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That writing meme, mostly because I'm always curious as to how people perceive my writing. I'm going to try to go back through and do these for some people, but I'm terrible with explaining why I love how certain people write in specifics. It's simply something I know.

01. Do I have a distinct style of writing?
02. If so, what exactly is it that defines my style?
03. Would you say my stories follow a certain theme?
04. Is there anything you feel I ought to improve or change?
05. Does my style (if I have one) remind you of anyone else?
06. Judging from whatever writing of mine that you've seen, what do you think is/are my strength(s)?
07. What do you think are my weaknesses?


This week's Tuesday ten - and really, wouldn't y'all be confused if I actually did it on a Tuesday? )


Pimpage Time:

1) [ profile] spn_heraea - Angst Vs. Schmoop Olympics are into day three. So if you love Sam/Dean, go read these stories. If you're not writing for the challenge, you can vote! (I cannot vote as I'm participating, but I can tell you that stories on both sides are awesome!)

2) It's week two of my Supernatural Hiatus Fandom Freanzy Question so go answer! This week's question is about choosing a favorite scene from season one - you can just quote it, show us a cap of it, what have you.

3) [ profile] schmoopfest prompts are up for claiming here. Lots of fandoms up for grabs and stories aren't due until August 24th. SPN fandom seems to be kicking ass and taking names though. (And really, Steph and I made up some Twilight-centric schmoop prompts. I know some of you know of Bella/edward! Write me fic!)

4) Because I'm eight years behind on things, if you still want a two characters' first kiss ficlet, go ahead and let me know.

5) Fandom 411 - you can register yourself with your other journals/blogs so that people can find you if LJ ever explodes.

6) If you love the show, Brothers & Sisters, be sure to check out [ profile] letterstoiraq (which I totally need to write for). It's letters between the Walkers while Justin is in Iraq.

7) The Shakespeare Pan-Fandom Ficathon - Multifandom, stories due August 17th

8) Heroes Big Boom - Heroes, sign-ups until June 17th

9) Heroes Crossover Ficathon - Heroes/Crossovers, sign-ups until June 10th

10) One Night Stand Challenge - Multifandom

11) 75 Things to Be Happy About Fic Challenge - Multifandom, must fit in a comment (two typewritten pages), due June 17th
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So things are going all crazy and wanky, it seems. The whole thing seems bizarre and while I think trying to catch real predators is important and that livejournal has to cover its own ass, well, fiction is still fiction. That said, I understand why people are locking things down and such. I don't think I'm going to quite yet. I've never used any of the inflammatory keywords in my userinfo, but we'll see how things goes.

For worst case scenarios, I am dastardlyspoon on greatest journal and thankfully, I have my own domain, so I could always just go back to primarily posting there.

Also, if it comes to it, and I need to lock down, I will give ample warning.

But again, we'll see how all this plays out.


The Tuesday Ten

1. Ever performed in public? Sung in a choir, done karaoke, school plays, play-plays, etc etc?

Yes, I was a dancer and theater geek from the time I was four. I loved performing in front of people - singing, dancing, acting. I sometimes miss it now and think about getting involved in community stuff, but no time.

2. Your best subject at school is/was? History and English

3. Your favourite dessert is_____? (It would be polite to share recipes here :) )

Strawberry frazier from Miel

4. Pick a superpower, ANY superpower! Whatchu pick?


5. Whats your worst habit that you're prepared to admit to here on LJ?

I bite my nails. The minute they grow at all, I bite them.

6. How often do you visit the: Dentist/Doctor/Hairdresser/Beautician

Dentist = every six months for cleaning (more if issues), doctor = all the freaking time, hairdresser = every six months or so

7. What's that ONE word you can just NEVER say properly out loud?


8. Your fave new purchase is? My new mattress topper

9. Ever faked your folks signature?

My mom's iss bloody impossible and my dad's was chicken scratch, but I tried

10. Do you prefer cold or hot weather? Winter Vs Summer!

Winter. I can always bundle up, but god, I hate being sweaty without a good excuse for it. Hee.


