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Okay guys! I need your help again - Round two for this writing competition I entered is underway and only the top five make it.

My pitch is # 7 - Lauren Monroe wants to set the record straight: time traveling is not romantic or cool, especially when there is a price on your head. One of the last of the time travelers - living in a world where monsters and demons runs amuck and the "heroes" only pretend to save the day - Lauren, alongside her brother and friends, must change the course of the future to save humanity... and herself.

And if you're willing, please ask your friends to vote for me. I really would love a chance like this. It could be great for me and I would really appreciate your help.

Link again:

I'm lucky number 7!

Thank you!!!
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Hi everyone! Thanks for putting up with my woe-is-me feelings in my last entry. I really do try to keep that out of here, but sometimes it spills over. I don't know how I feel about this therapy thing. Until I started last year, I might've been depressed, but I wasn't emotional and crying all the time and remembering things better forgotten. And yeah, logically, I know that's not true, but I was raised hardcore Irish Catholic and you do not talk about feelings and such.


Now to the main point of this: I am hoping for a favor from y'all. I've been trying to get back into my regular writing to get back on the course to get published. Anyway, I entered this contest where you provided your first line of the current first draft and through each voting round, you get closer to winning a chance to work with some professionals in a writing workshop. I would really love a chance at winning this. And I would love y'all forever and ever (okay, I already do) if you would vote for me.

My Entry:
58. Looking around the makeshift living room of their apartment, at the broken furniture and holes in the wall, Lauren turned her attention to her brother's annoyed gaze and offered, "Hey, it's not easy saving the world."

I will warn that when you click on the "Vote Here" link at the top, for some reason they remove the number to help you find it. I don't know why.

SO yes, please vote! And please feel free to pass it along. And hey, if you think my line sucks and can't bring yourself to vote for me, just vote for the line you like more. Someone might as well will if I'm terrible. But I hope I'm not.

SO vote here:


I'm playing catch up otherwise. Work has been insane. Like working through lunch, coming in early and staying late. Fun times. Hopefully, after this week, things will get back to my normal level of busy.
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The graphic artist at my office is trying to figure out the size resolution to use in Photoshop when planning to move it to Dreamweaver. She's having trouble with pixelation when she tries to move it and I have no idea how to help her with it.

More to come later, when my brain is functioning. And if any of you missed it, I posted a Supernatural Coda this weekend. It's gen fic.
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Anyone willing to beta 1600 words of Roswell fic? It's Isabel gen set in the aftermath of the show finale. I'd need it back tomorrow afternoon so I could make the edits and get it posted in time for a challenge. Yes, as always, I'm only finishing at the last minute. Go me!

ETA: Found a helper!

help, help

Feb. 25th, 2008 06:25 pm
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So I have to go back to the doctor again tomorrow morning because I'm getting sicker rather than better. Apparently, I am immune to the meds. Lovely. ::stabs self::

Anyway, point of this post, was to ask the all-knowing friends list for help with two things:

1) My sister's friend has discovered fanfiction, but she's reading at the horrible, bad place of where can I point her for good Labyrinth fic? I have no idea where to find that as it's not my fandom. Any recs?

2) So [ profile] marishna made me this beautiful layout. And I figured out most of it on my own (a triumph in and of itself since I'm a tool), but I can't figure out the margins. Anyone out there able to help me? I don't want to wreck such a pretty header because of my idiocy.

It's safe to use this icon now, right? It's not even last week's episode and y'all know how I feel about the hugging...
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So I will be calling on some of my bandom girls to help me with a fic for [ profile] iamtheenemy's birthday. Last year I wrote her a fic where she has a Heroes power and goes on the road with Hiro and Ando. And this year, since she's been sucked into bandom (and often tries to pull me completely in), I'm writing her a fic where Hiro and Steph have to use their powers to save the members of Fall Out Boy from Sylar. Except my knowledge of Patrick and Pete is limited to all Steph bombards me with (or I take in via osmosis from people on my friends list) will anyone want to help me get their voices right? I've still got some time until her birthday (Three weeks?)


This weekend is over and I'm not sure where it went. Being sick Saturday really messed me up. Today, I went to a movie, watched Make Me a Supermodel (getting my mother and sister addicted), and watched one of my Netflix movies. And now I'm dreading work. So much to do and I just...two days and the new girl starts. Soon my pain will be lessened.


Thanks to a gift certificate and Barnes & Noble's buy 2 get 1 free dvd sale, I will soon have Stargate Atlantis seasons 1, 2, and 3 in my hands! Woo-hoo! Sheppard! Ronon! Hot boys!

