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So holiday challenges will be getting underway soon and my mind is always spinning with ideas that I probably should ignore (but never do). So two polls are listed below for interesting in a second year of [ profile] sn_holidays and maybe doing a swimslash challenge (maybe for holidays?).

Please pimp this out to anyone you think would be interested in either.

Interest for Sports Night Holiday Exchange... )

The interest in a swimslash challenge... )


I'm hoping to get back to interacting on livejournal and in fandom now that the move is over. There is still a ton of unpacking to do, but things aren't quite as crazy as they've been the past few weeks. And I really need to get back to writing more often than I currently do.
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I apologize about Week of Drabbles. I've been pretty sick since this weekend with a stomach thing (and really, the less said the better). I'm starting to feel a bit better now, but I wasn't sure if people would prefer me to stick with the original plan of a work week for the Week-of-Drabbles (Monday through Friday) or start it today and run it through now.

So a poll.

[Poll #1236302]

The only thing about putting it off, it probably wouldn't occur until I bought a house and move at the end of August. Because I'm crazy and thought taking on 200K in debt was a good idea.
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So I'm going to run the week of Multifandom drabble-a-thons. I think it'll be fun and I'm always looking for good prompts to write to and good fic. Who can ever pass up good fic?

The few things I'm set on:

1) It'll be multifandom. If you want to make a specific fandom request, that's very cool, but if you make a generic one like "enemies turned lovers," that could end up being written in any fandom.

2) It'll be open to slash, het, and gen. I want as many people as possible to be able to play.

3) It's only going to be 5 days, technically a work week. I just find that livejournal is busier on weekdays than the weekend when people are busy. This way more people can play. And like I would really be upset if people went back and played on the weekend.

Onto the come up with the five days of themes and dates and how to work the prompts... )

Please pimp this to all your fanfiction writing friends! It's going to be multifandom, so I want to get an idea for how people would best like to play!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shay_renoylds!!!

I hope your day is fabulous and full of lots of pampering. I am going to work on your b-day ficlet quite soon. In fact, you might have it before your next birthday!


I've said it before, and I will say it again. I'm extremely spoiled by the archive/tagging system that [ profile] supernaturalfic utilizes. It makes thing so easy and cuts down on a lot of scrolling through fic that I'm not in the mood for.

And this led me to my recurring idea of creating an fandom organization community/team...where communities can have us come in and work with them to organize tags/memories/etc in the best way for that community. And all they do once it's done, along with keeping up the system, is put a little graphic on their user info saying "Organized courtesy of so & so." Because I'm anal and OCD and I enjoy making sure everything is tagged/organized. And I have friends that share this love. And I do think it would be a tool to fandom.

That said, oh the volunteers I would need because I'm busy as it is and would never get anything done.

A poll on the idea... )


I'm hoping to read some of the remixes and other fic today! That would be lovely. I miss reading fic. I miss reccing fic. Mostly, I miss writing fic. I'm working on that at the moment with this Chuck fic 'o doom.
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So usually the only thing that I crosspost from my livejournal is fic, but I wanted to open this idea up to as many people as possible.

One of the challenge ideas that I've had recently...since we will soon be out of new Supernatural (::cries::), I was thinking about rewatching the episodes, but then I was thinking how much I sometimes love to read people's snarky commentaries, even when (especially when) I adore the canon. So I was wondering if people would be interested in a community where people sign up for an episode of Supernatural and watch it/do commentary in the style of Mystery Science Theater.

[Poll #967]
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So I have a few different ideas I can persue for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I'm hoping to get working on it this weekend. I have a few challenges to work on as well, but I want to at least get a vague idea of what I'm doing and where I'm I come to you, friends list. In the below poll are a few options I've been pondering. Tell me which you like best.

Fill out my poll! )


So I had been thinking about a small support group for friends who are doing Big Bang, a place where we can do chats and encourage each other. I asked the mods of Big Bang and they pointed me in [ profile] moveablehistory's direction. And she's letting me help her with [ profile] omgspnbigbang for those participating in Supernatural's Big Bang. Yay to a support network! Yay for a place to share things with others in the same boat.
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Mini-Nanowrimo - [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Day: 9
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 504
Words done total: 8,347

I didn't get much writing done yesterday as my little bit stayed with me for a sleep over. But I got my minimum done and hope to do some more today, now that I've dropped her off at home.

Anyway, 500 more words on Winchester Meets Halliwell:

Sam thought this was a bad idea. A monumentally bad idea.

The problem was he couldn’t rationally explain it to his brother. It was nothing more than a gut feeling, but it was gnawing at him like a drill to his stomach.