SPN Fandom: Don't forget to participate in my first weekly Supernatural Hiatus Fandom Frenzy question. And please feel free to pass it onto your fellow friends as well.

[ profile] schmoopfest is still taking prompts until Friday. All fandoms, all pairings, just bring the schmoop.

Now, I'm going to try to finish the first ficlet for [ profile] iamentheos since I didn't get to it earlier like I had originally planned.

Ciao darlings!
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I'm not sure that I am still able to be coherent about Heroes last night, but I will give it a try.

Many spoilers for last night's episode... )


The Tuesday Ten

1. What music are you currently listening to? Well, today at lunch I will pick up the new Michael Buble, but in the meantime, I've been obsessed with Robin Thicke.

2. What was the first concert you ever went to? Tiffany/New Kids on the Block

3. Do you mostly buy your music, or “borrow” music? Mostly buy. I will "borrow" a few songs from new artists to see if I like it and then I buy it if I do.

4. First music you bought yourself? I bought myself Michael Jackson's thriller on tape with some of my birthday money.

5. Dream concert playlist (lets say … 3 artists) would be? Do they have to be alive? Because dream concert would be: Doors, Beatles (all four), and Janis Joplin...of living/current artists - Ani Difranco, Bruce Springsteen, Matchbox Twenty

6. Favourite alcoholic beverage? I love mudslides and amaretto sours

7. Do you drink silly frothy flavoured coffees? Nope, I don't like coffee.

8. Fave chocolate bar? Hersheys...though I prefer Peppermint Patties

9. Fave meal? pizza

10. Fave type of restaurant? Italian/Pizza places


Last night I had a dream about Dexter, based off the information from the season finale. But it was upsetting and gross at points so I woke up part upset and part wanting to watch the series over again. I'll have to do that soon, though I'm still behind on many other shows so not sure when that will happen. But my subconscious misses my favorite serial killer.

what a very weird thing to say.
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I know recently there have been lots of discussions over what constitutes a spoiler to some people and harshing squees. So I thought I would just let y'all know where I stand on these things.


I do *not* want to know spoilers. I consider spoilers to be anything about the storyline of an episode that isn't out yet and/or information on an episode that has just aired in the past week. While I personally try to cut anything that has to do with episodes that I think people might not have seen, I don't expect someone to cut something from Buffy for god's sake.

If you constantly put spoilers outside of a cut, I will probably defriend you. Accidents happen, but if you can't bother to cut your thoughts on an episode that just aired over and over, I'm gonna pass on reading you. It's your right to not cut anything, but it's also my right to not want to be spoiled.

That said, I don't consider spoilers to be, "oh my god, so good" or "What the hell was that?" That stuff doesn't bother me and I don't really think that gives anything away.

So that's where I stand on spoilers.

Harshing Squees:

I'm totally okay with people talking about things they didn't like about episodes, even when i thought it was a great one, in my journal. I'm cool with discussions on what worked and what didn't. I only get upset when it turns to things like, "This sucked and anyone who liked it is obviously stupid." Because that's just rude. And do we really need that? Does that offer any insight into why it was bad?

So yes, please feel free to talk about things so long as you're not rude to me and/or other people.

Nothing too major. I'm pretty "whatever" about most things. And I understand that people have bad days and crap happens, so I'm more likely to let things slide, but my feeling about fandom is that it should always be fun. This is a hobby. If I stop having fun or start worrying about coming on livejournal, it's time to walk away.


The Tuesday ten on Wednesday becausee that's how I roll... )


Today my goal is to get caught up on friends list and post some recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs. I'm a tad bit behind on things.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech. I know from experience after 9/11 that nothing anyone says will make it better and it doesn't bring the person you loved back, and sometimes the cliches get annoying, so I'll spare you all that. Just know that I'm thinking of all of you.


Due to work projects and then medical stuff today, I haven't had the opportunity to squee about how awesome Entourage was on Sunday night.

Spoilers for the episode... )


Tuesday Ten! And I'm doing it on Tuesday!