And this would be why I'm poor. Because I have a tv on dvd addiction. Actually, I just have a tv addiction. And a pretty boy addiction. And oh, I find myself thinking about Dean Winchester more than is healthy (or so people tell me).
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Writing is going terribly at this point. I hate when I'm perplexed by what to write for a challenge. I end up working myself up into a tizzy and it's supposed to be a challenge, not anxiety-inducing. Must write my undermistletoe fic! And yuletide! And Supernatural holidays fic!


I downloaded a client so that I could do crossposting to this account and journalfen along with livejournal, but the problem is...I tend to do a lot of updating while I'm at work and I can't download the all my entries end up different because I'm far too lazy to copy/paste anything.


Anyone know how to set up RSS feed/livejournal account for your account? We decided to set one up for [ profile] polyfandomrecs for those that like recs as we add them rather than in the batches we tend to do. Any help is appreciated. I can't seem to figure it out on my own. I'm a tool.
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Originally, I was going to write a Supernatural, Sam/Dean story for [ profile] undermistletoe. My prompt is Snow White and I figured I could try to work it into the storyline premise of Bedtime Stories. But I decided against that seeing as that in case this is still spoilery... )

So then I came up with a different idea based around the boys and the prompt, but I'm having trouble making it come out in a decent manner on the page.

So I'm thinking of maybe going with either Heroes or X-Men as the fandom. Maybe that will work a little I keep thinking, fairy tales was just done on Supernatural and it was done better than I can do it. Le sigh.

I really need to finish it though as I want to get it beta'd before my posting day of Monday. Must write. Must write. Must write.

Maybe I'll make it Peter/Nathan as really, my mechanism for coping from that episode on Monday night, is to want to write lots of Peter/Nathan living happily ever after.


Is Supernatural new tonight? I thought the Christmas episode was next week, but some people have been mentioning tonight? I'm recording some Christmas movie if it's a repeat, but I will cry buckets if I end up with a cheesy holiday movie (Oh, I admit it, I love them all) but no Sam and Dean.


Also with Supernatural: I know some of you have already responded and I have those saved/downloaded...but I'm working on a holiday project of sorts and was looking for which songs make you think of Sam and Dean's relationship?, whether it's wincesty or just brotherly.


Finally, anyone know how to set up an RSS feed livejournal account. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I were discussing possibly setting up a account for [ profile] polyfandomrecs since we tend to save our recs until we have a batch, but we know some people like instant we thought that might cover the best of both worlds.
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Long weekend is over. This is sad. And my sinuses are killing me. Bah.

On the brightside, I got to have lunch with the best friend today. we've both been so busy that we couldn't get our schedules to work out until this weekend.


SPN fans: Don't forget to leave me some of your favorite songs that remind you of Sam & Dean from Supernatural in this post. I'm working on a project of sorts and I'd love everyone's input.


My writing has been terrible the past few days. I've made my 500 words a day, but it's coming up like crap and I'm thinking of deleting it all and starting over fresh. I hate moments like this.
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I think the boy has fallen in love with the new plasma television in our living room. He's currently playing XBox 360 and he keeps going, "Dude, this is awesome."


SPN FANS! I have a request...

Please send me the songs that make you think of Sam and Dean's relationship, whether it's just very close brothers or wincesty sorts. For example, the new Carrie Underwood song, "twisted" made me immediately think of the boys. I'm working on a project of sorts and I would love some input.


I'm considering running another round of [ profile] schmoopfest in February, once the holiday challenges are over and people have had the opportunity to relax a little. Because schmoop in many fandoms is always a very good thing.

Also, when I was chatting with [ profile] aliaspiral the other day, I mentioned running a Captain Awesome ficathon for Chuck fans. Mostly, it's because I adore Captain Awesome and really want some Ellie/Devon fic (which I'm totally getting from [ profile] aliaspiral - she's writing me porn and I'm writing her first date fic).
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I'm working on a story and I have a question. It's based on what happened in Sin City so I shall cut just in case you haven't seen it yet... )
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It's never a good sign when I can't remember what day of the week it is. And why is it only Wednesday? Surely, the weekend is almost here.


Last night's NCIS was okay. I was only half paying attention though and I don't think I missed anything. So I'm not sure that I really care. On a fannish note for it, I think I'm slowly moving from Gibbs/DiNozzo shipper to McGee/DiNozzo. Quite frankly, Tony should just hook up with everyone. He's adorable.

