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I'm not sure what to make of this news regarding the searches of all public content. On the one hand, by leaving it public, I do realize that I'm allowing anything I write to be seen by anyone. I do realize that, but I'm still not sure that I'm crazy about this idea that you have to opt out rather than opt in. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I've chosen to opt out, mostly because I'm not sure of much with livejournal over the past year and I'd rather be safe than sorry. That said, my journal will continue to remain public.


And because I'm a lemming...

My Valentinr - tommygirl
Get your own valentinr
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Only one day left of vacation! Ugh! Don't let it be true. Make tomorrow last forever and ever...or long enough for me to win the mega-million lottery!

In the meantime, I've been getting my personal account organized and now that it feels presentable (because I'm a crazy OCD type), I've started adding people. Mine is a mix of fandom and personal links that I collect. Lots of blogs, baking, politics, fanfiction...the gathered spots of a crazy person.

Anyway, feel free to friend away -


I'm hoping to get my room in order tomorrow - such a fun way to spend my last vacation day - but I'll probably end up sleeping and/or reading. In the meantime, I've ingested a whole lot of movies and tv shows on dvd as well as getting my sister addicted to Brothers & Sisters.

For now, I'm going to catch up on my friends list, maybe read some fic, and then head to bed. My sleeping schedule is all messed up and getting up on Friday morning is going to be a bitch.

Ciao darlings!
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Before I begin my television chat, I just wanted to state that I set my journal to Adult Concepts. I'm sorry if this causes any problems, but I decided it was the easiest way to go about things. If there is an easier way to go about things, let me know.

I meant to do this yesterday, but time got a way from me. Lots of errands and things I'd been avoiding - laundry, as always - but I did manage to get caught up on Dirty Sexy Money in time for the new episode tonight.

Spoilers for the last two episodes of DSM... )


But Monday night recaps are a day late...

First there was Chuck... )

While on the subject of Chuck, be sure to check out Write More: The Chuck Fic Challenge.

And then go read the Ellie & Captain Awesome fic by [ profile] misspamela. It's so adorable! I love it.

Now...that other Monday night show...

I might be shooting Tim Kring with rocksalt soon...major SPOILERS AHOY! )


I'm off to attempt to catch up on friends list as I haven't checked it since Monday after Heroes. Hopefully, it won't involve skip=one billion or anything.

meme fun

Nov. 22nd, 2007 09:28 pm
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Reply to this post and I'll pick 7 of your interests for you to explain in you journal. Post this with your explanations so others can join the explaining fun!!

[ profile] dexterette asked about the following:

coupling - It was a BBC show that was supposed to be their answer to Friends, but it's so much more. It's hysterical and has Jack Davenport and constantly makes me happy.

draco malfoy - I love Draco. I envision him quite hot.

drew fuller - He was Chris on Charmed and now he plays Trevor on Army Wives. He's so pretty. And pretty boys make me happy.

harry dresden - I love Jim Butcher's Dresden books. Harry Dresden is a wizard detective that I adore.

horatio hornblower - Ioan Gruffud played him, a British Naval officer during the battles with France, in a bunch of A&E movies and I love them all.

kindred the embraced - It was a short-lived vampire show that I highly recommend everyone watch on dvd at some point. It was awesome.

veritas the quest - Another short-lived show, but this one was really cheesy and stole from a whole bunch of archeology stories that came before it and mixed them all together.


Now off to do some reading and writing.

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It's so nice outside today. It's warm, but not humid, with a nice breeze and I just love this sort of weather. I hate humidity. It is the devil.


I managed to finally see this past week's Entourage premiere.

Spoilers for the episode... )

I still have to watch 4400, last week's Starter Wife, and that new HBO comedy that was on after Entourage. Sometimes I think I should give up my ABC soaps, but I just can't. Well, I'm down to two as All My Children lost me awhile ago, and if they recast Brenda, I might stop watching that (okay, not completely as I love Patrick and Robin).


Based on Lj's post on guidelines & goals, I'm definitely not getting a permanent account during the sale. I'm not at the point where I'm giving up livejournal, but at the same time, I don't quite trust them or completely understand how they are deciphering what is harmful content.

