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the fannish five [ profile] fannish5 question of the week: Describe five ficathons or challenges you'd like to see.

Hhhmmm...[ profile] penknife had some awesome ideas for challenges to see. I'm not sure I'm ingenius enough to come up with five and I'm pretty sure the ones I'll post have probably been done already...but I didn't know about them.

1. the Mad Libs Drabble Challenge.

2. the "I Woke Up an Evil Overlord Challenge" - For some reason, I just like the idea of various characters waking up evil overlords.

3. The Movie Fanfiction Ficathon - Has this been done? If so, it needs to be done wants lots of movie fanfiction.

Okay, yeah, that's all I got. I'm far too lazy for this week's question. Basically, someone who can run things should go over to [ profile] penknife's journal and set up some of those challenges.


[ profile] onceupon asked a few questions in her journal of her friends list about our reading experiences:

1. What makes a story (in any medium) successful for you? If I walk away and have developed a love for one of your characters...I'm a character person. It drives what I watch on television, what I read, and what I tend to write. Plots are always wonderful too, but seriously, most of my favorite books stem from the fact that I adore the characters in all their messed up glory.

2. Have you ever thought about WHY you like the kinds of stories you like? I think it goes to how I view people - I find them fascinating. I can sit and people watch for hours and I love getting inside the heads of characters. For more of a reason why? I don't know.

3. Do you regard the collective unconscious in a mystical "we are all connected" sort of way or a more "we are products of similar basic experiences" sort of way? I guess I would say the "we are all connected way" - I truly believe in karma and that all we put out into the world affects others as well as ourselves.

4. Why are these ideas important anyway? (I think they're important. If you don't, that's fine, too. Just tell me why!) I never really thought too much about it, but I could see how it could be deemed important to some.


Is this day over yet? Gah. It's neverending.

I guess, to make this post a little worthwhile, some pimpage:

-[ profile] yahtzee63 is running another Alias ficathon: The Aliases Ficathon. Go give one of your favorite characters a fun alias to play with (complete with costume)...sign-ups until August 8th

-Fandom Fairytale - Fandoms and fairytales. Go claim a fandom and a fairytale and write a story based in your fandom. Dean Winchester waking Sleeping Beauty (aka Sam?). There can be repeat claims, so go sign up.

-The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge - there is a list of authors who have already given their pre-approval, so you just have to ask regarding a specific story...and if anyone is bored enough, feel free to do any of my stories. Hee.

-[ profile] moviefanfiction: I shall continue to pimp this for a bit longer because I know there are more of you that love the movie fanfiction. So come join, read, and post fanfiction based on movies. And really, any pimpage is always welcome and appreciated.


Alrighty, off to do *something*, though not sure what.
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Let's see if I can manage an actual update of sorts. First, I was too busy celebrating the birthday with different people and then this week has just been hell at work and with everything going on down south. It's just a bad situation and my heart goes out to everyone.

Needless to say, it hasn't made me feel very fandomy at all. I haven't really done much reading and/or writing.

However, there isn't anything else I can do beyond giving any money I can spare. I feel useless in this situation because I I guess the best I can offer up is to try to keep going on and questioning things and praying for it to be over.


-Multiverse 2005 has opened and there are a ton of great crossover stories for reading. I've been going through it slowly, when I have a few minutes to spare, and will post my recs as soon as I get through the remainder of the stories.

-[ profile] quillandink has posted the newest prompts and ongoing fic challenges for the week, and feel free to add to the current round robin writing that's going on. As much/little as you want!

-[ profile] dragonsinger has declared today Drabble Day! So yeah, you post a drabble here and I will write one for you in return.


The Fannish Five )


Okay, it's lunchtime and I have errands to run.

Take care everyone!

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It's tax day and i'm getting both a federal and state refund! You know what this means? I'm upgrading my TIVO...snoogins!

It's also Friday and that makes me happy as I have no real plans for the weekend - the boy is still in Los Angeles and the sister has many papers to write - so I will have time to write. I might go see Sin City since it has Clive Owen and is by Robert Rodriguez. I ended up seeing Sahara last weekend instead, so now, it's Sin City time.


