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Dear All My Children,

Please make Annie go away. She's so annoying. She should be jealous of Greenlee. Greenlee is awesome and a helluva lot more interesting. I'm hardly on board with Greenlee/Ryan, but I'd prefer that to any more Annie.

No Love,


Seriously, my friends. Annie needs to go away. It's not often I want to punch fictional characters in the face, but she makes me want to.

I'm not sure how I feel about Ryan's catalyst to remembering being how much he still loves/wants Greenlee. I'm a Greenlee/Aidan girl and they have so much potential to become a supercouple like Luke/Laura with capers and intrigue.

Jesse and Angie continue to make me happy. And I love Jesse, as the most awesome police commissioner in the world.


My day today was made up of the following:

-Got up and worked until 2:30pm
-Ran a few errands
-Came home to nap at 4pm and slept until 8pm

And now I'm getting ready to go back to bed. Yay sinus pain!

In the meantime, don't forget to leave prompts for the five days of drabble-a-thons and get friends to do the same. Even if you're not sure you're going to participate, feel free to leave prompts (prompts will be taking the day of, but I figure having some to get people started is never a bad thing).
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So very sleepy. I have another sinus infection and the meds just knock me off my feet. I'd really like to understand why sinuses are so necessary rather than having my doctor chuckle at me every time I grumble about these stupid things. Apparently, living in Jersey = very bad sinuses/allergies no matter what.

While I was wallowing at home, my sister went over to the inspection on the house we're buying. Overall, nothing major except carpentar ants (::shudders::) that the current owners are dealing with before settlement. Oh, this adult stuff is hard and scary and I've signed over my soul and...eep.

Do you think I can hire Jared and Jensen to come pack for me? And to do it shirtless?


The thing I have found about fic in both David Cook RPS (yes, I'm a complete and utter LOSER! I accept this!) and Chronicles of Narnia fandom is that a lot of it is WIPs. Like a major fuckton of WIPs. And I just don't read those. I wait until a long story is done. Because I know how I have been in the past with WIPs (who's still waiting for chapter updates on Trouble In My Head?) and I understand how authors get distracted or busy or just bored with their own I'm afraid of getting sucked in for the story to never finish.

But it makes it rather hard to find decent fic to read in the interim. And even when the WIPs are done, I'm not sure I have a lot of time to invest in a 41 chapter story.

I've been spoiled by Supernatural fandom. there is so much fic produced on a daily basis that there's something for everyone.
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So that plan to read fic today? Yeah, I ended up in the emergency room at three. I have a slight kidney infection, but it was hurting like hell and my doctor said to go to the ER. All is well now. I'm fine with pain killers and antibiotics and tomorrow I follow up with my regular doctor and should be back to work. But gah. I am a baby when it comes to pain and it was bad.

Never before have I suffered a kidney infection.

Oh, and I have a gall stone (saw that on the Catscan), but since it's not causing problems (::knocks on wood::), I was told just to not eat greasy/fried foods too much. I can do that because I don't want any freaking gall bladder problems.

I swear, I thought 2008 was supposed to be a better year for me, man.


I am sleepy now but until the pain killers kick in, I think I will read schmoopy sam and dean.

::huggles y'all::
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Happy Supernatural Day! There will be new Sam and Dean on our television screens tonight! This can never be a bad thing. Because even the not-so-great episodes of Supernatural (Route 666, Bugs) are still better than a lot of the crap out there. And I say this as a girl who watches most of the said crap.

My Twilight Friends: Anyone know anything about her new, non-twilight verse book? Of course, I will buy it no matter what, but anyone have any information?

My sister's co-worker is now on the periphery of Twilight fandom as she is quite addicted to the books and is already planning for me and my sister to go with her to opening night of the movie (which duh, of course, I will be there). It's awesome.


Our marketing director cut off the top of his thumb and my coworkers are all looking around his office for the part he cut off. I think I am going to be sick. just the thought...ICK! I need Dean Winchester to come hold me and save me from the grossness.
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Why must work and life be so crazy at the same time that I'm struggling with my writing? I've gone through two drafts of my [ profile] bubbleficathon (which was due over a week ago and I'm not usually this late and I feel so bad) and it's utter crap. I refuse to give someone a crappy story, especially a late, crappy story. And I know most of it is probably all my own machinations. I'm overthinking and over-editing until I just want to scream and/or delete what I have.

::deep, calming breathes::

Oh, I shall beat this story into submission with a shot gun of rock salt if I have to.


