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I used to do the drabble100 communities. They were all posted on my website, but I figured I'd move them over here for posterity.

10 charmed drabbles )
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Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam & Dean gen
For: [ profile] sarah_p who wanted Sam & Dean shopping for each other

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I'm behind on these, so I'm hoping to post a few today to take me through the weekend. First up...

Holiday Drabble # 3
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Jasper
For: [ profile] not_from_stars who wanted Alice/Jasper, first Christmas

Jasper stared at the case of jewelry and felt a twinge of panic course through him. He knew he was being ridiculous. Alice probably already knew what he was going to buy her and she’d say she loved it no matter what. But he wanted this to be special, to say everything he hadn’t been able to put into words – how much she meant to him, how she had saved him, how he wasn’t afraid of forever as long as he had her - and he wanted her to finally have the good memories that she deserved.

He wanted to give her the moon and the stars. It was their first Christmas together - the first of many, he hoped - and he felt like he owed her so much more than he could ever give.

Jasper smiled as he imagined her chiding him for overthinking it. He was the one who always brooded and planned, while she simply went with whatever happened. If she was there, she would’ve rolled her eyes and said, “You worry too much about the details. It’ll all work out like it’s supposed to.”

And just as he thought about it, his gaze landed on a charm bracelet that he knew was just meant for Alice. He grinned, waved the clerk over, and had it wrapped.

It just might be the perfect Christmas after all.
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Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Characters: Kevin & Justin
For: [ profile] romanticalgirl for prompt Kevin & Justin: Shopping for siblings

The Walker boys shop... )

You can still request drabbles here
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Holiday Drabble # 14
24/Alias, Jack Bauer/Sydney Bristow
For [ profile] jenab who wanted Syd/Jack, holidays

Sydney looked up from her book and glanced to the kitchen when she heard the clang of pans and Jack’s muffled curses. She smiled and said, “Okay in there?”

“Fine, sweetheart.”

“It doesn’t sound fine. It sounds like the sugar cookies beat the super spy,” she called out. She closed her book and rose from the couch, but Jack appeared and pushed her back down gently.

“I’ve got it under control.”

“I can help,” Sydney replied. She wrapped her arms around Jack’s waist and pulled him down next to her, resting her head on his shoulder. She said, “I’m not an invalid.”

“You were shot a few weeks ago.”

“And I’m okay now.”

“Doctor said lots of rest.”

“Any more rest and I’ll have to kill myself,” Sydney replied. She kissed his neck, biting down lightly, and whispered, “This could be more fun than cookies.”

“I’ve withstood torture and yet I can never manage to say ‘no’ to you. Why is that?” Jack replied, brushing the hair out of her face and caressing her cheek.

She leaned into the touch and said, “Because you love me.”


She grinned and said, “And I love you too, Jack.” She kissed him before he could say anything – go into his usual spiel about how bad he was for her – and slid into his lap. She said, “Much better than cookies.”
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Drabble # 3
The Class
Kat/Ethan and featuring Kyle
For [ profile] cricketkate who wanted first holiday together w/ gift giving angst

“This is a nightmare,” Ethan lamented, staring at the computer screen with a glassy expression. After website visit fifty-three, they had all started blending together and he was pretty sure he accidentally purchased one of those singing fish at some point.

“You’re overthinking this,” Kyle said, sitting down on the couch next to him.

“I’m usually really good with gifts. I know how to make women swoon with my thoughtfulness.”


“Have you ever seen Kat swoon?”

“There was that time at the movie theater when she started that fight and it looked like it might turn into a full-fledged riot.”

Ethan smiled and said, “That did make her pretty happy.” Ethan shut his laptop and leaned back on the sofa, covering his face with his arms. “She’s going to throw the gift in my face and hold it over my head for years to come.”

“No, she won’t.”


"At least you don't think she'll break up with you over it. That’s good, right?"

"You think she'll break up with me over a gift?" Ethan asked. He shook his head and said, "I'm doomed. She'll never forgive me if I screw this up. Why did I fall in love with the hardest person on the planet to shop for?"

“Have you asked Lena for help? Her sister should have some insight into buying gifts for Kat. She has years of experience.”

“I was hoping to do this on my own. It’s our first Christmas as a couple and I want it to be special.”

“Sometimes I forget that you’re the girl in your relationship.”

Ethan glared at him and said, “So are you.”

“I’m gay. What’s your excuse?”

Ethan groaned and said, “I’ll call Lena later. Right now I want to watch some football.”

