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Happy Birthday [ profile] gray_light!!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day and are properly spoiled, darling!


Happy Supernatural Day, everyone! Finally, we have some new Sam and Dean. I'm completely unspoiled (because that's how I roll) and so looking forward to seeing how things unfold. I miss my show. I was rewatching some of the season three episodes and I just miss the boys. Other fandoms come along and are shiny and pull me in (ie Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte slash), but Sam & Dean always own my heart. It's a sickness, I know.


The only shows I'm currently caught up on are: 90210, Gossip Girl, and Entourage. Everything else I have sitting on my dvr to watch at some point. I really need to sit down and watch some television, but then I feel guilty because there is still so much to do around the new house.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] benitle and [ profile] penknife!

You're both amazing and I wish you each the very the best! I'm so glad to have you on my friends list.


Is President Bush done visiting the Olympics yet? I get into my happy place of Michael Phelps or other hot boy swimmers and then BAM, zoom in on President Bush. Yeah, way to take me out of my moment and happy place. On the otherhand, with him busy rooting on Team America, he can't do too much damage to the country, so I guess that's a blessing.

But NBC really needs to stop panning from Michael Phelps to President Bush. That's just not cool.


After the poll and thinking it through, the week of drabble-a-thons will run from Monday, August 18th until Friday, August 22nd. I know I'll have the time to actually moderate and participate in it if I do it that way. So take the opportunity of my insane schedule and forgetfulness to leave prompts for the five days of drabble-a-thons.


Speaking of drabbles, [ profile] dotfic wrote me a SPN drabble of Dean going undercover in a boyband - Hangin' Tough.
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Let's start with happiest birthday wishes to [ profile] lostt1, [ profile] jenadamson, and [ profile] mkitty3! Each of you is a wonderful person and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you through livejournal. I hope your days are fabulous and full of pampering. I was going to mail Jared Padalecki to y'all, but I got


Yesterday was basically a waste of a day for me. I have so much I need to get done before we move into the house at the end of the August. Alas, I woke up with the sinus headache of doom. I used my neti pot like three times, sat with a warm compress over my eyes, and then slept all but about five hours of my day away. Yeah, I accomplished a lot.

Today has been better. I have a slight residual headache, but nothing I can't work through. So I've gotten some laundry done, did the dishes, and started going through my clothes. I'm a fiend, my friends. I buy so many things and still wear about like 1/4 of my entire wardrobe. But this simplifying thing is really hard. I keep coming up with excuses to keep everything. "I could need this!" or "If I lose 10lbs this will fit again!" And I am trying to lose weight again - back on the Weight Watchers cult express - but it seems silly to keep tons of clothes.


There is not nearly enough good fic centered around Edmund and Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia and they are my two favorite characters from the books. Tons of Peter and Susan fic, but where is the Edmund and Lucy stuff?

My sister finished with Stephenie Meyer's new book, Host, so I'm hoping to get to that some time this week. I'm so behind on my reading. I'm currently reading Scahill's book on Blackwater and while it's interesting (and quite horrifying), it's a rather dry read. So I keep coming up with excuses to stop reading.


Hopefully this week goes fast at work. I have to train a new temp again. We have a Board meeting. And it's a short week. Please go fast. Please.

And then it's a long weekend. On Friday I'm supposed to go to the shore, but it's going to be so crowded. I might just opt for a movie with the boy and friends, if I can convince them that sailing is dumb (not likely). And then Saturday, I'm meeting up with [ profile] benitle to go to one of my favorite places, the Constitution Center. And then on Sunday I'll be saying, "Where did my weekend go?" Such is the cycle.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] devildoll

I hope your birthday is filled with joy and the proper pampering you deserve. Have a great day!


Had dreams about Dean Winchester last night. And now I have plot bunnies of doom. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, but I'm so far behind on all my writing that the last thing I need is another bunny. And I still really want to write the SPN/Reaper crossover because I just think it would be lots of fun.

Oh to be able to pull something out of my brain a la Pensive-like from harry potter and it comes out as a finished story. That would be great.


I saw Prince Caspian with the little bit on Saturday. Surprisingly, she and I were two of about six people in the entire theater for the showing. Over all, it was good stuff. Peter is hot and Edmund is adorable and I'm a dirty!bad!person...because even my little bit said to me, "Tommy, you are tool OLD for those boys." Yes, thank you for pointing that out.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kalena_henden!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


I tivo'd Transformers over the weekend when it was on Cinemax. I own the dvd, but still recorded it like the lunatic I am. I love that movie. It's awesome. And they are filming the second one here in Philadelphia and there is a chance (right now very small) that I might be able to get on the set thanks to my volunteer work with the film office.

