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Title: A Gypsy Lost in the Twilight Zone
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandom: Supernatural/Charmed
Written For: Prompt # 1 - Beginnings for [ profile] au_developments
Summary: Dean's not sure this gig is for him.
Word Count: 1,772
A/N: This is more in my WhitelighterVerse, where Dean becomes a Whitelighter. I'd highly suggest having read A Different Path, the first story in the AU World. Much love to [ profile] larah33 for the beta.

Onto the story... )
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Title: The Crash
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Written For: Crossover challenge on request of Alias/Lost--Weiss MUST be a main character
A/N: This was much more difficult to write than I expected and it's very open-ended because the ideas started to there may be sequels someday. Much love to my girl Steph for the beta work and the promise that it's not bad at all. Feedback always appreciated.

Alias meets Lost in a very painful way. )
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Holiday Drabble # 14
24/Alias, Jack Bauer/Sydney Bristow
For [ profile] jenab who wanted Syd/Jack, holidays

Sydney looked up from her book and glanced to the kitchen when she heard the clang of pans and Jack’s muffled curses. She smiled and said, “Okay in there?”

“Fine, sweetheart.”

“It doesn’t sound fine. It sounds like the sugar cookies beat the super spy,” she called out. She closed her book and rose from the couch, but Jack appeared and pushed her back down gently.

“I’ve got it under control.”

“I can help,” Sydney replied. She wrapped her arms around Jack’s waist and pulled him down next to her, resting her head on his shoulder. She said, “I’m not an invalid.”

“You were shot a few weeks ago.”

“And I’m okay now.”

“Doctor said lots of rest.”

“Any more rest and I’ll have to kill myself,” Sydney replied. She kissed his neck, biting down lightly, and whispered, “This could be more fun than cookies.”

“I’ve withstood torture and yet I can never manage to say ‘no’ to you. Why is that?” Jack replied, brushing the hair out of her face and caressing her cheek.

She leaned into the touch and said, “Because you love me.”


She grinned and said, “And I love you too, Jack.” She kissed him before he could say anything – go into his usual spiel about how bad he was for her – and slid into his lap. She said, “Much better than cookies.”
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Title: Keeping a Promise
Series: Dean as a Whitelighter 'verse
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Pairing: None. Gen crossover. (Supernatural & Charmed)
Summary: Piper checks in on Sam for Dean. You should read A Different Light.
A/N: This was originally supposed to be for [ profile] javajunkie13 who asked for Sam Winchester and Piper Halliwell in my Mix & Match Meme. It ended up becoming part of my Whitelighter 'Verse. Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

A small piece set in that world... )
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Title: New Town, Same Story
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Smallville & Heroes, Gen Crossover
Written For: [ profile] dragonsinger asked for Chloe Sullivan (SV) & Peter Petrelli (Heroes) in my Mix & Match Meme.
Word Count: 903

Peter & Chloe interact... )
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Title: An Interesting Assignment
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandoms: Veronica Mars/Chuck gen crossover
For: [ profile] innie_darling asked for Veronica Mars (VM) & Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) in the Mix & Match Meme.
Wordcount: 1,495

Onto the ficlet... )
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Title: It's Worth It
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandom: Supernatural/Joan of Arcadia - gen crossover ficlet
Written For: for [ profile] country_bee, who wanted Dean Winchester & Joan Girardi for my Mix & Match Meme.
Word Count: 1,446

Good ripples for Dean Winchester... )
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Title: A Different Path - Story 1
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Pairing: None. Gen crossover. (Supernatural & Charmed)
Summary: [ profile] dragonsinger asked for Dean becomes a Whitelighter. The YED wasn't able to make a deal with John, but Dean's death isn't quite what he expected.
Spoilers: It goes AU during In My Time of Dying
Wordcount: 3,865
A/N: [ profile] dragonsinger's drabble requests always get away from me - I hope you like it, darlin. Much love to [ profile] iamtheenemy for the help with this monster, including getting a grip on Dean's mental state. All remaining errors are mine. Feedback is adored.