“You don’t trust them?” Dean asked, peering at Sam in that way of his that was a mix of concern and annoyance.

“It’s not…”

“They’ve saved our asses a few times now, Sammy. They helped me get you back from the freaking Underworld for god’s sake.”

“I know, Dean, and that’s not what this is about,” Sam replied. Sam wasn’t used to being the distrusting Winchester - usually a role Dean played to the hilt – but he could feel the bad vibes creeping in on him. He knew he couldn’t explain it rationally, at least not without worrying Dean, so Sam took a deep breath and said, “We don’t need them for everything.”

“Maybe not everything, but that supernatural bitch needs killing and with this stupid broken leg, I can’t help you.”

”I can handle it on my own.”


A poll with spoilers for Heroes of episodes already aired... )
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I'm currently seeing if there is any interest in a Sports Night secret santa holiday exchange. If enough people wanted to take part, I'm more than happy to set up a community and run it. I just don't want to do it if no one's up for it.

[Poll #1062344]

Note: Please pimp this out to anyone you know who might be interested! Thanks!

ETA: An idea has been posed that maybe we have it between Hannukah and December 12th thru December 18th is an option...if you want that just comment.

:ETA 2: Sign-ups for Sports Night holiday exchange are underway at [ profile] sn_holidays!
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Okay, y'all...there was enough interest in another round of the Supernatural Crossover Challenge AND [ profile] ladybug218 came to me to see if I wanted to do one with her. It was serendipity!

The Supernatural Road Trip Crossover Ficathon

This time around we decided it will be a match-up type and in order to make it less crazy for us, we're going to use this poll below to narrow the fandoms down. For that reason, please limit your votes to TEN fandoms that you'd like to see crossed with SPN.

The poll for choosing the fandoms... )

For more information on the challenge itself, check out [ profile] spncross! From here on out, all information on this challenge will be posted there - just can't do a poll there.

The basic timeline as of now:

Today through Sunday June 17th – Vote in the fandom poll!
Monday June 18th through Friday June 29th – Sign up!
Monday July 2nd – Assignments sent
Saturday August 18th – Stories due
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So I've had an idea. Yes, I have plenty of those, and like most of them, this came about as I thought about how best to get what I want. See, I was thinking about requesting some jealous!Sam fics for Supernatural and then I was thinking...

Wouldn't it be interesting to do one Mega-Post where people can come, post in the comments whatever their kink is (jealous!Sam, amnesia fic, Daddy!Dean, etc) and then people provide them with links to their favorites of those stories???

So it would be set up like a love meme, but more about us getting all those genres of fic we want!

Anyway, I made a poll to see interest in such a thing and/or if it should be limited to one or two fandoms or just multifandom craziness...

[Poll #998946]

**Feel free to pass this onto your friends list if you think it's something they'd be interested in.
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Happy Supernatural Day, my friends! This week has gone so slow. And God, I'm just...just...


[Poll #986519]


I actually posted Supernatural recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs last night. There are a mix of schmoop/angst, wincest/gen. Something for everyone. I even braved to find some good stories. (Though I must say that considering what that site is capable of producing in the bad fic arena, there is a lot of decent/good SPN fic over there.)

Next up are a bunch various fandom recs that don't quite make a whole bunch.
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So let's start with the polls.

[ profile] celli has been attempting to do a lot to get the Sports Night fandom motivated and thriving again. There are new communities for numerous things and I'm in the process of planning a Sports Night Glee Week with [ profile] mireille719. So I thought it best to get some input from those that would take part in it.

Poll on Sports Night Glee Week...if not part of that fandom, just scroll on by... )


Poll # 2 is on the idea of [ profile] spncross for a second round. I'm not sure because the first round had a lot of interest, but very little follow through. And I know I'm not the best mod about reminding and yes, looking for a little input on this.

Supernatural Fandom poll on challenge... )


Now let's get to the pimpage! I'm going to start with my own current projects because I'm nothing if not a self-promoter. Please feel free to pimp any/all of these, especially the first three as one is a new community and two are challenges.

1. [ profile] spnhugathon - The Get the Winchesters To Hug Challenge. No prompts, no match-ups...just write a drabble, a ficlet, a story where the Winchesters hug with stories due May 1st. Please pimp!

2. [ profile] movie_aus - Okay, this is a new community where you take a movie and cast your favorite characters in it. I got the idea from around my friends list where people were talking about casting people in Moulin Rouge or Breakfast Club. It's multifandom, multi-ship - only requirement is that it's based around a movie. Please pimp!

3. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I are running another Feedback Challenge. You get assigned to read someone's fic/watch their vids/etc and provide feedback on a few different pieces. Sign ups until April 15th. Multifandom. Please pimp!