Because of said troubles above, I'm almost positive that I will not be finished a draft in time for SPN Big Bang. Getting pneumonia/work insanity/writing woes just don't aid the telling of a 20,000 word story. That said...I still do want to write the WIANSB episode of SPN from Sam's perspective, so that will get done at some point.


Onto good news...I had a follow up appointment with the doctor today and my lungs are finally clear! My pneumonia is gone! I have to wait another few weeks before I'm allowed to exercise and such, but after the relapse and stress of the whole situation, it's nice to know I'm on the road to recovery.


I'm behind on friends list and I apologize, but seriously, no free time at the moment. I'm not ignoring y'all. I'm hoping to spend a chunk of my weekend playing around onlline. I miss fandom fun. ::Huggles y'all:: But for now, I'm sleepy, so I shall go watch the results of AI and then sleep.
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So friday I found out that my pneumonia wasn't getting better and ended up on bed rest. I'm going to work tomorrow, but I can only do half days the first couple of days and I'm supposed to try to stay stress-free. Ha, ha, HA. I think my boss is going to take that part harder than the half days, which I know will go over *so* well.

Stupid pneumonia. It couldn't have come at a worst time and I have so much to do and so much for no stress. I'm stressing out about not stressing.

Le sigh.

Please send Winchesters to rock salt things that annoy me and make out on command.


Anyway, I spent most of my weekend sleeping. I've been awake for only a few hours over the past forty-eight hours. Logically, I know that's good for my illness and getting better, but I can't remember the last time I accomplished anything. I don't even want to look at my laundry pile.

In other news, I dvr'd a Harry Dresden movie on Sci Fi. It has the people from the show, but I'm trying to figure out if this was made before the show and I just never saw it, or it came after the show and they're going with movies based on the actual books. Because this one would make sense to come before the show as it explains so much more and is really based on Storm Front. Anyone else seen this and/or know what's going on? And will there be more based on the books?

That would be awesome. Part of the reason I never got into the series was the first couple of episodes didn't really feel like the books (though I love the casting of Harry - so hot!)


I am on an audiobook kick. So rec me some of your favorite audiobooks that I can look into getting from the library or other nefarious sources.
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I returned to work today to much insanity. At one point today, I seriously thought I was going to have a relapse of the worst of my pneumonia caused by stress...hopefully, that will not happen. Hopefully, come Wednesday afternoon during my next doctor's appointment, I'll find that I am getting much better.

So very exhausted at the moment after working an extra hour at the office. I actually like being the only one there without having to worry about phones and being interrupted - I get stuff done.


I'm going to wait to watch the season finale of Terminator until later. I want it to last. Am also happy about the Supernatural renewal - yay for more Sam and Dean and their amazing love.


My life is so sad at the moment. I need to write some schmoopy fic. Hit me with some schmoopy, fluffy prompts!


Anyway, friends list, I just want to say that I love you all. Each of you is awesome and wonderful and talented in your own ways. ::huggles::
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Thank you for all the well wishes and such. You guys are awesome and I love you all. I'm actually feeling a lot better. Still terrible overall, but my fever and blood pressure are both down! Good times! But really, if someone wants to send Sam and Dean to take care of me, I'll be okay with it.


I'm so behind on One Life to Live. What the hell is going on? And when did Michael get replaced? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Just tell me - are Jessica and Nash okay? Hee.

I am current on All My Children. I love and adore RB as Greenlee and she has such chemistry with pretty much everyone she interacts with. That said, I love her and Aidan and I want them to last (at least for awhile). I'm also intrigued to see where things go with Ryan's storyline because I've always hated Annie. Christ, she's annoying. And her blaming Kendall? What the hell? He forgot you because you're annoying.

And then there is Jesse and Angie, who rock. I remember them, along with Jenny and Greg, when I was little and used to watch with my mom. And now they're back.


Now let's talk American Idol performances.

Spoilers for last night's boys and TONIGHT's girls... )


I'm hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to write my pic for 1000 words. And then Friday, I should be okay to go to work. I really need to get back to the office and deal with my in-bin and reports and so very much.

help, help

Feb. 25th, 2008 06:25 pm
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So I have to go back to the doctor again tomorrow morning because I'm getting sicker rather than better. Apparently, I am immune to the meds. Lovely. ::stabs self::

Anyway, point of this post, was to ask the all-knowing friends list for help with two things:

1) My sister's friend has discovered fanfiction, but she's reading at the horrible, bad place of where can I point her for good Labyrinth fic? I have no idea where to find that as it's not my fandom. Any recs?

2) So [ profile] marishna made me this beautiful layout. And I figured out most of it on my own (a triumph in and of itself since I'm a tool), but I can't figure out the margins. Anyone out there able to help me? I don't want to wreck such a pretty header because of my idiocy.