And while I have no problem with them stating, not on our servers, sorry, I do have a problem with not stating what is up and leaving customers unsure of how to proceed. Why would I buy something that isn't a right fit for me?
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I think I've figured out my story for [ profile] spn_heraea with [ profile] iamtheenemy's help. It will end up the schmoopiest schmoop known to man, my friends. At first I was pondering my prompt and thinking, "How can I be bring the schmoop to this?" but now, I fear it might end up too fluffy. ::giggles:: Oh, Jesus.

Also, if you haven't checked the stories out and you read Sam/Dean? You must get over there when you get a chance. There is a ton of brilliant angst and schmoop fic being produced on a daily basis. And I'll admit it, I'm partial to schmoop (shocking, I know) because it makes me happy.

Tomorrow my goal is to write the first draft of it, barring utter head pain of today.


I see the conversations going on about friending again and there is a great poll on the process at [ profile] mskatej's journal.

It's one of those things where I understand all the sides of the issue, but I tend to think of mine, for the most part, as a reading list at its core. I use this journal for my fannish fun and that's how I tend to choose who I friend. Do I develop friendships and grow to care about the people on my list? Of course, and I would probably miss them/wish them best if we diverted in interests...but it doesn't bother me if someone I'm not that close to ends up defriending/not friending me. I read people who share fandoms/interests/make me think, and if we can create a friendship, that's great, but if we just remain random commenters, that's cool too.

Basically, if you're on my friends list over here, I find you interesting and enjoy reading your posts. I only filter out communities so I'm less likely to automatically friend back these days due to time if you're here, I read you and try to comment. That said, there is no requirement from me to be friended back or expecting comments in order for you to remain on my list. Comments are always nice, but not necessary.


Alrighty, I think my drugs are kicking in. I'm going to watch th E Hollywood True Story on Mickey Mouse Club because Tony! JC! Marc! Damon! I loved MMC from the beginning.

::is huge dork::

::stares at mood icon:: Dude, I need to use "hot" more often. Holy hell!
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Hello new home page that looks like Vox. I like that it has all the upcoming birthdays and is livejournal starting its own question of the day? How interesting.

This is a change that I like.


I just watched the first episode of Army Wives on Lifetime because of Drew Fuller. I love that boy. Now I must pull out my season six Charmed and watch all the Chris episodes. And who knows? Maybe then I will be moved to work on [ profile] fanfic100.


How awesome are our SPN boys? I love that Jared went to the show and that he's close with Jensen's family and that he led the standing ovation...and you so know come Jared's opening of his movie, that Jensen will do the same thing for him because THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.

Seriously. Is it normal to love these boys this much?
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I am such a tool. So the only filter I use at the moment on my friends list is one minus communities...well, I just realized that for some reason, I had a few people missing from that filter, which I've been using a LOT lately. Ugh. It's fixed now. Anyway, if I haven't commented in a long while, I totally apologize and have rectified the situation. I'm just a big tool.

Also proof of my being a tool? Every time I look at my mood choices, I wonder what one tree hill (oth) has to do with my mood.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 31

1. Which character(s) did you start off disliking/not caring about, but now like/care about? Sam. It wasn't that I disliked him, but JP on Gilmore Girls had been such a goob to me that I just didn't care for him. I was only watching because of Jensen...but dude, by episode two, Sammy had me eating out of the palm of his hand. I still love Dean more than anything, but I love Sam a whole lot and can't remember a time when I thought JP was the bane of tv's existence.

2. If you had a choice, would you rather visit the Roadhouse or the Winchesters' old house in Lawrence? The Roadhouse. I'm not likely to bump into Sam or Dean or Ash at the house in Lawrence.

3. When your real-life family/friends/acquaintences ask you about Supernatural, how do you act and how to you treat the show/refer to the show?

My sister and the boy call my level of devotion "crazy" but my sister understands because she feels that way about Heroes and VM. My coworkers just don't get my attachment to fictional characters. It's sad for them - so caught up in real life.

