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Last night I had a dream that rather than being sent to hell Dean ended up on Galatica and was having lots of hot sex with Kara. He had no memory of anything, including Sam, but then...I guess they found earth because they're back on Earth and Sam finds Dean and Dean remembers, and then Dean is angsty!torn between his love for Sam and his hots for Kara. There was also a few fights with cylons, but I was mostly paying attention to the making out.


So I may have started writing the most improbable love story ever - the tale of Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester (with special appearances by David Cook). Yeah, I doubt anyone but maybe [ profile] chickpea would *want* to read it, but basically, after the weekend I had, I wanted some hot boys making out, even if it made no sense WHATSOEVER!


Must finish my [ profile] oldschoolfic today. It's started, but I can't exactly turn in a page and call it a story. That would be terrible. The problem I'm having is that when I sit down to write I find myself writing schmoopy stuff that I would only share with myself. And while I'm at least writing, that's not exactly helping my fic challenges cause. Or my Heroes big boom. Or many other things lingering on my C: Drive.
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Howdy my darlings! I'm sorry I haven't been around much (especially after friending all the new wonderful folks), but life is just insane. They had finally gotten me a decent, competent temp who lasted three whole weeks. I was getting comfortable...and then they replace her. She could be moody and she was apparently moody with the wrong people. So gone. The new temp is very nice and seems quite capable (though she's not very strong in Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook)...I hope she lasts. It takes so much of my time to train the new people that none of my stuff gets done and I end up having to work late to make sure I don't mess up my own projects. So much fun. On the brightside, I am *finallY* caught up from my three weeks of doom from being out with pneumonia.

But anyway, I'm going to try to be around more. And talk about life. And fandoms. And hot boys making out. Or just Sam and Dean Winchester.

And Mystery Spot was on last night and it still gets me. The first half is hysterical and the second half is just "Oh Sammy" making.


It's finally Friday. This has been one of the longest weeks that I can remember. It just didn't want to end. And then someone at the office said yesterday "it felt like Tuesday" but I thought they said it was Tuesday. I began to think work finally did me in and I was completely bonkers and that my week was so much more.

Luckily, that was not the case.

Even better, I've been having wonderful dreams the last few nights. Last night, I was hanging out with Chuck (from Chuck) and Dean Winchester - we were waiting for public transit to take us into Philly. Then the night before that I was making out with Starbuck on BSG. Which, I'm not really into girls, but Kara Thrace is hot. So okay.


This weekend I'm hoping to do a lot of writing. I've been trying different things to get over my writing hurdle.

I've been meditating and playing classical music and taking walks. Alas, during the week, I had no time to write and see if it was working.

So fingers crossed. And feel free to share some of your favorite writing routines and secrets for writer's block!


To those who watch American Idol - how amazing was David Cook this week? Just gah. I still love Jason Castro like whoa, but David Cook is just so good.

Also, I have all their studio versions and a few of their pre-idol albums. If anyone wants any of it, comment and I'll upload.
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Crap, I hate busy days. And I don't see it being an easier on the workfront for a while either as my co-worker is abandoning me to leave nonprofit world and join corporate America. Something about better pay. Whatever.


[ profile] undermistletoe story will be up shortly. Just waiting on [ profile] iamtheenemy to finish her magnificent beta (because she totally FORGOT me until she saw me on AIM, I know).

Then I want to get caught back up on drabble-a-day and then collapse.


Even when I'm sleeping, my brain is concocting bizarre crossover relationships of hotness. Last night I had a dream where Tony DiNozzo from NCIS was dating Aidan from All My Children. And they were on the run for some reason, but every night they would have hot sex and then CUDDLE. Good god. What's wrong with my brain? ANd sadder? I didn't want to wake up. I was so mad at my alarm clock for ruining happy dreams of hot boys cuddling and true love.

Pictures of the two characters for Steph because she was curious to see how my brain works... )


Okay story is back to me, must go edit!
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Today was a lovely Sunday, despite the fact that the temperature suddenly dropped twenty degrees and it actually feels like October here. I ran a few errands and prepared some lunches for the week, but aside from that, I slept late, did some reading, and watched a bunch of movies and television.

