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So I'm thinking the Star Trek reboot schmoop ficathon might be a go. I'm going to mull it over and maybe get something set up this weekend. I'm still trying to decide if I should limit it to slash (which, for this fandom, is my cup of tea) or open it up to be slash/het, as I also know the anguish of pairing het couples in certain fandoms and having trouble finding wonderful fic.

Of course, this means I will expect all of you to pimp like mad for me if I do it, like a crazy person.

But really, I just want to force someone to write me sickeningly sweet making breakfast fic. Yes, I'm just that demented.


Also on Star Trek reboot, is there a newsletter for it? I'm a newsletter uber fan. They are usually my gateway to all that goes on in fandom as I'm all over the place otherwise. And crying a lot. And then Steph gets text messages where I lament to her.


Now I shall go read and fall asleep after a long, crazy day at work. I am reading Russell Brand's memoir because I love him. I saw his comedy special about a month ago and is there anyone who doesn't appreciate him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Especially with his music video cue cards? Hee. That said, I did pick up book for of the Cal Leandros series and started reading it again. What can I say? I'm a sucker for very close siblings, especially brothers, who grow up alone and take care of each other no matter what.
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Have returned from seeing Dark Knight. Place was packed. Movie was made of AWESOME. Seriously loved every second...and it didn't feel like it was long, which is always a bonus.

Anyone who wants to chat about it/squee/etc, feel free to comment or email me! Because it was love! And Christian and Heath were amazing! And...and...and...

We got the teaser for the new Terminator, WIN!

We also got the preview for the Watchmen with JDM, Double WIN!
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I have to thank [ profile] causette for the lovely flower! ::huggles::


I'm so glad it's Friday. This week has been very long and tiresome. But my sister and I have watched through episode eight of Gossip Girl and she's officially hooked and loving Chuck Bass as much as I do. I loved her reaction after just the pilot to my love of Chuck - sorta worried about me - but now she sees the light. Slowly, I'm trying to bring her around to the wonders that are Chuck/Blair.


I rented 10,000 BC and Spiderwick Chronicles to watch. I'm a little scared of the first. While it has a hot boy that I adore, it sounds so horrible. And yet, I must watch it (and will probably enjoy it).


So I'm gonna do the weeky of drabble-a-thons. I'm thinking a few weeks from now. It'll be multifandom and I figured I'd post a poll (entry coming later) to decide what the five days of themes will be (I'm doing a work week as lots of people aren't around on weekends). So get ready and think up themes! It'll be fun!


Ulta is having a huge sale on hair stuff. I love Bed Head and was able to get the huge bottles for $ 9.99 each (normally, much more than that) so that was my happy making moment of the day. I hope y'all had faboo days.
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Saturday was a busy day and today was all sleepy day. As I woke up with the headache of hell. And I still can't get rid of it. So after sleeping until three pm, I'm pretty much ready for bed already. And it sorta bums me out that I slept all day because there were things I wanted to do (needed to do, actually, especially with moving looming in the next few months).

My sister and I watched Jumper earlier this evening and it was just. Dumb. And the end left me with more questions than anything. It was just bizarre. On the brightside, it was only 88 minutes, so I don't feel like I lost my life. Just some brain cells.

Though I do think it would be fun to do a small challenge where people write fics about their favorite characters developing the abilities to be a jumper.


I think I finally get to see Sex & the City movie this week. I was supposed to see it last Thursday, but my friend was sick, so we're going this Thursday. And now it seems that I have to see the Incredible Hulk because people are raving about it. It just better not be anything like the horrors of the one with Eric Bana. Or I will cry.


Now I shall go collapse and die of headache pain.
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I couldn't fall asleep until after 5am this morning because it was hot as balls in my room. I don't know why my room stays so warm, but the rest of the house can be freezing and my room will be a furnace. Not fun.

So I used the time to get caught up on the past week's One Life to Live, which I haven't watched in forever (as it got boring). Spoilers for this past week... )

But All My Children is on notice. Sure, I won't stop watching, but I do NOT want Greenlee/Ryan take one billion. I really love and adore Greenlee/Aidan and I want to see them get through everything. And as [ profile] yahtzee63 mentioned in comments a bit ago, those two would be awesome for capers. Sorta like GH used to do with Luke/Laura and Anna/Robert. They could do fun things like that with Aidan and Greenlee. And I just love and adore them.


