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Just wanted to let everyone know that Ante Up: Losers Fanwork Exchange is open for sign-ups again for another year. I had so much fun with this challenge last year and I was gifted with the most awesome Losers/Stargate Atlantis crossover fic.

Losers fandom can always use more fanworks, so if you love the movies or comics, I recommend checking it out.

sign-ups | deadlines | size requirements for fanworks | rules | FAQ
opt-in post for remixing/tranformative works | pinch hitter sign ups | contact a mod

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What is up with livejournal and the stupid error messages I get when I try to comment? Argh.

If anyone wants a dreamwidth invite, I have some.

But the point of this post was a little pimpage:

-[ profile] oldschoolfic is running a Spring Fling Challenge. Sign-ups are open until April 15th and it's open to shows that are no longer airing. Want some new Gilmore Girls fic? Miss Kindred the Embraced? The only caveat, of course, is that if you request some really small fandom (like The Class or Party of Five - hint, hint), make sure other friends who share your love of such fandoms sign up.

-[ profile] genderbendbb has opened sign up for writers for the second Genderbender Big Bang. I'm personally torn on whether or not I can commit, but I know a lot of you play with genderbenders, so go have some fun and write lots of awesome fic!

-have you guys check out [ profile] sorkinverse? It has challenges with teams and it's dedicated to all Aaron Sorkin shows. Sports Night! West Wing!
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A real entry will come at some point, but just some quick linking...

[ profile] romanticalgirl has introduced the Sex Is Fun challenge - multifandom.

I've seen this posted by a few people, but in case you missed it, I recommend checking out the article, Ten Rules for Writing Fiction, from authors. As many have already pointed out, there is never one definitive answer outside of "write, write, write," but I'm always intrigued by the processes that other writers go through. And it's always so fascinating how what works for one writer is completely negated by another writer as a "rule." This article from NPR is another one based around published authors. Again, I find it fascinating. Though, in all my years of reading about writing from published authors, the one that seems the most right-on for me is Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott.


My last post included an alphabet drabble offer. Give it a go.
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I meant to have this in the other post, but I got quite long winded...

It's not too late to come play:

Free-for-All Master Post

I copy/pasted a bunch of different fic requests into a word document, so that I can see what I can accomplish on my lunch break. I've gotten a few really great things that I made me smile, so I want to return the love and give someone else a smile.

Friends: Feel free to leave me links to your lists, as I'd love to see if there is anything I can do.

And if you're interested, my requests link is here
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But I couldn't not share these pictures with my fellow Generation Kill pals. If you've seen them, go look again. Because it's a photo gallery of 26 pictures of Alexander Skarsgard from Generation Kill. Most of them are him shirtless, but there are a few ass shots as well. But the one that got me was the close up of him shirtless with this really hot smile and smoldering eyes. Or maybe the one where it looks like he's pretending to be an airplane. Or all of them. Have I mentioned the shirtless?

Anyone good with icon making willing to use these pictures to make some? Alas, I'm the most horrific graphic artist ever to walk the planet.


Two other links I thought were cool and worth sharing (though non-fandom)

--Like the fist of an angry god - Deep in the outer realms of our solar system, well over a billion kilometers away, something bizarre happened at Saturn’s F ring.

Go look at the pictures. It's fascinating! I need a Sheldon Cooper to bond with this over.

--Over at the SFWA, Patricia Wrede answered a lot of questions on Fantasy World Building that could be handy to the writers on my friends list. Fanfiction or otherwise, maybe it'll spark something. I know, personally, right now I'm grasping at straws to get my muse going again.
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-It's not too late to go ahead and play with my random lyrics challenge. You can either post the drabble/ficlet in the comments or just link to it. I'm gonna make a masterlist up of the ones posted. I haven't had the opportunity to read yet - why is that the things that happen that would make you want to just slow down are always the ones that cause the most work (i.e. - my mother's's neverending).

-The latest Grammar Girl podcast & transcript is very fitting for fandom. It's about how to leave comments. I don't know any bloggers who don't crave comments, but there are many more places than blogs that you can leave comments these days: on news articles, photos, videos, comment walls, and more. Comment writing is something of a new art form, and as many people who get comments will tell you, some are great and some are horrible.

