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Thank the lords this is only a three-day week. I'm so lethargic and disinterested in the world at large at the moment. I'm hoping it's because of the cold of doom that just won't go away (it's going on a month) and that my energy is just sapped because of it. Or maybe it's just the change of season brining on some ennui. Whatever the cause, I apologize if I'm less that chatty and fun.

Does anyone know if there is any good It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fanfiction out there? I'll try pairings, no real specific one in my head, but I'd love stuff in the same vain as the show (totally inappropriate and hilarious).


I started rewatching the canon for my [ profile] yuletide fic and it got my mind whirling with some ideas. I really love the characters that I'm writing for...I just worry about getting their voices right. Nothing worse than a character that doesn't sound like s/he should. Especially since this is a gift for someone and I want it to be great and everything that they were hoping for.


Seeing twilight has gotten my brain going on more ideas for Alice/Jasper fic. Probably just because they weren't featured nearly enough, but when they were they were so darn cute together. I just love them lots. And I guess it's a good thing since I have 18 more fics to write for the twilight20 prompt table.
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Stupid mondays. Stupid rainy mondays. The good thing about the rain is that hopefully it will wash away some of the pollen currently trying to kill me. I really don't want to die because of horny plants. It just seems to ridiculous.


Dearest [ profile] shay_renoylds: Since your birthday is fast approaching, please give me a prompt for Supernatural or Heroes of a ficlet. Considering this is me, realize it will be late, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.


I feel so out of touch with fandom lately and that makes me both sad and sorta okay. Sad because I have the coolest people on my friends list, the most awesome parts of fandom, and I miss y'all so very much. On the otherhand, I don't mind missing out on tons of wank.

So, back to the missing out on fandom things...everyone recommend me something wonderful and fandomy (I just made a word!) and I shall go check it out and then pimp it/rec it/feedback it. Life is finally (::knocks on wood::) slowing down a bit for me.
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How is my weekend over already? Yesterday, there was house hunting and shopping with the mother before sleeping due to head pains of doom. Then today, my sister and I were supposed to look at a few more houses, except my back tire went flat. So I ended up at Pep Boys getting all four of my tires replaced. Argh. There goes the tax refund that we're all getting next week. Mine went to tires. Sometimes being an adults sucks.


Supernatural this week. New episodes makes me happy. New Sam and Dean make me very happy.

to be on the safe side...spoilers... )
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It's 10:30pm on a Saturday night and I'm ready to go to bed. I had to work today and then run a few errands. So much fun. At least I still get a two-day weekend. That's what I kept repeating to myself today while I tried to make it through tons of work...and eep, it's not going away. On the bright side, I talked with my boss about switching some of my job responsibilities around when the new girl starts. I'm taking on a new project and dumping something that just annoys me to do. So yay for that.

I really do try to focus on the positive because negativity just causes me to spiral (and that's never a pretty sight, trust me), but lately I just feel so tired all the time. And I'm very far behind on many things. If I owe you anything, I apologize for any delays. I'm trying to get my act together again.


Question for Readers of Fanfiction: What is one thing that will make you swoon about a fic? What makes a story good in your opinion?

I've been pondering this lately and I'm trying to make sense of my own thoughts and wondered what others think.
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Oh life, why must you be so busy? And by "life" what I really mean is work. Argh. I don't mind covering the other position for the most part, but part of that job is packing for fairs/distributions and god, I hate that. It's so annoying.


In other news, I've lost my cotton-picking mind and signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I have an idea and I think it will end up being gen, but really, I have to wait and see how Dean and Sam react to that, especially with something of this length. But I think it's time for me to try my hand at a long story again. It used to be all that I wrote and now I tend not to go in that direction. So wish me luck.


Also, [ profile] winchestercon is coming to Boston! Who's planning to go? I figure I went all the way to Los Angeles last year, I can manage a quick train trip up to Boston. And it was a lot of fun and cool to meet so many wonderful, yeah. Tentatively planning to go!

::looks at [ profile] iamtheenemy::


Not much else to report at the moment. Work has fried my brain so I'm going to wait to do some reviews of television shows. Just know that the Terminator series owns, but I love all the movies (yes, even three, ::hangs head::), so I'm probably a bit biased. And One Tree Hill is back and Nathan with the grunge look is YUMMY (even if he's an ass). So I'm watching tv, just have no brain function after work to do anything about it.
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One more day of work on Monday and then I'm off until January 4th. Almost upon me. I can't wait.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much this past week and a half or so. First, I was sick with flu and then work has been crazy busy (only going to get *worse* in the new year). And finally, real life is sucking in many ways and I'm at that place where I have to do something to make it better rather than just complain about it all the time.

Amidst much baking today, I will attempt to catch up on drabbles. For reals. It's coming. And everyone who signed up will get them.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who sent me cards. They are lovely and wonderful. I'm so very fortunate to have such an amazing friends list. I truly appreciate and love you all.


To hold you over, some pimpage:

-- [ profile] fandom_stocking - a great idea based around doing small ficlets for others based on how [ profile] yuletide had the stocking stuffers last year. So go sign up and see if you can write a stocking stuffer for anyone else! It's the holidays! Spread the cheer!