But let's just focus on the movie. Sam is so adorable. And it has Josh Duhamel all scruffy. And then there is Bumblebee! And Optimus Prime!!!

Good stuff.

Is there any good fanfiction? Anyone want to point me in some direction?


Speaking of recs, I really need to catch up on a lot of my reading before Steph and anyone who likes [ profile] polyfandomrecs kills me. I have a few recs saved, but since my battle with pneumonia, I haven't really read/written/recced anything. I have tons of stuff bookmarked, but just haven't had time to go back and/or felt like it.

I hope this fandom ennui passes. There is no real reason for it on my part. I have the most awesome friends list that enables me to avoid almost all the wanking and drama. I'm surrounded by brilliant and creative people...I think I'm just slightly burnt out for no real reason (which might be why I haven't watched SPN yet).


Once again, I shall pimp [ profile] oldschoolfic. Lots of fandoms that deserve some love. Come play. Or pass the info onto those who want to play!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shay_renoylds!!!

I hope your day is fabulous and full of lots of pampering. I am going to work on your b-day ficlet quite soon. In fact, you might have it before your next birthday!


I've said it before, and I will say it again. I'm extremely spoiled by the archive/tagging system that [ profile] supernaturalfic utilizes. It makes thing so easy and cuts down on a lot of scrolling through fic that I'm not in the mood for.

And this led me to my recurring idea of creating an fandom organization community/team...where communities can have us come in and work with them to organize tags/memories/etc in the best way for that community. And all they do once it's done, along with keeping up the system, is put a little graphic on their user info saying "Organized courtesy of so & so." Because I'm anal and OCD and I enjoy making sure everything is tagged/organized. And I have friends that share this love. And I do think it would be a tool to fandom.

That said, oh the volunteers I would need because I'm busy as it is and would never get anything done.

A poll on the idea... )


I'm hoping to read some of the remixes and other fic today! That would be lovely. I miss reading fic. I miss reccing fic. Mostly, I miss writing fic. I'm working on that at the moment with this Chuck fic 'o doom.
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Stupid mondays. Stupid rainy mondays. The good thing about the rain is that hopefully it will wash away some of the pollen currently trying to kill me. I really don't want to die because of horny plants. It just seems to ridiculous.


Dearest [ profile] shay_renoylds: Since your birthday is fast approaching, please give me a prompt for Supernatural or Heroes of a ficlet. Considering this is me, realize it will be late, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.


I feel so out of touch with fandom lately and that makes me both sad and sorta okay. Sad because I have the coolest people on my friends list, the most awesome parts of fandom, and I miss y'all so very much. On the otherhand, I don't mind missing out on tons of wank.

So, back to the missing out on fandom things...everyone recommend me something wonderful and fandomy (I just made a word!) and I shall go check it out and then pimp it/rec it/feedback it. Life is finally (::knocks on wood::) slowing down a bit for me.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] rejeneration!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, are completely spoiled, and Winchester boys show up to provide your every desire.


Tomorrow is [ profile] iamtheenemy's birthday. My little Roy is all growed up and obsessed with bandom boys. I'm currently in the midst of writing her story featuring her bandom boys and Heroes characters, but it's going to be late. I'm sorry, dude. Life is crazy. But I love you lots and miss you and hope you have a faboo day!


Today I relaxed a whole lot. It was lovely. We watched The Jane Austen Book Club, which was cute and enjoyable. Though I really wish they let Hugh keep his accent. Boys are much cuter when they speak with accents. Anyway, if you like Jane Austen and/or chick flicks, I suggest checking this one out. It's adorable.

I also saw No Country for Old Men yesterday and had one thing proven wrong to me. I've always said that I find *no* man attractive with a moustache. It just doesn't work for me...but Josh Brolin can pull it off. I'm sure my method of enjoying the movie was not that of the boy's as I often was saying:

"Even with that moustache and ridiculous shirt, I would totally make out with him."

or for Javier Bardem...

"Even with that ugly haircut and buckets of crazy, I'd totally make out with him."

The boy's response: "And people think you're shallow."