1. Regular doctor checkups or sporadic visits? Dude, I seem to live at my doctor between my sinuses, my constant falling and spraining things, and random bouts of sickness, I'm there a whole lot.

2. What’s getting the most airplay on your ipod/stereo/’puter at the moment? Robin Thicke's album. I'm madly in love, people. And it seems so wrong to love Mr. Seaver's real life son so much.

3. Fave typeface? Arial

4. Fave reality tv show? American Idol and Last Comic Standing are the only ones I watch.

5. What’s your LJ screen name all about? I decided to have a fannish journal separate from my personal when I started getting more and more involved in many fandoms...and I write stories, I'm a diva, and a girl. I'm also incredibly lame and unoriginal.

6. Funniest word you heard/used/read today? Spooged. And I used it.

7. Fave part of your job? (school if that’s where you are) I write an advice column on alternate modes of transportation.

8. Least fave part of your job? (school if that’s where you are) All the medicaid stuff, especially since all the new rules, just makes my job SO much harder with all the reading and trying to comprehending of these things so when employees ask, I can explain.

9. Do you like horror movies? I love horror movies. I especially love cheesy horror movies of the eighties. They are my favorite!

10. How hot IS Balthazar Getty? So hot! I loved him when I was fifteen and he was in Young Guns 2, and then he went through an unfortunate phase and got puffy, but when he was on Alias, he got hot again. Like so hot. And he's still hot on Brothers and Sisters. In fact, Tommy Walker and Dean Winchester should have a conversation about being ridiculously goodlooking older brothers.


Now I shall try to catch up on over two days of friends list. This may not happen, especially since I will have to stop for American Idol...even if I am scared of country night and what the contestants might do.
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I'm not really sure where my week has gone thus far. That's actually good when it comes to work as who wants that to drag, but I have accomplished nothing the past few days. And Remix is due this weekend and I keep going back and forth on the story I want to remix. See, there is one I really want to do, but the character I have the idea for? I'm not sure I can do this character justice. So I'm tentative on undertaking the whole thing, and really, I think that's how the story would work best. So then I was thinking of doing this other one, but in the back of my head, it just feels like a cop out. Can I blame the author for having so many good, fun stories?

I didn't think so.

I did manage to write my 200 words last night for [ profile] stilettocamp last night. Not much more than my goal, but I made my goal. I might actually finish the next part of Winchester Meets Halliwell in this lifetime. Even though every time I think I'm close to finished with this story, it gets longer. Oh, just wait until Steph and Lara get their hands on it to beta. They will so love me. Heh.


I should officially call this "The Tuesday Ten that I Do On Wednesdays" because I never seem to get it done on time.

Onto the tuesday ten, random info about me... )


Not that I didn't already appreciate y'all who run/post for newsletters, but now that I'm helping [ profile] dragonsinger with the [ profile] het_newsletter, I am so much more impressed with you guys. My night was fairly easy and it was still hard work. Goodness.

That said, if you ever have any het news, please be sure to post it over at [ profile] het_alerts or hook me up with a link. And if you want to know all about the het fic out there, just check out [ profile] het_newsletter.


I will have a pimpage post in the near future. I'm sitting on links that I should pimp like mad, but haven't had time to go through and properly do anything with them. I'm trying y'all. Bear with me just a little bit longer.

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I meant to post this yesterday. Really. But where's the fun in posting a Tuesday Ten on Tuesday. It's much more subversive to do it on Wednesday.

Another ten questions for you (i.e: the Tuesday Ten yo!):

Random information about me in the form of ten questions... )


Work is *insane* this week. And I keep having appointments in the evening, so by the time things settle down, it's late and I need to go to bed in order to be able to do it all over again. When do I get my fanfiction arts grant? I want to spend my days reading/writing fanfiction and getting paid for it. Is that too much to ask for?

I should probably be working right this very second as my in-bin is full and my desk looks like a tornado hit it. Fun times.


I'm hoping there will be a pimpage post later as there are many things going on in various fandoms.