It's safe to use this icon now, right? It's not even last week's episode and y'all know how I feel about the hugging...
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Yay, I'm so glad Sweet Charity was able to make so much money, but saddened that I was violent ill for most of the day so I ended up not being able to check out my bids. Oh well, I still won one person's writing talents, so I'm not too sad, and it's all for a good cause.

What I do hate is that I was violently ill in the first place. I'm used to the sinus/headache pains to an extent, but today I was booting all over the place. Fun times. Except not. I'm pretty sure that there aren't many things worse than the feeling one has when throwing up. I've showered and had some ginger ale/soup and I'm feeling a bit better. Later I'm hoping my sister and I can finally watch this week's Project Runway.


For some reason I had downloaded all of season one of Torchwood, but never watched them until last week. Oh Captain Jack, I love you! And I've become addicted to this show and can't figure out why I never watched it until now as I love Doctor Who and Captain Jack. And Owen is adorable. And I love Gwen. very good.
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Now it's time to begin my [ profile] yuletide freak out. I have ideas on what to write, but getting it out is a pain in my butt. I really want to write something that my person will love and I'm currently struggling to do it. It will come though. Just need to ponder. Just need to figure out how to get it started.


This weekend was supposed to be about catching up on fannish endeavors and such, but my sinuses decided to go crazy again. I spent a large portion of my time sleeping. And then watching cheesy holiday movies.

And then that got me to thinking about running an informal multifandom challenge based around taking a fandom/pairing and putting them into one of the cheesy holiday movies. For example, Dean gets sucked into a Snowglobe and has to deal with a perfect little holiday village. Or Sam sees what his life would be like in a perfect world...or...

Damn me and my random ideas.


I really hope all this sleeping won't mess me up tonight. Because that leads to being extremely tired at work and that will annoy me.
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So it's been a whole month and now I am once again battling the sinus plague. I planned to go into work a few hours late, but still felt like death and unable to breathe, so I decided to stay home all day. Slept a lot, watched more episodes of Numb3rs, and then my sister and I watched 28 Weeks Later. It was okay, but nowhere near as good as the first one.


Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] wendy! You are a bright light in fandom and I'm so glad that I was able to meet you (and hug you in person) at wincon this year. ::lots of huggles::


Mini-Nano starts on Thursday and I'm aiming for 500 words a day, which is completely doable for me. My main problem is not lack of words, but rather getting started/procrastinating. So I'm hoping that I can use mini-nano to get my ass in gear and finish some of the numerous projects I have kicking it in my brain and half-started on my computer.


I'm thinking of writing my own Ellie/Captain Awesome fic. I can't decide if I want to focus on how they got together or just domestic schmoop of some sort. Have they said anything during the episodes on how those two met?


Speaking of Chuck, let's talk last night's episode and how this show continues to own me. spoilers for last night's episode... ) This show is seriously one of my happy moments during the week. Nothing comes close to my Supernatural love and there are a few other really good shows out there, but Chuck is so good.

I'm not even going to bother with an in-depth on Heroes because West continues to annoy me and I hate how Claire behaves around him. And it's just taking too long to get to anything interesting. It's one thing to need a few episodes to put a few pieces into place - like at the beginning of the first season - but this is taking too long. And frankly, I don't really care about anything that isn't Matt/Mohinder.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hyperfocused!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, complete with pampering and whatever you wish for!

Just let me know the fandom/pairing/prompt you'd like for your b-day ficlet and one day it will be yours. Hee.


Back to work today, which was crazy. Thanks to all this illness stuff, I seem to be going through cycles where I'm sick, miss work, and come back to so much work. I just get caught up, and find I'm sick again. Le sigh.

I really am hoping that between today and tomorrow I'll get caught up on work and can finish some of my fannish committments. I feel so completely out of it fandomwise lately. It's a sad thing.


On a much brighter side, Steph and I were chatting yesterday and there is only a little over two weeks until [ profile] winchestercon! Who all is going? I can't wait to meet some of y'all and hopefully I won't scare you guys too much. Not only that, but after the con ends on Sunday, I get to spend some time with Bebel until Thursday! Woo-hoo!
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So this morning began with me not noticing I was wearing sneakers with my business clothes until I was at the office. Fortunately, my boss is on vacation so it wasn't a huge crisis, but just a perfect example of how my day started.

Then it dragged until lunch.

And then I decided to run to Target because I needed laundry detergent and shampoo.

And proceeded to fall down in the detergent aisle.