Yesterday's All My Children was great! I love Aidan/Greenlee! They are my happy place. And I love that Greenlee won't have to lift a finger to get back at Kendall and Zach because they're going to self destruct instead. One Life to Live is pretty stagnant at the moment for me. Not caring about the whole Marcie on the run thing or Cole & Marty disappearing. And General Hospital needs to get rid of Elizabeth because I HATE HER. The rage she causes me. And she makes me hate Jason, which I don't want to do.


Beta Request: I wrote a Supernatural Dean/Carmen fic and I haven't heard from any of my betas if they can even do anyone willing to beta five pages of schmoopy het? It's probably going to need some work, I'll warn, because het in Supernatural is not my area of expertise.

In the meantime, I shall go work on my Mix & Match ficlets.

help, help

Aug. 10th, 2007 01:25 pm
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I know someone on my friends list posted a link to a web radio site where you can pick/choose artists you like and listen to it. Anyone have that link? I saved it on my *home* computer, but really want to use it at work. Argh.
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Hey guys! So yes, I'm completely dumb and I need to make a post over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs that will be a sticky post that stays at the top. Now Steph tried it and it didn't seem to work for her - so how does one do this?
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Hey guys! Question for you. My friend, Mike, is going to be in Chicago for a series of baseball games in mid-May. All the hotels he can afford are all around O'Hare and he needs to know if it's easy to get from the hotels by the airport to the baseball field - like easy public transportation especially since he will most likely be drinking.

Any information I can pass on will be greatly appreciated!

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Hey guys! Is anyone available for a quick beta? It's 1000 words of Jsquared domestic fluff. It's for my Picture Is Worth 1000 words story. I waited until the last minute and my regular beta isn't around.

So yes, I'd greatly appreciate anyone willing to help. If you agree, feel free to rip apart and make edits as you deem appropriate.

ETA: All taken care of! Thanks guys!
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Who wants to help their favorite Tommygirl? I finally managed to finish my Supernatural Photo Challenge piece. It's Sam/Dean and it's complete schmoop, featuring a jealous Sam.

Anyone willing to beta this for me? It's okay to rip it apart as necessary - I've made no qualms about admitting how difficult Sam was being during the writing of this piece so it probably needs work.

I sent it to Steph as usual, but I'm not sure of her schedule and my poor Jen does not partake in the wincest.

So anyone willing to help me? ::bats eyelashes::
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Anyone up for a quick beta of six pages of Jared/Jensen in the various Impalas on the set. It's mostly just porn (or the teasings of porn as that's what I am...a tease), no real discernible plot to this one. But I'd love someone to do a quick read through so I could post it asap (as it's already a day late.)

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is anyone available to do a quick beta of my [ profile] zombieficathon piece. It's West Wing centric and about nine pages. I would need it back rather quickly as the due date for the challenge is today.

Thanks ahead of time!
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I'm still recovering from Supernatural. That episode was so damn good. I think it was my favorite so far. And yeah, the monster of the week was somewhat left unhandled at the end, but that's not why I watch this show anyway. I watch this show for exactly what they gave us last night. The brotherly and familial love and the wonderful characters and their relationships with each other...dude, I seriously think the writers of this show have looked into my brain and journals about what I love about things and my weird obsession with the sibling relationship.

So freaking good, people.


I have a huge favor to ask of the graphically-oriented on my friends list. I have three requests and I'm more than willing to write ficlets in return. Because I can't make graphics to save my life, but I'm an okay writer sometimes. hee.

so yeah...

1) An icon of my winchester family - sam, dean, and papa. I don't have one with papa and I'd really like one. Someone's helping me with this one!

2) An icon of the ultimate RPS OT4 - like four little boxes in the icon, each with a little picture of Jensen, Jared, Mike, and Tom. Because they *are* the OT4, my friends!

3) I'm working on another story in the Winchester Meets Halliwell series and I wondered if some able-bodied person would mind making me a graphic for it with Chris, Wyatt, Sam, and Dean. hee. Someone's helping me with this one!

Again, I will love you forever if you can help me and I will totally write you fic in return and thank you immensely and possibly build a shrine in your honor made of paperclips at my desk!


Have I mentioned how much I love Supernatural? Because I do. And I need to write more fic for those boys. Maybe work on those plot bunnies of doom I have. Though really, the Chris muse won't like it and will remind me that I still have a lot more stories to write for [ profile] fanfic100.


Yeah, I'm a little late to the meme party, but I wanted to do this. And I reserve the right to actually write a fic if inspired. Hee.

The Title Meme:

If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories. Feel free to include fandom/character/pairing/rating stipulations.


Alrighty, off to do some work and then write some.

And tonight, more pretty on the tv. Ace and Chris...Chris and Ace. Yummy!

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