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These are 10 drabbles of Joan of Arcadia bits and stuff.

Hit me baby one more time... )
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Title: Scenes From the Passenger Seat
Author: TommyGirl
Written For: celticfaerie2
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not mine at all. But I adore them anyhow.
Requested: Joan & Kevin. Just anything that shows their relationship. Bonding is good. One being protective of the other is good.
A/N: Hope it meets the requirement. Set after season one finale. Kevin and Joan spending time together at various points in the car. Some angst. Some general wonderings. Hopefully enjoyable. Feedback always appreciated.
A/N: Originally written for Joan of Arcadia flashfic, but I'm trying to have all my stories in my own journal - bare with me.

Scenes from the Passenger Seat )
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Holiday Drabble # 6
Joan of Arcadia, Girardi siblings
For [ profile] rachel_wilder who wanted Girardi siblings debating Santa

“It’s just not possible,” Luke said, sitting down on the couch next to his sister and reaching for the remote. He set up the movie and paused it, turning to face his sister. "There is no way Santa Claus exists."

“Says the guy who insists we watch all these Santa-based movies every year,” Joan replied.

“That’s different. That’s a tradition that the three of us have,” Luke replied.

“Awww, Joan, our little brother loves us,” Kevin replied as he wheeled into the living room with a big bowl of popcorn on his lap. He threw a few kernels at Luke and said, “Feeling’s mutual, loser.”

Luke rolled his eyes and said, “I’m just explaining to Joan that there's no way Santa can be real.”

Kevin glanced at Joan and said, “Aren’t you a little old to still believe in Santa?”

“Aren’t you a little old to hide Playboys under your bed?” Joan countered. She reached over and took a huge handful of popcorn and shoved it in her mouth. She wasn’t sure what it was about being around her brothers that made her behave like a caveman, but she tended to throw all manners out the window in their presence. After she finished chewing, she added, “I just think it’s fun to think about. Santa's magical.”

“He's not real. It’s not possible,” Luke repeated with a sigh of frustration.

“Says you,” Joan said.

“Says science. First off, considering global warming and the way the ice caps are melting at such an alarming rate, surely someone would’ve stumbled upon a town filled with elves and Santa—“

“—duh, it’s hidden by an invisibility field,” Kevin interrupted.

Luke glared at him and continued, “Second, there is no way one man could make it around the world, even with time differences, in that small of a time frame. And third...”

“—third, you’ve thought way to much about this, dork,” Joan replied.

“I’m just…” Luke stopped when he noticed the looks on his brother and sister’s faces. There was no way he would win this argument, even if he was right. One of the prices he paid for being the youngest in a crazy family. He turned up the volume on the movie and said, “Let’s just watch the movie.”

"Good idea," Joan replied.

"Who says my little brother isn't smart?" Kevin added.

Luke rolled his eyes, but smiled. After all, part of their tradition was being picked on by his idiot siblings.
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Title: It's Worth It
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandom: Supernatural/Joan of Arcadia - gen crossover ficlet
Written For: for [ profile] country_bee, who wanted Dean Winchester & Joan Girardi for my Mix & Match Meme.
Word Count: 1,446

Good ripples for Dean Winchester... )
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Title: The Bad Moviethon
Rating: PG
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Summary: Grace, Joan, and Adam are hanging out, watching bad movies

the first requested ficlet is complete )
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Title: Remembering the Old Days
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Written For: [ profile] sexonastick for the Female Gen Ficathon, with the request of wearing it in and absolutley no completely ignoring Adam's existence.
A/N: Much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for the beta and assurance that I can still write in this fandom. Also, I sorta cheated with the prompt and made it more "wearing her down" - sorry, but I went with the muse. Feedback always appreciated.

Grace Polk is sick of many things... )
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Title: One of Those Days
Author: Tommygirl ([ profile] storydivagirl)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just a fan who wants more brother/sister bonding.
A/N: This is a birthday gift for [ profile] rachel_wilder. It's a few days late, but when do I ever run on time? It's Joan and Kevin bonding as she helps him with his latest article. Feedback always appreciated.

God speaks to Joan from time to time and asks her to do crazy things like...hang with her brother! )
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Title: Introductions
Author: Tommygirl [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
The Request: JoA, Kevin & Little Girl God with the lines "I thought you didnt believe." + "I thought I was going to dance at my wedding."
A/N: It's been awhile since I've written JoA! I've missed it. It hasn't been beta'd yet, so let me know of any glaring mistakes that I didn't catch. Feedback always appreciated.