Earlier today I got sucked into Move Over Darling on Fox Movie Channel. I adore that movie. I prefer My Favorite Wife, which is what it's based on, because of Cary Grant, but Doris Day and James Garner are awesome together.

and as my brain is all Dean Winchester all the time, I wondered where the hell the Move Over Darling J2 or Wincest fic is! I want it. Jensen/Dean disappears and is thought to be dead...flash forward five years later with Jared/Sam getting ready to move on when SURPRISE Jensen/Dean is back. Comedy ensues with a happy ending. Someone needs to write it.


Does anyone have a mp3 of "It's Over" by TJ Moss? I really love that song. I have it saved on my facebook, but I want to include it in my music collection. It's a great song.
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So is there any Samantha Who fic out there? There really should be some Samantha/Todd fic. Or Samantha/Kevin. Hell, even Samantha/Winston. Or maybe a mix of all of them. I just finally finished the first season anyone else watching this show? It was created by a chick lit author and it ROCKS.


Currently, I'm watching my dvd of Live Free, Die Hard. I enjoy this movie a great deal. It's sort of like 24 for me, that I know I should be appalled by the behavior of the law enforcement person and the ease of killing/manipulating the law...but you just get caught up in the moment and cheer. And then you find yourself thinking, "Self, did I just cheer someone for TORTURE?"


Is it possible that tonight will wrap up everythin with the democratic primary? I really hope so. Clinton and Obama should be more concerned with even the idea of John McCain as our president. ::Shudders::
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This week is already almost half over and I'm clinging to that as things at work take another annoying turn. I can't help but wonder what lessons I'm supposed to be taking from this.

On the bright side, my weekend was lovely. I saw the new Indiana Jones and I loved it. Spoilers ahoy... ) I think I need some Shia icons from the movie though. Anyone point me in the right direction?


I picked up Evernight by Claudia Gray as I always love to support our wonderful fandom fen that get the chance to publish and so far I'm really enjoying the main character. Plus, I'm a sucker for vampires in any shape or form.

I also got the first chapter of the next Twilight book from a friend. I haven't had an opportunity to read it yet, but I'm very excited to see how Bella and Edward's story wraps up. I'm just hoping that the final book makes me remember why I loved the first book - because Eclipse made me want to kill Bella, Edward, and Jacob. I think that's why my favorite characters are Alice & Jasper and Emmett & Rosalie. They weren't given enough time to annoy me.


I honestly can't believe it's almost June already. It hasn't been my favorite year thus far, but it's going rather quickly. Of course, I feel so disconnected from fandom lately. I'm hoping that will change at some point, but right now work remains crazy and I'm house hunting in real I'm just a bit frazzled most of the time.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] devildoll

I hope your birthday is filled with joy and the proper pampering you deserve. Have a great day!


Had dreams about Dean Winchester last night. And now I have plot bunnies of doom. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, but I'm so far behind on all my writing that the last thing I need is another bunny. And I still really want to write the SPN/Reaper crossover because I just think it would be lots of fun.

Oh to be able to pull something out of my brain a la Pensive-like from harry potter and it comes out as a finished story. That would be great.


I saw Prince Caspian with the little bit on Saturday. Surprisingly, she and I were two of about six people in the entire theater for the showing. Over all, it was good stuff. Peter is hot and Edmund is adorable and I'm a dirty!bad!person...because even my little bit said to me, "Tommy, you are tool OLD for those boys." Yes, thank you for pointing that out.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] kalena_henden!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


I tivo'd Transformers over the weekend when it was on Cinemax. I own the dvd, but still recorded it like the lunatic I am. I love that movie. It's awesome. And they are filming the second one here in Philadelphia and there is a chance (right now very small) that I might be able to get on the set thanks to my volunteer work with the film office.

But let's just focus on the movie. Sam is so adorable. And it has Josh Duhamel all scruffy. And then there is Bumblebee! And Optimus Prime!!!

Good stuff.

Is there any good fanfiction? Anyone want to point me in some direction?


Speaking of recs, I really need to catch up on a lot of my reading before Steph and anyone who likes [ profile] polyfandomrecs kills me. I have a few recs saved, but since my battle with pneumonia, I haven't really read/written/recced anything. I have tons of stuff bookmarked, but just haven't had time to go back and/or felt like it.

I hope this fandom ennui passes. There is no real reason for it on my part. I have the most awesome friends list that enables me to avoid almost all the wanking and drama. I'm surrounded by brilliant and creative people...I think I'm just slightly burnt out for no real reason (which might be why I haven't watched SPN yet).


