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Happy Supernatural Day, my friends!

Does anyone know if the rumors I've heard are true? Is SPN airing at 8pm because of the debate? That would be awesome because otherwise I won't get to see it until tomorrow. I figure I'm safe because I dvr Smallville (one of those things I often say, "I wish I knew how to quit you" about), but I'd love to watch it. This will come as a surprise, but I'm a tad bit obsessed with the Winchester boys.

Not more than politics though. And I want Joe Biden to call Sarah Palin out on every lie and half truth and idiotic comment she has made. She is just...I'm not Republican, but surely there was an actual qualified woman who could have been McCain's running mate. Palin is just an insult to women and either a liar or crazy to boot. So yes, Joe, crush her!


I think I want some Samantha Who fic for [ profile] yuletide! Or Dirty Sexy Money. Or road to avonlea.

I can't believe it's already almost time for Yuletide and holiday exchanges. Where has the year gone?

Also, since only a small number were interested in the Sports Night Holiday Exchange, I've decided to combine forces with [ profile] larah33. Sports Night will become a part of the [ profile] oldschoolfic holiday exchange. that way Sports Night can still play and people can get that fic...but I'm not running a whole exchange for seven people (though I would if people really want it. I'm a sucker like that.).
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1. Happy Supernatural Day! In eight hours, I will have more Sam and Dean on my television.

2. Other TV: I'm playing catch-up at the moment except for Supernatural and Heroes. I've loved the first two parts of Lost in Austen! And Gossip Girl holds my attention because of Chuck Bass. I love Chuck.

3. Politics: Just have the freaking debate. And don't pretend it's not the Republicans holding up the bail out plan at the moment. If you can't get your own party to fall in line, that's not Obama (or America's) fault. And Obama is right. If you're actually needed in DC, that's one thing, but this whole thing seems like a political play to avoid dealing with the fact that McCain never supported regulating the economy and now we're in a mess.

4. EW: On that end, PETA really needs to get off my side. They're *insane*. I don't want Ben & Jerry's ice cream made with human milk. That's gross.

5. Yuletide: I've been thinking quite a bit about what I want to nominate and then request as far as fic goes. So many things I'm currently considering. I love this time of year.

6. Prompts: Give me some first lines (you guys know my fandoms, I think), and I'll try to do some writing. I'm blocked, but last first line Jen gave me turned out pretty please. Help a sister out.
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After watching the Republican National Convention sober the past few nights, I'm beginning to think the only way to get through it without wanting to cry or throw things is to be extremely drunk. Of course, I'm not drunk, so that should make McCain's speech ohsofun to watch.

And the thing is?

I used to like McCain...back in 2000, when he wasn't completely INSANE.


I just want to thank y'all for all the wonderful birthday wishes, virtual gifts, picspams, etc. You're all amazing and after long hours of moving/packing/cleaning, it was a very nice surprise. I'm trying to respond to everyone individually, but it might take me a little while. So massive hugs and thanks! You rock!

Birthday was pretty tame! I got two kitties for my birthday from my sister. And money & first two seasons of 90210 from the mother. The boy bought me a new Coach purse (that he swears he picked out, but I'm not buying it) and helped us move without too much complaining.

My birthday gift from Borders was that I walked in on Saturday evening and they had Supernatural Season 3 on the shelves! So I got it with my birthday coupon for being a rewards member! It was very nice of them to think of me this way. And yes, I did force the boy to watch Mystery Spot to which he responded, "Are we sure they're brothers? Because I was never like that with my brother."


Slowly, I think I should be returning to normal soon. Or at least, I hope.

Pictures of the new house and the kitties to come soon. I need to find my camera in the boxes. And then I need to remember how to work it (yes, really, [ profile] iamtheenemy is rolling her eyes and saying, "Yeah, I had to help that bitch work her freaking phone!) and upload photos.
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So is there any Samantha Who fic out there? There really should be some Samantha/Todd fic. Or Samantha/Kevin. Hell, even Samantha/Winston. Or maybe a mix of all of them. I just finally finished the first season anyone else watching this show? It was created by a chick lit author and it ROCKS.


Currently, I'm watching my dvd of Live Free, Die Hard. I enjoy this movie a great deal. It's sort of like 24 for me, that I know I should be appalled by the behavior of the law enforcement person and the ease of killing/manipulating the law...but you just get caught up in the moment and cheer. And then you find yourself thinking, "Self, did I just cheer someone for TORTURE?"