Had weird dream last night where I was Eric and Tami Taylor's oldest daughter (Julie was there, but as a younger sister) and I wanted to play soccer on the boys' team. Basically, it's what happens when I watch both Friday Night Lights and the movie, She's the Man before I went to bed.

Now I'm watching Devil Wears Prada because the pretty bags and clothes make me happy. And the movie is enjoyable. And Adrian Grenier is always nice to look at.

And I'm almost all caught up on television kicking it on my DVR from while I was on vacation. I just have Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty to watch for one week. Woo-hoo. Sure, it's probably a sign I watch too much television, but I'm okay with that.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quarterturn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling!



Based on the poll I did last week, there was interest in a Sports Night Holiday Exchange. So sign-ups begin today over at [ profile] sn_holidays! Please pimp this out to your Sports Night pals! And let me know of any questions, concerns, etc. The due dates and what would be offered were based on the poll majority.

[ profile] sn_holidays



Work is crazy. I hate when work is crazy. Busy is fine, but crazy is stressful.



Had weird dreams last night where I was the lead in the musical version of the Colbert Report. And Stephen and I were doing this huge dance number about republicans. Just very, very bizarre.



[ profile] winchestercon is less than two weeks away! I get to hang out with really cool people I want to meet, especially [ profile] iamtheenemy! There is no one I would rather share my first con experience with than Steph and my lovely SPN Fandom Peeps!

But, for those who cannot make [ profile] winchestercon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con. [ profile] deirdre_c was a great help with it last year and this year, she is taking over! It's sure to be good times, so be sure to check that community out!
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Happiest of birthdays to the wonderful [ profile] vinylroad! I love you, darling! You are made of awesome and I'm so glad you've come to the Supernatural fandom...mwahahahahaha.

So you know I'm a lazy bitch who runs months late on *everything*, but feel free to throw me a prompt and I'll give it a try. And you know my specialty is schmoop so save the dark, angsty woe for Hedda!


It figures livejournal finally works for me when I'm too tired to really do anything. And how lame is it that I'm exhausted at 8pm?

[ profile] iamtheenemy is at it again. She sent me a long, detailed email featuring pictures and you tube links for My Chemical Romance. She is never satisfied. She just keeps pushing until I crack under the pressure of bandslash. And she had to say the magic word with me...Brothers. There are brothers in this band together! Oh no! I'm doomed.

And further proof of this. I had a dream featuring Pete Wentz last night. We were hanging out watching some stupid movie and we just kept making mocking commentary and then we went riding on one of those bicycles made for two. Just very freaking weird.


Dear Psych,

I nearly peed myself at your season two premiere. Good god. There should be a warning on that episode. I loved it. Must find a copy to have for eternity, just to watch the "Shout" part over and over and OVER.

I love you lots!


P.S. - Shawn, please marry me, okay?
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I'm not sure that I am still able to be coherent about Heroes last night, but I will give it a try.

Many spoilers for last night's episode... )


The Tuesday Ten

1. What music are you currently listening to? Well, today at lunch I will pick up the new Michael Buble, but in the meantime, I've been obsessed with Robin Thicke.

2. What was the first concert you ever went to? Tiffany/New Kids on the Block

3. Do you mostly buy your music, or “borrow” music? Mostly buy. I will "borrow" a few songs from new artists to see if I like it and then I buy it if I do.

4. First music you bought yourself? I bought myself Michael Jackson's thriller on tape with some of my birthday money.

5. Dream concert playlist (lets say … 3 artists) would be? Do they have to be alive? Because dream concert would be: Doors, Beatles (all four), and Janis Joplin...of living/current artists - Ani Difranco, Bruce Springsteen, Matchbox Twenty

6. Favourite alcoholic beverage? I love mudslides and amaretto sours

7. Do you drink silly frothy flavoured coffees? Nope, I don't like coffee.

8. Fave chocolate bar? Hersheys...though I prefer Peppermint Patties

9. Fave meal? pizza

10. Fave type of restaurant? Italian/Pizza places


Last night I had a dream about Dexter, based off the information from the season finale. But it was upsetting and gross at points so I woke up part upset and part wanting to watch the series over again. I'll have to do that soon, though I'm still behind on many other shows so not sure when that will happen. But my subconscious misses my favorite serial killer.

what a very weird thing to say.
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Stupid plows. I love that the method of clearing the road involves blocking every single car in underneath a PILE of ice/snow. It took me a good hour to get my car and the driveway out of this crap. On the brightside, it makes up for not making it to the gym.