“I’m sure Kat will love whatever you get her.”

“You have met Kat, right?”

“Yeah, you’re screwed.”
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I'm a day light. Forgive me. I have bronchitis AND took a fall at Target, spraining my ankle!

Drabble # 2
For [ profile] deirdre_c with prompt of mistletoe

Sam stopped moving when he noticed the decoration hanging above the motel’s lobby door. He grabbed Dean’s hand and yanked him back.

“What the hell is wrong with you, dude?”

He cleared his throat and motioned with his eyes above them. Dean followed his gaze and rolled his eyes. “You’re such a girl.”

“I didn’t make the rules, Dean.”

“Dude, I’m not kissing you.”

“That’s not what you said last night. In fact, I usually can’t get you to stop kissing me.”

“Yeah, but that’s because I want to, not because some goofy looking plant is hanging over my head.”

“It’s tradition, man. Just kiss me.”

Dean rolled his eyes again, but he grabbed Sam’s shirt to pull him closer and pressed his lips against Sam’s. It was a chaste kiss as far as they went between the two of them, but Sam couldn’t help but smile when Dean stepped away, more than a little flustered.

Dean noticed the pleased look on Sam's face and said, "I hate you."

"Go get us a room and I'll make it up to you."

Dean cocked his head to the side like he was studying Sam carefully and said, "Just leave the plants out of it, you kinky bastard."
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Drabble # 1
Stargate Atlantis
For [ profile] shansgrl with prompt of holiday

Rodney savored the taste of the chocolate bar as he strode through the hallway toward his lab. Another mission survived, no thanks to the idiots in his lab who almost blew up the gate by accident, but all things considered this holiday was looking up a whole lot from last year.

He let out a yelp and mentally wondered if he had spoken too soon when he was practically tackled to the ground. When he was able to wrap his head around what was happening, he found himself staring up into Sheppard’s eyes. He tried to push free, but John tightened his grip and smirked. Rodney rolled his eyes and said, “I was chewing. I could’ve choked.”

John covered his mouth with a quick kiss and said, “Merry Christmas, Rodney.”

“It’s not Christmas for another three hours.”

“Yeah, but in three hours you’ll be so exhausted from what I’m going to do to you that I won’t be able to say it then.”

Rodney wasn’t sure how Sheppard always managed to flummox him, but he felt his cheeks flush and the only thing he could think was yespleasenow. He settled for nodding.

John stood up and pulled Rodney to his feet. He patted him on the back and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

All things considered, this definitely seemed like it was going to be a good holiday.
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Title: Who's to Blame
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG
For: [ profile] lunarknightz who wanted Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) and Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)
Word Count: 860

Fighting and flirting and near kiss... )
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Title: Waste of a Day
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG-13 (for language)
For: [ profile] pheebs1 who wanted Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) and Vincent Chase (Entourage) for my Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 935

Onto the two of them interacting... )
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Title: Who Let the Dogs Out?
Author: Tommygirl
Rated: PG-13
For: [ profile] deirdre_c, who wanted Sam Winchester (Supernatural) & Dan Rydell (sports night) for my Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 878

Dan's building has a problem... )
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Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Rated: PG
For: [ profile] chickpea asked for Jaye Tyler (Wonderfalls) & Ned (Pushing Daisies) for the Mix & Match Meme
Word Count: 562

Onto the ficlet... )
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The Prompt: Roswell, Michael Guerin, luck
Rated: PG

Onto the ficlet... )
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Below are the remaining drabbles from different fandoms. The only one I haven't finished yet is [ profile] dragonsinger's because hers has turned into a whole damn story!

First there is some Jack Bauer & Sydney Bristow )

Next up is some Veritas: The Quest... )

Next is Dan & Casey from Sports Night... )

This is Jensen Ackles & OFC that Hedda and I created many moons ago... )

And next up is Charmed, Piper & Cole... )

And last but not least some LoTR RPF of Miranda & Karl... )

::wipes brow::

Okay, I don't think I missed anyone aside from [ profile] dragonsinger and Amy, I swear, it's coming. You just sparked a bunny! (::pretends to shake fist::)
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Here are two of the drabbles written for the Me Meme - Heroes fandom

Two Heroes drabbles... )
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With almost all my responses for the Me Meme drabble thing completed, I figured I would start posting my drabbles.

Four Supernatural Drabbles -  )
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I had written these for the Supernatural drabble tree over at livejournal a few weeks ago. Figured I might as well post them.

Onto the two drabbles... )

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