Is it possible that tonight will wrap up everythin with the democratic primary? I really hope so. Clinton and Obama should be more concerned with even the idea of John McCain as our president. ::Shudders::
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My sinuses have been horrific today, but I went to work for half the day and made sure to vote first thing in the morning. I found it interesting that there were actually people in the school gym this morning. Normally, when I go in at 7:30am to vote, there is one other person in there to vote. Today there were actually people. Voting. I'm impressed.

I voted for Obama though it looks like Hillary has carried my state. My mother asked if I was upset, but she seems to not get that this isn't like the 2004 election of doom for me. This is two qualified candidates, both of whom I like for different things. I just prefer Obama and his message. And okay, I really love to hear him give speeches. After all this time with the most horrible speaker for a president, I like being moved by words.


-I'm going to do the results to the character meme tomorrow, so go asks questions.

-Also, check out my poll on the possibility of doing a Supernatural version of Mystery Science Theater

-My Valentinr - tommygirl


Okay, tomorrow I'm hoping to be more productive/useful, but for now I'm going to continue watching MSNBC until I fall asleep. Ciao darlings!
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I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but my Monday morning went rather fast. Here's to hoping the afternoon passes likewise.

So there was some sort of football game last night, I hear? I don't care about football in any sense, but I was told these things.

1. From my cousin - As a Philadelphian, you cannot cheer for the Giants, unless they're playing Dallas. It's wrong.

2. From the boy - The Giants will win because they are in a tougher division.

Personally, I don't care. I know that Tom Brady is cute and Matt Damon likes him...that's enough for me. I was out running errands in no man's land while the game was on. Fun times. My superbowl is the Oscars. That's when I party and squee and boo (I'm still not over Roberto Benigni winning the Best Actor award).


In much more interesting news (to me anyway), tomorrow is Super Tuesday! I am really hoping that Obama pulls out a huge victory. And it's not because I hate Hillary Clinton and/or think a woman can't do the job. I think that our country is in a position where we need a big change. And, I'm not completely convinced Hillary could beat McCain if he's the Republican nominee.


So my mother has a subscription to the Catholic Star Herald newspaper and sometimes when I'm bored and wondering how that mindset works, I peruse the articles. They did a list of their top movies of 2007. Can you guess their favorite movie? No Country for Old Men - a nice little flick about drugs and violence and all those things they abhor.

They also talked about how Juno was a great pro-life movie. Uh, what? It's actually a pro-Choice movie. She debates BOTH sides and makes a CHOICE that is right for her. She doesn't immediately think, "Gotta keep my baby." And I think this is my big issue with a lot of Pro-Life people. They don't seem to understand the "choice" part of being Pro-Choice.


Some links/pimpage:

- I'm running a poll on running a Supernatural Mystery Science Theater sort of challenge

- [ profile] svmadelyn is doing another year of the Valentine's Game. You can send in entries until February 12th, but do Madelyn a favor and get yours in early!

- Sex Is Fun Challenge - multifandom, running through February

- [ profile] dragonsinger is taking suggestions for this year's theme for Variations of Plot Challenge until February 17th

- And the Valentine thingy: My Valentinr - tommygirl
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So I'm on Planned Parenthood's list because I do a lot of volunteer work for them at times in my area and basically, anti-choice protestors are delaying the opening of a clinic that could help a lot of women in the Chicago area

For more information and what you can do... )

I'm not going to debate choice in this entry. This is me just passing information onto others that might share my belief that women have a right to, at the very least, get information they need to make informed choices. I normally keep most of my politics talk to my personal journal, but I feel this is something people should know about.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] penknife!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! Make sure that everyone spoils you properly!


Weekend is over but I can't be too upset today because Karl Rove resigned! We are almost free of him. Now if only Dick Cheney would follow suit! But I won't be greedy - Karl Rove is a good place to start.


Have you ever had so many random story ideas in your head that you felt paralyzed by them all to the point that you couldn't get anything down? That's how I feel at the moment. I've got these little ideas that want to get out, but I don't know where to start. And it's overwhelming. And I'm lazy so that just adds to it.


Television Thoughts:

- Watched the pilot of Flash Gordon because it was Whitney from SV and I love him. It's cheesy, but good cheesy and highly enjoyable. I know it's not good television, but it's entertaining. Plus, I'm a sucker for shows that deal with the whole jumping universes thing.