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The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) – Week 25:

1. If Dean were setting up Sam on a blind date, what kind of girl would he pick out? Feel free to include details like appearance, personality, hobbies, oddities, etc.

Dean would totally be thinking “booty call” for Sam, so he would try to find a really hot girl who would put out. I think he would be wary of trying to find someone more permanent for Sam, given their lives.

2. If Sam were setting up Dean on a blind date?

And here is the opposite. Because I think Sam would want to find Dean someone that he could actually be with and count on. It would probably be a hunter or someone well aware of that lifestyle, who would be willing to tolerate Dean doing it. At the same time, it has to be someone as stubborn as Dean because you know what ever girl that boy starts to fall for, he is going to put through the ringer.

3. When was Dean's first date? How did it go? Where did they go? How long did it last? Anything else? I can see Dean being the boy that hooked up and had lots of first dates, but no real gilfriends. I’m guessing he was pretty young for going far, just based on the way he grew up and the total allure of the bad boy and his utter HOTNESS.

4. How do you imagine John and Mary met? He was just recently out of the military and working as a mechanic. She brought her car in and as he was ringing her up he said something like, “You probably get this all the time, but can I have your number?” And then he smiled an irrisistible grin (One that both dean and sam have inherited) and how could she refuse?

5. How do you imagine Sam and Jess met? I imagine Jess as being the one to take the initiative, mostly because Sam seems so shy around girls that he actually likes. So I see it being Jess chatting him up and initially asking him out.


And so what if it's Friday? Does that mean I can't do the "Tuesday Ten"

This past week's Tuesday Ten...I did warn I might be spamming... )
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It's Wednesday, supposedly the hump day of the week, but things are going so damn slow that I'm not sure I buy it.

But tomorrow...tomorrow we have new Supernatural! I cling to the good things, like Sam and Dean.


That Supernatural survey... )


Next up is the Tuesday Ten - yes, I'm a day late as usual.

Were you expecting me to do this on time? I laugh at you! )


Final survey for the day, I swear! The Buffy 10 years one... )


Some pimpage:

-I'm participating in the Sweet Charity with the offer of two stories written in April for the winner. And there are a TON of great writers/vidders/graphic makers offering up their services, with bidding starting tomorrow (March 15th) and all money raised goes to RAINN. Great fannish fun for a great cause!

-Prompts are up for claiming for the black donnellys saint patty's day challenge.

-Prompts for claiming at the Some Family - Petrelli's Writing Challenge. There are a mix of gen, het, slash, and threesomes to choose from.

-Supernatural Family Secrets Challenge is taking prompts until March 19th

-Psych Out & About, a fiction and art crossover challenge - Take Psych fandom and cross it with another. Stories due June 30th. That's plenty of time, people, and it means fun Psych fic. And how fun would it be if Sam (from SPN) thinks he needs to save Shawn because he's another psychic like him?
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Hey everyone! Hope all is well. It looks like livejournal/fandom was a wonderful place of love this weekend. Of course I miss out on that.

But just so we're clear. I love you all. If you're on my friends list, you're here for a reason. And in general, my feelings about fandom are usually great. Almost everyone is kind and generous and smart and so damn talented.

(I also have not forgotten about finishing my friends love for the new year. I'm a tad bit behind, but it will get done. Really. It will.)


I also seem to have some new friends through recent friending memes and other arenas.


So I figured it was time to do more facts that no one really wants to know about Tommygirl. (Links to Volume 1: Who is Tommygirl & Volume 2: laws of land & more facts)

Random things about me... )


And since this week's Tuesday Ten hasn't been posted, I'm going to take the opportunity to do last week's first.

Last week's Tuesday Ten... )


If I spam today, I apologize ahead of time. I'm trying to get caught up on things and I'm bored at work. Double trouble.

Ciao darlings!
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How much do I love that so many are loving the pilot for The Black Donnellys? I'm so excited for this show. I have such a love for the brotherly bond (I'm sure that surprises you all) and this is just chock full of it.


