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This day is going way too slow. What is it about Tuesdays at work that simply drag on? I just really don't like it.


When you see this, quote Supernatural in your journal.

Dean: Bitch.
Sam: What're you calling me a bitch for?
Dean: You're supposed to say "jerk."
Sam: What?
Dean: Never mind.

Only two days left until we have new Supernatural. I'm unspoiled and cannot wait for the first episode of the season. I really do love our boys so very much.


There used to be a time when I could not only write frequently, but write long pieces. Nowadays, it's mostly a short story or random scene. I miss being able to put together long, drawn-out stories that (hopefully) come together.


Pimpage Time

-[ profile] 25moments, a multifandom prompt community, but you don't have to make claims and can write for as many fandoms/characters as you want.

-Kat has created [ profile] spn_rarepairs for those that like pairings other than the main ones of the show.

-It’s not to late to play at [ profile] tvm’s supernatural hurt-comfort drabble-a-thon.

-X-File Your Fandom Challenge - Take your fandom and bring X-Files to it. Sign ups run from September 17th until September 29th

-Prompts are up for claiming at [ profile] galpalficathon, with stories due November 16th

-[ profile] xmas_kinkathon is having sign-ups until October 31st, Multifandom


Finally, I leave you with a picture of one of my birthday presents. I have two new kitties!

Dexter & Brian (aka Ice Truck Killer). Dexter is the baby who sometimes needs a helmet. Brian is the orange tabby/older brother who I think rolls his eyes a lot at Dexter.
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I'm attempting to come up with some writing responses for Day 3 of the drabble-a-thon, but currently am quite ecstatic because I think I figured out how to deal with one of the things that bothered me about my [ profile] apocalyptothon first draft. So I want to fix that up and get it off to beta as soon as possible, while the ideas are still fresh. I was struggling with this one particular element to the story and while I was meditating today it just hit me.

Thank goodness for that as I need time to get it back from beta and I want to post it before I move next week (and ohmygod, I move next week into my own house! Yikes.)


I highly recommend Joel Osteen's weekly podcasts to people, even if you're not Christian. he's everything that religion *should* be, very positive and hopeful, never judgemental or talking about how evil people are. And I don't know if it's just me, but I swear, sometimes, it's like he's talking directly to me. Like his topic will resonate so much and I just walk away from the podcast with a much better perspective on life (and, for me, God).


What do I have to do in order for Annie to leave on All My Children? Just when I think she couldn't annoy me more, she finds new ways to irk me. And I admit, that my great love of Greenlee will always biased me against certain characters, but she's just so irritating. She doesn't have one redeemable trait. How is that even possible?

So I read that Vanessa Marcil is again in talks with GH. And I think that would be awesome, especially if Jagger sticks around because think of the fun that could be had. Or if they pair her up with Jason because they had such potential last time around. And yes, the character of Brenda (like Greenlee) is another one of those characters that I adore beyond reason.

Anything new on One Life to Live worth tuning in? I'm still mad about how they killed off Nash. Nash/Jess and Nash/Tess were the only pairing(s) I enjoyed.


Lots of pimpage!!!

Onto the pimpage... )


Anyone know where I can find some great Phelps/Lochte icons? I've come across icons of each boy separately, but I'd love a few of them together. Please, help me feed my obsession a bit more.
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[ profile] kamikazeremix for Supernatural fandom sounds really interesting. Alas, it's all set around the time of settlement on the new house and moving, so I know I won't be able to play this time around. But the rest of you should.

Tomorrow evening I hope to get some of the stuff for week of drabble-a-thons dealt with and share the polling results. So consider it your last chance to go vote for themes and dates.


I'm taking some personal time tomorrow afternoon for a few hours of me time. With friends in hospitals and other friends moving and upcoming moves...I just need a few minutes to be by myself without any worries. Maybe I'll go see a movie (not Dark Knight as that is on Saturday with friends) or go to the park and read. Just something relaxing.
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Over fourth of July weekend, I ended up babysitting a four-year-old because my friend's father was in the hospital after a stroke. Then this weekend, the same friend calls me and now *she's* in the hospital with a bacterial infection in her blood. Her poor little daughter is a mess, who is now convinced that if you go to the doctor, you end up in the hospital for days at a time (what with the track record of her dad, her grandfather, and now her mom) so I'm hoping to take her out and cheer her up a bit. She is one of the coolest four-year-olds ever.