And did I mention it has Whitney from Smallville? Because I love him and I have missed him on SV for a long time.

- Also watched Psych, which is just...last season was good stuff and I liked it a whole lot, but season two is just *ON* with the hysterical. I didn't think it was possible to top the season two premiere with the duets show and the Tears for Fears, but Friday night's episode was the maddest comedy. Gus going on about Teen Wolf and the two of them racing each other and the lockers with the pictures from Miami Vice and the race track shirts? I love this show so much. [ profile] ladybug218 and I keep pestering [ profile] larah33 to watch it and I will do the same to the rest of you. You need to watch this show if you have a sense of humor. If you don't, well, I'm not sure you'll appreciate it and I'm not sure how you can live in this world without laughter.

Can I marry Shawn and Gus as a unit? Because I love them both so very much. They are awesome.

- My sister and I are a week behind on Eureka but I do love this show. I love every character and the dynamics between them all. I think there are some things that they drag out (like we still don't have answers on what Beverly is doing and that's been since the pilot), but overall, each episode is wacky and smart. And I love that we get to see Jack growing as a person and a father (the episode with him stuck in the therapy over losing Zoe was wonderful). Plus, Nathan is hot.
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Oh day, you are going too fast and I'm not caught up on all my work. I was in a fairly good mood last night until I saw that Bush got Libby off the freaking hook. Real nice. Way to care about justice.

But I digress, because there are more important things to talk about. Like the fact that my sister got me hooked on CSI and we have plowed through the first six seasons rather quick. And now I ask you, friends list, for the fic recs. Specifically Nick/Greg or Nick/Warrick. And if there are any Post Grave Danger fics. Help a girl out! I want the CSI fic!


More to come later when my brain can focus on things other than nice day off tomorrow. But for now, if any of you read a lot (most of you do), check out and friend me. My profile is here.

Goal for today is get caught up on friends list.


Mar. 6th, 2007 04:42 pm
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Jury Convicts Libby on Four Charges

Yay! How awesome! Now we have the public record of criminal activity...can we impeach Cheney now? It would really be a step in the right direction and might get Bush and Rove to back off their imperial stance a bit.

Please? Congress, can you prove you're worthy of getting our votes and actually do something that requires courage?
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Dear God, it should be illegal that I had to be out of my house by 6:10am today to get to the gym. Seriously. It doesn't help that my trainer is evil. Hot, but evil. And so now I'm hobbling around my office all sad like.

And really, MSNBC can start covering actual news any time they want. I'm about at the point where I'm gonna throw the television across the gym floor if I see anymore on Anna Nicole Smith or Britney's shaved head. There is actual news going on. Let's talk about how Senator John McCain is turning into a hypocritical dick. I mean, he's Republican so there have always been things I disagreed with the man on, but overall, I respected him. He served his country. He didn't give into the whims of the christian right.

But now he's just. He's hired the guy who basically called him insane when he was in the primaries against Bush. He's totally become the White House's bitch because he wants the nomination. And now he's showing up at Abstinence Only rallies and swearing to overturn Roe vs. Wade when he used to be quite moderate in that area.

What a huge dick.


Let's focus on happier things. Television. Heroes won out again last night because I hold out hope that I will once again have Peter/Nathan touching.

My feelings on the episode...spoilers ahoy... )

I also got caught up on Brothers & Sisters yesterday. I seriously love this show and I can never really explain why. I suffer mocking at the hands of my sister and friends for loving it, but it's good stuff. And there are cute boys. The only real downside is Rob Lowe plays a Republican Senator. He will always be Sam Seaborne, the democrat, to me. I just truly love the family dynamics at work on this show, and I'm totally a sucker for the sibling relationship so this good.


I know there was already a community set up as a multifandom ongoing challenge for "What If", but it never seemed to get off the ground. So I was thinking of starting my own one up...with bi-weekly what if challenges that would be answered with drabbles/ficlets/stories.

Like "What if you knew you were going to die in twenty-four hours, what would you do?" And then you answer it for a character.

I have all the What If? books so I would have the prompts easily available.

Anyone interested?


Alrighty, I'm behind on the friends list, so I'm off to attempt to catch up.

Ciao darlings!
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Dear Lord, is it possible? Might things be changing for the better throughout the country? Might people have realized that the current administration should be checked and balanced out because our President is a smug idiot? Oh, I hope so. I really, really hope so.

It's the first morning after an election in a long while where I woke up and didn't want to kill half the country.

