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I'm extremely tired today. I attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but like most Sunday nights, I couldn't fall asleep and kept tossing and turning. I really hate mornings, especially mornings I have to work.

I think I have figured out what I'm going to do for my Supernatural Big Bang. I started writing a scene of the What Is and Never Should Be from Sam POV piece, so I think I'm going to focus on that. If I find that I'm stuck, by starting early enough I might be able to switch to one of the other ideas. Though really, this is me. And early for deadline and me don't go together too often. People would start to think I'm a pea-pod person.

It's just I really, really want this fic set from before, during, and after that episode from Sam's POV. So I figure I might as well write it. At the very least, I'll enjoy my fic.


This is that writing meme I saw going around the friends list... )


So Torchwood friends: Where is the good schmoop? Specifically, Owen-related schmoop? I'm cool with any pairing if it features Owen. Hee. I don't mind angst, hurt/comfort if it ends happily.
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I was taking a break from some reading and saw this Twilight fandom survey. It was a way to waste a little bit of time.

And why do I keep watching Aeon Flux whenever it's on? It wasn't that good, but I always watch the whole damn thing. What's WRONG with me?

Anyway, survey...

lots of questions about twilight, new moon, and eclipse... )
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Day is moving slow. Please send Father Time to speed it up.

That three things meme...a little info on who I am in meme form... )

If you're looking for more random facts about me, check out here, here, & here


Some pimpage:

- [ profile] sportsnightglee: Glee Week will run from June 25th until July 1st. So be sure to join in if you're a Sports Night fan.

- Schmoopfest Prompts still for claiming - lots of fandoms still available! Only 750 words! Not due until August 24th!

- Supernatural Crossover Ficathon - sign-ups until June 29th

- Fandom Rocks - It's a fan-run initiative to raise funds and awareness for charities around the globe. Inspired by similar campaigns in the Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Veronica Mars fandoms and brought together by the CW's Supernatural, fans of the show are asking you to join them in supporting the charities of the season. One of the first charities chosen is Lawrence Community Shelter.

- The Women of Supernatural Fanfic Challenge - taking prompts until June 24th

- [ profile] spn_heraea - Two more days left to vote in the Angst Vs. Schmoop Supernatural Olympics. And if you're interested, you can go read my schmoop entry - I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles

Two Fanfiction Recs

- Eating Gifted Children - It's a WIP, but it's SPN/Heroes. I won the bid for [ profile] shay_reynolds's amazing talent in Sweet Charity and this is the story that is coming out of it. I'm loving every bit.

- Wake up and notice you're someone you're not by [ profile] lordessrenegade, FOB/MCR bandslash (Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, Patrick/Gerard) - This is awesome stuff. I'm still cursing my fall into bandslash, but dude, it's BODY SWAP fic, my friends. Go read and enjoy!


A real update my follow if I can bring myself to do anything today other than whine about how slow the day is passing.

Ciao darlings!
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It's Wednesday, supposedly the hump day of the week, but things are going so damn slow that I'm not sure I buy it.

But tomorrow...tomorrow we have new Supernatural! I cling to the good things, like Sam and Dean.


That Supernatural survey... )


Next up is the Tuesday Ten - yes, I'm a day late as usual.

Were you expecting me to do this on time? I laugh at you! )


Final survey for the day, I swear! The Buffy 10 years one... )


Some pimpage:

-I'm participating in the Sweet Charity with the offer of two stories written in April for the winner. And there are a TON of great writers/vidders/graphic makers offering up their services, with bidding starting tomorrow (March 15th) and all money raised goes to RAINN. Great fannish fun for a great cause!

-Prompts are up for claiming for the black donnellys saint patty's day challenge.

-Prompts for claiming at the Some Family - Petrelli's Writing Challenge. There are a mix of gen, het, slash, and threesomes to choose from.

-Supernatural Family Secrets Challenge is taking prompts until March 19th

-Psych Out & About, a fiction and art crossover challenge - Take Psych fandom and cross it with another. Stories due June 30th. That's plenty of time, people, and it means fun Psych fic. And how fun would it be if Sam (from SPN) thinks he needs to save Shawn because he's another psychic like him?
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Happy Belated birthday to [ profile] rachel_wilder! Darling, I hope you had a fabulous day! I wasn't sure if you'd want FNL or JoA fic, so let me know what you want, and it's yours - just my normal lateness.

