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I've been thinking about fannish endeavors lately and not just because [personal profile] iamtheenemy likes to subtly remind me that I haven't posted recs in years and years. I've been battling an ongoing mix of ennui with a bigger case of wanting to be away from the computer when I'm not working. Unfortunately, that's not ideal for fannish pursuits, so I'm working on it. It would help if my laptop loaded within the current century, but it wants me to pay more attention to my desktop computer.

Anyway, with the new season of shows and the return of those I love (or used to love but are so far behind on now they've revoked my fangirl status), I'm trying to get back to more involved. Baby steps. Like thinking about what I would like to nominate for [community profile] yuletide. I love the New Girl and would love to see some Jess & the boys fic (and there is total Jess/Nick subtext to this show, though I'm not sure I'm on board that train yet), but I also love Against the Wall and falling skies and of course my old favorites like Veritas and The Class. Oh, small fandoms, I wish I knew how to quit you. Or I wish more talented writers wrote fic for you all the time.

From the new season of shows, I've picked up: the New Girl, Two Broke Girls, and Ringer. I'm also watching Terra Nova, but I'm not completely sold on it yet.

I need to watch Homeland and I'm kind of excited for Once Upon a Time.

Mostly, I'm just trying to stay afloat with my current faves while playing catch up on things that I've let slide. Why is there so much good tv?

What are your favorites this season? Anything I should be watching? And isn't it true that no matter what Hawaii 5-0 writers seem to want you to think, Danny and Steve are married and stuff?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kalena_henden!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


I tivo'd Transformers over the weekend when it was on Cinemax. I own the dvd, but still recorded it like the lunatic I am. I love that movie. It's awesome. And they are filming the second one here in Philadelphia and there is a chance (right now very small) that I might be able to get on the set thanks to my volunteer work with the film office.

But let's just focus on the movie. Sam is so adorable. And it has Josh Duhamel all scruffy. And then there is Bumblebee! And Optimus Prime!!!

Good stuff.

Is there any good fanfiction? Anyone want to point me in some direction?


Speaking of recs, I really need to catch up on a lot of my reading before Steph and anyone who likes [ profile] polyfandomrecs kills me. I have a few recs saved, but since my battle with pneumonia, I haven't really read/written/recced anything. I have tons of stuff bookmarked, but just haven't had time to go back and/or felt like it.

I hope this fandom ennui passes. There is no real reason for it on my part. I have the most awesome friends list that enables me to avoid almost all the wanking and drama. I'm surrounded by brilliant and creative people...I think I'm just slightly burnt out for no real reason (which might be why I haven't watched SPN yet).


Once again, I shall pimp [ profile] oldschoolfic. Lots of fandoms that deserve some love. Come play. Or pass the info onto those who want to play!
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I stayed up too late last night watching MSNBC's primary results. Damn Indiana for constantly pushing back the final results.

I've also watched the Twilight trailer more than is healthy. I cannot wait for this movie! It's going to be so awesomely cheesy! And my vampire boys are all so pretty.

On the Stephenie Meyer front, I picked up her new book yesterday. My sister is going to read it first as I'm in the middle of the latest Dresden book right now, but hopefully it will be good stuff. I'm a tad bit addicted to her books. Okay, specifically Twilight.


::dons pimp hat yet again::

C'mon my friends! I know there are a lot of you out there that still love those fandoms that are off the air and not as popular anymore. I know you guys want more fic in those fandoms.

So take a look at the offered & requested list of fandoms and then go and sign-up. And you're not stuck with just what's on the offered/requested list, but I'd suggest pimping it to people if you want a really small fandom so you have better chances of getting what you want!

Come play! It'll be fun!


I feel like I have nothing of value to offer at the moment and I apologize. 2008 has not been the best year so far. Things are in upheaval and I think the universe is trying to tell me that I need to make some changes. So that's where my head has been lately...focused on real life stuff like job searches and buying a house. I really do want to get back to spending some time on the fandom fun of reading/writing/reccing.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shay_renoylds!!!

I hope your day is fabulous and full of lots of pampering. I am going to work on your b-day ficlet quite soon. In fact, you might have it before your next birthday!


I've said it before, and I will say it again. I'm extremely spoiled by the archive/tagging system that [ profile] supernaturalfic utilizes. It makes thing so easy and cuts down on a lot of scrolling through fic that I'm not in the mood for.

