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It's been awhile since I've done an update and I apologize. I'm trying to stay up on the reading, just not commenting as much as I would like, and when I go to post something, it seems boring or whiny. I try to keep a lot of complaining out of fandom fun as it takes the fun part out.

I'm also not really up-to-date on most shows at the moment except Criminal Minds, Project Runway, and The Mentalist. I was caught up on Brothers & Sisters for about a minute there (how much do I love Kevin and Scotty? So much! And how much do I love that Tommy came back even for an episode? VERY MUCH!) and after work tonight, I'll watch last night's Big Bang Theory because one can never have too much Sheldon Cooper in her life, but that's it.

Hopefully over Thanksgiving holiday I'll have time to catch up. People keep trying to make plans for me and my sister, including my one older brother, but I just don't think it's a good idea. We've decided to go low-key this year - I hope it didn't hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't want to go somewhere and start randomly crying or something. Or worse, what if I'm perfectly fine - will people be like, "First holiday without her mom and she's fine?" So no big plans except meeting up with my usual friend crew to see a cheesy movie afterwards - this year it looks to be 2012 at the moment.


In case you're interested and don't want to wait until Black Friday, Amazon appears to be having a good sale on some tv shows on dvd. I managed to get the last season of Brothers & Sisters for 24.95 and Castle is only eighteen bucks. If only money grew on trees...

In the meantime, my thoughts:

Criminal Minds: I continue to love every character. they're my team, no matter what. spoilers for last two episodes... ) I need to read some more reid/morgan and reid/hotch. I'm behind.

The Mentalist: I love Jane. I love how he just does whatever he wants and people just learn to go along with it. I love the whole team. I love how well they work together and what each of them brings to the group. For spoilers for the last couple of episodes... ) This week's episode looks interesting with Red John back in the forefront.


I have been writing this month for mininanowrimo. My daily goal is 150 words and I haven't done a lot over that on any given day, but I've met each days goal. I'm slowly working on another girl!Niko story for veritas the quest as well as a new original novel idea. I'm sort of writing it all over the place, not worrying about how it fits together until I have a better idea of it in my head. It's slowly formulating as I write some scenes between the main characters and probably the majority of those scenes will end up getting tossed. Such is writing.

I'm also very excited about my yuletide assignment. I was matched up on one specific fandom, but I think I could manage another one as well. And my yuletide recipient had a great letter filled with things that got my brain moving. I like to mull yuletide over for a bit though before writing the first draft. I find it comes out better that way.
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It's really not turning out to be the Fourth of July long weekend I had planned. Some personal stuff came up and I'm now babysitting a four-year-old. She's awesome and she says we're best friends, but still, not what I had in mind. Also, the boy is being a pain in my ass.

But I pulled out 1776 because how can I not watch this on Fourth of July.

Here...enjoy...because I love it... )

And tonight is the final night of the swimming trials for the United States. God, I love my swimming boys. And so probably only [ profile] chickpea will appreciate this, but...Michael Phelps sets a new World Record already... )

It's a little sad about Brenden Hanson with the 200m breast stroke. I mean fourth place? What the heck happened? He's still on the team though, so that's a good thing.

And also something only [ profile] chickpea would probably like, but I'm considering writing a fic that would be completely IMPROBABLE to even write convincingly, but I want some Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester and Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester/David Cook. Basically, I just want lots of hot boys that I love to make out.

Anyway, happy fourth of July to the Americans, even if the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on the 2nd of July (there were revisions that took two days). To everyone else: have a fabulous weekend!
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I'm not sure what to make of this news regarding the searches of all public content. On the one hand, by leaving it public, I do realize that I'm allowing anything I write to be seen by anyone. I do realize that, but I'm still not sure that I'm crazy about this idea that you have to opt out rather than opt in. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I've chosen to opt out, mostly because I'm not sure of much with livejournal over the past year and I'd rather be safe than sorry. That said, my journal will continue to remain public.


And because I'm a lemming...

My Valentinr - tommygirl
Get your own valentinr
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I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve and a lovely day today. It was fun chatting with a bunch of y'all last night and I apologize for disappearing rather quickly. The boy and his friends were suddenly done with XBox, so we all hung out watching the History Channel like the huge history nerds we all are.