The Tuesday Ten a day late because that's just how we roll... )


To all my girls who were going to Fangoria, I hope it all works out for you. And really, okay, I'll admit it. Jared's "filming responsibilities" is code for "have to go to Jersey with Jensen to make out for Mare." Sorry about that:)


Both my coworker and I, who are both Catholic, forgot today was Ash Wednesday at first. We both packed lunches with meat in them, so we ended up having to order a cheese pizza (I'll find any excuse to work pizza into my day, I think). I probably won't make it to mass though. Oh well. The weird laws of my religion don't always make sense to me anyway. I honestly think sometimes that I do a lot of these things out of routine, as I spent the early years of my life in Catholic School.


FYI...last week, both Steph and I did updates to [ profile] polyfandomrecs. I posted some RPS (mostly Jsquared) and Supernatural recs and Steph did a mix. Feel free to check them out if you're looking for some fic. She and I are both trying to update with recs more often rather than waiting until we have huge bundles. We'll see how that goes.

And on that note, I'll go catch up on friends list and try to read some fic. Or I should probably write.

Ciao darlings!
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Sorta snow day! We got to come into work an hour late this morning and the boss is buying those of us who showed up lunch and probably letting us leave early. Woo-hoo. This has the starts of an awesome Valentine's Day.

First, let's start with yesterday's Tuesday Ten because I forgot to post it then.

It's a day late, but not a dollar short... )


I didn't watch Gilmore Girls last night. Mostly because I love Lorelai/Christopher and I'm not sure my heart could've taken it, but also because my sister and I wanted to watch 24 and it's her "birthday week" so she gets her way.

Thoughts on the last two hours of 24... )


To everyone on my friends list (new friends and old): Happiest of Valentine's Days! I love you all. Each of you make me smile, laugh, and think in various ways throughout the year and my life is that much better for having y'all in it. ::huggles each of you::

Now I'm off to catch up on friends list and pretend to work hard on a snow day!

Ciao darlings!
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This day dragged on so slowly. And I was in one of those weird moods where I felt like I was starving most of the day and working out just sucked.

Cry me a river, my friends.


The Tuesday Ten (Proust Edition)

1. Which historical figure do you most identify with? Most identify with? I’m not sure there are any that I identify with so much as there are a few like Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson that I’m a tad bit obsessed with.

2. Which living person do you most admire? My mom, even when she’s crazy.

3. What is your greatest extravagance? My dvd collection. I spend tons on dvds.

4. What is your favorite journey? I’m on it now. The journey to becoming a great, smart person.

5. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Honestly, I’m not sure that any of them are overrated.

6. On what occasion do you lie? I try not to lie, but if it’s a white lie, the type that saves a person from having his/her feelings hurt, then I’ll probably lie rather than tell the truth…unless it’s someone I’m very close to, enough that I can feel comfortable being completely honest with…and even then sometimes…

7. What is your current state of mind? Overwhelmed. I’m trying to do too many things at once and I think I just need to step back, breathe, and take it all in.

8. Who is your favorite hero of fiction? Superman.

9. What are your favorite names? Nicholas, Emma

10. What is your motto? Motto = Whatever works.


Some pimpage:

The Outsiders POV Fic Challenge - Supernatural - prompts will be collected starting on February 7th and stories due on March 20th

Gibbs/DiNozzo Creative Works-a-thon - NCIS - sign-ups until February 19th

Stargate Fortune Cookie Challenge - SG-1 & Atlantis - sign-ups until February 16th

AU Prompt-a-thon - Multifandom - prompts for claiming with stories due March 26th - there are a few Supernatural ones still left!

Remix Redux V - Multifandom - sign-ups until February 10th

The SPN Roadhouse - Supernatural - stories due by March 26th

The Comment Cuddle Ficathon is running until this Friday. Take your favorite couple and make them cuddle.

The Valentine's Day Game by [ profile] svmadelyn is going for another year. Pick up to 14 people on your friends list and send Mads an email with things you love about them.


And now I'm off to watch last night's 24 with my sister.

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I'm feeling a lot better today, which is good considering I really don't want to miss another day of work and weep at the state of my desk when I return.