And this led me to my recurring idea of creating an fandom organization community/team...where communities can have us come in and work with them to organize tags/memories/etc in the best way for that community. And all they do once it's done, along with keeping up the system, is put a little graphic on their user info saying "Organized courtesy of so & so." Because I'm anal and OCD and I enjoy making sure everything is tagged/organized. And I have friends that share this love. And I do think it would be a tool to fandom.

That said, oh the volunteers I would need because I'm busy as it is and would never get anything done.

A poll on the idea... )


I'm hoping to read some of the remixes and other fic today! That would be lovely. I miss reading fic. I miss reccing fic. Mostly, I miss writing fic. I'm working on that at the moment with this Chuck fic 'o doom.
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Stupid mondays. Stupid rainy mondays. The good thing about the rain is that hopefully it will wash away some of the pollen currently trying to kill me. I really don't want to die because of horny plants. It just seems to ridiculous.


Dearest [ profile] shay_renoylds: Since your birthday is fast approaching, please give me a prompt for Supernatural or Heroes of a ficlet. Considering this is me, realize it will be late, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.


I feel so out of touch with fandom lately and that makes me both sad and sorta okay. Sad because I have the coolest people on my friends list, the most awesome parts of fandom, and I miss y'all so very much. On the otherhand, I don't mind missing out on tons of wank.

So, back to the missing out on fandom things...everyone recommend me something wonderful and fandomy (I just made a word!) and I shall go check it out and then pimp it/rec it/feedback it. Life is finally (::knocks on wood::) slowing down a bit for me.
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This morning my mother scared the bleep out of me. As I came into the kitchen this morning on the way to work, she stood up, turned toward me and said, "I have some bad news for you."


"Christopher Bowman died. I know how much you loved him."

Good LORD, woman! I thought someone in our family was dead or hurt, not an ice skater I was obsessed with when I was 12.

Though it is sad that he's dead, it's not something that I really needed to have thrown at me first thing on my way to work when I'm barely awake.

And yes, most of my early crushes were male figure skaters. Even at an early age, I preferred the gay boys in sparkly clothes.


One day I will catch back up on my friends list and fannish activities. I'm hoping this weekend I can focus on some things. I'm also pondering whether or not to partake in this year's SPN/J2 big bang. I think it would be a good thing to try, but I'm not sure I can guarantee that many words will be done in time. And I'll need to ponder some thoughts that could be long and interesting, not just "Sam is jealous of everyone who looks at pretty Dean."
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[ profile] sn_holidays match-ups and drabbles will be completed tomorrow. After cooking my dinner, preparing lunch for work, and doing laundry, time got away from me. I'm almost done the match-ups, just need to sort a few more out and then email them. So expect that email tomorrow, probably early afternoon.

Now I must head to sleep because it's back to work tomorrow and that means getting up early. Bah on early rising. It's wrong.


Some quick pimpage:

[ profile] pr0nucopia - Festival of porn is running for one week Everything goes, any fandom. Only rule: you MUST be eighteen.

[ profile] fnl_santa - Holiday exchange for Friday Night Lights, sign-ups until November 30th
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I think I am caught up on most of my work. I have opened up a word file, but since I'm on phones at the moment, it makes writing hard. Because of that...some memes that I have been saving.

Month born Meme by [ profile] shay_renoylds

• Pick your birth month.
• Strike out anything that doesn't apply to you.
• Bold the five-ten that best apply to you.
• Copy to your own journal, with all twelve months under a cut.
• Tag 6(ish) people from your friends list.

Loves to joke. Attractive. Suave and caring. Brave and fearless. Firm and has leadership qualities. Knows how to console others. Too generous and egoistic. Takes high pride in oneself. Thirsty for praises. Extraordinary spirit. Easily angered. Angry when provoked. Easily jealous. Observant. Careful and cautious. Thinks quickly. Independent thoughts. Loves to lead and to be led. Loves to dream. Talented in the arts, music and defense. Sensitive but not petty. Poor resistance against illnesses. Learns to relax. Hasty and trusty. Romantic. Loving and caring. Loves to make friends.