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Happy Birthday [ profile] thinfeawen!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


Attention Chuck Fans!

[ profile] misspamela is running the Write More: The Chuck Fic Challenge. So go leave prompts and write Chuck fic! Because the world needs more of it. Especially Chuck/Bryce and Ellie/Captain Awesome.

Speaking of, I really am going to finish my Ellie/Captain Awesome first date fic sometime soon. Instead, I ended up writing a Veronica Mars/Chuck crossover story.

Me + Crossovers = OTP


I still have a four days open for my holiday drabble-a-day offer. And if you're on my friends list and you really want one even after it's filled, I'll double up. So come up with some prompts for me, my friends. This is my holiday gift to all of you. Because I love you all like whoa.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] butterfly!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, complete with pampering and adoration.


I managed to get a good night's sleep last night, but I'm sitting here in my office about ready to fall asleep at my desk. I think I'm just addicted to sleep. That I could do it for hours and hours and hours without ever getting too much. Too bad life interferes with such plans.

It didn't help that when I pulled the covers back this morning, it was freezing. I wanted to stay in my warm & comfy bed.

I really need to win the mega-million dollar lottery.


Last night I managed to do my 500 words for Mini-Nanowrimo, but again, they were terrible. I'm just not feeling my writing the past few days. It's like I know what I want to say and have happen, but I'm having a real problem making that clear to the reader in a way that doesn't suck.

Today I will attempt to write something that I do not feel compelled to delete immediately after typing out.


I am almost caught up on Friday Night Lights. I'm one episode behind at the moment. And I...I was a bit worried after the season premiere, but it's gotten so very good again. I love these characters in all their flawed relationships and behavior. Spoilers for what I've watched of season two... )


I guess I should attempt to do some work. Half my office is out today so it's quiet and I'm sleepy. Cry me a river.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jellicle!!!

I hope that it's been a fabulous day, darling. If you'd like a b-day ficlet, just leave me a prompt and such. I run a smidge late on those, but it will eventually come.


New Chuck and Heroes soon! My sister and I wait until 8:40 so we can watch both without commercials and still finish around the same time as if we watched it live. Good times.

I really hope that Chuck gets picked up for next year. I love it so.


Now I'm off to attempt to get my 500 words done as I didn't have a chance at work.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] svmadelyn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! Let me know if there is a drabble you want.


I'm home sick because the stupid sinus infection has settled in my chest. Yuck. It's the same sinus infection I've been battling on and off for the past few months. It's driving me crazy.


Television chatting:

Ugly Betty

spoilers for last night's episode... )

Project Runway:

The season gets underway and already there is buckets of crazy... )

And now, the most important of all, the Sam & Dean show, Supernatural

Massive spoilers for this episode... )


I barely got my 500 words done yesterday, more added to Winchester Meets Halliwell, but it was like pulling teeth and I have a feeling most of it is utter crap. I'm blaming evil sinus issues.

Now I shall continue to watch Numb3rs and enjoy another pair of brothers that love each other a whole lot. I have to wait for my sister to get home to watch Dirty Sexy Money from this week...
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ignipes!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! I'll try to send the Winchester brothers your way to play with, but Sam is very hard to fit in the box.

If you'd like a drabble/ficlet, let me know. I run way behind on them, but it will get done eventually!


Happy Supernatural Day to everyone else! My days are never bad when I get new Sam and Dean!


I did not make my [ profile] mini_nanowrimo goal of 500 words yesterday. Work was busy and my head was killing me all day, so after work, I ran to pick up sinus meds and then went to bed very early. Only woke up to eat something and then back to bed. Feeling better today, so hopefully I can make up yesterday's word count, but I'm feeling like a slacker now.

But I'm also very intrigued by some of the prompts you guys made yesterday! It's not too late to come up with one if y'all want. Just sign up here.
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So it's been a whole month and now I am once again battling the sinus plague. I planned to go into work a few hours late, but still felt like death and unable to breathe, so I decided to stay home all day. Slept a lot, watched more episodes of Numb3rs, and then my sister and I watched 28 Weeks Later. It was okay, but nowhere near as good as the first one.


Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] wendy! You are a bright light in fandom and I'm so glad that I was able to meet you (and hug you in person) at wincon this year. ::lots of huggles::


Mini-Nano starts on Thursday and I'm aiming for 500 words a day, which is completely doable for me. My main problem is not lack of words, but rather getting started/procrastinating. So I'm hoping that I can use mini-nano to get my ass in gear and finish some of the numerous projects I have kicking it in my brain and half-started on my computer.