Also, happy birthday today to one of my favorite Sports Night writers, [ profile] scrunchy!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!


When I'm at the gym on the treadmill I usually watch MSNBC, but I'm starting to get annoyed with what they consider to be news. They spent the majority of 30 minutes talking about Britney Spears' shaved head, while the news scroller talked about more deaths in Iraq. Yeah, I think the news scroller information is more important, thanks.

Really, this is what is wrong with the news media.


I meant post these on Friday, but life got in the way.

The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) – Week 19:

1. Wendigos or freaky-females-in-white-clothing?

I was fond of freaky-females-in-white-clothing.

2. Prank wars or towel scenes?

Why must a girl choose? The prank wars were hysterical, but really, I’m a shallow girl and Sam and Dean are HOT, therefore towel scene always wins.

3. latin-speaking!Dean or latin-speaking!Sam?

I’m a Dean girl, but Latin-speaking!Sam wins!

4. FBI uniforms or suits + tie?

Suits & ties…especially if it involves long overcoats…and…now I’m in a happy place.

5. Rock salt or holy water?

Rock salt. Except when Sammy is shooting Dean full of it.


Also, I've seen this on a bunch of people's journals. Rather than commenting separately to all of you, I figured I'd just post those 25 questions here.

Who is that mysterious tommygirl? )


So [ profile] iamtheenemy was surprised by her b-day community and she loved the story I wrote her. Now we have decided to each continue the stories we wrote for each other as ongoing universes...though, we decide lots of things throughout the year and most of it doesn't ever come to fruition. But in theory, it would be great fun for there to be more.


I'm not sure if I should watch 24 or Heroes tonight. I'll have to figure it out later. And I'm saddened that there is no new SPN this week.

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Yesterday I ended up staying home sick due to evil sinuses and alas, it's becoming evident that I just might have to surrender to the idea of having the surgery done on them. It's just...argh. Surgery. But yeah, I can't keep living in this kind of pain on a daily basis, especially since I'm a big baby when it comes to pain.


I rewatched Smallville and Supernatural last night, both of which were airing two of my favorite episodes of the season. Gah. Good stuff. Plus, at least I got to see the trailers for both and have the promise of new episodes next week.

Can it be next Thursday already? I need my fix. Oh pretty boys. You own me.

Is it still spoilerish for Shadow? Well, just to be safe... )

Those American Idol results... )


A meme I stole from [ profile] kristiinthedark:

How long have I been in fandom: My God, not quite ten years, but close. I started chatting with people via egroups for Nsync waaaaay back in the day.

First fannish crush: JC Chasez. I'm still madly in love with him. Have been since I was a teen and watched MMC. But for fictional fannish? Charlie Salinger used to OWN me.

Pairing I love that most people probably don't: hhhmmm...I don't know that I have one. I mean, I love & adore Luke/Lorelai on gilmore girls but I think I'm in the minority of people who actually love Lorelai/Chris too. That could just be because of my enormous LOVE for David Sutcliffe though.

First slash couple I shipped: JC/Lance - Nsync

Character whose life I'd like to have for just one day: I'd like to be Chloe from Smallville, but I'd make Clark realize that he either belongs with me (as Chloe) or Lex and to give up on stupid Lana.

Why I became an SV fan: I love Superman so I tuned in for the pilot when it aired. Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum were hot and it was obvious they were madly in love. And did I mention the hot? I'm a shallow girl. it's really all I need (as evident by the fact that I watched *all* of Season four...more than once.)

Favorite snack: They're impossible to get here in Jersey, but I love Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips. My friend in Virginia has to bring them up to me every time she visits.

Place I lived once that I'd love to be able to return to: I lived in South Philly until I was one and then we moved to Jersey. Those are the only places I've ever lived. I would like to move back into the city though, but not South Philly.

Random fact(s) about me in real life: a few more of these, huh?

-I have a neice that is only four years younger than me
-I own a ton of pink clothes, yet I wouldn't say it's my favorite color
-I am a pizza addict, and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to give it up for lent. I'm going through withdrawal.
-People used to stop my mother on the streets and tell her that I looked exactly like Shirley Temple and my mom-mom was scared that someone would kidnap for that reason. (Thus proving that irrationality is a genetic trait passed down. Hee)


Okay, I'm gonna attempt to do work, catch up on friends list, and then write some. Because writing needs to get done. It's important and stuff.
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And couldn't resist. I'm bored and it's the day before a holiday weekend. Sue me!