So [ profile] ladybug218 said that I had to do this and, while I might be a day late, I shall do it anyway…because now I’m bored.

1. Total volume of music files on my computer

352 are in my ITunes library

2. Last CD I bought
The new Michael Buble cd

3. Last song I listened to before doing this meme.

“Stay” by John Legend

4. Five songs I listened to a lot this week.

-Lonely No More – Rob Thomas
-Fairytale – Sara Bareilles (who I must thank [ profile] inkpuddle for introducing me to
-Fool Out of Me – Idina Menzel
-Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson
-Beverly Hills - Weezer

5. Five people I want to do this meme.

Um…I think everyone has done it already, yeah?


I'm cutting the fannish 5 because if you're not caught up on JoA or Lost, there be spoilers... )


Quick Recs:

So everyone should go read the results of the Veronica Mars drabble challenge based off Tuesday's episode (so if you haven't seen the episode yet, maybe wait to read) here. There are some great drabbles for viewing.

[ profile] quiet_rebel wrote her own ficlet based off Tuesday's VM entitled We Go Forward, We Go Back

Little Vera has written some great Ryan/Seth angst called "Superhero" taht is broken into two parts. It's really good and there were a few times I kept going, "Oh no he didn't! Really! Wow!" So good. Part 1 and Part 2


Okay, I really need to do some writing. I'm so behind on my goal (last week I was ahead, this week, I'm behind. So much for establishing a system of writing...). A few people suggested song lyrics, so I might just start writing randomly since TIMH is evil.

Though I will get that chapter done this weekend. Oh yes, I will. [ profile] iamtheenemy is under orders to berate me until it's done or she gets to write her version (which involved Justin in a car with Chris and some other stuff...before hitting Frankie with a car) and no one wants that.

So have a good Friday, y'all.
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This day is moving so slowly and I haven't been able to write a decent paragraph all damn day. So instead, I just keep playing Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty music over and over, hoping it will inspire something.

Anyway, y'all are warned; I'm bored and incapable of anything truly productive which means posts to livejournal.


The Friday Five )

The Fannish Five )


I purloigned this from [ profile] musesfool

Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you. Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.

1. Stuart/Vince (QAF UK)
2. Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
3. James/Lily (HP)
4. Harry/Oliver (HP)
5. Harry/Draco (HP)
6. Luke/Lorelai (GG)
7. Pyro/Rogue (X-Men Movieverse)
8. Michael/Maria (roswell)
9. Sydney/Sark (Alias)
10. Dan/Casey (Sports Night)

It says:
1. I like the idea of the bad boy really being misunderstood, vulnerable and in need of love (but if he can also remain bad, it's good)
2. I like the idea of friends becoming more.
3. I'm not really very experimental when it comes to pairings.


Speaking of [ profile] musesfool, she has posted her Danny/Rusty essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto over here.


I'm still working on commentaries and the likes, but for now I must go get ready for dinner with the mother and the sister. It should be fun, listening to the mother talk to me about mortages and house hunting and how I'm probably going to do it all wrong. But on the brightside? I come home and it's Sci Fi Friday! Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galatica. Woo-hoo!

Have a good night!
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Bored at work. Very bored. It seems most of the office took today off, including my boss, and I have very little to do.

This Week's Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

Name 5 movies you thought you would hate, but didn't.

1. Corky Romano. It's one of those dumbass comedies, which aren't usually my cup of tea, but my god, it makes me laugh. I do enjoy it a great deal all the while lowering my IQ.

2. No Man's Land. It's a Bosnian foreign film set during the war. We saw it in film class and it's not one I would've saught out on my own, but I loved it. It was so freaking good.

3. Life or Something Like It - Angelina Jolie with really blonde hair, the makings of a bad romantic comedy...but I really liked it and not just because I have a weird love for all things Edward Burns.

4. Collateral - I'm not really into Tom Cruise movies, but everyone kept raving about it, so I rented it. Enjoyed it a great deal, which worries me.

5. Sweet Home Alabama - Okay, I didn't think I'd hate it, but I never expected to love it as much as I do. I watch it all the time. I'm obsessed with it and it's not my normal type of obsessive movie!