4. Do you like the flashback opening sequence or would you prefer Supernatural have opening credits like shows such as One Tree Hill and The X-Files? I like the openings as they are. SPN doesn't really fit for a show with an opening credits like OTH has. It would seem out of place.

5. What are things that you have to do/have before Supernatural comes on?

I get a glass of water and one of my Skinny Cow Fudge Bars and then I begin the show at 9:19pm exactly (I watch on my dvr to avoid commercials). I then proceed to flail and talk to my television at times.


So last post I asked for recs of happy Sam/Dean schmooop. Now I offer you guys this: give me some prompts for happy or schmoopy Sam & Dean. I'll take gen or wincest.
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I should be cleaning and trying to get organized, but instead...more from that last meme

for [ profile] anasuede


Earth 2: It's a sci-fi show from the early nineties that I loved a whole lot. It finally came out on dvd a few years ago (thank the lord) and it's about a bunch of people who are trying to colonize a new earth. I love the Danizger family especially!

Idina Menzel: I just love her a whole lot. She has the most awesome voice in the world.

The 4400: It's a USA show that airs in the summers and it's so awesome. The first season was so bad it was great, but it's actually gotten really interesting over the course of the second & third seasons. Plus, Shawn is hot.


I saw this icon and I had to have it. I am the dastardly spoon to [ profile] iamentheos's evil weeble. I'm not sure I could explain it, but it just fits my mood sometimes.

It's John Crichton from Farscape, possibly the perfect man in the universe. He is a good boy and that's really what I love about his character. That he wants to be good - he just doesn't always know how to do that. If Aeryn couldn't kick my ass, I'd totally throw myself at him.

It's an Eddie Izzard quote from Circle. Probably my second favorite of all his comedy shows - Dressed to Kill is my favorite. He's hysterical and awesome and I kinda want to make out with him and/or go shopping with him.


Then from [ profile] bubbles83


Jack Davenport: Steve from Coupling, Norrington from PoTC. Need I say more. He is hotness.

Jon Stewart: I'm giving away my age, I know, but I've loved him since his MTV show way back. He's sarcastic and hysterical and a jersey boy! Home state representing! And really, Daily Show is one of the best things ever.

Sarkney: Syd/Sark pairing from Alias. It's just hot. They would be so damn hot together. It doesn't have to be long term or schmoopy (though I like that too). It just needs to be hot and bad. And really, Sark is so much better than Vaughn.


Will from season three of Alias with him and Syd being rockers. Just so wonderful. God, I love Will.

A girl has to get her need for the brothers Winchester hugging somehow, right? And that scene in Tall Tales was just hysterical and awesome. I love Sam and Dean.

See above.
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Stolen from the wonderful [ profile] ligia_elena: Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain.

My answers for her.

Three Interests

Idina Menzel: She was in the OBC of Rent in New York City and I used to be a renthead. I love her lots and lots. She was also in Wicked, has a few albums, and is married to Taye Diggs.

Kindred the Embraced: It's a show that lasted about seven episodes about different vampire clans. I loved it so much and miss it like whoa and find myself watching my dvds at least once every few months. Good stuff.

Smarshall: A private joke of my sister's ([ profile] floundering) and mine regarding Alias pairings. I was explaining how Syd/Sark was called "sarkney" and that Syd/Weiss was "sweiss" and we tried to see if Syd/Marshall would be "Smarshall." It seems though that she and I are the only two people who have that as an interest. Go figure.

Three Icons

[ profile] roniabirk made this for me in one of those icon interest memes. It's Johnny Depp's arm and he's just hot and I love it a whole lot.

It's another one [ profile] roniabirk made for me to use. It was based on this picture of Jensen Ackles and Christian Kane that surfaced early last year. Jensen was obviously drunk. And then I wrote an RPS story based on it. And how can I get rid of it when it's so true?

I still don't know who made this for me. It was an anonymous gift for Valentine's Day 2006 and I still love it, mostly because of the nice gesture behind it.
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Happy Friday everyone! I'm feeling much better, managed to get my butt to the gym early this morning! And it's almost the weekend again!

But let's talk about American Idol results... )

I got caught up on Black Donnellys for the week.