The remainder of the months...and I tag no-one because I stink... )


My answers to that 27 Questions I want answers to meme that was going around... )


Fandom & Pairing memes... )


I ended up winning some wonderful fangirls for Sweet Charity! I'm very excited! I can't wait to see the amazing stuff that i know they will create. I wish I could've offered my services, but I'm so behind on so much already, it would not have been a good idea.
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My huge work project is done and went off really well. I'm hoping this means I will be able to get back to the fun of fandom. I have so much writing, reading, and reccing to do and I miss it. I just haven't had the energy after a day at work for awhile. Plus, I can't seem to shake this stupid sinus infection.


I want everyone who sees this to rec me your favorite schmoop fics. I don't care what the fandom or pairing is. Share with me your happy schmoop fic reads. After all, schmoop makes the world go 'round.


Not Quite Winchestercon ([ profile] win_non_con) will be taking place again this year for those of you who can't attend the real one in Los Angeles. This year [ profile] iamtheenemy and I are staking out the real deal, so we've passed the project onto two of our trusty partners in crime from last year, [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] tvm. So be sure to keep an eye out on that community if you can't attend the con. It was so much fun last year!


My boss was awesome this morning. I work for a non-profit that's geared toward the environment and he said that he wanted us all to take an hour today during the workday to spend it outside so we remember why we do what we do. And it was lovely. Really, as much as I complain sometimes, this is why I stay at my job.
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My [ profile] spncross story is now at nine pages and nowhere near ending yet. What is it about me that makes short stories near impossible? Why must I have grandiose ideas? I'm a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator and long-winded are not a good combination, my friends. Because it leads to stories that are late and nine pages long already without being done.


Thanks to [ profile] gwentastic I have a Pownce account now. You can find me on it here. Also, I have some invites, so if you want one, first come, first serve - just leave me the email to send the invite to in the comments.

ETA: Four Three Two invites still left!


I feel so cut off from fandom at the moment. I think it's because between being without electricity for hours on end for various days, then getting sick, and then life being insane...I just haven't really been around for long enough periods to enjoy anything fandom. And I miss it. But the few free minutes I've had lately, I haven't been intersted in reading fanfiction, writing or reccing and end up just reading a book and/or watching some history channel. There's no reason for it, really. I'm not purposefully taking a hiatus or annoyed with's just a case of the blahs. Is there such a thing as fannish ennui?

I'm hoping this will pass soon. I like doing fannish things. It's fun for me usually and I'm hoping it gets fun again.


Today is my last day of work for a week! Vacation! I feel it would be completely wrong to work on my birthday, even though I really have nothing to do next I added a day to my vacation and won't be back until next Wednesday.

Now, do I try to finish the neverending [ profile] spncross story? Or do I catch up on the friends list before I'm too far behind?
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Happiest of birthdays to three fabulous people born today!

Happy Birthday [ profile] schneestern!
Happy Birthday [ profile] obeetaybee!
Happy Birthday [ profile] out_there!

If you guys would like a drabble, just let me know.


Saw Bourne Ultimatum. Loved it. I now want a fic where Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer (24), and Sydney Bristow (Alias) sit around talking about being the most awesome of agents! It would be awesome. They meet in a coffee shop in South America and just shoot the shit.

Who wants to write this for me? ::bats eyelashes::


I've started going through the poll results and adding people to my insanejournal (tommygirl), my journalfen (tommygirl), and my greatestjournal (dastardlyspoon). I'm not leaving livejournal yet, but I'm not sure how comfortable I'm feeling about posting an R-rated fic, so I might just post it at my insane journal, but link from here. That way people can still leave comments (I'm a comment whore), but it's not on LJ servers.
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Argh. Long day at work, compounded by heat, exhaustion and sinus pain, only to return home to no electricity once again. Seriously starting to get annoyed. I'm a huge ass baby who loves air conditioning and hates the heat. I don't care that for years and years people survived without it. I hate heat, especially when it's chock-full of humidity.

Also signed in to see that livejournal is at it again with deletions. I'm of the belief that they do have the right to delete whatever they don't want associated with their site, but it would be nice if they clarified exactly what that is. Yes, they have the right not to provide a certain service, but then a consumer has the right to then decide that livejournal isn't the right product for them. And this is why I didn't buy the permanent account...because LJ has been so ambiguous and why would I fork out all that money if it decides it's not about its fannish side.

And what's with this new flagging system they've set up? What is this? The McCarthy era?


On a brighter side, Carly emailed me and Steph with this information. Lance and a memoir! Oh, this is awesome! I cannot wait! I want the dish, Lance. I love you, Lance. Tell me how you made out with JC all the damn time! Tell me about the porn Joey forced you to watch on the tour bus. Tell me how Justin asked you to make out with him just to make sure he wasn't gay. Tell me it all!