My [ profile] spn_holidays fic is with my two trusty betas after the story kicked my butt from here to there. I was way overthinking and worrying about perfection to the point that it was really messing up. Once I listend to both Steph and Jen about just going with the flow, I was much better off. I feel horrible that it's going to be a day late, but I'd rather post a fic that's edited than one that sucks majorly. Hopefully my person won't hate me too much.

Only two more days of vacation left for me before I return to insanity in my office. I had a horrible nightmare involving my work last night (and also featured Murphy Brown) and it brought home some of my issues that I need to deal with. Le sigh. So much fun.

Instead of doing that though, I think I will post my [ profile] yuletide fics and then go try to make a dent in the archive again now that I finished up my other gift stories.
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My [ profile] sn_holidays story is with my betas and I'm trying to finish up my [ profile] spn_holidays piece. The problem I have with the holiday challenges is that I want the stories to be perfect and wonderful for the recipient...and that makes it harder to write because I second guess myself a whole lot.


How is my winter vacation almost over already? It feels like it only just started...and that makes me sad. I really wish I was independently wealthy or that I could enjoy fandom activities as a job. Wouldn't that be lovely?


Alrighty, off to catch up on friends list and then I must finish this supernatural gift. And then I'm sure I'll be bugging y'all for a beta.

In case I'm not back on, have a happy and safe holiday! I'm hoping to take the night to reflect on things and work on how to make more of myself in the upcoming year. I don't do resolutions, per se, because to me that seems like I'm doomed to failure come March...but I like to think about where I can go in the upcoming year.
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Merry Christmas to those that celebrate! Happy Tuesday to everyone! My day was nice and relaxing. We woke up early to exchange gifts with immediate family and had breakfast. Then my sister and I went to a movie. Afterwards, we played games on the Wii and I took a nap. Now I've started reading [ profile] yuletide fic and wow, there are so many stories. Alas, I was only able to write one extra story as a treat yesterday because of insanity in life.

Anyway, I now have new books, movies, and such to keep me entertained. I highly recommend everyone go see the movie Juno because it was awesome. Funny and sweet and a little bit bizarre. I adored it.


I've started a list of yuletide recs as I go through the plethora of fic, but I must squee about the two fics in the archive for me. They are both wonderful and amazing and so utterly perfect. I was seriously dancing about like a loon after I read them. And then my sister danced about like a loon with me when she saw that one was Alice/Jasper (because while, she's not into fandom, she does love Alice/Jasper).

So go read and adore (like you should):

1) Meeting the Cullens - Twilight, Alice/Jasper [R]

2) These Three Words Have Said It All - The Outsiders

I seriously have read them a few times already. And GAH. My heart.

Thank you so much, Santa(s). You are awesome!


[ profile] sn_holidays fic has started to trickle in. I need to finish mine up. Same goes for [ profile] spn_holidays. Oh, fic galore.
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One more day of work on Monday and then I'm off until January 4th. Almost upon me. I can't wait.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much this past week and a half or so. First, I was sick with flu and then work has been crazy busy (only going to get *worse* in the new year). And finally, real life is sucking in many ways and I'm at that place where I have to do something to make it better rather than just complain about it all the time.

Amidst much baking today, I will attempt to catch up on drabbles. For reals. It's coming. And everyone who signed up will get them.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me cards. They are lovely and wonderful. I'm so very fortunate to have such an amazing friends list. I truly appreciate and love you all.


To hold you over, some pimpage:

-- [ profile] fandom_stocking - a great idea based around doing small ficlets for others based on how [ profile] yuletide had the stocking stuffers last year. So go sign up and see if you can write a stocking stuffer for anyone else! It's the holidays! Spread the cheer!

-- Multifandom Friending Meme is underway. Go make friends!

--Check out the great fic posted to [ profile] undermistletoe and [ profile] fluffandfold. Lots of schmoop and that's never a bad thing!

-- [ profile] 60damnprompts - write sixty days in the life of the character you claim. Very cool idea.

-- [ profile] ficawards - Multifandom fanfiction awards community


Alrighty, off to do writing, baking, and last minute shopping (pray for me).