And that really sets the tone for the sort of weekend I had.

on the brightside, I did accomplish some writing and got my story for a challenge posted last night.


In case you missed it, please fill out my poll for a week of multifandom drabble-a-thons. And if you could pimp that link out, I'd appreciate it. I want as much input before I undertake this to make sure people will actually enjoy it.
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It's really not turning out to be the Fourth of July long weekend I had planned. Some personal stuff came up and I'm now babysitting a four-year-old. She's awesome and she says we're best friends, but still, not what I had in mind. Also, the boy is being a pain in my ass.

But I pulled out 1776 because how can I not watch this on Fourth of July.

Here...enjoy...because I love it... )

And tonight is the final night of the swimming trials for the United States. God, I love my swimming boys. And so probably only [ profile] chickpea will appreciate this, but...Michael Phelps sets a new World Record already... )

It's a little sad about Brenden Hanson with the 200m breast stroke. I mean fourth place? What the heck happened? He's still on the team though, so that's a good thing.

And also something only [ profile] chickpea would probably like, but I'm considering writing a fic that would be completely IMPROBABLE to even write convincingly, but I want some Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester and Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester/David Cook. Basically, I just want lots of hot boys that I love to make out.

Anyway, happy fourth of July to the Americans, even if the Declaration of Independence was actually signed on the 2nd of July (there were revisions that took two days). To everyone else: have a fabulous weekend!
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I've added some new friends lately through my new obsessions and just scrolling through my friend's friends lists. Welcome to y'all!

But I figured this was as good a time as any to reiterate one thing. I'm a pretty whatever girl for the most part. I'm not into drama and don't see a need for lots of wank...

That said, if I ever find out anyone on my friends list is partaking in anonymously flaming other people (fandom or not), I'll remove/ban/think really bad thoughts about you for a few minutes and never deal with you again. I don't care what your reasons - there is no excuse to be jackass to anyone anonymously. You have a problem with someone? Take it to them and move on with your life.

Because, honestly, if you can't do that, I don't want to know you.


I get to spend my lunch hour today running around like a crazy person. I put off buying my best friend's birthday gift and I need it for tonight and yikes! How could I forget?

Then tonight, before meeting up with her, I have to go meet with the mortgage guy because this house buying stuff is really hard and involves my grown-up brain and just...not fun. And I have to pay attention and can't randomly start thinking about Dean Winchester. Or so I've been told repeatedly.

Basically, I might be a little crazy/missing in action with livejournal for another few months until the house buying/move/etc is over. But I love you all and will do my best to be around because I'm a livejournal addict.
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I want to take a moment to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms on my friends list. Y'all rock and I'm in awe of you.


I still haven't seen the last two episodes of Supernatural. I don't know what's wrong with me. I want to watch it, but at the same time, I'm getting worried about the last few episodes (as this Thursday is the finale, right?). I guess I'm prolonging it, though I'm not sure why. It's on my Tivo and I've had some time this weekend, but I chose Numb3rs and Step It Up and Dance (which I now have my sister addicted to).

I am a broken SPN fan! This is so sad.


So fingers crossed for me. I have a second interview for a position this coming Tuesday afternoon. After everything that went down when I was sick, I decided that it was time to start looking for a new job. I'm fortunate that I have a steady position currently and can take my time to find the right fit. This job sounds rather interesting and there appears to be room to grow within the company...I guess we'll see.


Flyers play tonight. Here's to hoping they kick some Penguins butt and tie up the series at one a piece. As all the radio/tv people are saying, the Flyers haven't won a first game in a series during the playoffs, so why start now? Le sigh. We'll see. Personally, I think my boys just like to test my patience.
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Howdy my darlings! I'm sorry I haven't been around much (especially after friending all the new wonderful folks), but life is just insane. They had finally gotten me a decent, competent temp who lasted three whole weeks. I was getting comfortable...and then they replace her. She could be moody and she was apparently moody with the wrong people. So gone. The new temp is very nice and seems quite capable (though she's not very strong in Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook)...I hope she lasts. It takes so much of my time to train the new people that none of my stuff gets done and I end up having to work late to make sure I don't mess up my own projects. So much fun. On the brightside, I am *finallY* caught up from my three weeks of doom from being out with pneumonia.