And I still don't understand what it is about rain, snow, sleet that turns a Jersey driver into a lunatic. It's not like we live in the desert and this is some sort of "What is this thing called 'snow' that you speak of" experience. It's the Northeast. We get these things from time to time.

::Stabs things::


I had a dream last night where Dean decided he was going to leave Sam and John before they could leave him and he put all his years of training to use as a hitman.

Fun times.

Even as a hitman, he was a total woobie whenever he thought of Sam. Hee.


Music memes with free music... )


Due to lots of shoveling, I haven't really done much in regards to writing/reading today. Instead, I ended up collapsing with hot chocolate and watching four episodes of Psych because Shawn and Gus are LOVE, people.

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Happy Supernatural Day! I can't wait for tonight's episode, but I must admit, I'm really excited for Ugly Betty tonight. Because that ending from the last new episode - we need to know what the hell is going on!

But yes, in honor of Supernatural day my subconscious honored me with a wonderful dream involving Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, where we were all hanging out with a few of my friends. At the last minute we all decide to go the London for the night (like you can do that from Jersey), and Jensen comes up to me and is telling me how Jared wants to date me, where rather than getting annoyed (like I would in real life), I was all a flutter at the prospect. I also remember Jared forgot his passport, but apparently it didn't matter when they were letting him *into* England, but he was going to have trouble getting home - and Jensen and I (old buddies that we were) just exchanged looks like this was just the sort of thing Jared does.

Nice dream until the evil alarm went off.


My thoughts on Monday night's 24 )

And have I mentioned my excitement for tonight's Supernatural and Ugly Betty! Gah. I want this day over with so I can get to my television viewing. It's a sad life I lead, but it makes me happy.


It looks as though Sam/Dean are kicking ass in my poll in every category. They are the favorite tv brothers, the brothers most in love with one another (though Peter/Nathan continue to move in for that title with all the TOUCHING), and the brothers most likely to win a fight. Hee.

I have some pimpage coming up later as well as more friends love (I have not forgotten, just became sidetracked), but for now I'm going to try to catch up on the friends list.

Ciao darlings!
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I fear it's going to be another long Tuesday at work. The only thing getting me through at the moment is the fact that I'm off both Friday and Monday to properly celebrate my birthday. Until I can have it made a national holiday (like it should be...duh), I have to take a few days off. Fun times all around. It doesn't hurt that the weekend is already shaping up to be awesome of awesome with various excursions with different friends and family. Woo-hoo.

I had considered applying for [ profile] fandomhigh since so many of my friends partake in it and seem to have a lot of fun with it. However, I just don't have the time to properly give to something like that at the moment. It would be a lot of fun, but I'm so behind on my writing (both fanfiction and regular) that I can't in good conscience sign up right now. It saddens me, but I'm trying to be more logical about what I can/can't handle.


Last night I got caught up on both 4400 and Eureka. And maybe watched the episode of Entourage again because I have a problem, an addiction, a great love for Vincent Chase and Ari Gold that cannot be denied.

thoughts on the 4400... )

Eureka continues to be one of those shows that's neither good nor bad, but highly enjoyable. It makes me laugh and sometimes it's just so freaking outrageous that it amuses me. Plus, Fargo is most awesome (aka mouthbreather from Wonderfalls).

And we all know my love for Entourage. This show continues to get better and better. Just when you think you've got a character figured out, they tend to throw you for a loop, and in a way, that's a lot like real life. Not to mention, the friendship between the guys is so central to the show, so real and wonderful. I love it so much.

