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The Devil's Trap Choose Your Own Adventure


Written before season two began, I decided to have fun with some ideas and rather than writing a bunch of different stories, thought it would be cool to try to do a Choose Your Own Adventure style piece. Much love goes to Steph, who held my hand through the whole process. It's all Gen and written before season two premiered.

The Beginning...

How It Begins
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3b. Sam has nightmares and finds himself back at his brother's bedside.

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3e. While waiting at the hospital, Sam panics and Dean's outcome is revealed.

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2d. Sam realizes that the good Samaritans that called in the accident aren't quite right.

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2a. They all survive the trip to the hospital and Sam keeps vigil by his brother's bedside.

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Choice 1A. Dean is unconscious and doesn't appear to be breathing

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Title: Always Worth It – SPN, John/Mary
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: John/Mary
Rating: PG
Word Count: 478
A/N: Written for fandom stocking. Set post In the Beginning

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Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam & Dean gen
For: [ profile] sarah_p who wanted Sam & Dean shopping for each other

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Title: A Gypsy Lost in the Twilight Zone
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Fandom: Supernatural/Charmed
Written For: Prompt # 1 - Beginnings for [ profile] au_developments
Summary: Dean's not sure this gig is for him.
Word Count: 1,772
A/N: This is more in my WhitelighterVerse, where Dean becomes a Whitelighter. I'd highly suggest having read A Different Path, the first story in the AU World. Much love to [ profile] larah33 for the beta.

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