Dude, South Dakota, Arizona, and Missouri ROCK! It's nice to see that they shot down laws that were based on right wing christianity views (and honestly, christians can believe what they want, but I don't think they should be opposing their belief system on everyone).

Fingers remained crossed regarding the outcome of the Senate race.

The one thing I will say while watching the results last night were the results of all those exit polls. There are still 40% of Americans who support Bush on Iraq? Really? Have they watched the news and seen what's going on in Iraq? It's a disaster and he (nor anyone in his cabinet) seem to have an idea what to do...but 40% of America polled is okay with that? That seems bizarre to me.


Okay, no more poliical talk. Back to total fannish love and adoration. Like, dear friends list, where is the Ugly Betty fanfiction? I would love some good Daniel/Betty future fic. Please note the *good* in that sentence.

I may or may not have written a little more Ocean's Eleven/Supernatural Danny, Rusty, Dean, and Sam fic, but seriously, I might have to make [ profile] ladybug218 a collaborator because it's calling for caper fic and that is so not my area of expertise. I am totally blaming this on [ profile] musesfool who put the bunny idea in my head.


I forgot to charge my laptop last night and I have to run errands on my lunch. Here's to hoping I manage to get some Nano writing done this evening when I get home. In the meantime, I shall try to finish up my SPN Fluff-a-thon piece to get beta'd so it's not incredibly late (like every other piece for challenges seems to be).


I keep watching The Nine and wanting to put Dean Winchester into that situation. Hence the reason I created [ profile] thefandomnine, to aid my craziness. But it doesn't really fit into the Crossover 'O Doom arc that has come about and I don't think now is the time to undertake such a thing because it would be a *long* one.


Have decided not to do Sesa this year. While I do love the Lance/JC like whoa forever and ever, I'm just not in an Nsync writing place at the moment (hence the reason Trouble In My Head hasn't been updated in forever and a day) and I've already signed up for too many challenges anyway. So yes, no Sesa for me. I'm sure the world will be crying.


Alrighty, off to catch up on friends list before I head to lunch. I hate errands on rainy days. It just figures it's bad weather the one day I actually have to go somewhere on lunch.
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Dear Supernatural Fandom,

Just let people be, my friends. So what if someone hates Jo and says so in her journal? It's her opinion and she's allowed to express it. And hopefully she will provide you the same courtesy. Part of the fun of fandom is finding people that you share interests with, but another part of the fun is finding people who see things a little differently. Jeebus.

For the record, I like Jo. I will talk about liking Jo in my journal. However, I have no problems with other people not liking Jo. Whatever works is my motto, unless of course you harass and hurt my friends, then I will unleash a fury unknown to man...but I digress.

Can't we all just get back to the hot boys touching?

Le sigh.



I do try to keep most political things out of this journal, but this is an important cause to me, so for those that feel the same way:

The Pro Choice Voting Guide from NARAL has a map and click on your state and see the lawmakers that support a woman's right to choose.

**Please no trying to debate the position of abortion with me here.


And now the Supernatural Friday Five, which I'm totally addicted to and look forward to on a weekly basis... )


So I tend to use my laptop for school and work stuff, but usually don't access the wireless on it because I wouldn't get anything done. But I seem to have forgotten the password to the network set-up that my friend did for me and cannot for the life of me find the notebook where I wrote down everything he told me. Have email into him right now to see how to alleviate this...argh. I'm such a tool.

It's just been one of those days.

Ciao darlings!
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Okay guys, I know this was included in my post regarding whether I should even participate in Nano and that I mentioned it later, but rather than searching through a few different posts, I figured this would be it. If you want to keep up with my Nano progress, excerpts, etc, then you need to fill this poll out. Otherwise, I won't include you and the baby Jesus will cry a whole lot, I'm sure.

[Poll #848008]


I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up for November, but articles like this, Elections Could Leave Bush a Lame Duck, make me extremely happy. Good god, someone needs to take the power away from that deranged lunatic we call a President, or at least bring a balance of power back so that the Republicans don't control everything.

But I held out hope last year and found myself severely disappointed with the people of this country, just couldn't understand them, and I don't want to go down that road again.


But back to happier things.