In front of two workers who made me fill out an accident report even though I knew it was all me and my idiocy and I just wanted to go crawl off.

So I managed to mess up my ankle again. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning, who will just roll his eyes because I do this sort of thing fairly often (those who've been around for awhile know this to be true).

Because I hadn't planned to leave work for the day after my late lunch, I left my notebook and the Jessica Darling book on my desk. Argh. I started the next Nora Roberts in the Chesapeake Bay Saga, but really this is how I end up reading ten books at once.


Target had Smallville season five, along with all three seasons of One Tree Hill and first season of Supernatural (in case you were waiting to own it) on sale for 19.99...but I had to be strong. Mostly because my birthday is in two weeks and I really don't feel like hearing everyone bitch at me for buying myself stuff before my birthday. Even if I've never mentioned my secret desire to own the first three seasons of OTH, it is something that will just piss people off, so I must be good until the end of the month.



Before I scoot off, everyone should head over to [ profile] shay_renoylds' journal as she is hosting a Songs of Love Meme!. Not only can you get love, but MUSIC. My name is there, so feel free to share the love via music. I'll try to return the favor (seriously, anyone know an easy way to get around I Tunes protected files? It's so annoying).
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Can anyone explain to me why sinuses are so important? Because I'm so very close to just stabbing them out with a fork. I bet it would hurt less than this never ending pain.

And yes, I'm a huge baby. This is why I can never get pregnant, people. I don't do well with pain.

I got up early due to head pain, but I was gonna suck it up. So I got ready for work with time to chat on AIM with [ profile] vinylroad for a bit (who has finished more Sam/Jess/Dean - mwah)...and then I got violently sick. Lovely times.

And on top of that? I don't get to see Harry Potter until Friday. Oh the pain of my life. So what if people are truly suffering in this world and don't have things like food or shelter? I have to wait to see Harry Potter!


So I took part in the interview meme going around again because I'm vain and enjoy talking about myself.

questions from shay_renoylds )

Questions from musesfool )

Questions from giddygeek... )

and last but not least, questions from queenofhell )


How is it that I slept most of my day away and I'm *still* tired? I can't even blame it completely on the meds...I'm just really lethargic.

But now I'm going to catch up friends list and edit threesome fic because it's gonna be awesome.

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I know we need plants and bees and pollen, but my allergies are killing me, man. KILLING ME. I think someone needs to send me Dean Winchester immediately! Sure, he might not be able to cure my problems, but he could distract me.


My sister and I continue our nerdy nature of watching anything and everything on the History channel. We watched the first half of this two hour special on Sherman's march through Georgia.

But we had to stop because it was time for Heroes and we all have priorities. In a contest of history versus Nathan Petrelli, Nathan wins.

Spoilers & thoughts for last night's episode... )


I must warn that there may be spaming of my journal from me today. I'm pretty damn bored at work. That said, I'm also behind on journal reading/fic reading/ depending on my mood, I apologize ahead of time.

Ciao darlings!
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These sudden shifts in weather have finally caught up with me, despite my best attempts at averting it with lots of vitamins. Now I have a stupid cold and I haven't really been out of bed today...sometimes laptops come in handy. So yeah, my procrastination combined with this illness means that my slashfest story is not done, so I will be banned from the next two rounds. Oh well. Sometimes these things happen.

Hopefully I feel better by tomorrow as I have a staff meeting tomorrow and I'm not sure it would be a good idea to miss it.


So I got caught up on Brothers & Sisters last night so that I'm ready for this week. I love every member of the Walker clan, though Kevin and Justin are my favorites. I mean, I even love Kitty, who is a Republican. And it's really weird having Rob Lowe, who will always be Sam Seaborne to me, playing a *republican* senator.

I also rewatched a bit of Heroes again to prepare for tomorrow night. WHEEEEE! Finally! More Heroes! More Nathan and Hiro and Peter and Claire and...hopefully some answers to questions and some brotherly love from Nathan. Love this show. I made a dvd of the episodes up until now and gave it to my co-worker, John, who is now hooked on the show too. Finally someone at work to talk about it with.

Then this morning when i couldn't sleep I watched this special on Jonestown on the History channel. So creepy. First, it freaks me out that so many people got sucked into his cult ways and did what he wanted, but what freaks me out more is that no one could leave, that they were basically prisoners, and when a congressman came to try to help them, the congressmen and those leaving were slaughtered and then Jones forced everyone to kill themselves, injecting those that wouldn't take the Kool-Aide willingly. Just so creepy.