I'm so sending a copy of this book with my notes to [ profile] vinylroad when I'm done. We can see how close her fics were to accurate. Hee-hee. (I know most of mine are off - I made him straight. BWAH.)


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 43

1 Do you think Sam and Dean ever ran away/contemplated running away when they were younger? If so, do you think they would have run away together, or separately? Where would they have gone?

I'm sure Dean contemplated it at some point, but he would never act on it. His family, specifically Sam, needed him and that would've kept him. Plus, I honestly think Dean and John had a good relationship, so in Dean's mind there was no real reason to contemplate it aside from the normal angst of being a teenager. Now Sam...I could see him when he's little packing a bag and then Dean catching him and Dean totally getting him to stay. Because when he was young, Sam's whole world was made up of Dean and he didn't want to lose that even if he was mad at his dad.

2 What can you imagine Dean and Sam watching on TV when they were younger?

Sports, cartoons, and Dean loves ABC soaps, but no one is supposed to know that.

3 Imagine you're on holiday in Vancouver, and as you're wandering around Downtown, you look up to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talking and walking towards you. What do you do?

Spontaneously combust! Duck into an alley as not to be seen with the drool on my chin! I don't know. Seriously, I'm not one for invading someone's space, celebrity or not, when they're just out and about. So I'd definitely look and swoon, but I doubt I'd approach them.

4 Do you think John ever gave Dean and Sam the "sex talk"? Or do you think Dean tried to be a smart-ass and explain it to his brother in his own words (while laughing in his head)?

I think Dean got a to-the-point sex talk, one that probably focused more on the being safe side rather than "sex is about love" stuff. And then Dean is probably the one that Sam went to with questions after he read everything in various books. I just can't see Sam wanting to have that conversation with his dad. As it is, I picture Sam's face getting bright red when he's asking Dean questions and dean's snickering...

5 Would you rather have an hour's time for lunch with Jared or Jensen (one of them only!) or spend an hour on the set with both boys and the crew members (although keep in mind that their attention would be divided between you and their job)?

I'd rather have an hour on the set. I love so much about this show - it would be interesting to see how it all comes together. And really, I want to one day create movies and television shows, so it would be a good experience.


Okay, I'm going to attempt to catch up on the friends list until I end up stabbing my eye out with a spork - stupid headache.
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First, some birthday wishes:

Happy Birthday to [ profile] medie!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] marishna!

Happy Birthday to [ profile] lady_shain!

I hope you all have fabulous days with lots of pampering and wonderful goodies! ::sends lots of love and good vibes::


My friend and I have begun making our plans for Harry Potter night on Friday. Originally, I was going to bail on the midnight release thing this year and just get the book in the morning. Mostly because I end up staying up most of Friday night reading the book...and I kind of want to savor this one because it's the last. But yeah, who was I kidding? So we are doing our midnight release thing, though without my sister this year who has to work early morning on Saturday.


I signed up for [ profile] spn_remix again because last year was a lot of fun (and I totally wrote my first Sam/Dean for that challenge) and I always enjoy the challenge of a remix. At times I get frustrated and worry that I'm ruining a great story, but I usually like what I end up writing. Here's to hoping that trend continues.

I'm being good though, despite signing up for that challenge. I am actually working on curbing my fic challenge addiction and I'm slowly making some progress. I give so much credit to y'all who are productive and constantly creating wonderful fic. I'm just busy with real life or lazy or staring at shiny objects.


I found this article amusing!

The Hand That Controls the Sock Puppet Could Get Slapped - Mr. Mackey used the online handle “Rahodeb” (an anagram of his wife’s name, Deborah). In one Internet posting sure to enter the annals of chief-executive vanity, Mr. Mackey wrote as Rahodeb, “I like Mackey’s haircut. I think he looks cute!”

With all a chief executive has to do, the 14-hour days spent barking orders, digesting reports, motivating employees and courting Wall Street, why would they spend their time sparring with anonymous critics online? And what makes them think they won’t be revealed?

Some of our sockpuppets are just thinking too small. We should be using them to change the world and make a profit and possibly talk about how hot we are through our *other* personalities. I know my sockpuppet name is very clever - iamtommygirl - and no one would ever figure it out.