Fic that Dean Winchester should be in:

-Dean Winchester and the evil Karaoke demon (Edited to add that based on comment discussion, the song Dean would sing would be "oh mandy" by Barry Manilow, but he would sing it "Oh Sammy" - So who's writing this?)
-Dean Winchester falls into a vat of toxic liquid and gains superpowers
-Dean Winchester falls through a dimensional porthole and Sam has to rescue him
-Dean Winchester joins a nudist colony (to hunt a poltergeist)
-Dean Winchester/Tru Davies, where Tru and Dean work to keep Sam and/or John from dying during one of her relived days

I could keep going people. Really. This boy owns my brain most of the time. And yet, I'm way too lazy to write anything at the moment.
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Entourage and 4400 are back, baby! I haven't watched 4400 yet, but Gah, I love my Entourage. It's such a boy's show at times - misogynistic and the boys can be such assholes, but I love it so, so, SO much.

Plus, I mean it has Jeremy Piven as Ari, possibly the coolest character ever.

Love the show so much.

Now there just needs to be more fic for the show. ::pokes her friends list::


I had to work this past weekend, so I didn't do much in the form of unpacking or much of anything else.

I went with my family to see An Inconvenient Truth and I'm pretty sure that my mother was the only Republican in the place. And it sorta stinks because this is a movie that everyone should see. Just because it's from Al Gore doesn't mean it's political per se...all he does is present cold hard facts.

Then again, the current administration seems to ignore the existence of cold hard facts on any given day - so I guess it could be political.

Anyway, definitely recommend that everyone sees this movie.


Alrighty, I'm up to my eyes in database updates, so I'm gonna do a quick scan of the friends list and then it's back to work.

Ciao my friends!
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Yay! New Jersey remains a blue state! Say what you want about Corzine and the "corruptive side of politics in New Jersey" - but Corzine has introduced bills and voted to continue to support women's reproductive rights. Not only that, but unlike some of the right wing people, he also thinks that maybe if you teach people about birth control, they're less likely to *need* abortions.

So yay! I can remain in my blue state!

And double yay for Virginia and California turning against Arnold and Maine upholding gay marital rights! I'm disappointed by the Texas decision to ban gay marriage, but it's not really surprising.


I didn't watch Gilmore Girls last night because I was flipping between the local PBS station's coverage of results of the Jersey elections and Daily Show/Colbert Report, so I'll watch that tonight after work.

And really, I kept hoping that the whole bear rape thing from Libby's "novel" was a joke, even as I watched The Colbert Report. I guess I now understand why Republicans like himself go right to the "If we let gay people marry, what's next? People marrying animals?" argument on gay marriage. It's because, apparently, they have sex with animals.

I'll watch GG when I get home from work tonight. But nothing, not even election or an episode about killer BUGS keeps me from my Dean and Sam love...There be spoilers, you be warned, I be talking like pirates! )


Remember, if you haven't filled out my poll for fandoms and prompts to be used for the 12 Fandom Days of Christmas, please do so. even if your fandom isn't listed, leave a comment with what you want. Because I'm willing to write a lot more fandoms than I could fit in that damn yeah. you'll never know if you don't try. So fill it out. Please!


Have much fanfiction to read and get caught up on. I'm in the mood for angst, so feel free to rec me some good angst fics of late. I'm also incredibly happy because [ profile] nowastedspace has been writing again - and not just Emmy/Jake, but bits of Firefly! How I've missed her writing!

And it just makes me think...because it's through fanfiction and shared squees that I've made some really wonderful friends. Who would have thought such things possible, but there it is!


Okay, I'm off to try to avoid the Supernatural plot bunnies of doom!


Oct. 27th, 2005 09:11 am
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Is it true? Tell me it's true! My sister just called me at the office and said that Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination!

::dances about::

Dude, seriously, she had to know she was in trouble when Ann Coulter went against her. If you lose your base, you're screwed.

ETA: It is, in fact, for real.

"In her letter to the president, Miers said she was 'concerned that the confirmation process presents a burden for the White House and its staff and it is not in the best interest of the country.'"

More concerned with the fact that both Republicans and Democrats were against the nominee and Bush can't have another complete failure so soon after Katrina, the Valerie Plame business, and the 2000th death in Iraq...

Now, it's time to hunker down and wait to see what crazyhead our President nominates next.
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It's Tuesday! That means Supernatural is on tonight! Hurrah. Apparently, Tuesday is meant to be my television squee night almost every year. First, there was Buffy for seven seasons in all its splendor, then came Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars...and now I have hot, angsty brothers who fight demons! It's like Scooby Doo, except there's no dog, ugly boys, or neckerchiefs anywhere in sight. Okay, so it's pretty different actually.