This is going to be a 'verse and there's nothing I can do to stop the bunnies of doom... )
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Title: Who's to Blame
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG
For: [ profile] lunarknightz who wanted Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) and Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
Word Count: 860

Fighting and flirting and near kiss... )
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Title: Waste of a Day
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG-13 (for language)
For: [ profile] pheebs1 who wanted Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) and Vincent Chase (Entourage) for my Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 935

Onto the two of them interacting... )
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Title: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG-13
For: [ profile] deirdre_c, who wanted Sam Winchester (Supernatural) & Dan Rydell (sports night) for my Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 878

Dan's building has a problem... )
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Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Rated: PG
For: [ profile] chickpea asked for Jaye Tyler (Wonderfalls) & Ned (Pushing Daisies) for the Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 562

Onto the ficlet... )
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I realized yesterday that I never posted this story anywhere after the authors were revealed.

Title: Another Wormhole Adventure
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Written For: [ profile] multiverse2004 for Miriel, who wanted John Sheppard & John Crichton to interact
Fandoms: Farscape/Stargate: Atlantis
A/N: Much love to Kat for helping me out with a quick beta, as I always procrastinate.

And onto the story... )
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Below are the remaining drabbles from different fandoms. The only one I haven't finished yet is [ profile] dragonsinger's because hers has turned into a whole damn story!

First there is some Jack Bauer & Sydney Bristow )

Next up is some Veritas: The Quest... )

Next is Dan & Casey from Sports Night... )

This is Jensen Ackles & OFC that Hedda and I created many moons ago... )

And next up is Charmed, Piper & Cole... )

And last but not least some LoTR RPF of Miranda & Karl... )

::wipes brow::

Okay, I don't think I missed anyone aside from [ profile] dragonsinger and Amy, I swear, it's coming. You just sparked a bunny! (::pretends to shake fist::)
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So many eons ago, I offered to do the random fandom crossover thing. Here are the first two.

For [ profile] zeplum - Kat (the class) and dean (supernatural)

Because it's a little more than a drabble... )


For [ profile] ladybug218 - Veronica Mars and Sam (supernatural)

This one is much shorter because I'm lacking in my VM snark of late... )


The one that [ profile] jellicle_freak gave me of Victor (Charmed) and Sam (Supernatural) has turned into another story in the Winchester Meets Halliwell series of stories. It's already three pages, dammit. So yeah, that one will come along a little later. I might have to put off finishing it until I do my other challenge pieces.

Don't you love when the muse decides to go against everything you have to get done for a deadline and do whatever the heck it wants?
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Title: A Conversation Between Superior Intellectuals
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis & Farscape
Written For: Multiverse 2006 for Shaye
Summary: During Terra Firma on Farscape, Rodney McKay is one of the scientists called in to meet with the various crew of Moya and he meets his match in Sikozu Shanu.
A/N: Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 and [ profile] iamtheenemy for listening to me fret and being awesome betas. Feedback always appreciated.

Before he went to Atlantis, Rodney got to meet the crew of Moya... )
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Title: Winchester Meets Halliwell: Story III - Help a Big Brother Out
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Sam goes missing on a job and Dean remembers that Wyatt and Chris offered to help him out.
For: Prompt 21 - Friends for [ profile] fanfic100. My table is located here
A/N: Much love to [ profile] iamtheenemy for being the bestest in the world - you mock and edit all in on go. This story is a separate story, but it's best to have read the others in the Winchester Meets Halliwell universe. Feedback always appreciated.

Because I love all four of these boys a whole lot and Amy asked for a new part that involves some Wyatt and Dean chatting...well, this sorta got away from me... )
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Title: Winchester Meets Halliwell - Meeting Two
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom/Characters: Supernatural & Charmed - Dean, Sam, Wyatt, and Chris
A/N: So I wrote this ficlet called Winchester Meets Halliwell and [ profile] supernaturalhel asked for more, so this is a part two. Also, this isn't a WIP, so much as separate stories within one world - because I'm much too lazy for any more WIPs. Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for the beta and telling me that it didn't suck. Feedback always appreciated!

Too many hot boys are eating away at my brain... )
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[ profile] sarkastic organized the Crossover Ficathon. My story is a few days late because I'm terrible, but it's done and edited.

Title: A Scene From Those Missing Years
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Written For: [ profile] madsdog, who wanted Alias, femmeslash, crossed over with another show.
Fandoms: alias and dark angel
Summary: Set during Sydney's missing 2 years as Julia Thorne, she's given an assignment that involves Logan Cale and Max - A/U seeing as shows are set in different times.
A/N: Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for the quick beta work and assurance that I didn't completely suck. I hope this fits the bill of the request, though my femmeslash is much more of a tease than anything (anyone surprised?). Feedback is always appreciated.

Sydney Bristow was trying hard to separate herself from Julia Thorne and the two missing years of her life. )

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