Going to work on everyone's ficlet requests now. Really. And try to answer some feedback and emails.

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I've started working on those ficlets for everyone in a notebook as I've been fighting bronchitis the past few days - it's an evil thing, but wonderful to sleep all day long. I say this now, but come Monday when I return to work, I'm sure I'll be weeping at the sight of my in-box.

So I figured my first afternoon back on the computer, rather than typing up what I have of ficlets or finishing off Steph's [ profile] iamtheenemy story that I was going to finish last weekend, well, I'll have some fun with questions.


This Week's Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five crossovers would you like to see?

1. I think everyone has heard me go on about this quite a bit already. 24/Alias - specifically the love potential of Sydney Bristow and Jack Bauer. Oh, it could be great. They would be perfect together. Jack is so much better than whiny Vaughn.

2. O.C./Dead Like Me - because [ profile] sdlucly refuses to write it, someone must. Seth Cohen as a new reaper. Think of the possibilities! It would be fabulous. Someone needs to write it because the idea won't leave me alone - do we really want me writing it?

3. Charmed/Roswell - both supernatural. I like the idea of Maria having some sort of power because she was always the "plain" one during Roswell's run and I hated that view of her. She was special without powers, man, but imagine her with powers.

4. Joan of Arcadia/Wonderfalls - they both talk to God, or something. Better to say they both hear voices and do as the voices demand. They can meet in the psycho ward. heh.

5. Roswell/Farscape. I don't know how really. Haven't thought it out a great deal. But it could work...right?

A Friday Five - ganked from [ profile] dragonsinger

1) Name your favorite pairing?

Of all time? Good God! That's not right. There are so many in different fandoms: Seth/Ryan, Joan/Adam, Michael/Maria, Luke/Lorelai, Pyro/Rogue, Dan/Casey, Josh/Donna. Okay, I'll stop there, but there are many more, man. Many more!

2) Name your least favorite pairing?

I'm not a Polar Girl from Roswell. I don't like the idea of Michael with anyone but Maria. (Oddly enough, on occasion, I can/will read Maria with Kyle or Alex though).

3) Which character that was killed off upset you the most? Why did this one upset you more than others?

Alex on Roswell and Chris on Charmed - both were just...gah...I'm still not over it. Especially Alex's death because it was turned into the crappiest murder mystery EVER.

4) If you were able to bring back this character from the dead, how would you do it?

With Chris, it's easy enough. He just went back to his future. That's what I believe and I refuse to hear otherwise...fa, la, la. For Alex, er, that's a bit harder. Um, it was all a dream?

5) What song most reminds you of your favorite pairing?

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb reminds me of Michael/Maria.


New Battlestar Galatica and Stargate Atlantis this evening! There is a bright spot to the past few days of horrible illness! I'm almost caught up on all my television viewing, trying to pretend that I didn't see Smallville this past week, and wanting to do bad things with Jack Bauer on 24.


that interview meme is going around again and ladybug218 asked me some questions...answers are below. Comment if you have questions for me or want questions! )


Okay, I'm off to do start typing up some of the ficlets and finish the rest of them. So far, some have turned out much better than others and I apologize in advance for that.

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Hola everyone! It's Friday! And that means my weekend is only two hours away! Woo-hoo. The only plans I have are the weekly friday night dinner with the mother and my film class. Otherwise, I hope to finish my holiday cards (some have been mailed, so be on the lookout), grant some wishes, and get a first draft done of the next chapter of Trouble in My Head.

Speaking of holiday cards, just to let you know, if you requested a drabble, it's just for you. i have no plans to post it or share it with anyone else. You can if you like because it's yours, my little gift to you. I would buy all my friends tons of stuff if I could, but until that day, these will have to do.

Anyway, I might actually be able to do all that stuff if I try really hard and don't get sucked into more episodes of Farscape (which I keep rewatching like crazy!).


THIS WEEK’S FANNISH FIVE - [ profile] fannish5

Name the five scenes that make you melt in True Fannish Love. Every. Single. Time. You know the scenes, the ones that either pimped you in, or proved to you that you had well and truly fallen.

