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Title: To The Dark Side
Fandom: Charmed
Rating: PG
Summary: Set in a future where Wyatt turns evil, Chris watches as it happens.
A/N: Written for latest round of charmedflashfic. Much love to supernaturalhel for the beta and approval before posting. Feedback always appreciated.

and the story is below... )
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It's hump day, but this week is not going fast enough for my liking. I'm behind on episodes of Traveler (speaking of, is there any fic out there yet?), but started watching season six of Charmed over again because of my love of Chris. Maybe it will inspire me to get back to some of my many Chris stories that need writing.

Of course, that would mean that Dean and Sam Winchester would have to stop living in my brain all the freaking time. Especially jealous!Sam and daddy!Dean, my two favorite things in the world.

Alas I have to wait to purchase the permanent account over here a little bit longer. I totally forgot that i never sent in my check for the dinner part of Winchestercon, so I'm using my extra fun money for that this time around. Oh, to be rich.


Writing things to try to work on today:

-Finish up first kisses requests
-Finish up drabble requests
-Work on Jen's b-day fic (it's only a bazillion years late)
-Work on Wyatt Halliwell Cop fic for Amy
-My new Dean entry for [ profile] voicesinmyhead


I'm slowly trying to bring my fic over here from livejournal as another back-up (my website being my first back-up), so I apologize if it appears like I'm spamming.
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Title: The Sickness Blues
Fandom: Charmed
Characters: Chris, Wyatt, Piper
Prompt: 05. Outsides.
Word Count: 713
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for the quick beta work. My big damn table can be found here with all my Chris-centric stories for the challenge thus far. Feedback is always appreciated.

Chris is bored, Piper is motherly, and Wyatt is...Wyatt. )
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Title: In The End
Fandom: Charmed - Chris
Characters: Chris, Bianca
Prompt: 3. Ends for [ profile] fanfic100 - My prompt table.
Word Count: 959
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for putting up with all my writing and doing a marvelous job as beta. Feedback is loved and adored!

Chris angst is something I'm too attached to, I think... )
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Title: Didn’t Know I Was Lost ‘Til You Found Me
Fandom: Charmed - Chris
Characters: Chris, Lila (OFC)
Prompt: 57. Lunch at fanfic100
Word Count: 1,651
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: I should probably come up with a title for the A/U verse this fits into, but as of now, this is a sequel to The Reveal. Much love to [ profile] tinylegacies for the beta work. Feedback always appreciated...

4 prompts down, 96 more to go... )
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Title: The Reveal
Fandom: Charmed - Chris
Characters: Chris, Lila (OFC)
Prompt: 25. Strangers at [ profile] fanfic100
Word Count: 811
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Okay, I wrote this one awhile ago, but it sorta fits this prompt and the next story that I've written for the challenge (it's at the beta at the moment) is a sequel to this one. I also did a bit of revising on it as well. So yeah, posting it again to prepare for the next. Feedback always appreciated!

Again, if you don't like original characters, walk on by... )
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Title: Stuck In the Middle
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Summary: Set in the New Family History A/U World (so basically, I'd suggest reading that first). Chris tries to come to terms with his new magical abilities and deal with his family.
A/N: How much does [ profile] ladybug218 rock for the beta and support and ideas 'o plenty for the remaining 98 prompts for [ profile] fanfic100?

This is for prompt # 2 - middles... )
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Title: A Guilty Conscience
Fandom: Charmed
Written For: Fanfic100 Prompt # 1 – beginnings - [ profile] fanfic100
A/N: beta'd by [ profile] tinylegacies

1 down, 99 to go...the first of a whole lot of angst... )
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Title: Another Brilliant Idea
Series: The New Future A/U
Author: Tommygirl
A/N: This is for Helen [ profile] supernaturalhel for her birthday! Be sure to read Jen's piece, History Lesson first (we each wrote a part of our A/U for the birthday gift and hers is the next one in the series), otherwise this most likely won't make as much sense. Feedback always appreciated and I hope you all are enjoying this as much as [ profile] tinylegacies and I are writing it.

The only clear thought in Chris Halliwell’s head as he orbed into the manor with his brother and Uncle Kyle was that he had screwed everything up. )
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Title: Lonely No More (stole title from Rob Thomas song, but it's *not* a songfic)
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
A/N: Okay, this is a continuation in the A/U Charmed Future that [ profile] ladybug218 and myself created (new future 'verse). Much love to both [ profile] iamtheenemy, my constant evil beta, and [ profile] dragonsinger for all the help. This is a long one - chris muse gets like that sometimes. Feedback greatly appreciated.

Chris stared at the television, unaware of what he was watching or what was going on, and tapped his fingers on the coffee table that his Aunt Phoebe had sworn gave the apartment ambiance. )
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Title: Under Pressure
Fandom: Charmed, Chris
Rating: PG
A/N: Okay, so this story goes out to [ profile] ladybug218's little sister, [ profile] karli4eva221 who's been battling illness...and as the youngin' who used to spend most of her life travelling back and forth between home and doctors/hospitals, I understand the toll it takes and asked Jen if there was a ficlet that she might like. So here it is. It's a charmed story, full of Chris angst. I tried to write happy sister story, but I am nothing but Chris's humble servant most of the time.