Kevin is trying to vy for top Donnelly brother in my heart... )


While I was sick I watched episodes 2.1 through 2.6 of Supernatural. NOthing like Sam and Dean to make me feel better. I really love this show. I really love Sam and Dean and their relationship. That's all I need to put a smile on my face. Sam and Dean and how much they love each other.


I have changed my layout thanks to [ profile] iamentheos. She made me an amazing layout/default icon AND sent me the instructions so that I could change it without crying. She's so awesome. And she's already started writing SPN fic. YAY!

So yes, new layout. Feel free to check it out.

And on that note, I shall try to catch up on my friends' list and begin going through the huge backlog of fic I have to read.

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The archive at [ profile] supernaturalfic has totally spoiled me for any other fandom's attempts at archives. It's so perfectly organized in a few different ways and it not only does my anal heart good - but it's so easy to find what I want. I wish I had that sort of luck in other fandoms.

Seriously, especially when you're new to a fandom, aside from recs, you're really trying to navigate a minefield...and if it can be properly organized. Well, I love the maintainers a whole lot.


Supernatural Friday Five (Week 16) - [ profile] spn_fridayfive:

1. If you could ask Kripke one question about the show and have it answered, what would it be?

Why did Sam and Dean stop talking while Sam was at Stanford?

2. How do you think Sam and Dean's morals are defined? And what are they?

I think for Dean the ends justify the means for most things – if it’s to save lives, then he can do whatever he has to do to get the job done. It becomes a little darker when it involves his father or Sam though, which even he has pointed out…in those cases, I think morals tend to fly out the window and he would do whatever he had to without thinking for them. I also think for Dean that Sam definitely acts as his moral compass in a lot of ways – he doesn’t want Sam disappointed in him and Sam is one of the few people (only now?) that he listens to.

For Sam, he tries to be so rigidly good. In the beginning I think it was because that was a part of what he viewed as “normal.” And now I think it’s his own way of battling whatever he might become in the future. That if he lives a completely moral life, he’ll be okay.

3. During Provenance, we see that Sam is very reluctant to start any relationships, because he's afraid that the people around him will get hurt. Do you think his thoughts on this topic has changed since then? If they have, do you think they've made him even more cautious, or more relaxed?

Personally, I think he’s more scared now that anyone who gets close to him will get hurt because of what he might become. I think worse than turning evil for Sam is the idea of hurting someone he loves. So I think that probably keeps him more cautious – however, I think he really does need to get laid at some point.

4. We see in second season that while the mothers of some "chosen" kids died in a fire, others remain alive and healthy. Why do you think this is so? And how do you think the demon chooses who stays alive and who dies?

I don’t really know because we don’t know what Ava’s life was like…only what Andy’s twin’s life was like. But it seems to me that the ones who lost a mother to the fire, it was done to keep them from having that loving environment, to throw them into a bad situation…whereas, maybe with the ones who didn’t lose a mother, it was because the parent was more of a detriment alive than dead.

last question has spoilers for Playthings )


Does anyone know how I can add tags to my layout? I'm completely inept when it comes to anything layout-related, but I would love to have my tags easily available.


And now only 15 minutes left to the day! Woo-hoo!

I'm going home, watching television, reading fanfiction, and working on some Ugly Betty fic with Lara.
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This work day is dragging and argh, livejournal in windows explorer sucks anymore. I have Firefox at home, but here at work, I am stuck with the crappy new version of LJ that doesn't let me highlight things. Bastards.

I've decided that someone out there needs to write me:

1) Happy, fluffy future Sam/Dean fic. No angst. Is it possible?
2) Studio 60/Sports Night crossover. I already mentioned it to [ profile] lordessrenegade, but really, there needs to be Matt & Danny meeting Casey & Danny, hanging out, discussing what it's like to love your best friend more than anything in the world. Fun times.
3) Anything. Really. You guys on my friends list are brilliant writers, so just keep writing stuff that makes me squee. though that doesn't let you off the hook for the first two requests...honestly.


So on everyone's friends list, I've been noticing that "Tell me Twenty-Eight Things About you" comment meme. Well, stalkers, rather than replying to each of you separately (a huge task for such a lazy soul as me), I've decided to just post it here...