Fanfiction/fandom survey )


Jul. 26th, 2005 04:38 pm
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I'm so behind on everything! Personal craziness has overflowed into other craziness - and I just feel like I'm way behind. Eep.

So what does that mean I do?

a meme of fun... )
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Because never a day goes by where I don't hear someone say to me, "Tommygirl, I just don't know enough about you." Well, from those that aren't forced to read my personal journal anyway. Those unfortunate folks tend to cry out, "Why Lord? Why am I bearing witness this?"

So here's a get-to-know me meme without really providing you with much at all.

Because I was bored and it's the end of the day )
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Just got home from the day with the little bit. We did see Madagascar and apparently she and I were the only people in the audience who found it funny. Though it was like the first Shrek all over again, where something inappropriate was said and I have to look at Ellen, but luckily it went over her head and she was more interested in Alex the Lion falling a lot.

So it was enjoyable. Then we went out and spoiled her mad before meeting up with my sister and Nancy for dinner, where I handed a very sugared up little bit back to my sister for the rest of the night. MWAH!


I had to do this because it's *broadway* - and that's been my first love since I was four years old and saw Oliver.

Choose any 3 roles on Broadway that you would want to be in:

Currently on broadway?

1. Glinda in Wicked
2. Maureen in Rent
3. Lady of the Lake in Spamalot (It would just be fun! It's Monty Python!)

If told tomorrow you could go see any 2 shows for free and front row you would see...

Only two?

1. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - Norbie!!!
2. I so want to see Assassins

What 3 shows would you want to be revived so you could perform in them and what role:

1. Florence in Chess
2. Cassie in Chorus Line (Okay, I got to be her in high school play - and as a dancer primarily, that was always the role I wanted)
3. Velma in Chicago

What 3 shows would you want to be revived so you could just watch

ALL of them, bitches! I'm a theater whore.

1. Chicago - I don't care how many times I see it, I love it so.
2. Scarlet Pimpernel - but the original version, not the redone or touring versions. Those are crap. And really it would have to have Douglas Sills to make me really happy.
3. Ragtime - gah!

3 Broadway actresses you'd want to work opposite of:
1. Idina Menzel
2. Marren Mazzi (sp?)
3. Bebe Neuwirth

3 Broaday actors you'd want to work opposite of:
1. Anthony Rapp
2. Brian Stokes Mitchell
3. Brian d'Arcy James

Um...can I keep going? There are many!

The 1 part that you wouldn't mind changing your sex for (male part if your a girl and so on): I would love to play Percy/Pimpy in Scarlet Pimpernel! the fun of that part!

Your 1 dream broadway role:
1. as Florence in a revival of Chess. I *love* chess!

The 1 part you would love to play but know you never could for some reason.
1. Mimi in Rent

1 Broadway show that closed too early:
1. The Capeman. I loved it. Why didn't anyone else get to see it? Or *want* to?

The one show you would never see again:
1. I'll probably cause heart attacks, but I hated Les Mis both times i saw it. It's my Cosette hate, I think. I can't get past it. Oooh...I just hate her so much and stupid Marius...oohhh...
2. And Lion King. I went because of Jason as Adult Simba...but the first act dragged until he came into it. Just...I love the movie, but there were *animals* in walkways. (It makes me think of Forbidden Broadway and then I laugh though...)

The one show you would see over and over again:
1. I think I've proven I'm a Renthead through and through...OBC alone I'm in the 40's for viewing. Hee. I love that show. I love my OBC. I have very strong attachments to that show and that time in my it would have to be the OBC - like I went to Anthony's last and haven't been back to the Nederlander except once to see Joey Fatone (err...)

Your Favorite Broadway Quote:
1. "Let the green girl go!" ::Dies laughing::
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Am quite bitter and envious of y'all that got to see Serenity last night. Am grateful though that each of you has used cut-tags for any spoilers. As I am not a fan of the spoilers for most things. I like finding out as I go. please take this to apply to the upcoming harry potter book and those spoilers out there that I've managed to avoid thus far. thanks! Alas, gratitude is not stronger than the green-eyed monster and so...::scowls::

Instead, I got to spend my evening watching repeats of The O.C., reading, and starting a story that I didn't expect.

