord by [ profile] jengrrrl.
Summary: Michael tries to help Isabel move on after Alex's death.

Remix fun of the Roswell variety... )
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The surefire sign that you've ingested too much sugar and have way too much time on your hands? You find yourself playing a game of "Red Light, Green Light" in your office hallway with a co-worker.

Yes, I'm *really* busy, can't you tell?

I should probably take advantage of this and say...write my [ profile] crossficathon story, but it's just being very difficult. I don't want it to suck. I want it to be readable, dammit.


So with the Remixes being completed and revealed last week, I've seen a lot of discussing on them in various journals. Of course, this got me to thinking and of course I need to share my two cents with y'all.

I think of the Remix Redux as a fun exercise and a bit of a challenge. I don't see myself as in competition with either the writer I'm remixing or the writer who remixed my own story and I don't understand why others would view it that way if they sign up to participate.

I can understand being a bit leary of having someone else fiddle with a story that you're very attached to, but to participate and then decide that it seems like a competition is the wrong way to think of it. That's like saying that every other story in your pairing that's produced is in competition with yours. And I don't view fandom that way. I don't like getting caught up in number games or how many responses I got while someone else got this many because it's all so very arbitrary.

I guess there will always be those people out there who like to complain about things, who worry so much about his/her own story that they can't see a remix for what it's supposed to be - an interesting challenge, a story that makes your own story all the more enjoyable.

For the record, I personally loved and adored the remix of my story. I thought it delved so much further into Sydney's head than I even attempted to and that it only made my story the better if you read the remix. And I'd hate to think that the person whose story I remixed thought I did her a great diservice or anything of that nature.


Okay, must get this crossficathon piece done! Eeek!
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First, because my heart is all a flutter and excited by its gorgeousness...G-I-P! It's my OTP! Jack Bauer and Sydney Bristow. They seriously are the perfect couple and everyone needs to discover it and write me tons of fic! So far, [ profile] spy_barbie has joined the club! C'mon. Think of the potential.

So much love to [ profile] 5ft3 for obliging my request with icons! They rock!


So the Remix Redux III authors were revealed on Friday night. So I guess I can decloak myself and point y'all in the direction of my story. Some of you think you figured out, so I'm curious if you were right - which probably you are because I think it's pretty obvious by my style and...obligatory respect for my fave OTP in that fandom.

So I wrote Chord (The Awkward Comfort Mix) for [ profile] jengrrrl.

A little bit of commentary on choosing and writing that story... )


My long weekend felt like anything but. The mother forced me to go on errands with her (which, she did buy me some groceries and no cost stuff is always nice), there was house hunting to be done (aaack! I'm gonna go crazy soon!), and then there was the holiday and the boy was here for a bit (having just left to head back up to NYC).

Now I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep. Maybe watch some more Freaks and Geeks or my new copy of Bridget Jones's Diary: Edge of Reason (colin firth!)...or I could be good and finally start working on my [ profile] crossficathon piece so that [ profile] ladybug218 doesn't have to kill me.


Quick Pimpage:

[ profile] plan_9_from_lj is a community that's hopefully going to become the movie equivalent of TWOP. The mocking version of [ profile] movie_recs.

The I Miss Chris Ficathon in the Charmed fandom has started taking sign-ups for participants! So sign-up...or if you know someone who would be interested...pass this along to them.

Mistake - so I made a request of [ profile] carmen_sandiego for an alias ficlet involving Syd/Weiss and this was the outcome. It's wonderful! So go read and feedback!

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