I haven't seen Prison Break or Vanished yet (aka - Fox night of HOT men), but I hope to watch them soon. PB is one of those shows that I never expected to like as much as I do. I went into it simply because Wentworth Miller is hotness personified. I mean, the premise seemed ridiculous to make a show out of. But by god, it works. And I love it. Vanished could be horrible and I would still watch simply because Gale Harold owns my soul. And you guys should know by now that every decision I make is guided by the promise of very hot boys.


Sam and Dean were in my dreams again last night. And once again, my subconscious didn't allow me to make out with them. It was very sad. In the dream, it was just bizarre. Dean had another family aside from John & Sam, and he introduced Sam to them all. Sam got jealous of the other family. And then I woke up. Just freaking weird. I guess that's what happens when one watches The Benders episode before bed.


Pimpage time:

-The Friend Ficathon, a multifandom challenge for male/female friendships, is taking sign-ups thru today (August 22nd)

-2006 Bubbleficathon sign-ups are underway until August 28th...Multifandom challenge where you get to request a story where the characters get wet. Want Sydney/Sark to take a bubblebath? This is the challenge for you.

-Massive FLIST Fic Exchange ‘O Doom is still going strong. Check out the comments of what people want and see if you can't write one of their stories. They aren't due until Christmas, plenty of time to provide someone with a smile. And if there is something you want? Leave a comment with what you've been dreaming of reading.

-The Major Arcana Multifandom Challenge - Pick a card to base a story around, write the story, and post the link.

-[ profile] spn_gleeweek - Supernatural Glee Week...the community starts next week with fun activities for all and goes until the premiere of the new season. The week of the premiere will be chock full of fun stuff and it's a place for all us SPN zealots to gather together.

-[ profile] melodicmuse - A writing challenge community where a specific album’s lyrics are posted once a month in order to *inspire* great fiction. It’s multifandom and starts on September 1st.


Off to catch up on friends list, work on stories, and put together some recs.

Ciao amigas!
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Yesterday was a lovely Monday. All Mondays should be so lovely. We had a work outing to go out to lunch at Bahama Breeze and then to see the movie, Cars. Since we work in transportation management, our boss decided it fit for us to see it.

So basically, we did a bit of work until about eleven and then left for the rest of the day. It was very nice and thankfully, despite the rain, there weren't too many obnoxious kids running amuck.

Sadly though, I got home from "work" and was exhausted. I seriously went to bed around nine pm. It's a very sad thing. But even sadder? I overslept this morning. I was apparently in the midst of a dream where I was a comedian working with the boys from Tourgasm (with no molesting of Dane or Gary, which seems wrong and improbable).

Alas, today is Tuesday at work, half the staff seems to be out, and I so don't feel like doing anything productive. Maybe I'll finally work on some stories and stuff. I'm so behind.

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It's Friday before a long weekend, I'm feeling much better, and my boss is letting us leave at 3:30pm today. Woo-hoo. I don't care that it's raining like a monsoon. It's all good.

I'll be working on the ABC Ficlet Meme this weekend. I've allowed [ profile] sdlucly to claim J, K, and Q in addition since they were all that was left, but if anyone didn't get a ficlet request in yet that wants one, comment for one of those letters and I'll do both. [ profile] sdlucly will get hers anyway as she tolerates my terrible beta time lapses. Hee.

I'm also hoping to get caught up on some beta work that I owe people as well as some fanfiction reading. I've got a bunch of stories stored in my memories and bookmarks, but no time.

Of course, maybe it's not wise to pick the weekend before moving to decide to do this.

Oh well. I've never been a very logical gal.


We finally move to the house next week. I can't wait to get settled and not have to worry about things like open houses, where creepy people touch my shit (I came home last weekend to find that someone had lifted the covers off the bottom of my I'm hoping this means that I'll be able to get back into a writing rhythm that I haven't been able to maintain since living in demon house the past five months.


I had another Supernatural dream last night...or maybe just a Dean Winchester dream. I don't remember the exacts of this one, except that Dean and I were talking about the show Ghost Hunters. one day I'd really like my subconscious to allow me to make out with Dean. That'd be a lot more fun.


Entourage and 4400 start back up soon. I'm so very, very excited. I'm hoping it will make the pain of no new SPN for a few months a bit more bearable. I so miss Entourage. And I really need to see Shawn's reaction to that season two finale on 4400.