More self-pimpage... )

And now, pimpage of others...

-[ profile] stilettocamp - Set a daily/weekly writing goal and stick to it!

-[ profile] het_newsletter - a multifandom newsletter for het fans

-[ profile] so_stick_around - Sports Night Rerun Community! Watch episodes with other fans!

-[ profile] sn_playbook - Sports Night Flash Fiction Community!

-[ profile] spn_scifi - Winchesters In Space

-[ profile] spn_gaiman - Supernatural/Neil Gaiman Crossover Community

-[ profile] coachmrscoach - Friday Night Lights, Coach/Mrs. Coach community

-[ profile] bloodtiesfic - Fanfiction community for the show, Blood Ties

-Highwaymiles - Multifandom, open for prompts until April 13th (tomorrow)

-Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses challenge - multifandom, stories due by April 15th

-Apocalyptothon - Multifandom, sign-ups until April 16th

-Reunion Fic Challenge - Multifandom, stories due April 22nd

-Gay Pulp Challenge - Multifandom (slash), stories due May 23rd

-Evil Sam Ficathon - Supernatural, stories due June 1st


::wipes brow::

Okay, I think that's everything I've had saved to pimp. Sorry for the huge deluge. I'm running behind on fandom life and y'all just keep creating awesome things.

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I've been thinking about this for awhile because it drives me crazy almost every week. I love my Supernatural and Sam & Dean, but honestly, if ever two brothers NEEDED to hug, it was Sam and Dean.

And then after chatting with people, a few suggested, well, I'd also like to see Ash or Jo or John get a random hug every once and awhile.

So, this is an inquiry to see who would be interested in participating in a Supernatural Hug-A-Thon Fic Challenge. I can tell you it won't be a big deal thing as I'm running it and incapable of such things...but it could be fun and we'll have HUG fic! Please pimp this out to anyone you think might actually be interested.

[Poll #928085]
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No really, how is my weekend already over? I didn't do anything. How could it go so fast? Sister's birthday gift has been purchased. Had a surprise visit from the boy. And went to the gym. Oh, I live an interesting life.

A random multifandom poll because really, that's all I can manage... )


Lazy may be my favorite mood on this set. Just look at the Sammy on the bed. GAH.
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I want this day over with. There is new Friday Night Lights on tonight and I'm going to watch some more NCIS and really, is it time to leave?

[Poll #917786]


So I watched 24 last night with the mother and sister. Big mistake as my mother asks questions every TWO minutes, usually about who a certain actor you end up missing key pieces of information. And then she got mad when I told her to shut her trap.

Review to come


I have some more recs to put up over at [ profile] polyfandomecs, I have a few other things I should work on that are fannish related, and I'm still taking prompts for ficlets - just give me a fandom, pairing, and a prompt...again, no guarantees, but I need to get the creative juices flowing again.

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So Nanowrimo time is fast approaching. I took last year off because the year before I failed terribly, but I'm considering giving it a go again this year. Lordy knows I need to get some discipline back.

So what do you guys think?

[Poll #838865]


Doctor's diagnosis? Acute bronchitis.

I had a feeling it was that since it was the same exact symptoms and sudden sickness appearing as back in May when I last had it.

The bright side? I got to come home from work after doctor's appointment and sleep and get caught up on Jericho. I also watched the Project Runway reunion show. spoilers for the reunion show )


Alrighty, my head is starting to hurt again, so I best go lie back down. But before I leave you for the night, just a reminder that Not Quite Winchestercon ([ profile] win_non_con) is next weekend! If you can't make it to Nashville for the actual con, but want to participate in some SPN squee deluxe, be sure to friend the community! Much fun is planned!

Night darlings!
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[ profile] tamalinn has a poll open on who is hottest from the year - Randy Harrison or Tom Welling. It's very close and she's made the poll public. So go vote:

**not that I'm hoping Tommy wins or anything just because he's uber hotness...I mean, I love Randy (played Justin on QAF), but Tom Welling is gorgeous.
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Okay y'all. From my previous mention of the need for a Supernatural Crossover Writing Challenge, I've decided to proceed with it. (I'm a glutton for punishment, I think.) So if this is something you may be interested in, please fill out the poll or provide some comments with ideas. And filling out the poll here doesn't mean you've signed up - so no obligation with that. I just want to know what would work best before running something like this as to cut down on insanity.

[Poll #687731]
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So, this may or may not lead to fic. No promises, but I'm just curious to this because this is what happens when I'm feeling icky and overdosing on meds.

[Poll #683896]
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[Poll #584814]

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