You see, out of nowhere, I started writing a popslash, trickyfish story. First, aside from Trouble In My Head, I haven't been writing much that involves Nsync in awhile now (and some of those who read that would be quick to point out I don't do much writing on TIMH - sorry). Second, I've never really been a trickyfish girl - my firm belief being that Lance belongs with JC. It goes back to the old school days when Clandestine Desires was posted and now I just can't like them with anyone else.

So why, then, am I writing this story when I have two ficathon pieces due early next week?

Though [ profile] iamtheenemy told me to finish it. She said it wasn't cheesy or bad, so if I end up finishing it and posting it, she's to blame. Remember that.


And damn if I didn't get tagged again for a different meme!

[ profile] stac88 tagged me and so here I am…

1. Favorite scent... the smell in the air right before/after it rains
2. Favorite way to relax... read
3. Favorite movie you own... Just one? Gah. Say Anything
4. Favorite movie you don't already own... Ocean’s Eleven (I borrow it from the mother whenever I’m in the mood)
5. Favorite male movie star... Brad Pitt
6. Favorite female movie star... Jennifer Garner
7. Favorite book genre... chick lit
8. Favorite clothing store... Old Navy
9. Favorite non-clothing store... Best Buy
10. Favorite cartoon character... Tweety Bird
11. Favorite CD you own... Ani Difranco “Living In Clip”
12. Favorite CD you don't already own... not sure if I have one?
13. Pass the torch to five of your favorite LJ friends! - [ profile] ladybug218, [ profile] dragonsinger, [ profile] sdlucly, [ profile] supernaturalhel, and [ profile] larah33 - or ya know, anyone who wants


I get to leave work at 3:30pm today because the boss is being uber kind, per usual, before the holiday. Love the boss on days like this.

Really don't feel like I've accomplished much, which is accurate. For I've spent most of my morning reading fanfic and pondering how to go about my take the house fic. This is my sad process a lot of time - ponder, ponder, write, rip that draft to shreds, ponder, ponder, write. Sometimes it works (like I think it did with the Jack/Sawyer story) and sometimes it doesn't (oh so many stories that I'm not going to count).

Fannish to Do List for my own needs... )


Alright off to wish away the remaining hour of time and write. Really. I'm gonna write. Goodness knows I might not have time this weekend.
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Proof that I'm bored...a fanfiction quiz... )
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it's tuesday, i'm terribly bored, and I've decided that I should take this opportunity to post a meme that I ganked shamelessly from [ profile] ladybug218

The nine things meme - more about me than you should care to know... )


Anyone have links to any good stories in any of the fandoms I adore (if in doubt, check users info)? I'm bored, people! Bored out of my skull! (And the first person to point out that I should be writing, well, they have to walk the plank...and they won't be followed by Johnny Depp because I'll keep him!)

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I've started working on those ficlets for everyone in a notebook as I've been fighting bronchitis the past few days - it's an evil thing, but wonderful to sleep all day long. I say this now, but come Monday when I return to work, I'm sure I'll be weeping at the sight of my in-box.

So I figured my first afternoon back on the computer, rather than typing up what I have of ficlets or finishing off Steph's [ profile] iamtheenemy story that I was going to finish last weekend, well, I'll have some fun with questions.


This Week's Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five crossovers would you like to see?

1. I think everyone has heard me go on about this quite a bit already. 24/Alias - specifically the love potential of Sydney Bristow and Jack Bauer. Oh, it could be great. They would be perfect together. Jack is so much better than whiny Vaughn.

2. O.C./Dead Like Me - because [ profile] sdlucly refuses to write it, someone must. Seth Cohen as a new reaper. Think of the possibilities! It would be fabulous. Someone needs to write it because the idea won't leave me alone - do we really want me writing it?

3. Charmed/Roswell - both supernatural. I like the idea of Maria having some sort of power because she was always the "plain" one during Roswell's run and I hated that view of her. She was special without powers, man, but imagine her with powers.

4. Joan of Arcadia/Wonderfalls - they both talk to God, or something. Better to say they both hear voices and do as the voices demand. They can meet in the psycho ward. heh.

5. Roswell/Farscape. I don't know how really. Haven't thought it out a great deal. But it could work...right?

A Friday Five - ganked from [ profile] dragonsinger

1) Name your favorite pairing?