But anyway, I'm going to try to be around more. And talk about life. And fandoms. And hot boys making out. Or just Sam and Dean Winchester.

And Mystery Spot was on last night and it still gets me. The first half is hysterical and the second half is just "Oh Sammy" making.


It's finally Friday. This has been one of the longest weeks that I can remember. It just didn't want to end. And then someone at the office said yesterday "it felt like Tuesday" but I thought they said it was Tuesday. I began to think work finally did me in and I was completely bonkers and that my week was so much more.

Luckily, that was not the case.

Even better, I've been having wonderful dreams the last few nights. Last night, I was hanging out with Chuck (from Chuck) and Dean Winchester - we were waiting for public transit to take us into Philly. Then the night before that I was making out with Starbuck on BSG. Which, I'm not really into girls, but Kara Thrace is hot. So okay.


This weekend I'm hoping to do a lot of writing. I've been trying different things to get over my writing hurdle.

I've been meditating and playing classical music and taking walks. Alas, during the week, I had no time to write and see if it was working.

So fingers crossed. And feel free to share some of your favorite writing routines and secrets for writer's block!


To those who watch American Idol - how amazing was David Cook this week? Just gah. I still love Jason Castro like whoa, but David Cook is just so good.

Also, I have all their studio versions and a few of their pre-idol albums. If anyone wants any of it, comment and I'll upload.
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It figures that I'm finally getting over my pneumonia only to get bogged down all weekend with allergies/sinuses. I took my little bit to the movie early yesterday and then after I got home, I ended up sleeping for about four and a half hours. After that I finished up my latst reread of New Moon. Bella still annoys me a great deal, but Edward and Jacob don't bother me so much this time. Of course, I'm starting Eclipse tonight and there were points in that book the first time around where I was annoyed with the lot of them.

Today I did some writing on my bubbleficathon and femme-ficathon pieces. Due tomorrow. I'm trying my best, but I fear they might be a day or two late as I'm about to fall asleep again. Also today, I ended up watching the newest BBC version of Persuasion and then the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice with my sister and mother. I do really like the Federick in this Persuasion much more, but the end was a little cheesy. Anne would never run through a town - how unladylike - let alone make out on the street.

And then P & P, I just adore. My favorite will always be the BBC version, but this one is just visually stunning.

So it was a Jane Austen sort of day, what with Sense & Sensibility on PBS tonight.


I'll be interested to see if our latest temp returns to our office tomorrow. I kept getting the vibe that she wasn't very happy with the position, but my boss swears that she seemed okay to her. Whatever. I'm just going to do my work and mind my own business until I can get myself out of there.
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Sometimes karma really is a wonderful thing. It doesn't change what I need to do, but it makes me feel a little better about a whole lot (I'll explain later in a locked post in the near future) that's been happening to me lately.


New American Idol tonight. Kristy needs to go home. Even if she somehow amazes me this week, she's still not up to par with the remaining contestants. I just want to know who's voting for her? The same people who liked Sanjaya?
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Sweet Charity is open again for bidding. Lots of wonderful fangirls are donating their skills to the cause. I wanted to donate my writing, but with illness woes and such the way they've been, now is just not a good time for me to promise something. So instead, I shall spend a portion of my tax refund on the auction. Woo-hoo.

And [ profile] deirdre_c and I always seem to bid on the same awesome people. Heh.

SO yes, go play:


If you guys could think good thoughts for me as far as work goes. Some stuff is going on thanks to me being in and out of work a lot the past few weeks. And I'm stressing out a bit and trying to get my head around it and pray that I land on my feet. I'm a Virgo and I don't do well with the unknown. It freaks me out a lot.


I watched Return of Jezebel James last week because it's by the Gilmore Girls creator...but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe it's the laugh track that bugs me, but something isn't quite right about it. Still, I'll give it another week or so.

I'm not sure about New Amsterdam though. The premise is interesting and the guy is hot, but it's not clicking for me. I've seen two episodes and it's just not holding my attention. Does it get better over the next two? Help me, fangirls. I have only so many hours in a day and I'm still behind on Torchwood.


I pulled out my season one of West Wing this past week while suffering from the latest in my mutant plague that won't go away for long. I love this show. I miss what it was those first three seasons. It was good. Josh and Leo and CJ and Toby and Sam...oh Sam. ANd Josh and Donna and not stopping for red lights...gah.