Sometimes I think I'm way too addicted to television, but I really can't help myself. There's such good stuff and hot boys to be seen.
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I haven't watched The O.C. yet, but my co-worker told me what happened and all I will say is is this spoilery? I don't know. I don't say the end, but it can probably be guessed so...better to be safe than sorry... )

I had another Sam and Dean dream last night. It was very weird, but basically in it, Dean sacrifices his own happiness (which is being with his family and such) to a DIFFERENT demon, who enables the other demon's demise. So Sam and John get happiness and Dean ends up all alone, this blank spot in his family's memory as though he stopped existing...but then Sam starts to remember things. And then it gets tangled up in a whole lot of incoherency that is dreaming while on enormous amounts of antibiotics and codeine.

But really, if anyone wants to write that story, I'm all for it. I will hand hold and beta for you. ::bats eyes::


For some weird reason my hotmail isn't allowed with our new firewall at work, but livejournal and gmail are. How weird. Anyway, that means I'll be a bit behind on comments. Sorry about that, my friends. Blame evil firewalls that randomly choose what can/can't get through.


More pimpage:

- The Het Ficathon is taking prompts. Go and put a prompt in...even if you don't plan to write anything, give some prompts. Read over what's there and get ready to snag it (especially if it's made by me. hee-hee). I know we all love the slash and such, but come on, sometimes het is fun. And it's open to crossovers and original characters. Think of all the potential for Dean and Sam Winchester alone. Go leave prompts. Like now!

- Smallville het ficathon is at the claiming stage for prompts. And how much do I love that everyone loves Chloe so much? Yay for Chloe. So go sign up and write some het. Feel free to follow it up with some really hot Clex too. Hee.

- Supernatural season 1.5 Writing Challenge - I meant to pimp this before and kept forgetting like a tool. Write episodic fic that is due anytime up until the season two premiere. Woo-hoo. I'm so not the plot type of writer, but y'all should undertake this and I will read and feedback like whoa.


Finally, before I leave, does anyone have an icons from those CW pics that are circulating...particularly my Jsquared boys. And damn those boys for putting my mind to the evil plot bunny place of why they look so tired and scruffy and such. Hee.

Off to read friends list and do work.

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I'm not sure why, as I didn't do anything differently last night, but I'm wide awake this morning. Wide awake and chipper for god's sake. Bizarre. But I'll take it and pray it makes the work day go fast.

Because tonight...


Dude. If I am an incoherent mess tomorrow, it's because my brain exploded due to all the hot on my television in one night. Gah.


American Idol Results... )


Had very bizarre dreams last night involving Chronicles of Narnia. It was just freaking weird. I don't really remember details of the dream, but I do recall just that "huh" feeling when I woke up.

Dear Subconscious.

Bring back the Sam and Dean dreams.




For the Charmed friends on my list: I did some Charmed recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs and most of you are probably on it...since it's hard to find good Charmed fic and I tend to friend those that write it.

On that note, I shall bid you farewell for the time being so I can catch up on friends list and such.

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In case you live under a rock and didn't know, Remix Stories are up for reading. And so far, from the few I've had a chance to read, they all rock like whoa. That's whoa.

Especially the story written for me.

Step by Step (The Double Time Remix) is a remix of my Gilmore Girls story, The Next Step. It's awesomeness, told from Kirk's perspective as he wonders if he and Lulu need to consider a "next step" since the entire town is saying it about Luke and Lorelai. I love it. It's so original and wonderful and the Kirk voice is entirely entertaining and spot on. So definitely check it out.

I'll have some recs for [ profile] polyfandomrecs of Remix stories in the near future, but at the moment, I've only read a few thus far aside from the one written for me.

Also waiting with baited breath to see if the person I wrote for enjoys the remix that I did. I was freaking out a bit about writing this one so I really hope it's enjoyed.


Is it sad that I'm counting down the days until Thursday when I will have new pretty to look at and enjoy? I need more Clark. And I definitely need a whole lot more Sam and Dean. It should be law.