But being home sick did give me time to rewatch two of my favorite shows...

First there was Heroes... )

And then 24 broke my brain, but when doesn't it?

So yeah, uh... )

Other television:

Dresden Files was okay. I love the books a lot, so I knew it would be hard to live up to them, and I'm trying to make my peace with some of the small changes. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the strongest start. I just hope it gets better because the guy is HOT.

the Class continues to be hysterical. I'm so not the normal CBS sitcom girl, but this show is crazy fun.

NCIS I'm at the end of season three and I love it so much. I'm a Tony girl, but I love them all. Such good stuff.


Ryan Gosling got nominated. He kicked ass in that role and that movie was so freaking good. I know he probably won't win, but it's just so cool that the academy acknowledged him with a nomination.

A little miffed that Dreamgirls didn't get a best movie nod. I loved that movie. It was so freaking good. Mostly I'm peeved that I have to see Babel, when I'm in my anti-Pitt mood. Tomorrow night I'm going to see Pan's Labryinth so that will take care of one of the many movies I still need to see.

Overall, there weren't a ton of surprises with the nominations, but Ryan Gosling just makes me so happy!


The Tuesday Ten:

1. How would you describe your High School self? Maybe there's a neat lil stereotype you fit in, maybe not, but tell me what you woulda put on your passport back then. Nerd. Cool Kid. Band geek. Drama student. etc etc(Me? I was no doubt a nerd to some, a rebel to others, never really the cool kid, never really the geek, just lil middle of the road Mel.)

There were two versions of me in high school. I was popular and bitchy and participated in everything for my first two and a half years. After that, I sorta became more comfortable in my own skin and realized that popularity wasn't worth having people you really couldn't count on as I mostly stuck with the drama squad after that. That said, my school was not the typical high school...the popular kids weren't the football players and the cheerleaders. In fact, we tended to mock the cheerleaders. We were more a school where the cool kids were smart and took part in government and theater.

2. Fave subject at school?

My law class was my favorite class. We took a trip to hear a Supreme Court case in DC. Very cool.

3. If you're done with school, think you'll ever go back? Study something else? If you're still at school of some sort, what are you studying now?

I want to get my masters/doctorate in either English Literature or Creative Writing.

4. Fave teacher?

Mrs. Mueller, my fifth grade teacher

5. Alternatively, worst teacher? My junior year English 3AP teacher. She was just...she based every grade she gave you on your very first paper. No matter what I did in her class, I could not get better than an 88...she was out to get me, I swear. And she was convinced, based on my emo creative writing, that I was mentally unstable and kept trying to get me to "talk" to her.

6. Which of your current fandoms really pwns your soul right now?

Supernatural! Heroes is a pretty close second though.

7. Which of your current fandoms are you not-so-much with the obsessive love right now, but you're not quite ready to let go?

Gilmore Girls. It still has it's good moments. And I do like Lorelai/Christopher, but it's nowhere near the par of earlier seasons.

8. Which two of your current fandoms would have the most fun getting together for some crossover action? Characters, actors, I dont mind which.

Supernatural & 24! Dean WInchester and Jack Bauer would be an awesome team! Terrorist are working with a group of demons...and only those two can save the world! (Feel free to write this for me - wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

9. Which guest character/actor/MOTW/etc etc would you most like to see pop up in your fave fandoms canon?

Adam Baldwin as a badass hunter on Supernatural!

10. If the world of your favourite fandom was real, what would your Mary-Sueing self get up to there?

Well, in Supernatural, I would totally be needing Sam and Dean's help because I lived in an evil demon house last year.


Alrighty, gonna watch GG and then probably get some sleep.

Ciao darlings!
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I keep forgetting that it's already Wednesday. The day off this week, while highly enjoyable, has me running a tad bit behind everywhere else. Frankly, I just want it to be Thursday night so we can get to more Supernatural and brotherly love. Because seriously, those boys...I'm just a tad bit obsessed (I know. I hide it well, but it's true).