1. Buffy - In Becoming Part II when it looks like Angel is kicking Buffy’s ass and he says something like, “No family, no friends, what do you have left?” and she stops the sword and responds, “Me.” Then proceeds to kick his ass. Gah. I love that.

2. Dead Like Me – In the pilot, the first time George meets Mason. I love them at the bank guessing how the person will die. I just love the two of them together.

3. Charmed – any Chris scene? Okay, I love the scene with Piper and Victor when Victor lets it slip that something happens to Piper and Chris calls her “mom.” I love Piper’s reaction and just…it’s Chris!

4. Smallville – Bad!Boy Clark on the motorcycle driving off at the end of season two. Gah. My little heart nearly stopped beating.

5. Joan of Arcadia – After Adam and Joan make up and they share their first kiss at the science fair. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!

Five Celebrities I'd Sleep With If They Turned Up on My Doorstep (stolen from friends list)

Only five? I mean…

1) Ben Affleck - He's my soulmate! (even the boy accepts this as truth, as does most of my family - it's sick how my own little world affects others. heh) And I have the icon in my regular journal (made by [ profile] filwdork for me) to prove it - he's holding up a shirt with our names combined!

2) Orlando Bloom - poor Hedda has listened to me babble on long enough about that boy...actually we tend to do that together and then write it. Hhmmm...

3) Jake Gyllenhaal- another one that [ profile] imaginaryfields and I love to create fic for. That Emmy is one lucky bitch.

4) Johnny Depp - is there anyone who would pass him up? C'mon! He's the hotness!

5) JC Chasez - But only if he turned up with the good short hair look, not the mullet look. And no bedazzled clothing! And uh, he has to play the piano and sing to me a ballad.


Does anyone know if Joan of Arcadia is new tonight? I don't remember if it's on this week or not. I will squee a little later about Veronica Mars and Lost - once I've had time to make some coherent thoughts outside of ohmigod!


Writing to do list for me to remember... )

Speaking of writing, I do feel I'm now allowed to publicly call out my dearest Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy who has yet to get our collaboration back to me in years. As some of you may recall, my name was slandered when I took what some considered "a long time" to get my part in, so I feel it's only fair that I'm allowed to return the favor. Especially since she makes me read Rory fanfiction to beta for her.


Have a great day everyone! I'm off to do something until I can leave work.

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Before any real entries of substance or proof that I have succeeded in writing something can take place, I feel the need for some memes galore that I've been doing at work in a fit of boredom.

[ profile] dragonsinger has created her own meme:

You know how bands and artists pick their best songs for a "Best Of..." CD, well, that's how this works. Choose ten of your best fanfics (or fanart or original works or photographs). List them and explain why they're your best.

Below are my ten favorites of my fanfiction – not an easy feat for a secret self-loather )


A Nano-related meme that I stole from [ profile] nanoladybug218

Are you nearly as bored as I appear to be today? )


this week’s fannish five )


That passed some I'm off to undertake in some picking of Charlie's brain for this Lost idea I had. That Charlie is an evil one - though I keep trying to make him so much like how I write Dom and that's not very fair to Charlie.
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So last night I got another one of those weird emails from some person who would like to borrow one of my stories. I can't speak for most fandoms but is this something that happens anywhere outside the pop fandom? Because it's always in reference to one of my older Nsync stories that this question arises. I don't know.


I don't know how you borrow stories. There is enjoying and asking to archive with credit given and then there is stealing the story and passing it off as your own. I don't get these people who think it's okay to take a story someone else wrote and pass it off as their own if they ask first.

Needless to say, my response was that I wasn't sure what she meant by "borrow" and that if meant taking my story for her own use, well, no. I don't claim brilliance. I don't claim that my stuff is the best out there. But I do claim that everything I write is 100% percent mine, stuff that I've procrastinated and slaved over all in the same breath, and it's important to me.

How is it important to them?

And I guess that's why I don't get the whole idea of plagerizing someone else's writing - because what gratification do you get out of the feedback you receive? You know that it's not yours and, despite its size, the Internet really isn't that big. You'll be found out sooner or later. Is it all about the attention? There are easier ways to get attention.