-I actually started writing something today. It's not much, but it's felt like so long. It's probably dreadful, but it's a start.

-Is it weird that my sister and I are almost completely caught up with Criminal Minds? This is accounting for me restarting with her when my mother died (we needed something mindless to do at times) and now we're on 4.15. Oh Spencer, you own me. Really, if you read CM fic, I'll read Reid/Morgan or Reid/Hotch or Reid/JJ. Hook a girl up. Maybe one day I'll have time to read fanfiction again. Woo.
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So I started watching Criminal Minds season one and now almost done the first season. I love Reid. He's adorable. My sister told me that while her type of boy!crush (especially in characters) are the damaaged guy, mine is the nerdy boys. Definitely true. I'm not sure why I didn't watch this show when it first came out, except that I was living in the demon house at the time because I tend to me a crime drama addict.

I also spent a large portion of my weekend doing Soduku puzzles. I bought a book awhile ago, but picked it up yesterday morning and have been doing puzzles out the wazoo. I'm more of a crossword puzzle girl as language is definitely easier for me than numbers, but still very addictive.


A little pimpage:

1. [ profile] moviefanfiction - an archive for all fanfiction related to any and all movies. So if you wrote a movie fandom for [ profile] yuletide, for example, go ahead and crosspost. We would love for it to be an all-encompassing sort of archive for movie fic.

2. [ profile] oldschoolfic - originally started as a ficathon, but now open to any fic for tv shows that are no longer on the air.

3. [ profile] comment_fic - I haven't had a chance to play over there myself, but it seems like a lot of fun.

4. Porn Battle VII - go check out the prompts and play.




Feel free to still comment to the meme in my last post. I have jury duty on Tuesday and I'll figure I'll do them in a notebook while I wait around.

Pimp II

Oct. 29th, 2008 11:34 am
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Oct. 27th, 2008 08:51 pm
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[ profile] mini_nanowrimo

The fabulous [ profile] scarlett_o and [ profile] poisontaster are taking it over this year, so if Nano seems like too much, you can set a daily word limit (at least 100 words) and play.
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-I was planning to run [ profile] sn_holidays again this year, but so far only two people have signed up. If you're interested, sign-ups run until October 26th, this Sunday. If I don't get more sign-ups, I'm gonna cancel it.

-[ profile] oldschoolfic is running a holiday challenge. It's open to closed/old fandoms that have no new canon. So Sports Night could qualify for that. Want some Party of Five or Dawson's Creek or West Wing fic for the holidays? Go play at [ profile] oldschoolfic. I'm personally hoping some Joan of Arcadia people come play!

-[ profile] lordessrenegade posted awesome caps of the Sports Night gag reel. it's love, my friends.

-Most of you know this already, but [ profile] yuletide nominations are open. So to make sure the fandoms you want are included, be sure to nominate them.
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I'm attempting to come up with some writing responses for Day 3 of the drabble-a-thon, but currently am quite ecstatic because I think I figured out how to deal with one of the things that bothered me about my [ profile] apocalyptothon first draft. So I want to fix that up and get it off to beta as soon as possible, while the ideas are still fresh. I was struggling with this one particular element to the story and while I was meditating today it just hit me.

Thank goodness for that as I need time to get it back from beta and I want to post it before I move next week (and ohmygod, I move next week into my own house! Yikes.)


I highly recommend Joel Osteen's weekly podcasts to people, even if you're not Christian. he's everything that religion *should* be, very positive and hopeful, never judgemental or talking about how evil people are. And I don't know if it's just me, but I swear, sometimes, it's like he's talking directly to me. Like his topic will resonate so much and I just walk away from the podcast with a much better perspective on life (and, for me, God).


What do I have to do in order for Annie to leave on All My Children? Just when I think she couldn't annoy me more, she finds new ways to irk me. And I admit, that my great love of Greenlee will always biased me against certain characters, but she's just so irritating. She doesn't have one redeemable trait. How is that even possible?