Ciao darlings!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] thinfeawen!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day!


Attention Chuck Fans!

[ profile] misspamela is running the Write More: The Chuck Fic Challenge. So go leave prompts and write Chuck fic! Because the world needs more of it. Especially Chuck/Bryce and Ellie/Captain Awesome.

Speaking of, I really am going to finish my Ellie/Captain Awesome first date fic sometime soon. Instead, I ended up writing a Veronica Mars/Chuck crossover story.

Me + Crossovers = OTP


I still have a four days open for my holiday drabble-a-day offer. And if you're on my friends list and you really want one even after it's filled, I'll double up. So come up with some prompts for me, my friends. This is my holiday gift to all of you. Because I love you all like whoa.
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This day is going so slow and I'm very bored at work. Sure, I could be writing, but I'm just not...and even my work email chat buddies and our dirty minds are not keeping me from being bored. It's sad.

If anyone wants to chat, gmail chat = tommygirl828.

Or just feel free to smack me and remind me of how many challenges I need to write fic for.


Speaking of Challenges...a letter for my SPN Holiday Challenge person

a little letter for you... )


What am I going to do once I'm caught up on Numb3rs? Part of the fun of a show you never caught onto at first is getting to ingest episodes at a very high rate. Soon that won't be possible. How sad.

I guess it will be time to catch up on Gossip Girl and life as I'm behind on both.
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Day before Thanksgiving here in the States and I only have to work until 3:30! Woo-hoo. Though I have to run a few errands on my lunch and I'm fearing what the traffic will be like. I hate traffic, mostly because there are always idiots who create problems.


I started an Alice/Jasper fic for my Twilight Table. I so love them, but I'm not sure I have a handle on writing them. I guess we'll see.


This long weekend, I really need to make a dent in my writing. I've been making my Mini-Nanowrimo writing goal, but I feel like there is still so much that I need to do. Oh, what is with my addiction to challenges? I need to be stopped.
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[ profile] teffy thought up Fic or Treat for Halloween in fandom. I'm way late as I slept until three today thanks to my meds, but comment (feel free to add a prompt if you want) with "Fic or Treat" and I shall treat you!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quarterturn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling!



Based on the poll I did last week, there was interest in a Sports Night Holiday Exchange. So sign-ups begin today over at [ profile] sn_holidays! Please pimp this out to your Sports Night pals! And let me know of any questions, concerns, etc. The due dates and what would be offered were based on the poll majority.

[ profile] sn_holidays



Work is crazy. I hate when work is crazy. Busy is fine, but crazy is stressful.



Had weird dreams last night where I was the lead in the musical version of the Colbert Report. And Stephen and I were doing this huge dance number about republicans. Just very, very bizarre.



[ profile] winchestercon is less than two weeks away! I get to hang out with really cool people I want to meet, especially [ profile] iamtheenemy! There is no one I would rather share my first con experience with than Steph and my lovely SPN Fandom Peeps!

But, for those who cannot make [ profile] winchestercon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con. [ profile] deirdre_c was a great help with it last year and this year, she is taking over! It's sure to be good times, so be sure to check that community out!
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Happy New Year to everyone! I'm finding it hard to believe that 2007 is *already* upon us. Probably a surefire sign that I'm getting on in years - when time just moves so damn fast.

The boy and my sister have spent most of the evening playing with her new Xbox 360. We stopped and watched this History special called Life as we Know It about the many different ways the human race could go extinct. Cheery times.

Now, we've kissed and wished each other happy new years and the boy and sister are back in front of the freaking X-Box. So I shall post here and maybe read a little.

I wish nothing but the happiest and healthiest of new years for all of you. I'll do a review and wrap up and maybe post some fannish goals for the new year tomorrow. Tonight I'm not really in that mindset (too busy thinking about how I don't want to die from radiation from gamma rays or be shredded apart as a black hole sucks up Earth. Thanks History Channel!).

Instead, I will continue with sharing the love for each of you. First batch can be found here.

Second batch of love...not sure how many...basically the rest of A through C usernames... )


And the fireworks have begun in the areas around me.