Oh well, what can I do?


The Friday Five )

The fannish five for the week )


Much writing to do this weekend. I can procrastinate no longer because there are only two weekends left until Nano gets underway and I'm going to need to focus on that if I plan to actually finish the novel in the month.

Why do I do these things to myself again?
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It's finally Friday! Woo-hoo. I haven't had a chance to watch this week's Lost episode yet, and I'm so grateful that my friend's list believes in the courtesy of the lj-cut tag in reference to spoilers. That makes me happy. But I did notice the abundance of squeeness, so hopefully it will be enjoyable.

Though I do find myself amused by Lost fans at work who have never watched Alias. I try to swallow the chuckles when I hear them going on about how they can't wait for all to be revealed. Like that will happen. It's been three full seasons and do we have any more knowledge of Rambaldi than we did when the show started, except that he was one creepy dude who kept the protector of the clock alive for many, many, many years only for him to get shot after meeting Sydney.

That's a no. So sorry to burst your bubble, Lost fans, but I wouldn't hold out any hope for major revelations anytime soon. Jack is more likely to start dressing up like Tarzan first.


I did, however, watch Veronica Mars

From Tuesday's episode... )


And now, it's fannish five time.

THE FANNISH FIVE - [ profile] fannish5

What were the last five fannish topics you discussed in your livejournal? Provide links if you like.

Considering I pretty much try to limit the use of this journal to fandom-related things, I guess it would just be pretty much the last five entries.

1. My Roswell Ficathon story - Waiting For the Picture to Develop

2. An entry with all my drabbles for the first line drabbles meme

3. An entry with a quick rec to a great O.C. story - Welcome to the Fallout

4. An entry based on my rewatching of Alias Season Three and some of my thoughts are located here

5. An entry that consists of another one of those writing memes regarding fanfiction that I so adore - the writing survey
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But I shall lj-cut because it's everyone's friend and I'm nothing if not someone who always cares about others.

The fannish five )

Then there was the regular Friday Five )

And finally that TV character meme that just about everyone has done. So I'm a little behind...that's just how I am. )
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The Weekly Fannish Five: [ profile] fannish5

What five actors would you watch in almost anything?

1. Ben Affleck – I love him so much despite the fact that he makes a lot of craps-Phantoms anyone? But I see it all, because I love him and because when he speaks in interviews he uses big words...correctly...and it makes me swoon.

2. Gael Garcia Bernal – I love him. I love him so much. Uber hotness…and his movies have always been enjoyable.

3. Orlando Bloom - Troy being the most obvious of those answers. Good god! A movie to make Literature fanatics everywhere weep.

4. Thomas Jane – He’s just so pretty and he has this stoic gaze that makes me melt. And this works because it was almost anything, because even I had to draw the line at the Angelina Jolie/Antonio Banderas piece of crap.

5. Gene Kelly – Does this count since he’s dead and hasn’t been in anything for years? But I’ve never seen one of his movies that I didn’t end up loving. I loved him so much—one of my first crushes—and the dancing…never before has hoofing been so hot.


The Regular Friday Five:

1. What is your opinion on karma?

I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around and that whatever type of energy you emit into the environment is what is likely to surround you. I studied Wicca for awhile out of curiosity during my spiritual quest and it really struck me with that firm belief that every good things goes out twofold, but negative comes back sevenfold (I might be off on numbers, but it’s something like that). Sometimes karma is what gets me threw a day without killing someone—because their karma will take care of them sooner or later.

2. If anything, do you think attitude makes any difference? If you believe the world and life are good, will good things radiate toward you? If you believe otherwise, will it all be a self fulfilling prophecy?

I think attitude plays into things on some level. I mean, bad things happen to good people all the time. I don’t think being in a bad mood equates to being the person on a plane that crashes, but I think on a more basic level it results in either positive or negative outcomes. Like if you tend to approach things with a good attitude and smile, more likely people will be more pleasant around you and I think that makes thing a bit better…but I am the weird cynical optimist (is that even possible because that’s what I am?)