Speaking of Sam and Dean, I had another one of my weird Supernatural dreams and STILL there is no Dean making out with me. What kind of evil psyche do I have? Anyway, where was I? Oh in my dream Sam and Dean end up in unnamed city and it's discovered that Dean worked with the Nighthawkes (of Blade Trinity) from time to time while Sam was in college. And there is Dean/Abby and Dean/Hannibal. So Dean let's Sam go out on a hunt with them and explains what they do like Sam is *new* and Sam gets annoyed and pouty and wondering what the hell else he doesn't know about his brother from those four years while he was at Stanford.

And I woke up.


Dear subconscious,

The next Supernatural dream I have better include Dean and Tommygirl making out or I'm suing for emotional damages.

No love,



Okay, off to do some more reading of Yeah.

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So when writing the Jsquared, I have a tendency to make Jared the pursuer, the one calling the shots. So I'm attempting something a little bit different this time around in my self-dubbed "Jensen Likes to Shag His Co-stars" piece, but it feels weird to me. As if my self is saying, "Self, Jared is totally the one in control. Jensen is all la-dee-da, I'm so hot and Jared is hot, but it would be weird to fuck your only real co-star...but Jared wants to be fucked, dammit, so Jared has to take control if he ever wants anything to actually happen."

And then I think, "Self, you think about this crap way too much for it to be healthy."

And to this the boy often replies, "Yeah, I'm not sure if I should be worried about your sanity." And then he pauses and replies, "Do you really think they're fucking each other?"

Here's to hoping.


Continuing with my theme of strange Supernatural dreams that do not lead to me seeing Dean shirtless...

Dean and Sam were battling this demon who could control universes and all of a sudden Dean ends up on Moya from Farscape and gets dragged into their shennagins. All the while battling with his new crewmates because they don't believe in ghosts and then he points at them and is like, "Yeah, well, I didn't believe in aliens. We're both wrong."

And so he tries to get back to his hunting and to Sam because he's freaked out about Sam being on his own. But finally sort of gives up and has to hope for the best and embraces his life on Moya...

Only to end up sucked back through *another* wormhole while fighting a nasty then he's fighting the thing and someone shouts, "get out of the way." And he's "What the frell is going on?" And he looks and it's his father and Sam. And they all just stare at each other, but can't do anything because the Scarran tackles Dean and he's got to kill the thing and yeah, I woke up.

Maybe I shouldn't keep watching Supernatural right before I go to bed. It would also be best to probably stop making a list of all the shows that SPN can be crossed with (but really that's for the upcoming ficathon I plan to run next month...really. yeah...)


Meanwhile with all these RPS and SPN bunnies, Chris from Charmed is feeling neglected. He's whining and being unruly and trying to remind me that I have 96 more fics to write for [ profile] fanfic100 all about him. And I still love him. I mean, he's one half of my original favorite brother duo and nobody brings the angst quite like Chris...but Dean and Sam are so pretty and wonderful...and the writers for SPN seem to go inside my head and give me just what I want. Whereas Charmed writers take what you like about the show and destroy it beyond saving and cackle in your face.


Oh, and I signed up, like a crazy person to write 20 Jensen Ackles RPS stories for [ profile] philosophy_20. I couldn't resist. I have a problem.


Finally, the sister and I watched Cutting Edge 2 on the Tivo last night. Oh my god. So very cheesy and gay and dude I think I loved it in the same way that I love From Justin to Kelly...that I put it on and laugh and laugh...but really, Kate and Doug are not old enough to have a daughter competing in the 2006 Olympicss...and don't they find it out that their daughter is repeating history by having the same sort of thing happen to her with her partner? (Including the love declaration right before the long skate at the Olympics...) Craziness.

Alrighty...I should go do some work and write.

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I cannot decide if it's the current CMM stuff going round the friends list (::looks at [ profile] joyfulgirl41::) or the fact that I watched, on purpose, House of Wax last night before I went to bed. But I had the weirdest Supernatural dream featuring CMM in it.

In it Dean and CMM (with his longer, Dawson's Creek hair) were stuck in some sort of crypt and then something happens and CMM is taking off Dean's pendant.