Am very excited for all the new television this week aside from Heroes:

New 24! Dude, it's seriously...I love Supernatural more than anything, but 24 is probably the best show on television. Even though sometimes it gets my adrenaline going to the point that I can't sleep. It's just...awesome. Digging for the Truth, which most people don't care about, but my sister and I are History channel nerds and I love it. Josh, the host, is sometimes borderline retarded, but he's hot and the show is interesting most of the time.

Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are back as well, which almost makes up for the fact that Ugly Betty is a repeat after that ending.


Alrighty, I'm off to catch up on friends list before I fall asleep again.

Ciao darlings!
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Damn you weather and double damn you head colds! I am grateful that it's settled in my head rather than giving me bronchitis again, but UGH. Can I go more than a few days without illness? That would be fabulous.

And you want to know what adds to the problem? That most of my coworkers come in when they're sick and cough all over the place.


That movie meme thing... )


Due to illness nothing got done this weekend on anything fannish at all. I didn't read or write or even peruse the friends list. Instead, I laid in bed wishing it would all be over (Okay, so I tend to go in for the dramatic, but honestly, discomfort shouldn't be tolerated!) and watching the first five episodes of Supernatural over again.

I love my boys. I love them something fierce. And dude, Jared in the season opener is just so damn good at being the baby brother. That look on his face when the doctors are working on Dean. Gah. He just looks so lost.


I'm way behind on Nano currently due to illness and such, but I am making progress randomly. So that's good. I'm actually finished the first story within the big it's a matter of where do I go next.

So many people that Dean Winchester could interact with and so little time!


Alrighty, back to dying!

Ciao darlings!
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so SPN Halloween fic and my lyric fic for [ profile] ladybug218's challenge are going to be late. Normally, despite my procrastination, I can pull these things out, but alas, sinuses are a bitch and I've spent all day sleeping in order to avoid the pain in my head.

Not much else to report as I seriously have spent all day in bed since calling out of work this morning. I woke up briefly at two pm and watched One Life to Live while the mother forced me to eat soup and then I went back to bed until a few minutes ago.

Of course now I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow starts Nanowrimo and I'm ready to undertake my story, but I'm going to finish up the challenge pieces first - so Nano for me might not start until Saturday.

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe Halloween!

Ciao darlings!
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Hey everyone! Still battling evil illness, but have succumbed to the results of my last poll and will be participating in Nanowrimo this year. I'll be filtering all Nanowrimo blatherings, so if you didn't fill out that poll and still want in on the filter, just leave a comment below (also notate if you only want to be included if I go the original route or fanfiction route or if it doesn't matter...).

I haven't decided what I'll be writing yet, but I still have some time. I'm not really a girl who does well with outlines, they tend to really thwart me in the first draft.

Oh, and if you're doing Nano and want to be one of my Nano friends, leave your username and I'll add you. I'm tommygirl (anyone surprised?).


Reminder! [ profile] win_non_con starts tomorrow night at 7pm EST with the meet 'n greet and then there will be episode chats for both east and west coast showings. Then the online con will *officially* begin on Friday morning. So if you're one of us unlucky bastards not going to [ profile] winchestercon, make sure to friend [ profile] win_non_con.

Sign-Ups are Underway for:

Missing Scenes Challenge - scenes will be due by 11am EST.

Treasure Hunt sign-ups are underway...and the treausre hunt will run from Saturday morning until Sunday morning.


Not much else to report. Still behind on all things fandom, including television shows. I enjoyed the first two episodes of Heroes, but still haven't seen this weeks. I'm strangely addicted to Brothers and Sisters. And then there are my returning shows that own my soul - supernatural, vm, smallville. Too much television to watch and too little time in the day.

I really would like my illness to go away, but it hasn't. The doctor called in a new script for me today so fingers crossed that it destroys this damn icky thing!

I've been pondering what to request for [ profile] yuletide for this year, especially with the new rules that will be going into place. I mean, I never tire of Road to Avonlea or Earth 2 fic as they are so damn hard to come by...and it will be interesting to see what still fits as an obscure fandom (SPN won't make that cut this year. hee). Also pondering if I'll sign-up for any other holiday exchanges. Probably just the SPN one.


And what's a day without some pimpage:

The Supernatural Picture Prompt Challenge - Supernatural - sign-ups until October 15th

Supernatural Holiday Exchange - sign-ups until October 22nd

SGA Secret Santa - Stargate Atlantis - sign-ups until October 25th

Multifandom Intoxication Fic Challenge prompts are up for claiming. Write me some drunk fic, people!

-Don't forget to Boo Someone between now and Halloween!


Alrighty my friends. Let's pretend I have stuff to do.

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