So the second half of the 24 season six premiere was made of the awesome. Good god. I didn't expect two of the things to happen, especially not so soon. I really should've learned after last year that anything's possible from within the first few minutes.


I have not forgotten the rest of the love for the friends list. It's coming, y'all. I've just been busy and haven't been on the computer for non-work stuff much the past couple of weeks.

As always, know that I love y'all. You're faboo and fun and interesting.


The Tuesday Ten...a day late, but who cares? )


A little pimpage for y'all as I've been slacking:

-AU Prompt-a-thon - Multifandom - taking prompts until January 22nd with stories due by March 24th

-Supernatural Big Bang - Supernatural/J-Squared - sign ups by February first with stories (that are at least 20,000 words) due in draft form by May 1st.

-Idol Reflection - it's like [ profile] ship_manifesto, but share why you love a specific character

-I've updated [ profile] polyfandomrecs with 20 Supernatural Recs

-And [ profile] moviefanfiction is there for all your movie fanfiction needs, whether to archive (yes please) or to read (be sure to leave feedback). Steph and I would love for it to become a sort of one-stop shop for movie if you wrote some over the holidays, feel free to post!


I'm trying to put aside time to get back to my writing. I'm hoping for at least 30 minutes for at least 4 out of 7 days toward writing something...lordy knows I have enough things going on that need attention. And [ profile] larah33 and I have decided to do a collaboration Henry/Betty story for Ugly Betty of how they get together. We both like Henry a tad bit. We know nothing else about this - any ideas you guys want to share - except that it will be Henry/Betty getting into a relationship. Because HENRY!

And on that note, I'm gonna catch up on friends list and wish away the remainder of this day.
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My yuletide story has been edited and is now uploaded. Woo-hoo. That's one down and a billion writing obligations to go. But that really was the hardest one for me and now it's done. Woo-hoo.


Work was crazy busy today and last night, due to drugging myself out of a headache, I fell asleep before the finale of Dexter. What is wrong with me? My one co-worker came up to me ready to discuss and I had to cover my years, shouting, "Fa, la, la." Not fun. Plan to watch it tonight. Because really. I need another cliffhanger type thing to add to my television neurosis.


The Tuesday Ten...on time this week... )


So, do I catch up on the friends list or go watch Dexter and let the friends list wait another day?

I'm thinking Dexter wins. I mean, love you guys and all, but really, there's nothing like a show about a serial killer right before hunkering in for bed.

Ciao darlings!
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It's the last day of my work week and it's going so damn slowly. Why Lord? I'm currently getting a hold of Dexter season 1 so that I can get my sister properly hooked on the show. She saw the first two episodes, but then got so far behind she stopped. And that's not cool. It's such good stuff.

Speaking of Dexter, there is currently a Dexter Friending Meme going on.


Tuesday 10, again, not done on Tuesday because I'm rebellious that way... )


Twelve Days of Christmas... )


Some pimpage:

A collection of 2006 wish lists - so go add yours and then peruse the list to see if there is anything you can do for someone.

Standing under the Mistletoe Challenge - Take any two (or three, or more!) characters, any fandom. Stick them under a mistletoe together, and then tell me what happens. Could be a kiss, could be warfare. Holiday fun!

Supernatural Valentine's Day Challenge Prompts for claiming - stories due February 14th and c'mon...those boys deserve SCHMOOP like no one else!

-[ profile] polyfandomrecs - I can't speak for Steph, but I've got a bunch of recs sitting on my computer that i'm hoping to update with this weekend. For all your reccing needs. Okay, for *some* of your reccing needs, especially if you love SGA or SPN and the occasional small fandom.

-[ profile] moviefanfiction - Just remember that once all your holiday challenges are done, if you've written any movie-based fic, you can post it here. Steph and I are trying to turn it into the one-stop shop archive for all movie fanfiction to make it easy for everyone to find.


And now for the remainder of the day I shall ponder my [ profile] yuletide fic and play around at the Dexter Friending Meme.