Ciao darlings!
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Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates! To those that don't, I hope it was just a fabulous day!

I've spent the majority of my day being quite lazy, hanging with the family, eating too much, and playing Guitar Hero (one of my gifts for Christmas!). And now I'm about to settle in to read as many [ profile] yuletide fics as I can. I've read mine, Apologies, which is Earth 2, True fic, and it's amazing. I'm highly attached to True Danizger and there isn't nearly enough fic about her character and this piece is such a wonderful look at her life in the future. I love it a whole lot. So if my [ profile] yuletide santa is reading this: you totally rock! I knew I would love whatever was written and this doesn't disappoint in the least.

I've also got about five Supernatural stories bookmarked for reading and I haven't even touched [ profile] undermistletoe yet.

I love the holiday fandom writing!


I want to thank y'all for the cards (both snail mail and e-mail), the icons, the lovely notes, and just the good wishes. You are all so amazing and I'm so grateful to have you guys in my life. Fandom makes life fun and it's a great place just to forget stress and other real life things. ::huggles her list::

I'm hoping to use some of my time off on vacation to try to fulfill some more wish list pieces, but this is me we're talking about. I run about three years behind on almost everything.


I am in 24 heaven! I got season five on dvd, the calendar, and the dvd board game. It's as though my family thinks I'm obsessed with Jack Bauer or something. Heh. Also, TWO coach bags, baby. One from the mother (was not expecting at all) and one from the boy (totally picked this one out!). Woo-hoo. I have a purse addiction and I love that my family spoils me with it.

And luckily everyone loved their gifts thus far. My sister and I nearly killed our mother on Wednesday of this week...we were all at Borders and she suddendly notices the complete series of Homicide on dvd, which we had already bought FOR HER for christmas. And she was seriously about to buy it FOR HERSELF. It's like she is incapable of waiting for the holidays! But luckily, she decided against it and I didn't have to kill her...

And then my sister liked her stuff: I picked her up season two of Slings & Arrows, Volume three of Family Guy, and then I got her a Heroes teeshirt.


Tomorrow I see the little bit and Nancy. Little Bit wants to see Night at the Museum, but I think we'll probably do that later in the week. Tomorrow we just might watch rented movies and such...and let her and Nancy open their gifts and such. Her gift from me is to Borders and from my mother it's Build-A-Bear...guess who will have to take her there? Yeah, me. I'm always the one who gets suckered into these things because she has had me wrapped around her finger since she was only a few months old.


Alrighty, off to read, read, read!

Love y'all! Ciao darlings!
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I'm way behind on the friends list since my surgery on Thursday and I'm not sure I'll catch up. I'm up and about and the only sign that I even had surgery are the stitches - so no worries, darlings - but I still have two more holiday stories to write before tomorrow is over (Yikes) and I'm not sure I can read the friends list until then.

So if there is anything I really need to see, leave me a comment and I'll check it out after the deluge of insanity is over.

And my gift to all of you is my favorite story about Christmas and Santa as written/narrated by David Sedaris. It's called "Six to Eight Black Men" and it always makes me laugh. It's in ITunes format and it's broken into three tracks.


**Let me know if the download runs out and I'll redo it.

Happy holidays, my friends! I hope to be back as soon as these last few stories are written!

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Dexter season finale is less than five hours a way. I'm very excited about this. This show is just amazing and maybe it should creep me out that I totally love Dexter and feel for him at times, but it doesn't.


[ profile] yuletide fic is now in the hands of my betas! Wah-hoo! It's done. And like I thought, it wasn't too hard once I got it started and had a basic idea for where I wanted to go with the thing. Now I just need to wait on my betas to rip it apart and make my edits.

Of course now I have a few other challenge pieces to focus on before I can relax and just enjoy the bounty of much good fic.

But yes,

Dear [ profile] yuletide recipient,

If you stumble upon this journal and see my grumblings about writing, please do not worry or think ill of me. It wasn't the prompts that bothered me. I really *loved* the prompts. It was just me doing my normal yuletide freak out.