Well, that was a very bad thing to do because suddenly Dean starts convulsing and ends up in pain and then in the dream I flashback to when Dean got the pendant and apparently it was to cure some sort of curse he suffered. So yeah, CMM is freaking out and Dean is in pain and where the hell is Sam?

Apparently, Sam is having lunch with some friends. Finally realizes "hey, I haven't heard from my brother in forever, I wonder how things went at that crypt..." and goes looking for his brother.

Then I wake up. I have no idea if my poor Dean was saved nor do I know why CMM would be helping Dean out on a case. I must say that I was intrigued by it though.

Anyway, House of Wax terrible movie. Jared sporting a stache is even worse. Dude, he shouldn't do that. Ever again. But I can picture Jensen mocking him for it. Like somehow they get on the topic of really bad moments in their careers and Jensen mocks that...and then Jared starts quoting the really out there Days moments...and then Jensen comes back with the fact that Jared was in an Olsen twins movie.

I really need to get out more.


Gakked from everyone and their mommas:

List Your Top Six Favorite Shows (not actually in order)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Sports Night
3. Alias
4. Firefly
5. Supernatural
6. 24

then answer these questions based on the list... )


My Remix is done. Well, almost. I'm waiting to get it back from the second of my two betas before sending it to [ profile] musesfool this afternoon. I prefer to have both the betas go over things because they're both good at different things and honestly, nobody rips my stuff apart quite like Steph. But it's done. I must admit to worrying about this one in a way I don't normally, but it's done and I don't think it's too shabby.

Now just to get the last of the beta work back so I can be free of it.


This weekend was the laziest of all my life, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm battling off the early signs of a sinus infection, so that might be why I was so dead to the world. But really, all I did was sleep, watch movies, and sleep some more. I think I was awake for a total of ten hours from Friday night on. It was fabulous.

Of course, now I'm freaking out because NO writing was accomplished and I really didn't get anything done around the house.

My roommates and I were lazing about yesterday watching Project Runway and it was offered up that it's probably because this was the first weekend where we weren't all running around because of the open houses or people coming to look at the place, etc. And we needed it.

Le sigh.

Definitely nice to not have to do anything.

But it makes for an evil Monday morning, let me tell ya.
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I am so behind on life, let alone fandom, and I feel really bad about it. I'm not sure how I got so far behind on things like writing, reading, reccing, but Lordy...doesn't the world understand the importance of fandom partakings? Apparently, not as much as illness and open houses.

Speaking of open houses - people never cease to amaze me. I won't go into what happened - but dude, you're looking at a house to potentially buy. It's not your house yet and may not ever be, so uh...yeah.


Maybe I'll do some writing this afternoon. This weekend was mostly one of fannish television glory. I got my new dvd player in the mail, one that plays avi files, so now I can watch all my Dr. Who episodes in bed. Same with all the Supernatural episodes I put on dvd. Mwahahahahahaha.

We also managed to get one of the three Tivos in our possession to actually work with the old house's electricity without it destroying the Tivo. So I'm caught up on 24 episodes and now I can get back caught up on my soaps, especially my One Life to Live. I need my Nash fix, people. NEED IT. And some General Hospital is okay too. Though this weekend I was recording all 5 episodes from each day for each of my ABC soaps. I thought my roommates were going to kill me. But I didn't care. Soap operas might be carelessly written and sometimes badly acted, but I love them so. It's not my fault. My mother started me from the womb on ABC can I resist?


Had a very weird dream that involved Dan and Casey from Sports Night, but it all occurred in a very Bollywood-esque type way, with random singing and dancing and running in fields. Just odd. Maybe I shouldn't eat Chinese food at night.

Now I shall attempt to catch up on friends list. ::waves to new friends::
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Fandoms collide once again in my dreams. Last night I had a dream that Sports Night was being haunted by a poltergeist (Thespis returns pissed off?) and Sam and Dean Winchester had to come save the day. There was Dan/Casey kissing that led to Dean/Dan kissing (HOLY HOT!)...and then there was snark a plenty as Dana tried to produce a show while the Winchester brothers did research on what the hell was going on.

I don't remember a whole lot from the dream but I remember not wanting it to end, wanting this to go on because it was Casey and Dan and Dean and Sam...and is there better than that?