-- Multifandom Friending Meme is underway. Go make friends!

--Check out the great fic posted to [ profile] undermistletoe and [ profile] fluffandfold. Lots of schmoop and that's never a bad thing!

-- [ profile] 60damnprompts - write sixty days in the life of the character you claim. Very cool idea.

-- [ profile] ficawards - Multifandom fanfiction awards community


Alrighty, off to do writing, baking, and last minute shopping (pray for me).

Ciao darlings!
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As [ profile] larah33 pointed out in an email today, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't running behind on holiday drabbles are coming. I swear. Sickness combined with a need to finish my [ profile] yuletide fic and help others with betas of theirs...well, drabbles fell to the wayside. Hopefully, over the next few days I will catch up.

And okay, when I'm not feeling well, I tend to read fic rather than write it. And since I only came into Numb3rs this season, there is a plethora of fic for me to go through. I'm loving it, though it does seem to suffer from the same problem that a lot of NCIS fic does - the use of "lover" repeatedly in fics. It just bugs me. Why can't you just use the person's name? Why would you ahve to say, "He studied his lover's cooking." BAH.


Hope all is going well for everyone. I'm going to attempt to catch up on the friends list, but I'm not sure how far I'll make it. Life is a crazy blur at the moment. I haven't even had a chance to do a review of last week's Supernatural - though it should go without saying that I LOVE OUR BOYS!

::huggles you all::
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Day late on the drabbles. I had wanted to get that done along with some other writing, but it didn't work out quite that way. Yesterday turned into a big mess and when i got home I went to bed at five thirty with a stress headache. Then my mother decided to drag me around like a crazy person today looking for Christmas decorations. Le sigh.


Didn't watch the Psych Christmas special yet, but I'm very excited about it. I love Shawn and Gus and their hijinks. And I have a bunch of other shows to catch up on as well. It seems that every time I get most of the stuff off my dvr, it builds right back up. It's like laundry and filing.


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:06 pm
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I've spent some time going through my tags and updating them a bit. I think I still want to get them better organized and such, but for the time being, I think it will be easier overall.

Also did some organizational work for [ profile] polyfandomrecs.

Now I shall try to write a little before I head home in the terrible weather.
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Today is not such a great day, but rather than focus on that, I shall think about last night's television. And that made me quite happy. As did the news that Chuck was picked up for a full season (so c'mon! Give the writers what they deserve!).

Chuck versus his nemesis...SPOILERS... )

And Heroes...Spoilers... )


I'm doing a holiday drabble-a-day throughout December, so go sign up in this post.
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Happy Supernatural Day, my friends! New Sammy and Dean tonight!

Alas, I'm sick. Stupid sinuses. It's moving to my chest so I left work early in hopes of combating the yuck before it became too bad.

Have not watched any of the three awesome shows on at 10pm on Wednesday yet. Tivo'd Dirty Sexy Money and Project Runway at eleven, and then I just need Life. Why must all the shows be on opposite one another?

I should try to do some writing today, at least my 500 words, but I'm not sure what I'm in the mood to write. Maybe some sam/dean schmoop that no one but me will ever see. I don't know.


In the meantime, I'm once again on the hunt for schmoop. So rec me your favorite schmoop fics. Any fandom, any pairing!
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I'm following the Writer's Strike blog on Twitter and they linked to this article, Hollywood producers state case in full-page ads in trade papers. Yeah, I have no sympathy for Hollywood producers. Cry me a river.

My family has decided that I'm crazy and just don't understand the strike when I told them that I didn't want any dvds for Christmas unless the strike was over and that I wouldn't be buying any either. I'm also not going to any movies, which will be so hard since there are movies I want to see, but I feel like I need to do something to show my support to other writers. And really, this is all the power I have. At least, my sister is going along with me, but the rest of my family just keeps saying, "But it's about the internet." Le sigh.


I picked up a bagel and a Diet Coke magnum 44 oz from Wawa this morning. And I will never understand who thinks a pound of butter is necessary on one bagel. It's disgusting. I can't imagine that even the most avid butter lover wants more butter than bagel.

And this is my morning so far.


So let's focus on happy making. ANd that would be NBC monday night television, while we still have it.

Let's begin with Chuck...SPOILERS...including spoiler for next week's preview at the very end... )

So I really need someone that is not me to write the Ellie/Devon fic. Anything. I needs the precious.

Heroes spoilers for last night... )


I'm going to attempt to do some more Mix & Match drabbles today. I had planned to do more last night but got distracted by the rest of the awesome Jared & Jensen vids from the con. I love those boys. I love the relationship they seem to have - joking and affectionate. They are just so damn adorable and they just make me happy.
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Yesterday was a wash as far as writing went. I ended up going shopping with the mother for a large portion of the day and then I was adding Christmas music to my ITunes (which becomes an ordeal because I'm anal and crazy) and by the time I showered, cooked dinner, and watch the last three days of All My Children I was ready for bed.