I just finished another prompt up for [ profile] fanfic100! It's being beta'd at the moment, but will be posted soon. I feel so accomplished, but then I remember I still have 98 more to go and that I'm a tad bit verbose.

Not to mention [ profile] crossovers100 and birthday fics and so much other stuff! Gah. Basically, it will be me and my computer, together forever, until the end of frakking time.


I always find it amusing when the unpopular fandom opinion meme goes around. I tend not to do it, not because there aren't things I like/dislike that aren't popular, but because of what defines something in any fandom as popular. To me, fandom is so wide and all-encompassing that for as many people who love Buffy/Angel (Me! To my dying day!), there are just as many Buffy/Spike folks. And each could quote canon and make wonderful arguments for why theirs is the greatest thing ever.

I don't know. Maybe it's because of my general philosophy of whatever regarding almost everything, especially in fandoms, but I couldn't care less what someone likes/dislikes. As long as s/he is willing to respect my opinions, I will do the same in return. After all, isn't part of the fun in being on this planet and meeting new people, talking with those who have differing ideas and views?


As for differing views...I tend to avoid the politics in this journal, but I couldn't resist this link. It cracked me up, even though I think it really sums up the state of politics in the United States at the moment.

Become a Republican! If you are a staunch Republican/Bush supporter, this might not be the link for you!


Okay, I'm off to try to pass away some time until it's 9pm here in Jersey! Oh lordy! I'm addicted.
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Again, I tend to refrain from politics in this journal, but I think this is something that all women (and hopefully men will support the women on this) should respond to.

I already posted this in my regular journal - so I apologize if you're seeing it twice, but that's how important this issue is to me.


To all the woman on my list in the United States, whether you are Republican or Democrat, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice...I think it's important to read what's going on regarding BIRTH CONTROL. Nothing to do with abortion. Just that pill that a lot of us go on, and some of us not even because we're having sex so much as health reasons...

So yeah, read and take action (I already have):

(info via NARAL)

It's official: Americans can no longer take prescription birth control for granted. Yesterday, Monday, July 25, anti-choice representatives in the U.S. House made it clear that they support pharmacies that refuse to fill birth-control prescriptions - and that women have no right to birth control.

The radical right's campaign to stop birth control: The House Small Business Committee held a hearing on whether pharmacies should be allowed to refuse to fill women's prescriptions. Anti-choice Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told a witness, who had been denied birth control and emergency contraception by her pharmacist, that she had no "right" to her prescriptions -she only believed she did. Anti-choice Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) told a witness whose prescription had also been rejected by a hostile pharmacist, that her "minor inconvenience" - that is, risking an unintended pregnancy - was nothing compared to the "conscience" of a pharmacist.

The right's anti-birth control campaign doesn't stop in Washington, DC. Across the country, the radical right has engaged pharmacies in its campaign to block women's access to birth control. Women like Julee Lacey, a 32-year-old married mother of two and first-grade teacher from Texas, are being turned away by vigilante pharmacists who think it's their job to dispense morals instead of medicine.

Now, as many as 20 states officially protect pharmacists like Karen Brauer, president of Pharmacists for Life, who says she'd lecture women customers to get off the pill. Other states are pursuing an even more aggressive strategy. Just last month Wisconsin passed a bill to block state universities from filling birth control prescriptions.

What you can do: Tell your Member of Congress that you expect him or her to stand up for you - not right-wing pharmacies that oppose birth control.

This is just downright scary - and we're the only ones who can make a difference because Lord knows politicians won't do anything unless they fear being voted out. I don't understand how a pharmacist's morals at their JOB is more important than a woman's right to medication (and it *is* medication for some women) - it's honestly like...I forget where I saw this analogy, but someone said: It's like being a butcher and then trying to force your veganism on everyone else - not selling them their beef, even though you're a freaking butcher, because it's against your moral code.

So do something, please! Pass this information onto others and help make a difference.
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I tend to keep the politics out of this journal, but I just watched the premiere of 4400 where crazy zealots were after the 4400 and come back to real life to see this shit. As a christian, I find myself offended when *anyone* thinks it's okay to hate on God's behalf. Especially when you target many of my friends, claiming they're going to hell or thanking the lord for AIDs and this other shit.


God Hates Stupid Homophobes!
Another rant from your neighborhood [ profile] angry_biscuit
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