Once again, I shall pimp [ profile] oldschoolfic. Lots of fandoms that deserve some love. Come play. Or pass the info onto those who want to play!
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I have pulled out my surefire happy-inducing movie to watch. I pulled out Miracle, which is the 1980 Olympic hockey team story. As a girl who was going to Flyers games from the womb and has been obsessed with hockey her whole life, I adore this movie so very much. I remember watching this game with my dad when I was four years old. I remember cheering and chanting "USA" (I was *four* and easily swayed by promises of being tossed in the air), but I didn't really get it until later.

And I just love how these guys accomplished something that no one thought was possible and with sheer determination and hard work, they were able to do it. And it makes me believe that anything is possible.

Plus, the movie has really cute boys. And nothing can ever go wrong with that.

Anyway, if you've never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. And if you don't find yourself cheering and clapping at points (and yes, I know how it turns out), I'm not sure what I think.

I also watched The Seeker: Dark is Rising tonight. Nowhere near up to par with the amazing books and they took some weird liberties with the movie that I'm not sure I really understood the point of. Overall, not nearly as terrible as I expected and it had Nine from DW.

As my friend, Jason, said to me the other day. It really does come down to hot boys with me.


Can someone give me the html code so that I can add one of those boxes with info that can be copied into comments? It's for something fun I'm working on.


With everything that's going on lately, I feel that I should remind people where else I can be found.

Insanejournal: tommygirl - I use this account a lot. I don't crosspost, mostly because I never think to use semagic, except for stories.

Journalfen: tommygirl - I mostly just check my friends list there for those that moved over there.

I still have greatest journal, but it seems to have tons of issues, so I just don't sign in there anymore.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] rejeneration!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, are completely spoiled, and Winchester boys show up to provide your every desire.


Tomorrow is [ profile] iamtheenemy's birthday. My little Roy is all growed up and obsessed with bandom boys. I'm currently in the midst of writing her story featuring her bandom boys and Heroes characters, but it's going to be late. I'm sorry, dude. Life is crazy. But I love you lots and miss you and hope you have a faboo day!


Today I relaxed a whole lot. It was lovely. We watched The Jane Austen Book Club, which was cute and enjoyable. Though I really wish they let Hugh keep his accent. Boys are much cuter when they speak with accents. Anyway, if you like Jane Austen and/or chick flicks, I suggest checking this one out. It's adorable.

I also saw No Country for Old Men yesterday and had one thing proven wrong to me. I've always said that I find *no* man attractive with a moustache. It just doesn't work for me...but Josh Brolin can pull it off. I'm sure my method of enjoying the movie was not that of the boy's as I often was saying:

"Even with that moustache and ridiculous shirt, I would totally make out with him."

or for Javier Bardem...

"Even with that ugly haircut and buckets of crazy, I'd totally make out with him."

The boy's response: "And people think you're shallow."

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I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but my Monday morning went rather fast. Here's to hoping the afternoon passes likewise.

So there was some sort of football game last night, I hear? I don't care about football in any sense, but I was told these things.

1. From my cousin - As a Philadelphian, you cannot cheer for the Giants, unless they're playing Dallas. It's wrong.

2. From the boy - The Giants will win because they are in a tougher division.

Personally, I don't care. I know that Tom Brady is cute and Matt Damon likes him...that's enough for me. I was out running errands in no man's land while the game was on. Fun times. My superbowl is the Oscars. That's when I party and squee and boo (I'm still not over Roberto Benigni winning the Best Actor award).


In much more interesting news (to me anyway), tomorrow is Super Tuesday! I am really hoping that Obama pulls out a huge victory. And it's not because I hate Hillary Clinton and/or think a woman can't do the job. I think that our country is in a position where we need a big change. And, I'm not completely convinced Hillary could beat McCain if he's the Republican nominee.


So my mother has a subscription to the Catholic Star Herald newspaper and sometimes when I'm bored and wondering how that mindset works, I peruse the articles. They did a list of their top movies of 2007. Can you guess their favorite movie? No Country for Old Men - a nice little flick about drugs and violence and all those things they abhor.

They also talked about how Juno was a great pro-life movie. Uh, what? It's actually a pro-Choice movie. She debates BOTH sides and makes a CHOICE that is right for her. She doesn't immediately think, "Gotta keep my baby." And I think this is my big issue with a lot of Pro-Life people. They don't seem to understand the "choice" part of being Pro-Choice.