I'm thinking of writing my own Ellie/Captain Awesome fic. I can't decide if I want to focus on how they got together or just domestic schmoop of some sort. Have they said anything during the episodes on how those two met?


Speaking of Chuck, let's talk last night's episode and how this show continues to own me. spoilers for last night's episode... ) This show is seriously one of my happy moments during the week. Nothing comes close to my Supernatural love and there are a few other really good shows out there, but Chuck is so good.

I'm not even going to bother with an in-depth on Heroes because West continues to annoy me and I hate how Claire behaves around him. And it's just taking too long to get to anything interesting. It's one thing to need a few episodes to put a few pieces into place - like at the beginning of the first season - but this is taking too long. And frankly, I don't really care about anything that isn't Matt/Mohinder.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quarterturn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling!



Based on the poll I did last week, there was interest in a Sports Night Holiday Exchange. So sign-ups begin today over at [ profile] sn_holidays! Please pimp this out to your Sports Night pals! And let me know of any questions, concerns, etc. The due dates and what would be offered were based on the poll majority.

[ profile] sn_holidays



Work is crazy. I hate when work is crazy. Busy is fine, but crazy is stressful.



Had weird dreams last night where I was the lead in the musical version of the Colbert Report. And Stephen and I were doing this huge dance number about republicans. Just very, very bizarre.



[ profile] winchestercon is less than two weeks away! I get to hang out with really cool people I want to meet, especially [ profile] iamtheenemy! There is no one I would rather share my first con experience with than Steph and my lovely SPN Fandom Peeps!

But, for those who cannot make [ profile] winchestercon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con. [ profile] deirdre_c was a great help with it last year and this year, she is taking over! It's sure to be good times, so be sure to check that community out!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hyperfocused!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, complete with pampering and whatever you wish for!

Just let me know the fandom/pairing/prompt you'd like for your b-day ficlet and one day it will be yours. Hee.


Back to work today, which was crazy. Thanks to all this illness stuff, I seem to be going through cycles where I'm sick, miss work, and come back to so much work. I just get caught up, and find I'm sick again. Le sigh.

I really am hoping that between today and tomorrow I'll get caught up on work and can finish some of my fannish committments. I feel so completely out of it fandomwise lately. It's a sad thing.


On a much brighter side, Steph and I were chatting yesterday and there is only a little over two weeks until [ profile] winchestercon! Who all is going? I can't wait to meet some of y'all and hopefully I won't scare you guys too much. Not only that, but after the con ends on Sunday, I get to spend some time with Bebel until Thursday! Woo-hoo!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hurrigirl!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


My goal for this afternoon/evening is to finish up my supernatural crossover fic so it can get beta'd and posted. It needs to be done so I can focus on several other bunnies/stories poking at my brain.

And I haven't forgotten birthday ficlets. This story has just taken over everything when it comes to writing. If I even think about working on something else, my brain whispers, "But you must finish crossover of doom!" And I'm honestly finding that anything else I undertake lately suffers the same problem as this current story - it's really bloody long.

Where has my short muse gone? I think I need to find a community like 15 minute ficlets or something to get back into the habit. But of course, that needs to wait until this story is done.


I do not understand people who don't appreciate Supernatural. I mean, to each his own, but I feel like they are missing out on something by not enjoying it. And I know that makes me weird and a tad bit obsessed (just a tad?), but it's true. I try to get them to watch. I say hot boys, brothers who love each other, banter, hot boys, good stuff...they just don't seem moved.

It's one of the many reasons I love fandom and my friends list. It's a place to find other souls just like me, who get that Supernatural is good stuff and appreciate Sam and Dean.

::stares at mood icon:: Seriously, Jared's smile just makes me happy. I can be having a crappy day and I see his smile I just have to smile too. So adorable.
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] estrella30 and [ profile] beachkid!!!

I hope you both have fabulous days!

Also, in case I'm not around tomorrow...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] zeplum!!!!

You are one of the most awesome people I've come to know from my friends list and I hope you have a fabulous day befitting a cool, small fandom chica!

(I really am writing the girl!Niko/Cal crossover as a gift for you, [ profile] medie and myself! But this is me we're talking about, so it might be *months* yet. Heh.)