Of all time? Good God! That's not right. There are so many in different fandoms: Seth/Ryan, Joan/Adam, Michael/Maria, Luke/Lorelai, Pyro/Rogue, Dan/Casey, Josh/Donna. Okay, I'll stop there, but there are many more, man. Many more!

2) Name your least favorite pairing?

I'm not a Polar Girl from Roswell. I don't like the idea of Michael with anyone but Maria. (Oddly enough, on occasion, I can/will read Maria with Kyle or Alex though).

3) Which character that was killed off upset you the most? Why did this one upset you more than others?

Alex on Roswell and Chris on Charmed - both were just...gah...I'm still not over it. Especially Alex's death because it was turned into the crappiest murder mystery EVER.

4) If you were able to bring back this character from the dead, how would you do it?

With Chris, it's easy enough. He just went back to his future. That's what I believe and I refuse to hear otherwise...fa, la, la. For Alex, er, that's a bit harder. Um, it was all a dream?

5) What song most reminds you of your favorite pairing?

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb reminds me of Michael/Maria.


New Battlestar Galatica and Stargate Atlantis this evening! There is a bright spot to the past few days of horrible illness! I'm almost caught up on all my television viewing, trying to pretend that I didn't see Smallville this past week, and wanting to do bad things with Jack Bauer on 24.


that interview meme is going around again and ladybug218 asked me some questions...answers are below. Comment if you have questions for me or want questions! )


Okay, I'm off to do start typing up some of the ficlets and finish the rest of them. So far, some have turned out much better than others and I apologize in advance for that.

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Before any real entries of substance or proof that I have succeeded in writing something can take place, I feel the need for some memes galore that I've been doing at work in a fit of boredom.

[ profile] dragonsinger has created her own meme:

You know how bands and artists pick their best songs for a "Best Of..." CD, well, that's how this works. Choose ten of your best fanfics (or fanart or original works or photographs). List them and explain why they're your best.

Below are my ten favorites of my fanfiction – not an easy feat for a secret self-loather )


A Nano-related meme that I stole from [ profile] nanoladybug218

Are you nearly as bored as I appear to be today? )


this week’s fannish five )


That passed some I'm off to undertake in some picking of Charlie's brain for this Lost idea I had. That Charlie is an evil one - though I keep trying to make him so much like how I write Dom and that's not very fair to Charlie.
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Oh, it's another one of those days where I know that I should write, but I can't bring myself to write anything of any value. I've written a few drabbles, so maybe I'll post those.


I hate it when my will to write dissipates into thin air. Especially since I need it right now. I have some stuff to get done before Nanowrimo begins next Monday (next Monday? How is it November already? Eek!)


So, as a girl who lives to procrastinate, here's another one of those writing memes that I stole from [ profile] musesfool

another writing meme – why do I never tire of doing these? )
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television meme taken from ladybug218 )


May. 31st, 2004 09:27 pm
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The weekend is over. Nice long weekend is over. It's a very sad thing, especially since tomorrow will be insane at work.

In good news...Harry Potter this Friday! Woo-hoo!

And The O.C. was on tonight. Double woo!

(Sadly, it truly is the simple things that make me happy.)


My head is filled with much Jakey G goodness after seeing Day After Tomorrow this weekend and it makes me think that I might update [ profile] transienttimes with some Jakeness. Because. Yes. What Hedda and I really need to focus on is Jakeness rather than somehow getting Emmy where she needs to go. Heh.


A Silly Fic Meme

Do you have any ritual when writing a fic?

Music. Shutting down all other windows except my MP3s and word.

Do you have any ritual when reading a fic?
Not really. I just have to be in a certain mood to read at my computer.

Who's your favorite pairing? why?

Syd/Sark, Luke/Lorelai, harry/draco, josh/donna -- I love them all because they have such...potential. A lot of them have banter and chemistry and yumminess.

If you could join in a fic two characters from different fandoms, who would you join?

Oooh...very easy. I so, so, so want Sydney from Alias and Jack Bauer from 24 together. Think of the possible sexual combustability!

Suggest an amazing fic with an unconventional pairing.

Well, I consider it unconventional, so I'll say the original Polar novel in Roswell at

A pairing you'd never read?

not much of a fan of incest fics in any fandom. it squeaks me out. And I don't like adult/student in Harry Potter because...again. squeaks.

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