Some links/pimpage:

- I'm running a poll on running a Supernatural Mystery Science Theater sort of challenge

- [ profile] svmadelyn is doing another year of the Valentine's Game. You can send in entries until February 12th, but do Madelyn a favor and get yours in early!

- Sex Is Fun Challenge - multifandom, running through February

- [ profile] dragonsinger is taking suggestions for this year's theme for Variations of Plot Challenge until February 17th

- And the Valentine thingy: My Valentinr - tommygirl
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My sister and I were planning to go see Atonement this afternoon when we're both done work, but life already feels depressing enough. I think we're going to see 27 Dresses instead. Yay for chick flicks, especially those that star James Marsden as a romantic lead!


I was going to try to do some fanfic reading last night, but my eyes were drooping, so I curled in with Life After People from the history channel. Good stuff. I love all the HIstory channel stuff because I'm a nerd, but I really enjoyed this. Mostly, I loved that the planet will get past all the damage we've done to it once we're gone. And I found it intriguing that we just might've been an anomaly, a leap that was never really expected to happen and might not happen again.

Though the part when they were talking about radio waves going out into the atmosphere in hopes of attracting alien lifeforms...I thought of Kathleen Madigan's comedy bit about how aliens know we're here but avoid us because "...we're the Alabama of the Universe."

And then I was wondering what it would be like to be a reaper a la Dead Like Me that didn't get to move on at the end of humanity right away and had to sorta live through all the decay. I'm so weird.


I have fannish endeavors on the brain with some things to share, but it will have to wait as I need to get to work. Much to do.

Ciao darlings!
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Today has been spent watching lots of movies. I even pulled out my copy of Man in the Moon (Reese Witherspoon one, not Jim Carey), which made the boy roll his eyes and mutter something about having been forced to watch this fifty or so times before.

I have all these ideas in my head for things to write, but I can't seem to focus on any one in particular. And maybe I should just put all my energy into finally finishing up Winchester Meets Halliwell before [ profile] ladybug218 goes and has another birthday on me (she's already accepted the likelihood of this outcome).

I start to read fic because I have a ton bookmarked, but then I feel guilty because I should be writing and my brain has bunnies 'o doom. But gah.

It's a vicious circle. And when I try to explain it to family and the boy, they think I'm just crazy. Which is possible.

Anyway, have watched:

- Sicko - I really think that everyone in the United States should see this movie. I don't care what you think of Michael Moore or his beliefs, but health care is a very real problem. And these people who lost everything were regular, hardworking Americans, who got sick and couldn't afford care. And then you see in contrast how other countries get it right. And this is why I have a Canadian wifey on the side in [ profile] larah33.

- To Die in Jerusalem - I tivo'd this on HBO and it's a documentary about a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed a teenage girl in a supermarket. It was very interesting and upsetting and it's sad that at the end, when the two mothers are talking, they just can't understand where the other is coming from. You have the Palestinian mother who can't denounce what her daughter did, even if it wasn't something she wanted, because they live in oppression and they must resist that. And then you have the Isreali mother who just wants the violence to stop so that other mothers don't lose their children for nothing.

- American Dreamz - This movie made me laugh. Obvious satire of the current administration and the way America makes certain things so very important that really don't matter. Now I just keep saying, "You've been Omarized!"

- Man in the Moon - I love this movie. I never tire of this movie.


I really am grateful to the friends that I have on livejournal and to the fortunate experience I've been able to cultivate for myself. I will never understand the love of wank and drama. Life is enough of a hassle for me most days. This is where I come to escape. So thank you to you guys for being lovely and wonderful and rather drama-free folks.
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Today was a lovely Sunday, despite the fact that the temperature suddenly dropped twenty degrees and it actually feels like October here. I ran a few errands and prepared some lunches for the week, but aside from that, I slept late, did some reading, and watched a bunch of movies and television.

Had weird dream last night where I was Eric and Tami Taylor's oldest daughter (Julie was there, but as a younger sister) and I wanted to play soccer on the boys' team. Basically, it's what happens when I watch both Friday Night Lights and the movie, She's the Man before I went to bed.

Now I'm watching Devil Wears Prada because the pretty bags and clothes make me happy. And the movie is enjoyable. And Adrian Grenier is always nice to look at.

And I'm almost all caught up on television kicking it on my DVR from while I was on vacation. I just have Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty to watch for one week. Woo-hoo. Sure, it's probably a sign I watch too much television, but I'm okay with that.
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My mother has the entire house smelling of god-awful stew. It smells like vomit, which she didn't take too well.