3. How has luck/chance/facts-of-life/God/karma/nature treated you so far?

Pretty damn good. I’m not winning big in Atlantic City or anything (my karma/luck dissipates into the air as I ride the people mover to Baileys Casino), but I’ve been pretty blessed in other regards. I know that I’ve got an angel or something watching out for me sometimes…

4. What is your opinion of the concept of destinies?

I think there are certain people that we are destined to know and that come into our lives for a reason. But as far as this life that is predetermined for you, I don’t think so. I think that anyone can achieve anything they want to if they’re willing to make the sacrifices and work hard and stick with it.

5. Are both bad and good things needed in order to truly live life? Can you have the bad without the good? The good without the bad?

No one wants bad things to happen, but they do…and I do think there has to be a reason behind it. I have to believe that otherwise there would be days where I’m simply caught up in despair. But it’s all yin and yang, two sides of a coin, etc…I don’t think anyone would truly appreciate the good if you didn’t have to muddle through some crap every now and again.


I've been rereading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, which is a book I recommend to anyone who undertakes the sometimes frustrating work of writing, whether it be in fandom or professionally. I love her take on the whole thing and it's very true. It's also a great aid to writers with small exercises.

It definitely helps me. I consider it one of those few writing books that I've read through the years that actually aids the writer.

Anyway, I'm rereading it for inspiration. I've decided, as I undertake the latest round of drafts on my YA novel, that I need some inspiration to get me through this period of the writing experience. It's just very hard and...yeah, hard.


Tonight is Joan of Arcadia! Hurrah!

Bring on Hot God!


Not much else planned. My dvds of Popular season one arrived so amidst my plans for much writing tomorrow (I'm going to try and get a repeat of last Saturday's productivity out of myself), I shall have to allow for time to watch Mary Cherry and the others.
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The Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five things are you looking forward to in the new fall TV season?

1. Season premiere of Smallville. Me wants it. The precious. The hotness that is Clark. Raar. And the trailers are killing me--the only way I think it could entice me more is if I saw someone disembowel Lana with a spoon.

2. Lost because it has Charlier Salinger and Merry on an island. And it's by JJ and I adore his tv shows.

3. Gilmore Girls premiere. Because there was much Lorelai/Luke squees abounding in the last ten minutes of that finale and I can't wait for more. Plus, I've heard a rumor that Christopher will be back this season. Luke/Lorelai with some Christopher thrown in? Yay. Wish Dean would go away, but otherwise, I'm in heaven.

4. Joan of Arcadia premiere. It ended on such a dark and lost note and I'm very attached to every character on that show. It's so rare for me to love every major character on a show and I do here. Plus, we need more Kevin and Joan bonding, dammit. I demand it.

5. The O.C. premiere because Seth just went away in that finale. And I watched that special on Fox last night where they give a sneak peek at the new season--is it November 4th yet? Can I have Adam Brody?


So this michael/maria angst piece started as a response to the word of the week at [ profile] 15minuteficlets, but it's become something more than that. Very angsty, very...I don't know. Still working on it. May post it.

And thanks to dreams and [ profile] dragonsinger, I've been mentally plotting out a crazy Roswell/Charmed crossover and that's a very bad thing. LIke I have time for this. But maybe it will appease the evil Chris muse.


Okay, I'm off. Much to do. No time to do it.
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So it's back...just different format.

My Responses to the Fannish Five Question of the Week

The Question: What five episodes (issues, aspects) would you use to pimp your fandom and why?

So many fandoms and so little time…

Joan of Arcadia

1. The Pilot – because that’s what pulled me in. Hot God, fun intermixed with drama, snarkiness, and Kevin and Joan brother/sister bonding moments.

2. The Fire and The Wood – the introduction to Grace and Adam when God tells Joan to take AP Chemistry.

3. Bringeth It On – Joan as a cheerleader. Fun ensues.

4. Jump – because the kiss. It has the Joan/Adam kiss and Joan and Adam make up after their fighting.

5. The Gift – I loved this episode. Joan and Adam debating whether or not to have sex…because God tells Joan to give Adam a gift. Heh-heh.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest – the pilot. So much fun. So dark, so snarky, so perfect. And lots of Xander. It’s not necessary to understanding the rest of the show, but I always recommend starting with this episode.