Okay, I should probably do some work since I was out last Friday for Harry Potter fun at the movies.
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Why must work and life be crazy at the same exact time? Does it not understand that i like to be able to have fun with my fannish endeavors? Le sigh.

Speaking of fannish endeavors, I started a Pirates fic. It's will/elizabeth and what the hell am I thinking? Like I don't have enough to write, but I watched POTC 3 again and I can anyone resist Will at the end of that movie? GAH. And then Elizabeth kicks so much ass, so I just had to start writing it. Even though I've written a total of two drabbles in this fandom before and I'm not sure I can pull it off. Oh the nervousness of writing a new fandom.


I am caught up on 4400 and Army Wives, as well as watching all of Starter Wife. Starter Wife was okay. I like Debra Messing and the book wasn't horrible so I gave it a go. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either and by the end I found that I didn't really care about any of the characters.

Spoilers up through the latest 4400 episode... )

Army Wives I have no real specific thoughts. I watched the pilot of this because of Drew Fuller and my love of him. I've kept watching because it's actually enjoyable in a weird way. And Drew Fuller really is hot and I have such a daddy!kink thing so seeing him as a dad is just hot.

Tonight Eureka season two starts, but I'm waiting until tomorrow to watch that. Tonight I shall get caught up on Sunday's episodes of Entourage and Flight of the Conchords. I'm so proud. I managed to get two of my coworkers hooked on FoC by sending them You Tube clips throughout the day. Mwah. Seriously, y'all, check the show out. It's the maddest comedy. And I'm madly in love with Jemaine and Bret. Mostly Jemaine.
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Saw Transformers. A bit long, but highly enjoyable. And Josh Duhamel is so hot, but he'll always be Leo on All My Children to me. Oh, how I miss Leo & Greenlee.

And Mary Winchester is in it as Josh Duhamel's wife. Cool. I can never escape SPN fandom for long (not that I try very hard).


Boy has abandoned me in favor of XBox 360, so I'm going to try to catch up on friends page before barbecue dinner. Gotta love eating very badly! And fireworks! And a day off from work in the middle of the week (even if I have to work tomorrow and friday).


Thanks to y'all who hooked me up with some CSI fic links! So many cute boys, so little time! Warrick is just HOT. Can I make out with him now? How about I just force him to make out with Nick and/or Greg?

And then Steph wants to write strip bowling bandslash fic because she is mean and evil and will not be happy until I am completely broken by Fall Out Boy and Panic! Damn us and our co-dependency!
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So I went to the doctor today because the evil plague was not going away on its own and I needed antibiotics. It was as I figured. Bad sinusitus and the start of bronchitis (that I wasn't expecting) I'm supposed to "rest" through the weekend.

Send me Jared/Jensen and Sam/Dean and Patrick/Pete schmoop, my friends! Lots of it.

Despite illness, I managed to get a few fannish things off my to-do list so that I can try to focus on writing tonight and tomorrow (while resting, of course). I did some beta work and put together recs that have been waiting for me to post and even read some more fic because how can I rec fic if I don't read it? And there is only so much rewatching of Entourage a girl can do before the season premiere and undertaking a girl!Eric/Vince story.

Maybe if I get a bunch of stuff off the fannish plate, I can make the post for the Rec-a-Palooza, which seems to be a go from the poll I did.


Steph has discovered our first communication many moons ago, back from our Nsync fandom days when we both wrote Het! I sent her an email about one of her short stories on Justin and was apparently moved and compelled to write her.

And thus, the crazy BFF/OTP/co-dependent relationship was born. Aren't y'all just so damn happy that happened?

I'm actually pretty sure that's how my relationship with [ profile] iamentheos began too, except it was a Lance fic that I was moved by.


Some pimpage. First my things...

- [ profile] polyfandomrecs has been updated by both myself and Steph. We honestly don't plan ahead of time to update on the same days. It's just that shared brain thing.

- [ profile] schmoopfest has it's first story posted already, but never fear, you can still claim prompts up until the due date of August 24th! Multifandom schmoop! Only 750 words! Check out the remaining prompts.

- [ profile] spncross is running the poll on fandoms to include until June 17th. And if you're considering signing up, be sure to check out the info, rules & timeline.

- Due to my illness, I'm running the 2nd question for Supernatural Hiatus Fun until next Monday. So click on the link and share with me your favorite scene of Season one by quote, cap, whatever.