I'm caught up on Dirty, Sexy Money and I really enjoy this show. The only reason I was giving this show a shot was because of Peter Krause, but it's highly enjoyable. The mystery surrounding Nick's father is mildly intriguing, but I just love this crazy family and all their quirks. But I especially love Jules and Jeremy, the twins. They make me smile.

My sister and I rented two movies that were utterly terrible. First was Invisible. I watched teh whole thing on fast forward, whereas my sister gave up on it about thirty minutes it. We knew we were in trouble when it took thirty minutes to even get to the whole plot of the movie. Just really bad.

Mighty Heart, the movie based on Danny Pearl, the journalist that was killed, was just too depressing and the intermixing of scenes didn't work for me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.

I think I'm just going to pull out all my cheesy horror movies that I love for the weekend. Maybe I'll start with Monster Squad and then go into my faves like waxwork, cutting class, and the nightmare on elm streets. Oh cheesy horror movies! You make me so happy!


Some pimpage:

- Non-Incest Family Ficathon - Multifandom - sign-ups until November 1st

Pretty Lights Ficathon - Real Person Fic - sign-ups until November 7th

- Supernatural Apocasmut Challenge - Supernatural - prompts for claiming with stories due on December 31st

- [ profile] polyfandomrecs - the rec community that Steph and I have for all our multifandom recs. I'm hoping to do some more recs this evening!

- [ profile] moviefanfiction - An archive for all fanfiction based around movies!


I'm off to do some beta work for [ profile] out_there and then I'm going to start working on those drabbles.
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Is it possible to hire Sam and Dean to rock salt this sinus infection back to hell? Because it's pissing me off.


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 45

1.) If Sam and Dean ever fell for the same girl, how do you think they would handle the issue?

Well, they would share because they also love each other. Duh. (Please see [ profile] vinylroad's stories for proof. heh)

2.) Have you ever felt really proud or ashamed of any of the main characters at any point during the series? If so, when and why?

I've never felt ashamed of the main characters so much as wanted to shake them and hug them and oh Dean because that boy just does not get it sometimes.

3.) In "Croatoan" we discover Dean has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. Where do you think Sam has secretly always wanted to visit?

Sam wants to go to Europe and take in all the history and go to every museum and sight and read books while he does it all.

4.) We see that Dean's personality is much darker in season two than it was in season one. Do you prefer the season one or season two Dean?

I love them both. Because you couldn't have season two Dean without what happened to season one Dean...and season two Dean is basically the same guy who would do anything for his family, he's just lost the passion for the job, but I think when Sam saves him, he'll manage to get it back.

5.) In season one, Sam was completely focused on killing the Yellow-Eyed Demon and getting back to his "normal" life, but in season two it seems he has embraced his "new" hunting life. Which Sam do you prefer?

I think Sam is starting to realize that normal might not be in the cards for him, especially with the feds after them now, but I see him trying to compromise in the future, where he tries to have a bit of stability while still hunting.


So my mother picked me up some movies from Blockbuster, including Premonition. It was just weird and dumb. Not a goob combination. I can handle weird if the payoff in the end is good stuff that's done cleverly...but this was just bad.

It did, however, feature Julian nekkid in a shower, so it wasn't *all* bad. And really, he was the only reason I was watching the movie. I mean, I stuck with some crap Charmed episodes at time just for my Cole fix.

Tonight I shall attempt to watch Disturbia or I may continue watching Life on Mars. It's good stuff. I had tried the first episode after it first aired, but for some reason, I didn't really get into it, but after [ profile] larah33 raved about it, I decided to give it a second go...and so far, so good.

And like everything else, I envision Dean Winchester ending up in some weird place where he goes back in time. Why do I relate everything to this boy? Why does he have such a hold on me? It's not *healthy* (or so I'm told).
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Saw Transformers. A bit long, but highly enjoyable. And Josh Duhamel is so hot, but he'll always be Leo on All My Children to me. Oh, how I miss Leo & Greenlee.

And Mary Winchester is in it as Josh Duhamel's wife. Cool. I can never escape SPN fandom for long (not that I try very hard).


Boy has abandoned me in favor of XBox 360, so I'm going to try to catch up on friends page before barbecue dinner. Gotta love eating very badly! And fireworks! And a day off from work in the middle of the week (even if I have to work tomorrow and friday).