The twenty-eight things meme...does Tommygirl reveal her real name? Is it really much of a secret? Hee... )


Another meme that wasted five whole seconds. My infamous headline would be...

Who doesn't want to be infamous, well, aside from sane people? )


Again, before I leave you to procrastinate on writing and such...

[ profile] summercon - fun stuff, but it would be more fun if all of you would participate. ::prods::

The Project Smallville Welcome Post is up with fun friend meet-n-greet and a list of activities leading up to the premiere. God, I love fandom. Such fun things and ways to interact with others. Because in real life, you can't go up to a random person and start giggling about Tom Welling's hotness.


Alrighty, off for a bit. So bored at work, so I apologize ahead of time if I spam you guys.

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::waves to new friends::

::waves to existing friends::

::waves to the world::

I think I missed my calling as a pageant queen sitting upon a float in a parade.

Anyway, I'm having much fun with [ profile] allzugern's friending meme and making new friends along the way. For this reason, I shall share some info about me.

I've done a list of random facts before, so I'll build from there. If you're really interested in knowing all you can about me without knowing anything at all, well, click on that link.

Moving on...

My stances on the following:

Defriending/Friending: No one ever needs my permission to either friend or defriend. No one is obligated to friend me because I friend them. I friend people that I find interesting and/or enjoy their fandom creations. I also never want anyone to be afraid to defriend me either. People's interests diverge, life goes on, whatever - no need to explain yourself to me here. I also don't cut people from my friends list for not commenting enough or any of that stuff. No worries. Do whatever you need to and I will understand (unless you're like a handful of people that I'm very close to off livejournal too, then i'd probably be saddened if you dropped me ::eyes [ profile] hollyhearth and [ profile] iamtheenemy::)

Wank, Drama, and what that means for my journal: Based off the above, rarely if ever do I defriend someone. And though I've never been put in this position as of yet (because I seem to play it smart and pick the cool, mellow folk to befriend), I want to make this clear: I don't tolerate the drama and wank and basically ripping apart of other people (that are not celebrities deserving of mocking - for that is a different thing) in a public forum. I outgrew any interest in that sort of crap when I was in junior high. I don't expect everyone to get along, but I expect people to respect each other and have a problem with someone handle it with that private...without dragging all of livejournal and the internet into it. Part of the reason I manage to avoid wank and such is because I just move on. Maybe that's harsh, but that's what it is.

And yeah, that's basically the only thing you could do that would make me suddenly be all, "argh...I cannot bear to have this person on my list ever again!"

I must admit that there is always a good chance that I won't even know if you caused problems unless it's freaking HUGE. Because I seem to miss almost all the wank out there. I live in my own little world and apparently miss all the fighting/wank/drama in fandom. So yeah. I'm always the girl three weeks later going "what big crack happened?"

Filters: I have two filters. One that's just my friends list minus communities and one that's people who wanted to read my original novel excerpts as it progressed. If you want to be added to that, you can, but I haven't really posted anything lately. So yeah, I read my friends list sans filters, so at some point I'll have to overcome my compulsion to keep adding people - but y'all are too damn interesting. I can't help myself.

Comments: Comment as much or as little as you want. I do try to comment on my friends list - some more than others based on whatever is being posted - and I'm working on getting better at leaving feedback for any story that I enjoy. Sometimes I forget. Also, please feel free to disagree with me on things, provide constructive criticism, whatever so long as you do it in a polite manner.

More all about list form... )

I think that about sums up how I work, if such a thing is possible. I am "a crazy nut" as the six-year-old in my life is prone to tell me. I am also "way too obsessed with two guys making out" according to the boy in my life.

Oh, my main rule: have fun! Enjoy yourself! Embrace my insanity!

Otherwise, what the heck you doing here?

Ciao amigas! I'll be borrowing [ profile] estrella30's pimp hat and cane in a few to do a post of some links and such, but otherwise, have a good day!
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So just in case livejournal is down longer than two hours tonight, [ profile] svmadelyn has set up a place for comment fun over at greatest journal.