The story is beneath...some angst as Chris stresses about running out of time... )
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Title: Three Ways Chris's Identity Never Came Out, But Should Have
Author: Tommygirl
Fandom: Charmed
A/N: This story was written for [ profile] charmedsanta for [ profile] sparkle_fever. She shared a love of Chris Perry and how could I resist not writing him another story? Feedback always appreciated!

Chris angst is fun to write, or so the evil muse tells me! )
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I actually wrote something! Woo-hoo! [ profile] dragonsinger requested Charmed, Chris, and the words "tonight, spill, orb"

So when it comes to Chris, I'm not sure I'm capable of just a drabble... )
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Title: Dueling Personalities
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Summary: Okay, this is set in the New Future A/U. So you'll want to read that first and then you'll probably want to have read Soulmates by [ profile] ladybug218. This story comes after both of those. It's been two months and the mixed memories are starting to take their toll on Chris.
A/N: Yes, it's Chris angst because he wouldn't leave me alone! And last Sunday's Charmed didn't help. It hasn't been properly beta'd yet, but feedback is always appreciated.

Chris angst in an A/U is below... )
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My job is sucking out my soul.

In other news, a somewhat brief writing memo to appease my need to rebel against my workplace for a few minutes.

Another Writing Survey that I stole from [ profile] musesfool

1. What's the favorite story (i.e.: 1) you've ever written and why?

I know it’s probably not appropriate, but I have deep love for almost every one of my stories for different reasons. But I guess my favorite would be Reinventions because I somehow managed to write an old-fashioned romance – who knew I had it in me?

2. What're questions you're most frequently asked?

“Are you friends with Justin Timberlake?” and “When are you going to update?”

3. What're your thoughts on betas?

I think it’s imperative to have a few people that you can trust to read your stuff and basically just help you to reshape it into something marvellous. No matter how many times you edit on your own (which, as a compulsive edit Nazi, I have a tendency to do), you’ll still miss things that someone who doesn’t live in your head might not.

4. How important is canon?

You have to know canon before you can write a decent fanfiction. All fanfiction (A/U and crossovers included) is based off the canon. The way the characters would react to things, their interactions with other people, the activities they would find themselves caught up in. If you don’t know canon, I don’t know how your story is anything more than original work with the canon character’s names.

5. What're your fanfic pet peeves?

This is a can of worms I doubt anyone wants opened, but I guess my main ones are based on my above answer. I don’t like it when a character acts completely different without a very good reason. I hate people messing up characters I love without any cause for it. I have no problems with A/U or original characters in a piece as long as you maintain the characters that I love. Also, if you don’t know the basics of writing, please don’t force it upon others without someone beta’ing it. I won’t read things IN ONE BIG PARAGRAPH.

6. What's your favorite (ie: 1) story you've ever read and why?

This is an evil question! Can I just say anything that Lady Lit ever wrote was always brilliant! I was so in love with her stuff and talent. Alas, her site is no more, but her stuff was what great writing was all about.

As for a story that still exists: I love My Little Mary by Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy because it was back in the day when people only wrote Chris Kirkpatrick as being “the funny one” and Steph actually gives his character some dimension…and it’s just an adorable little romance.

7. What quote applies most to you and why?
“I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

8. Do you outline/brainstorm?

I mull things over in my head for awhile before putting them to paper, but usually my brainstorming/outlines is my first draft. I just write and edit and write…and then by the time the first draft is done, I have a basic idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. For my WIPs, well, I just have an idea in my head of what I want to happen and where I want my characters to go – sometimes the characters end up changing that on me…which is why I tend not to use outlines. I can’t seem to function with outlines.

9. Computer or pen and paper?

Both. I prefer to do my very first drafts in a notebook and then type them into the computer, changing it as I go, but sometimes it’s simpler to type it right into the computer.

10. What's your muse's name and favorite temptation to be creative?

His name is the evil, angsty Chris Perry! Okay, it actually depends on what I’m writing. I don’t know that my muse has a name besides what I refer to it as “goddamn pain in my ass!”

I’m not sure what “favorite temptation” means unless it’s what really makes you tick as far as writing goes. And I don’t know – I vary. I love it all really. I love writing tons of different scenarios for tons of different characters.
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Title: The Revelation
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Disclaimer: Not my characters...just a fan...and madly in love with Chris.
A/N: Okay, so written off an icon drabble request for [ profile] dragonsinger who wanted a drabble based off my Chris icon. Edits have been made since I posted first draft in my livejournal. Feedback always appreciated.

a scene right after Piper finds out she's pregnant... )
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Title: Promises
Author: Tommy Girl
Written For: [ profile] charmeddrabble movie quote challenge & cross posted there as well.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not at all. Just love Chris. Lots.
Word Count: 876
A/N: Some angst. I started my drabble with a movie quote from Heathers. Feedback always appreciated.

a Chris drabble with some angst as he tries to deal with his future. )
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So this ficlet was written for the birthday girl of a few days ago [ profile] supershai. Hope you enjoy.

Title: Responsibilities
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Charmed - Chris
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Part of this past season. Chris' identity has been revealed.
Summary: Chris thinking about his familial duties.
Author's Notes: Feedback always appreciated. This is a piece that has not been beta'd properly nor really edited at this point. I have lots of love for Chris, but this is a stand alone ficlet.

Chris made his way through the crowded club and spotted his two aunts talking animatedly about something—why was it that he had come to fear those devious looks on their faces? )


Off to work on some more pieces.

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