I have lost my ability to write a short story. This is not good considering my [ profile] spncross story is two weeks late. And I've been working on it almost every day, but it keeps getting longer. The last two days I've been ignoring livejournal to work on it, hoping to finish it up, but nope. It doesn't want to END. It's currently at 16 pages and nowhere near done. I hate that I'm late for a deadline, especially when it's for someone, but I'm also worried about abruptly ending the story that I'm telling. Hopefully, my muse and the plot will hurry itself up and finish.

And this is the same problem I'm having with three other pieces I'm working on: Winchester Meets Halliwell Story 4, my cop!Wyatt piece for Amy, and this Ryan/Seth story I'm writing for CK. They just keep going and going...and then I get annoyed and walk away. Only to come back for them to keep going and going.

I've always been a wordy girl, but I used to be able to control it to an extent. Lordy, people.


My sister is completely hooked on Friday Night Lights. I brought it home on Tuesday (a b-day gift to myself) and made her watch the pilot. And by last night, she only had four episodes left to the season. And I got her to tell two of her co-workers about the show and it's dvd guarantee offer.

Of course because she made off with my dvds, I've only watched the first four episodes (which I saw with her) again. Hopefully, she'll let me watch my own dvds soon. Or else I'll just be *forced* to do a Heroes marathon instead.
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First, to someone who shares my birthday and is therefore AWESOMESAUCE...

Happy Birthday [ profile] itsaslashything!!!

I hope you are being spoiled and pampered and completely loved.


I have survived my birthday long weekend 'o fun. I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up on the friends list, but I read four books over the past six days and watched some movies and hung out with friends and revived my mad love for Kevin Smith (speaking of [ profile] dexterette: I think I convinced my best bud to drive up to Red Bank with me for the Kevin Smith thing!)

Then Gonzales resigned yesterday and that was a great addition to my birthday fun (though it did lead to fighting with the crazy Republican mother)...and today I was able to pick up Heroes and Friday Night Lights on dvd.

Good times.

And so what if I'm another year old? According to [ profile] vinylroad I sound twelve on the phone and when I was at Target with the mother, the cashier asked if she was taking me shopping for back-to-school stuff! Woo-hoo! Sure, I'm eighteen. UH-huh.

Anyway, thank you for the virtual gifts and the birthday wishes! I love y'all!


Finally, I've had a good few days, so I want to share the good mood and happiness. So...

Pick a number between 1 and 2317 and I shall upload that song for you. Let me know if you can't play Itunes compatible though. Once I'm done I'll upload all the music as a mix!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] miss_anya!!!

I hope it's a fabulous day, darling. I run a bit behind on ficlets, but feel free to give me a prompt/character/pairing and I'll write one for you.


So many eons ago as a Phillies' fan, I used to be madly in love with Darren Daulton, the catcher.

And since, I have become more in love with him for his special brand of crazy. Because I'm mean, I find his insanity loveable and ohmygod, I cannot wait for his book to come out next month.

If you're thinking it's because of my love of baseball, I must direct you to one of these numerous quotes from his website:

"In If They Only Knew Darren will delve into issues of ascension such as dimensions and levels of consciousness, the Mayan Calendar and December 21, 2012, creating one's own reality and a lot more. The book's message is clear: Open your mind to new ideas and know that there is more to our life than only what we can see, feel and touch! "

Dude, my favorite is still the interviews he's done recently where he said things like, "Well, of course I've time traveled." Just INSANE. And I *LOVE* it.

Oh and I can't forget the Sports Illustrated Interview from 2006.

"At 44, Daulton is not nearly the same guy he was at 24 or even 34. "I didn't have my first out-of-body experience until I was 35," he says. Curiously, the epiphany occurred at one of baseball's holiest shrines -- Wrigley Field. "I hit a line-drive just inside the third base line to help win a game," he recalls. "The strange thing was I didn't hit that ball. I never hit balls inside the third base line!"

Seriously, even if you're not a Phillies or baseball fan, check this stuff out. Oh, the crazy, it burns. This is my favorite meltdown since Tom Cruise went all batshit insane.


Also crazy? Color Me Badd dude on Mission: Manband. He's going crazy and we're only two episodes in. And how sad is it when of the four of them, the music producer thought Rich from LFO's lyrics were the best? Oh dear.

Crack! I love it.

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