Also, if any of you have accounts over there as well, feel free to friend me there. I really only use it as a back-up for livejournal, but on very rare occasions post to it. Over at greatest journal I am dastardlyspoon - a name only [ profile] hollyhearth would understand. Hee.


I have ingested much sugar and did a bunch of recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs (Most of which were RPS - Jared/Jensen - and Supernatural...anyone surprised by this?). I should write my Supernatural Gen Ficathon piece, but too much sugar making my brain bounce all over.


Okies off for a bit.

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I'm trying to clean up my friends lists a bit just to avoid reading duplicate entries. What this means is that if I have you friended on the personal journal ([ profile] randombtchchick), I defriended you over here - for no other reason than to get some order back in my journal viewing. Because I'm a tool and will read, "This sounds familiar, is this a double-entry? Oh no, I read it already."

So yeah, I kept everyone who reads both friended over at personal because that's where I friends lock. I don't do that here - so if you keep me friended here for the writing/fandom babbling, it won't affect you at all.

I just didn't want anyone that I love to think that I'm cutting them out. You're still friended over at [ profile] randombtchchick and still have access to reading the fandom stuff if you like (If you want to defriend me over here, I won't take it personally. It's up to you guys!)

This won't affect the majority of you on this list, just a few.

Also, if you'd prefer to be over at the personal journal, just let me know and I'll switch. I got the fandom journal awhile ago to uncomplicate things and thus far...hee-hee.

Ciao my friends!
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7,260 / 28,000

Only three hundred words for today so far, but I'm still ahead of schedule, so that's good. I really do want to finish up the latest chapter of TIMH before undertaking the next two ficathon pieces that are due in May. Now if only I could get Laney and Justin to cooperate with me long enough to write for them.


I've seen talk of this recently and decided that since I have a few new friends and the like, I would just clarify this for anyone who is actually interested...

I guess my friending policy for this journal would be that I really don't have a policy. If I find you interesting/we share common interests/you write fic that I adore, I tend to friend you. I don't expect to be friended back, though I welcome it if you choose to do so. I pretty much friend anyone back over here as well unless all you post is quizzes and nothing else (because I do love myself the occasional meme and quiz!) or you're just evil and wanktastic (which I've yet to stumble upon in the friending department). I'm sure at some point, in order to maintain a readable friend's list, I might stop adding people back, but so far, that's not a problem.

I don't base my friending/defriending on how many comments you leave me, if you provide enough feedback to my stories, or anything of that matter. It's all about interest on my part.

So basically, whatever floats your boat is fine by me. Friend me, defriend me, comment all the time, lurk in the shadows...whatever...I'm cool, man.


There isn't much else to report. Work is busy at the moment, writing needs to be done but is being the devil, and um...all day I've felt like I'm forgetting to do something, but can't figure out what.

So before I lose my marbles, I'm going to bid you all adieu.

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Livejournal ate my memories! Do I have to redo them or are they fixing this problem? Anyone know? Anyone, anyone?

Ugh! It figures this happens after I've gotten them all organized by fandom and such.



That's all. Not much else to report.
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I've gone ahead and reorganized my memories to make it easier to find stories in different fandoms if one so chooses. However (aren't there always those nasty howevers added to conversations), I made them friends-only. The entries aren't, but memories are just because of searches and such and I'd like to still maintain ownership of these whatever-the-hells.

There are still some public memories--such as the Multifandom Soap Opera challenge stuff-and if you aren't listed as a friend (which is mostly in the case of knowing you from my regular journal) and want to be, just let me know. I'm pretty whatever about friending/defriending.


I started working on a piece for [ profile] musemuggers_2 but I'm not sure what I think of it and thus got started reorganizing my memories.

I have a lot of writing to do this weekend and I must force myself to get through it. Because next weekend is booked with plans for my birthday and then the following weekend is Labor Day, which may or may not involve sailing. So much writing must get done in the next few days or blood will be spilled (and it would be my own, so totally not cool).

And I must, must, must stop signing up for fiction challenges and ficathons. I don't know how I get it in my head that five short stories (that are decent anyhow) can be produced in a month's timespan.

Oh well, what can I do about it now? I made a committment and I shall keep it.

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