So I read that Vanessa Marcil is again in talks with GH. And I think that would be awesome, especially if Jagger sticks around because think of the fun that could be had. Or if they pair her up with Jason because they had such potential last time around. And yes, the character of Brenda (like Greenlee) is another one of those characters that I adore beyond reason.

Anything new on One Life to Live worth tuning in? I'm still mad about how they killed off Nash. Nash/Jess and Nash/Tess were the only pairing(s) I enjoyed.


Lots of pimpage!!!

Onto the pimpage... )


Anyone know where I can find some great Phelps/Lochte icons? I've come across icons of each boy separately, but I'd love a few of them together. Please, help me feed my obsession a bit more.
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The amazing [ profile] cathybites is running another round of the [ profile] spn_remix with sign-ups until August 15th. I've always had a lot of fun with this challenge, so I'm hoping to be able to sign up. I'm waiting a day or two though, simply because with moving at the end of this month and work being insane...I don't want to commit until I truly ponder my schedule.

I'd also like to squee that now has Amazon Green. Currently, they are doing a poll of the three green products people can't live without. My main one that I think would help in such an easy way is if everyone just switched to the cloth, reusable bags rather than plastic bags when shopping. So check it out!


I really need to hunker down on my [ profile] apocalyptothon story. I have the basic gist of it in my head and a starting paragraph, which are always the hardest parts for me, but with the Olympics, I haven't wanted to do anything but watch the competition. Must do my writing. (and then packing for the big move on the 27th - happy birthday to me!)


Jul. 28th, 2008 08:41 pm
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So since the amazing [ profile] oxoniensis is running the Porn Battle this week AND I got caught up in the fun that is packing/cleaning for my upcoming move. I've decided to postpone the Week of Drabble-a-Thons until next week. Themes will be the same, just a week later.

So that means, you guys have until this friday to leave prompts for the five days of drabble-a-thons.


Now I'm off to collapse. It's been a very long day and I think I swallowed way too much dust.

Ciao darlings.
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[ profile] medie is hosting a Pep Talk Meme - This is, er, not a love meme. Not in the traditional livejournal sense of the word. Basically it's a Pep Talk Meme for writers/icon makers/vidders, whoever. You can put your username here or you can out someone else's username here and people drop little peptalks about your work in comments. For those of us who can do it, but just need a little pick-me-up now and then.

Go play! And if you're interested...

My thread:
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So I can't stop staring at this picture of Jared taken by [ profile] vorpalblades. He is so adorable. Just adorable. Can he come to Philadelphia?


[ profile] medie is hosting an impromptu multifandom drabble meme. Go play. I'm hoping to if I can get past my own writing laze of a block.


Apparently, the whole slash vs. het & gen debate is alive and well. [ profile] ladybug218 has opened up her journal for discussion of the topic (no flaming!) because she's as flummoxed as I am by the whole thing.

I'll never understand what's so horrible about het. I love the slash for a lot of pairings...but I also love the het. For me, it's all about character chemistry. And I get that we're all different and that different things ping for each of why does it matter so much to some people that what works for one person is a het couple? Why is het so frowned upon by some people?

I guess it goes back to my belief that bad writing is bad writing. Slash writers aren't automatically better because they write slash and vice versa. You either are capable of writing a good story or you're not, and genre designation won't change that.
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I'm gonna do a little pimpage of sorts:

-[ profile] otw_onlinecon is running its Multifandom Online Convention with lots of really cool challenges and topics. I highly recommend checking it out.

-[ profile] jesshelga & [ profile] anxietygrrl began an awesome idea of writing your two favorite characters in Target. This should continue, my friends. There should be a community for this sort of fic.

-[ profile] smallfandomfest has the prompts up for claiming. So go write fic for those smaller fandoms!

-I put up a poll at [ profile] schmoopfest to gage interest in a second round this summer. Schmoop is my happy place, so of course, I always want more.


Two interesting memes:

1. Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.

2. Ask me a question about one of my stories. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about my plans for future parts of my current series if you want to. (but keep in mind, I may not have anything firm/definite in the works) Anything. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.