2. The Witch – Buffy tries out for cheerleading. I just love the whole “macho, macho man” bit and of course the “you’re my Xander-shaped friend.”

3. Becoming Parts I & II – I’m counting this as one. I don’t care! This is my favorite all-time episode. It doesn’t get better than the season two finale. Gah. Heart wrenching.

4. The Zeppo – It’s Xander-filled. And this is an episode that pokes fun at itself and all the darkness and apocalypses that hang over their heads. Have I mentioned it's all about Xander?

5. Buffy Vs. Dracula – “Holy Master…bater.” Need I say more?
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To complete my mad posting of livejournal here today, I'll end with this week's [ profile] fannish5.

The Fannish Five

1. What type of livejournal post do you enjoy reading most: personal, fandom specific, meta, rant, etc.?

I must say that I'm a fan of fandom-related information as well as rants/thoughts/etc whether fandom-related, political, personal that get a conversation going.

2. What type of livejournal post do you enjoy making the most?

Well, this is my fandom journal, so I enjoy being able to post something I've written or thoughts on regular journal? I'd say political related stuff is always the most fun.

3. What type of community are you most likely to join?

Fanfiction related communities.

4. Do you make your own icons or grab them from wherever?

I usually grab from people. I have some of my own that I made but I'm graphically-inept most of the time.

5. That new quick-reply feature: love it or hate it?



Tomorrow night I see Sarah McLachlan in Philly. I nearly forgot because I bought the tickets about six months ago and the concert is only just getting here.

I haven't seen her since her last Lilith Faire. Le sigh.
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The Fannish Five

Emmy Five...

1. Who should receive an Emmy for best actor?

Best actor drama - Keifer Sutherland (24)
Best actor comedy - I'm torn. Tony Shaloub (Monk) and Matt LeBlanc (Friends)

2. Who should receive an Emmy for best actress?

Best actress drama - Jen Garner (Alias)
Best actress comedy - Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls)

3. What should receive an Emmy for best drama series?

Joan of Arcadia

4. What should receive an Emmy for best comedy series?


5. What should receive an Emmy for best movie/mini-series?

Angels In America


Take it from me, the klutz of the century: avoid falling and spraining both wrists and ankles. It isn't a pleasant thing. Oh, the pain. I could never be Sydney Bristow because I would pass out if someone started bleeding around me and most assuredly cry if I bruised something. I'm not exactly...brave.

I can now type for a little bits of time and therefore am trying to finish up stories before I completely miss deadlines and such.

Used the week off from work, stuck on bed rest to watch much television and movies. My sister printed out some Alias fanfiction for me to read and I had an epiphany.

While I always liked the idea of Sydney/Will based on their relationship, they never really had that chemistry that she has with other actors on the show. I mean, I find Sydney/Sark much more probable at times than Sydney/Will and when I think about it rationally and intelligently it seems odd to say such things.

And the fact that this is one of the things I ponder makes my head hurt of its own accord.

Also pondering whether my Luke/Lorelai piece for the ficathon is decent enough and likeable. I keep telling my betas if it's good it's because I've always sworn the GG writers follow me around and steal my random, crazy thoughts when I speak them aloud. Because Lorelai is very much like me with her insanity--in that she's not scary insane, much more amusing insane. If it's bad, however, that's just...uh...I don't know. Totally not my fault.

Finally, pondering the whole feedback thing. I do enjoy feedback, as most authors do, but I don't expect it/require it/etc because, try as I might, I don't always leave feedback, even when I enjoyed a story enough...because sometimes, all I'm thinking is, "that was entertaining" and it seems like a lot of work to send an email to say that to someone. (Though the writer in me is always quick to shout that I know how much I would still like it, but alas, who listens to the writer in them when they're not writing?).