Is Kevin the next to believe? )
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It's been awhile since I took the fifteen minutes to do this...but the word for this week's [ profile] 15minuteficlets inspired me. It's unbeta'd and it's not really much of anything but angst.

Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Spoilers: Some through part of season two.

A Joan of Arcadia ficlet that has no title... )
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So, I stupidly did that election meme awhile back and I said that if Bush won I would write drabbles for each of my favorite shows. After the election, I took requests in those fandoms and below is the first of the drabbles.

[ profile] maybedarkpink requested Joan of Arcadia, Grace/Luke

Grace doesn't deal well with emotion )
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Title: Filling Silences
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Characters: Adam/Joan
Disclaimer: Not mine. Name not Barbara Hall. Just a fan.
A/N: Written for [ profile] 15minuteficlets word # 67 challenge. Unbeta'd and sort of open-ended because of it. Feedback always appreciated.

Adam and Joan after season one finale... )
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Title: Figuring Out Grace
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just a fan.
Summary: Spoilers through season one. Luke trying to work up the courage to talk to Grace, all the while attempting to figure out exactly what's going on between the two of them.
A/N: This was written for word challenge # 66 at [ profile] 15minuteficlets so it's unbeta'd and sort of open-ended.
Feedback always appreciated.

My response to the latest challenge with a little Luke wonderings... )
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So I finished the ficlet that [ profile] ladybug218 wanted from the drabble requests.

Only one more left to go (unless, of course, anyone else wants one, then just sign on up and I'll do it as soon as I can)

Her request: Joan of Arcadia, Luke/Grace, Line of dialogue to include: "You paid how much for that?"

my response to her request... )
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So I might've waited to the last minute to finish it up, but my story for the [ profile] joaflashfic is finished and posted.

Scenes From the Passenger Seat

Some good 'ole fashioned Joan and Kevin spending time together. I quite enjoy writing Joan and Kevin (not as a couple. ew) because I like to think of Kevin as the older brother I always wanted. I think my two older brothers could take some lessons from him. Oh yes.

In other news, still working on the ficlets for people that I owe. Mwah. Will do that later. For now I have to get ready to go out with friends. We got invited to do a focus group for upcoming television shows and rate them. Should be interesting and, at the very least, it's free.
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Title: Nightmares
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
A/N: Written for the [ profile] 15minuteficlets word of the week. Much angst. Set after Season One finale. Joan thinking about her situation.

my response to the word of the week challenge... )
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Title: The Non-Allure of Love
Author: TommyGirl [ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine. Barbara Hall and CBS are responsible for this wonderful show.
Summary: Grace on a not-date with Luke, thinking about how those pesky Girardi's have changed her.
A/N: You can archive if you want, but let me always appreciated. Much love to [ profile] rachel_wilder for the great betaness and pointing out those things that only make sense in my head.

It isn’t how she planned it... )
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Title: The Pact
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Characters: Joan, Kevin
A/N: Written for Word Challenge # 61 at [ profile] 15minuteficlets so it's unbeta'd and not the best ending in the world. Spoilers through the season one finale--so consider yourself warned. Feedback always appreciated.

below be my response to the new word challenge... )
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Title: My Missing Piece
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
For: word # 60 challenge at [ profile] 15minuteficlets
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
A/N: Joan POV set after "do the math"--feedback always appreciated, but not expected.

Below is my sad response to the fifteen minute challenge...don't click if you haven't done the word yet and plan to...unbeta'd poo...but I try! )
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Title: The New Joan
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia
Summary: Adam/joan after her release from hospital. Spoilers through first season finale.
A/N: Feedback always appreciated. Written for [ profile] 15minuteficlets so the end is definitely abrupt & it's not properly edited. Angst abounds.

My response to the latest word challenge is below, along with the word )
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Title: The Dive Bar
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Written For: [ profile] firstlines1000 & Crossposted there as well.
Fandom: Joan of Arcadia, Kevin & Joan
Word Count: 1000 exact
Disclaimer: don't own JOA characters/plots/etc, just a fangirl
A/N: Feedback always appreciated.

The room smells of cigarettes and stale beer. )

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