I want this fic now, people. Want it. Hee.


Oh my Lordy, people.

There is a Prince and Me 2 out on dvd. I didn't know that anyone aside from me even enjoyed the first one. So this second one has no one from the original cast except Luke Mably, but dude, I loved him in the first one. So I had the following conversation with myself at Blockbuster last night.

Cheesy Me: Oh my GOD. There is a sequel. I must get this and watch it and just ingest the uber gayness.

Logical Me: Let's not do this, okay? Isn't it bad enough you love Smallville?

Cheesy Me: Not all Smallville is bad--

Logical Me: Yeah, but you loved Season 4.

Cheesy Me: That's a lie!

Logical Me: No, it's not. You loved it.

Cheesy Me: Just becuase it had Jensen Ackles. Yeah, that's it.

Logical Me: Haven't you sunk low enough?

Cheesy Me: I can never sink low enough for hot boys!

Logical Me: Next thing you know you'll be talking about Tom Cruise like he's cool and hot or something. I can't allow this to go on.

Cheesy Me: I said hot boys, not crazy Scientology freaks. And you will Let it go on 'cause I'm in charge.

Logical Me: Remember that when you wonder why you watched The Fog next time.

Cheesy Me: Tom Welling is a pretty boy.

Logical Me: But the movie was bad and terrible and you didn't like it. Do you see what I'm trying to say?

Cheesy Me: Not really...pretty boys...

Logical Me: Don't rent Prince and Me 2.

Cheesy Me: I will not be dissuaded. Luke Mably is a hot boy. I'm fond of hot boys, especially with accents. And you don't know, the movie could be so bad that I will love it forever.

Logical Me: That's what you say about certain fics over at, but all they do is make you cry.

Cheesy Me: I'm renting it. You can't stop me.

So I rented Prince and Me 2 and I enjoyed it. It's so bad and cheesy, but I enjoyed it. I'm broken and the logical part of me is no longer speaking to the rest of me.


I've got to write, people. I can't bring myself to do it, but I've got to. Ack. I hate these downward times in my writing. I feel useless and sad, but still have no will to write. Bah.

But I will. I owe people Valentine's Day drabbles and birthday stories.

So before I leave to attempt to write or die trying...

Happy Birthday Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy! You're the bomb, baby!
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All those really late birthday fics? They're still coming. It seems I may have broken through this horrendous writing barrier I've had for the past few weeks. That's a very good thing - I was starting to miss writing and dealing with guilt for all the things people were waiting on. I can't even really call it writer's block, so much as writer's indifference. I just didn't care in some way. I would want to write, but then my mind would go, "No, you don't. You want to look at the pretty boys." And instead of writing, I would stare at hot celebrity boy pictures or watch them on my television.

So yes, birthday ficlets are still coming, I swear. Also, [ profile] dragonsinger, I am almost finished my pinch hit for the [ profile] hetfic - sorry it took so long.


I keep having weird fandom dreams. No longer of the Mary Sue variety as I spoke of earlier. This time it's weird crossovers and I want to write it. Like I have this one where Dan Rydell (Sports Night) shows up at Lorelai's inn and fun ensues. I just...oh the banter possibilities. I keep telling myself I can't write it at the moment. I've got stuff to do - so that, of course, means I want to write it right this second.

Also, it's not a smart idea to listen to comedy cds on the drive home when you're by yourself. I was playing my Gary Gulman (LOVE!!) this evening and kept getting stares at stop lights because of my fits of laughter. Can I help it if the man cracks me up? Or that he has a weird thing about cookies?

And now I'm off to do a little more writing. No more reading Entourage fic. No more - at least not this evening.


P.S. - I think y'all should bug [ profile] sdlucly to post the start of her Mr. & Mrs. Smith/O.C. crossover fic! It's gonna be so good! Hehehehehehehehe.

P.S.S. - I would do that "Post your top 25 from I-Tunes playlist" meme, but I don't know if most people actually use I-Tunes. Because that's the format almost all my songs are in and I hate converting. It's evilness. So yeah, let me know if you want the songs in my lazy, I-Tunes format.

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