But there are times when I write something and it seems to get no response at all...and why is it always the one piece that I'm pretty elated about, pretty impressed with myself, thinking that I'm not doing to shabby a job at this writing thing? It's the Murphy's Law of feedback, I think. The pieces I love the most tend to go unnoticed and those things I think are only good or okay usually get the responses. It's a weird thing.

But it's what I signed on for. Writing tends to be a solitary sort of project--unless one is collaborating, and aside from the neverending Orli saga with [ profile] imaginaryfields, I'm not a good collaborator--and I often find myself harping on paragraphs wondering if anyone will get it, enjoy it, understand it.

And the hands are starting to hurt so it's time to end this random babble.
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The Fannish Five [ profile] fannish5

Summer movie 5...

1. So far, what's been the best movie of the summer?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my fave. Spiderman 2 is a close second.

2. What's been the worst movie of the summer?


3. What's been the most overrated movie of the summer?

Troy--I'm all for hot boys getting nekkid, but as someone getting her masters in literature...what did they do to The Illiad?

4. What's been the most underrated movie of the summer?

Saved was great.

5. What movie are you still looking forward to this summer?

The Village and that Will Smith movie looks interesting even if it has a crap ass title I, Robot
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Not much to report. Writing is coming along...very slowly it seems though I did finish my X-men ficathon piece and it's been beta'd--so I just have some minor revisions and one down, two more to go.

Going to Virginia this weekend so hopefully the weather will be better than the dismal outlook we have here in Jersey.


THE FANNISH FIVE [ profile] fannish5

Movie Series 5…

1. What is the best movie series in terms of consistency and quality?

The Indiana Jones series.

2. What is the worst movie series?

Any of those movies that were horrible enough the first time. Like Skulls--the first one was terrible, why do we need three more after it?

3. What, if any, movie sequels surpassed the original?

I thought American Pie II was better than the first. Harry Potter and POA is better than the other movies—but I also think this has to do with the books as well—because POA was a better book than the first two.

4. What movie series should have stopped before now or long before it did (e.g., Star Trek, Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Scream, Alien, Nightmare on Elm Street, Die Hard, American Pie)?

The first three (or last three, I guess) Star Wars films were great…the prequels suck booty.

5. What is your favorite movie series?

Harry Potter or Indiana Jones…and my fondness for cheesy horror films keeps me attached to all the Nightmare on Elm Streets as well.
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Drawn 5...

1. Are you more drawn to characters with specific careers (law enforcement, scientist, etc.)?

I tend to be drawn to nerds like Sam Seaborne and Josh Lyman...also drawn to the misunderstood bad boys (ala Draco Malfoy and Sark!)

2. Are you more drawn to shows/movies with a specific setting (space, hospital, etc.)?

Not really. My thing is the writing.

3. Are you more drawn to a specific show/writing style (noir, humorous, etc.)?

It has to have wit and banter--my favorites being anything by Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon.

4. Are you more drawn to a specific type of merchandise (t-shirts, models, etc.)?

Not really. Don't really buy a lot of stuff within fandoms aside from dvds of shows & movies.

5. Are you more drawn to a specific type of fan-produced work (fic, vids, etc.)?

Fanfiction is an evil thing that has sucked me into its depths like quicksand.

Bonus question: If you are drawn, what style are you (anime, Disney, etc.)?

I'd be Pixar!


I've seen Harry Potter! Weeeeeee! )


Have finished the first draft of my X-men fic for the fic-a-thon, but I don't know what I think of it. It's missing something, but I can't pinpoint what that elusive "it' Is. I really loathe that part of writing--when you look back over the first draft and realize that there is a crutial element missing.

So I guess I should write for a bit before going to the library booksale, dinner with the mother, and HARRY POTTER AGAIN!
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THE FANNISH FIVE [ profile] fannish5

animated 5…

1. What was the latest animated movie you've seen? Did you like it?

Lilo and Stitch and I loved it.

2. What is your all time favorite animated film?

Beauty and the Beast

3. Which animated film would you be most willing to buy or see as a re-release in the theatre?

Um…I already own it, but Beauty and the Beast.

4. What is your favorite animated film soundtrack?


5. What animated films do you read or write?

Uh??? Neither, I guess.

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