I'm so excited to read all the big bangs that my friends are talking about. It's going to be a wonderful summer filled with lots of good fic. Oh fandom, how I miss you!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kalena_henden!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


I tivo'd Transformers over the weekend when it was on Cinemax. I own the dvd, but still recorded it like the lunatic I am. I love that movie. It's awesome. And they are filming the second one here in Philadelphia and there is a chance (right now very small) that I might be able to get on the set thanks to my volunteer work with the film office.

But let's just focus on the movie. Sam is so adorable. And it has Josh Duhamel all scruffy. And then there is Bumblebee! And Optimus Prime!!!

Good stuff.

Is there any good fanfiction? Anyone want to point me in some direction?


Speaking of recs, I really need to catch up on a lot of my reading before Steph and anyone who likes [ profile] polyfandomrecs kills me. I have a few recs saved, but since my battle with pneumonia, I haven't really read/written/recced anything. I have tons of stuff bookmarked, but just haven't had time to go back and/or felt like it.

I hope this fandom ennui passes. There is no real reason for it on my part. I have the most awesome friends list that enables me to avoid almost all the wanking and drama. I'm surrounded by brilliant and creative people...I think I'm just slightly burnt out for no real reason (which might be why I haven't watched SPN yet).


Once again, I shall pimp [ profile] oldschoolfic. Lots of fandoms that deserve some love. Come play. Or pass the info onto those who want to play!
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Work is insanely busy and my temp is out once again. Le sigh. This is just a quick note to don my pimping hat for [ profile] oldschoolfic.

Sign-ups are underway and it's basically open to any fandom that is old school (I think best judgement would be at least a year off the air) and you want fic for.

So take a look at the offered & requested list of fandoms and then go and sign-up.

And yes, I really do want Joan Of Arcadia and Party of Five fans to sign up in masse. Hee. But y'all are welcome with basically anything.

So come play and pass on the pimpage for me!


Here's to hoping that I actually get to watch last Thursday's Supernatural before the episode airs this week. So much television (with pretty boys) and so little time (in real life with a severe lack of pretty boys).
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Hey guys! It's the last chance to vote in the poll/leave comments for fandoms to be included in the Old School Ficathon. Head over to [ profile] oldschoolfic and made your voice known. especially if you'll join me in nominating Veritas the Quest and Party of Five! I want fic!


Also, they are taking prompts for the next round of [ profile] smallfandomfest. Again, Veritas and Party of Five are LOVE, my friends.


Now I must get back to finishing up the most monotonous project EVER. Damn bus schedules to Hades.
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I have not seen Supernatural yet as the Flyers were playing and actually doing well (until the third period where they like to test my patience), it seems that my cable was on the fritz so the sound was messed up. Downloading at home while I'm at work and tonight I shall watch it after I return from girl's night out with my friends. That said, I'll probably be skimming the friends list today to avoid spoilers.


In the meantime, I shall pimp:

1) [ profile] claudiagray is an author, who has a new vampire series of books coming out. They sound fabulous. And in honor of the upcoming release, she is running a contest where you tell her about your favorite vampire.

It can be Edward Cullen from Twilight or Julian from Kindred or Selene from Underworld...any other vampire that you love. Just share with her why you love him/her.

And if you win, you'll receive an ARC of Evernight! So be sure to check it out! I know I have a lot of readers on my friends list, especially those who love fantasy, so this might be right up your alley.

2) My darling wifey, [ profile] larah33, is running and Old School Ficathon over at [ profile] oldschoolfic. The definition of old school for this is more like neglected fandoms that have been replaced for the new shinier ones. It looks to be fun and there is currently a poll going to choose fandoms for the challenge. She is accepting suggestions, so if you think Party of Five should be included, get a whole bunch of Po5 fans to suggest it/play!

3) [ profile] romanticalgirl's monthly ficathon challenge is the You Don't Bring Me Flowers Challenge-a-Thon.

4) Supernatural Summer 2008 Gen Fic Exchange - Supernatural, taking sign-ups until May 15th

5) Because We're Awesome Drabble-a-thon is still going on.

6) The [ profile] occhallenge has relaunched as a prompt table community so go make a claim and check out the fic.

7) Finally, I'm still taking prompts for ficlets a I need to write more.

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