Remember my love of cheesy Christmas movies? The type that make me cringe, but still I watch and love...

my sister and I watched The Christmas Card. Oh my god, it was so bad, but i loved every second of it. It was just...first, I think it was written by a non-christian who had a very specific idea of what Christians are like. Because I'm Catholic and I know we're the bad Christians of the universe, but never did our pastor stop church to make the new people introduce themselves. And what was with the really school marm clothing they all wore?

Just bizarre.

But I still loved it, dammit.


Alrighty, rather than starting the next fic like I should, I'm totally rewarding myself with some fic and then I'm gonna rewatch last week's Dexter before the finale.

Ciao darlings!
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Dear [ profile] yuletide fic:

Please write yourself now. It would be lovely to at least get a first draft done so I'm not completely crying over my lack of productivity.




Tomorrow night is the season finale of Dexter and I'm very excited. This is one of those shows that is good from start to finish, no annoying moments of wishing it would get back to the point. And I love Dexter Morgan. I feel weird saying I love a sociopathic serial killer, but I do. I'm apparently taking my love of the "bad boy" to a whole new extreme.

Here's to also hoping that Michael C. Hall wins the Golden Globe. I love Keifer as Jack Bauer so much, but he won last year (right? Or was that the Emmy he won?). Let's spread the love around.

And why don't I have any Dexter icons? That's a sad thing.


I am finished my holiday shopping. Now I have to wrap it all and mail a few things out to people, but it's done. I'm currently in between holiday parties, but I've almost made it through my social butterfly requirements for the year. That really just leaves a ton of writing and beta work to be done.

In the meantime, quickly catching up on friends list before I must attend a carolling party. The little bit told me that I will hang out with her all night, so who can resist the cutest seven-year-old to walk the planet? Not me, even though I don't carol.

Ciao darlings!
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I just got home to the most awesome thing ever.

Dear [ profile] wendy (aka Secret Santa):

You are most awesome and thank you so much for the fun stuff, the dvds, and the lovely note. I've loved getting to know you over the past few months and I couldn't have asked for a better secret santa. You seriously rock the casbah, darling.

I love it.


Mare (aka Tommygirl)


Now I must get my package out in the mail. I just picked up one of the pieces today on my lunch (as they had to order it for me), so now I can get it all wrapped up and ready to go. Woo-hoo. I'm so glad I was able to participate in Mad's Secret Santa exchange this year. It's so much fun. Now here's to hoping my recipient likes what I picked out!

But yes, thank you again, Wendy!
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Happy Gobble, Gobble Day! Well, if you celebrate anyway. Otherwise, I hope it was a happy day full of fun.

My day was wonderfully lazy and full of a lot of food, the way the very best Thanksgivings are. This year, it was just me, the mother, the sister, and the boy came down. So it's been fabulously lazy and I just wore sweats and my sister and I got the boy hooked on Heroes (because without me, he would only ever watch hockey or baseball games).

Of course, the boy and I proceed to have this conversation:

"So which boys do you want to see make out with each other on this show?"

"I haven't really thought about it."

"You haven't thought about it? I thought that was all you thought about, how to get hot boys to make out."

"When you say it like that, I sound perverse."

"You write incest sex. You *are* perverse."

(can't really deny it) "Well, I guess Mohinder and Isaac could be hot?"

Yes, it was a truly lovely day. I am now going to read some fanfic to make the day better while the boy and the sister play Splinter Cell.

In the spirit of the holiday, things I'm thankful for:

-my mom who drives me crazy like no other and votes Republican, but she is an awesome mom
-my sissy, my best friend in all the world
-my little bit, Ellen, who is the cutest seven-year old in all the world
-the rest of my nieces and nephews aren't too bad, especially my nephew who just turned eighteen and laughed when I sent him money for "smokes and porn"
-my brothers are okay because they gave me wonderful nieces and nephews
-my friends
-all of you are wonderful people and make the fannish experience so great.
-the boy, of course, who constantly surprises me and makes me realize this relationship stuff isn't so bad
-Last but not least, that I have a job, a roof over my head, and things like health insurance that so many people don't have.

Okay, yes, going to go read some. Tomorrow I have been convinced to brave a few of the stores early in the morning like an insane person. I'm likely to kill people if they drive me crazy.

Ciao darlings!

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