Ciao, my darlings!
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The Tuesday Ten this week was all about celebrities/characters from fandoms. Yeah, I know it's no longer Tuesday, but rules are for losers.

The Tuesday Ten, but done on Wednesday... )
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And I'm not having any luck writing. This is why I prefer my "just go where the characters take you sort of writing." Because I know where I want to get to, but do you think Sam Winchester will let me do that? Oh no, he's being a pissy little bitch. He's enjoying my torment. I know it.

So in lieu of that, I bring you some *fun*

the Tuesday Ten Two Days Late... )


Sum up your former/current fandoms in a few sentences, as if they were human beings/very convincing sockpuppets on your flist. All of these are fandoms that I have written in. Guess which fandom I'm talking about!

Eight fandoms in a few sentences for you to guess... )


[ profile] ignipes posted an interesting question on what makes you click on a recced story. I especially found it interesting as half of the duo responsible for [ profile] polyfandomrecs. I mean, I'm not sure I'd stop doing recs the way that I already do, but I think it's interesting to see the things that people look for in a rec. It's something to keep in the back of my mind when I do a recs update. I do have to agree with the main one of how it does depend on how much you trust the person reccing you the story. It's all about finding a reccer that constantly provides you with links to stories that you both share a mutual enjoyment of. I try to avoid phrases like "best story ever" and "we like good stuff" because that's quite subjective.

It's funny that this discussion began today when I've been pondering the whole "what makes a story a worthwhile" rec thing. Because I read a lot of fanfiction, but I only rec a small amount of it. And it's not that the majority of the fanfiction I read isn't good (because I have no qualms about x'ing out of the really bad fic), but that it just wasn't really memorable when I'm putting my lists together. And I think, for me, that's really the biggest piece of criteria (I've gone on about what I look for in fic I'm reading many times before and will spare you all) that I have - the story is memorable. Whether it's from a really original plot, a style of writing that is brilliant, some really great banter that sticks with me...that separates it from me thinking "good story, what's next" and me reccing it.


Quick pimpage before I go:

Hey Supernatural fandom artists? Have you checked out [ profile] spn_color? Submissions are due by December 22nd

[ profile] spn_christmas has opened the post for claiming prompts here. Tons of holiday themed Winchester fic could be ours, people. And some of the prompts are just hysterical.


Half hour left. Half hour left.

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Sorry for the spammage! For reals. I'm awake now. Dammit. I think I need to dose myself with some Tylenol PM on top of my regular meds.

The Tuesday Ten by [ profile] mel_b_angel:

1. Do you have a Hero? (Wind beneath your wings or otherwise :)) If so, who? Kevin Smith is totally my hero. I love that man.

2. What are you currently REALLY looking forward to? I cannot wait for the four day weekend of Thanksgiving. I really need four days off and the boy will be down and it will be lovely times.

3. What’s your absolute favourite meal? PIZZA! Though I don’t consider that a meal, so uh…I love grilled chicken & broccoli pasta. YUM.

4. What’s your physical!kink? Hands, necks, chests, feet, bellybuttons ( munchkinfdoom ;) )... what does it for you? I have some vampire tendencies. I love boys with pretty necks and arms. Gah. Like Keanu Reeves in Speed? You just want to BITE them.

5. Is Grease really the word? According to the song…

6. Got a green thumb? Alas, I have the brown thumb that kills things. Dude, I’ve killed cactuses and bamboo, two things that apparently are impossible to kill. I’m gifted.

7. What’s one thing *I* (and my flist potentially!) should know about you I don’t already? I’m an insane Philadelphia Flyers fan and have been since the womb (my mother says I used to kick a lot when she was at the games…)

8. To fake-tan, or not fake-tan? I don’t bother. I’m so pale and I’ve grown used to it.

9. Do you smoke? I tried it when I was in college because most of my sorority sisters smoked, but it was just gross and expensive, so I stopped rather quickly (like after a pack).

10. If you were head honcho in your part of the world – PM, President, King, Emperor, Chief etc etc – what’s the first thing you’d do? People would need my personal permission to be able to drive.

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