I think I now need to go through all my bookmarked recs and re-read my favorite West Wing fics.
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Argh. Someone just needs to kill me. So, we hired someone new for the Admin position. She quit after two weeks. She just came in on Friday, did a few things and said, "This job isn't for me." She just left. Didn't give any notice, didn't even say goodbye to anyone (or tell me what the hell she had done/hadn't done).

And what she did work on? She frakked it up. I had to restart a 6,000 piece mailing, something that's not really my job, but needs to get done, because it was all messed up. And I just...she quit because she told the office manager "the job is for someone like a high schooler" and yet she did it WRONG.

Fun times.

I is *so* much fun right now.

Like poking my eye out with a rusty spork.

Anyway, I apologize now if I'm not around as much (though I haven't been a lot lately). I really need to win the lottery.
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I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve and a lovely day today. It was fun chatting with a bunch of y'all last night and I apologize for disappearing rather quickly. The boy and his friends were suddenly done with XBox, so we all hung out watching the History Channel like the huge history nerds we all are.

My [ profile] spn_holidays fic is with my two trusty betas after the story kicked my butt from here to there. I was way overthinking and worrying about perfection to the point that it was really messing up. Once I listend to both Steph and Jen about just going with the flow, I was much better off. I feel horrible that it's going to be a day late, but I'd rather post a fic that's edited than one that sucks majorly. Hopefully my person won't hate me too much.

Only two more days of vacation left for me before I return to insanity in my office. I had a horrible nightmare involving my work last night (and also featured Murphy Brown) and it brought home some of my issues that I need to deal with. Le sigh. So much fun.

Instead of doing that though, I think I will post my [ profile] yuletide fics and then go try to make a dent in the archive again now that I finished up my other gift stories.
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I apologize for the ongoing daily counts and such that will continue throughout the month. It will be over soon enough and hopefully, at some point, there will be fic for everyone to enjoy.

Mini-Nanowrimo - [ profile] mini_nanowrimo

Day: 10
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 838
Words done total: 9,185

I finished my Dean/Carmen story for [ profile] vinylroad and sent it off to betas. I have a feeling it might need some work as het is not my forte in this fandom. It's weird because there are certain fandoms where all I write is het (Alias, Supernatural), but then I get all flustered trying to write it for Supernatural.

And it turned out not to be something that I think my darling, Kat, will love so much, so when I get a chance, I might give some girl!Sam/Dean a go.


I ended up napping. Though I'm not sure it's a nap when it lasts four hours. One minute I was watching Bionic Woman from this week and next thing I know it's almost seven pm. It seems my little bit wore me out. Thank goodness she is only mine on loan for fun times and then I return her to her mom and dad. I am a little worried that the little bit thinks having frozen minions like the Ice Queen from Chronicles of Narnia would be cool.


Considering all the Sam & Dean, Jared & Jensen icons I have, why is it that I have no Jared/Sam smiling like whoa icon? What is wrong with me? I must rectify this.
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It's going around again and I quite enjoy it:


1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (This is why I don't do memes all that often.)
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Questions & Answers from poisontaster... )


I'm going through caffeine withdrawal, my sinuses are killing me, and the boy has left to go back up to NYC. He was in a lovely mood this morning because his week of vacation is over. Cry him a river. My vacation isn't until October.

We were incredibly lazy yesterday, watching a bunch of crap on television and reading and napping. We are so damn lame. SOmetimes I think we're together because no one else would tolerate our lameness.

However, I did manage to finish up the first draft of Daddy!Dean fic which [ profile] iamentheos is going to beta and I also wrote out the first draft of [ profile] cricketkate's Kat/Ethan fic in a notebook. Now I just have to type it up, do my own edits, and look for a beta. I like it when I'm productive with my writing.

Still have tons to do though like Jen's b-day story 'o doom that won't end and ficathon pieces. So much writing, so little time. It doesn't help that random ideas keep coming up. I think my Sam/Dean story, I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles, has spawned a possible 'verse and that scares me. Mostly because there are so many ideas that started coming up when I began writing that piece, but I couldn't get it all in. But I'm not sure I'm the right type of person to undertake creating a whole 'verse at the moment, as my writing is so damn sporadic. Then again, I tend to feel like that line from Idina Menzel's song "Still I Can't Be Still": I resist the muses, but they sing to me in exile... Lordy, I'm broken.
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Somehow this morning, I have gotten on the topic of my "business idea" with [ profile] ladybug218 and [ profile] larah33. It has now become a new reality show where me and a panel of my favorite fangirls select the hot boys who would then be hired for my elite sexy boy servants business.