And now other people's stuff to pimp...

- [ profile] spn_heraea - The Angst Vs. Schmoop Olympics of Supernatural Fandom. If you read Sam/Dean, go read and vote on your favorites!

- [ profile] spnbreaksthelaw - It's real laws that were never removed from the books for a Supernatural/RPS challenge. No due date, my friends.

- Heroes Big Boom Challenge has sign-ups until June 17th.


I'm not really "hot" - I just love this mood icon. It makes me hot. That's right. Damn Jared!
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So guys, it's official. [ profile] iamtheenemy has BROKEN me.

Where Steph decides that she cannot love Fall Out Boy alone... )

What does all this mean? I'm fucking into bandslash, I think. ::shakes fist at Steph::

This is the problem with being co-dependent fangirls. We can't dive headfirst into new fandoms without the other there to hold our hands.


I truly did have other fannish plans for the day. The Angst Vs. Schmoop stories. The Big Bang stories. But I've spent the evening watching tons of You Tube of Fall Out Boy.

The only thing I did accomplish today was seeing Ocean's Thirteen, which I loved. And I want Danny/Rusty meets Sam/Dean and they work together and have fun. And Rusty takes Dean under his wing because he misses Linus being around (though he wouldn't admit it), and Dean likes Rusty because there is a guy who appreciates the finer things in life (like eating). And Sam and Danny just groan a lot because neither of them would know a "finer thing" if their lives depended on, but both Danny and Sam know that they need Rusty and Dean, so what can they do.
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So I've had an idea. Yes, I have plenty of those, and like most of them, this came about as I thought about how best to get what I want. See, I was thinking about requesting some jealous!Sam fics for Supernatural and then I was thinking...

Wouldn't it be interesting to do one Mega-Post where people can come, post in the comments whatever their kink is (jealous!Sam, amnesia fic, Daddy!Dean, etc) and then people provide them with links to their favorites of those stories???

So it would be set up like a love meme, but more about us getting all those genres of fic we want!

Anyway, I made a poll to see interest in such a thing and/or if it should be limited to one or two fandoms or just multifandom craziness...

[Poll #998946]

**Feel free to pass this onto your friends list if you think it's something they'd be interested in.
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So much for a day of fandom endeavors. When I chatted with Steph on AIM, I had told her how I just wanted to sleep. She encouraged this, but I was going to be strong and do stuff. Yeah, that totally didn't happen. I ended up sleeping all afternoon and then I got sucked into this documentary on Showtime about Intelligent Design. Stupid sinuses! Stupid interesting documentaries!

So tomorrow I will finish up the beta stuff and then over the week I will attempt to get caught up on some of the reading/reccing. And I have a ton of frakking ideas running through my head at the moment that involve Dean Winchester. And Steph and I talked about doing more of each our stories we wrote for the other's birthdays...that's if I can pull her away from Fall OUt Boy for a few minutes!

I am pondering if I want to sign up for the The 2007 JuC Swap. It's been awhile since I've written JC and Justin. Hhhmmm...must decide.

Now I must go try to put together the [ profile] het_newsletter for the night so Amy doesn't have to kick my ass!


P.S. - Really love "lazy" mood. GAH.
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Days are moving so fast and I can barely keep up. I'm trying to get caught up on fandom stuff, but y'all are a prolific bunch. And really, if real life could stop happening for a few weeks/months/years, that would be lovely. It's time for me to get a fellowship that allows me to sit home and immerse myself in fandom.

If/when I ever win a huge ass lottery, this will be one of the things I set up - the fandom fellowship. Right after I get my green, energy-efficient house built from scratch and have set my mother up somewhere on her own.


I had hoped to read/write/rec this past weekend, but I ended up not being on the computer a whole lot. I did manage to do the [ profile] het_newsletter for Sunday though. One thing accomplished.

Speaking of, we're still looking for editors for Saturday and I'm more than willing to give up either Tuesday or Sunday to someone who wants to participate! Really!


Many challenges are going on, but I'm trying to keep myself from going crazy. Lately I've just been really behind on all things fandom, so I'm not sure it's the best time for me to sign up to write a bunch of things. But some of them are truly tempting...

Must. Stop. Self.


New Heroes tonight! I can't wait! I hope they give us some more Peter and Nathan to make up for last week's upsetting (yet awesomely good) stuff.

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