Thanks to y'all who hooked me up with some CSI fic links! So many cute boys, so little time! Warrick is just HOT. Can I make out with him now? How about I just force him to make out with Nick and/or Greg?

And then Steph wants to write strip bowling bandslash fic because she is mean and evil and will not be happy until I am completely broken by Fall Out Boy and Panic! Damn us and our co-dependency!
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I really did have plans for this weekend to do fun fannish things like read lots of fic, write, and get most of my beta work done ([ profile] jellicle: I'm about halfway through the Charmed ficlets! I have not forgotten you, darling!). Instead, I've been lazy all day today and yesterday was little bit & me time.

We saw Nancy Drew, which was so much fun, and now my little bit wants to become a super sleuth of her own. She wants to borrow my books, but I'm not sure she's quite ready for them - she's not even eight yet and she's still into Ramona...but we'll see.

But yes, Emma Roberts was wonderful as Nancy and I really enjoyed the mystery. I also loved how Nancy tried to be "normal" for her dad and for herself, but in the end she had to be true to herself. And I don't know if it's a conscious choice on Emma Roberts' part or not, but she takes these roles in movies that I think are great for young girls. If you haven't seen Aquamarine, I highly recommend it. It's so cute and has a great message.

Then we went to lunch at McDonalds (she is a cheap date) and she played on the playground...and then we went to the Rag Shop because they're going out of business. I got a bunch of knitting stuff really cheap and Ellen is now undertaking cross stitching for kids. They had all these premade sets for kids for 1.00 each...she is very excited. She said she would do them at the pool like her mom does.

How is one seven year old so damn cute?

Anyone have the Nancy Drew soundtrack? I want it and so does the little bit.


Today I really haven't done much. I've read, watched some of season two of West Wing (my favorite season), and napped. I quite enjoy lazy days, but at the same time, I get to thinking about all the writing and reading I want to accomplish and feel like I've wasted my day away for no reason.


And then I was wondering, is there a book fanfiction archive type place? Sorta like Steph and I created with [ profile] moviefanfiction but for fanfiction based on books? Because I was thinking, "Self, there really should be a community for that!" Mostly because while chatting to my best friend about Rob Thurman's books, I decided someone needs to write some Cal & Niko fic! And I always want Twilight fic! And don't forget Meg Cabot or Megan McCafferty's characters!

So yeah, does such a place exist? Or should I be my normal idiot self and make one? Any interest in such a place?


Tonight Hunted is on CW. I love this episode. I love Ava and how well she works with Sam. I love Dean. I worry for Dean when he thinks he's lost everything that matters. And I love Sammy and how he outsmarts Gordon and how his first thought is to just rest his hand on his brother shoulder to say, "I'm okay. I'm okay."

And really, I love this show way too much.
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Awesome icon courtesy of [ profile] tvm's brilliance.

The problem with using Target as my pharmacy is that I spend tons of money in there while I'm waiting for my scripts to be ready. It's the devil store! I was good though. I didn't pick up the new Maroon 5 cd or give in and get Bones season 1 (which, for those interested, is on sale for $ 16.99 currently)...I'm so very poor. And really, maybe if I didn't have to spend money on meds all the time.

Le sigh.


Spent earlier today running errands with the mother, bought a new pair of Cross Training Nikes as mine are worn out and my trainer said I probably should invest in a new pair. Came home to MSNBC going crazy about the foiled terrorist plot with JFK airport. Oh, it just never ends, does it?


To Do List:

-[ profile] schmoopfest work with the prompts Woo-hoo! All done!
-[ profile] iamentheos's story Done and posted for her!
-Recs! Must post the tons of recs I have
-[ profile] quillandink prompts
-Winchester Meets Halliwell: try to actually finish neverending latest story
-Watch Series 2 premiere of Hex on BBC tonight so I can chat with [ profile] ladybug218 and [ profile] tonic2w
-Finish first kiss ficlets


I have seen the last Pirates movie and I truly loved it. It did a great job of wrapping things up and moving the character arcs to a good resolution, all the while keeping things open enough if they do decide to go for another movie. And while it was the longest of the movies, it didn't feel nearly as long to me as the second one. I just love Orli. I go through phases with him, but [ profile] iamentheos can testify how obsessed with him I tend to get. Heh. (She doesn't tease about it as she shares this obsession, per usual. We tend to love the same celebrity boys!)

I'll probably see it again with the mother at some point, but there are other movies that I want to see, so I'm not sure when that will happen.

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