This came about one day when I was raking leaves and I thought, "Self, this would be so much better if I could just hire a hot boy to do this shirtless. Not only would my leaves get raked (dirty!), but I could ogle the hot boy as he did it."

My best gays have told me it's brilliance and want to know where to sign up, my best friend worries that shoveling shirtless isn't a good idea, and now Jen and Lara want a new reality tv show with us as the judges.

Fun times. I just think it's time us women are able to demean the men for awhile.


I haven't been able to participate in [ profile] sportsnightglee nearly as much as I want to. Last night I was hoping to get online only for storms to come in (and for me to fall asleep too).

So instead of bringing you tales of fun from over there, I shall pimp some things that are going on:

- [ profile] spncross: you have until tomorrow to sign up for the Supernatural Crossover Challenge. Only have to write one story of 1000 words.

- Pushing the Envelope Challenge: A Fic Warnings Ficathon - Multifandom, stories due July 31st

- Against All Odds Fic Challenge - Multifandom, taking prompts until July 29th

- Disney On Acid: Farscape Potluck Ficathon, Farscape, sign-ups end TODAY

- The Evil Dean Ficathon, Supernatural, stories due August 19th

- [ profile] consandcritters: a new constructive criticism community for Supernatural fandom

- [ profile] spn_summergen are being posted and so many of them are brilliant.
I never want to hear that it's impossible to find good, non-wincest fic again, people.

- If that's not enough fic for you, check out the Supernatural Family Secret's Challenge Master List.


Tons of writing to do and no interest whatsoever. It's so damn hot, I just don't want to do anything. But I will finish the daddy!dean fic today. Oh yes, I will.
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A) [ profile] spncross is open for sign-ups. The fandoms being crossed are the top fifteen vote-getters in the poll. So go here to sign up. And please pimp!

B) Today was crazy at work. It started out easy enough, but then around eleven, I got swamped and didn't resurface until late afternoon. It did make the day go quickly, and I enjoy being busy as compared to bored, but a nice break once in awhile is a good thing.

C) This morning my office manager scared the hell out of me. I'm almost always the first person to our office in the morning. I get there about 15-20 minutes early because of the traffic patterns in my area and my hatred of rushing around. So when the door was locked and none of the main lights were on, I assumed I was the first there. I was wrong. I opened the door and heard footsteps. I was like, "What the hell is going on?" I haven't been that freaked out at work since my birthday four years ago when I walked into to find a Legolas cut-out kicking it behind my desk (at which point I wsa like, "Am I still asleep? Funny, I don't feel like I'm dreaming...but why is Orlando Bloom at my desk?").

D) No, seriously, I will keep bugging y'all who read Sam/Dean SPN fic to go read and vote over at [ profile] spn_heraea. Angst vs. Schmoop and the stories are all wonderful.

E) I'm not sure why I went with letters. I like to be difficult to myself. How about "E" is for Entourage and I did not see the premiere last night. I plan to watch it this evening if I don't collapse. Also didn't see 4400 yet. What did I do last night? I honestly don't remember.

F) More interview questions, this time courtesy of [ profile] mel_b_angel. To the interview questions... )

G) I think I have a book buying problem. Between buying books and borrowing them from the library, there is a pile sitting on my desk that needs to be read. I can do it. I can do it.

H) I will continue to pimp the fact that [ profile] spncross is taking sign-ups.
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So I have two requests based off last night's Supernatural...

Because I don't want fangirls killing me and I try not to be rude... )


I see Shrek 3 with the little bit this afternoon. My mother is coming along, which makes me happy because grandma Flossie will take over and spoil the little bit with the candy and snacks. That kid costs a bloody fortune sometimes.

In the meantime I shall try to catch up on the friends list.

Ciao darlings!
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So I have come up with my surefire cure for the blues after Thursday night's Supernatural (Note: I don't know spoilers, I'm just guessing it will kill me dead!)

My cure - my little bit - in cute photographic evidence... )

So I'm sure she will cheer me up.

Y'all should get yourself a little bit as cute as this.

But you can't have mine.

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