And seriously, I love Aidan and Greenlee. I love them. Only reason I'm watching this show currently. They better not screw this up for them because I'm about ready to stop watching GH due to the horrors of no more Robin/Patrick.


I'm working today so that I can use a floating holiday at Christmas. It will be lovely come the end of December, but this morning I was wondering what is wrong with me. The office is pretty quiet though, which hopefully means I can make up my writing from yesterday.
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[ profile] sn_holidays match-ups and drabbles will be completed tomorrow. After cooking my dinner, preparing lunch for work, and doing laundry, time got away from me. I'm almost done the match-ups, just need to sort a few more out and then email them. So expect that email tomorrow, probably early afternoon.

Now I must head to sleep because it's back to work tomorrow and that means getting up early. Bah on early rising. It's wrong.


Some quick pimpage:

[ profile] pr0nucopia - Festival of porn is running for one week Everything goes, any fandom. Only rule: you MUST be eighteen.

[ profile] fnl_santa - Holiday exchange for Friday Night Lights, sign-ups until November 30th
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So this afternoon at the end of my lunch hour, I managed to spill my large soda all over me, the chair, and the floor. It went everywhere, especially all over me to the point that I had to take a few hours of personal time in order to come home, shower and change. Decided it best not to go back for the last hour.

Then our internet went down until just about fifteen minutes ago.

So I ended up succumbing and watching the ITunes free gift of Supernatural season three premiere. Don't worry, my review won't come until tomorrow as I'm about to go to bed and wish this day away. Then get up early enough to watch SPN again.

Seriously, y'all, the cosmos is conspiring against me.
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My [ profile] spncross story is now at nine pages and nowhere near ending yet. What is it about me that makes short stories near impossible? Why must I have grandiose ideas? I'm a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator and long-winded are not a good combination, my friends. Because it leads to stories that are late and nine pages long already without being done.


Thanks to [ profile] gwentastic I have a Pownce account now. You can find me on it here. Also, I have some invites, so if you want one, first come, first serve - just leave me the email to send the invite to in the comments.

ETA: Four Three Two invites still left!


I feel so cut off from fandom at the moment. I think it's because between being without electricity for hours on end for various days, then getting sick, and then life being insane...I just haven't really been around for long enough periods to enjoy anything fandom. And I miss it. But the few free minutes I've had lately, I haven't been intersted in reading fanfiction, writing or reccing and end up just reading a book and/or watching some history channel. There's no reason for it, really. I'm not purposefully taking a hiatus or annoyed with's just a case of the blahs. Is there such a thing as fannish ennui?

I'm hoping this will pass soon. I like doing fannish things. It's fun for me usually and I'm hoping it gets fun again.


Today is my last day of work for a week! Vacation! I feel it would be completely wrong to work on my birthday, even though I really have nothing to do next I added a day to my vacation and won't be back until next Wednesday.

Now, do I try to finish the neverending [ profile] spncross story? Or do I catch up on the friends list before I'm too far behind?
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Argh. Long day at work, compounded by heat, exhaustion and sinus pain, only to return home to no electricity once again. Seriously starting to get annoyed. I'm a huge ass baby who loves air conditioning and hates the heat. I don't care that for years and years people survived without it. I hate heat, especially when it's chock-full of humidity.

Also signed in to see that livejournal is at it again with deletions. I'm of the belief that they do have the right to delete whatever they don't want associated with their site, but it would be nice if they clarified exactly what that is. Yes, they have the right not to provide a certain service, but then a consumer has the right to then decide that livejournal isn't the right product for them. And this is why I didn't buy the permanent account...because LJ has been so ambiguous and why would I fork out all that money if it decides it's not about its fannish side.

And what's with this new flagging system they've set up? What is this? The McCarthy era?


On a brighter side, Carly emailed me and Steph with this information. Lance and a memoir! Oh, this is awesome! I cannot wait! I want the dish, Lance. I love you, Lance. Tell me how you made out with JC all the damn time! Tell me about the porn Joey forced you to watch on the tour bus. Tell me how Justin asked you to make out with him just to make sure he wasn't gay. Tell me it all!

I'm so sending a copy of this book with my notes to [ profile] vinylroad when I'm done. We can see how close her fics were to accurate. Hee-hee. (I know most of mine are off - I made him straight. BWAH.)


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 43

1 Do you think Sam and Dean ever ran away/contemplated running away when they were younger? If so, do you think they would have run away together, or separately? Where would they have gone?

I'm sure Dean contemplated it at some point, but he would never act on it. His family, specifically Sam, needed him and that would've kept him. Plus, I honestly think Dean and John had a good relationship, so in Dean's mind there was no real reason to contemplate it aside from the normal angst of being a teenager. Now Sam...I could see him when he's little packing a bag and then Dean catching him and Dean totally getting him to stay. Because when he was young, Sam's whole world was made up of Dean and he didn't want to lose that even if he was mad at his dad.

2 What can you imagine Dean and Sam watching on TV when they were younger?

Sports, cartoons, and Dean loves ABC soaps, but no one is supposed to know that.

3 Imagine you're on holiday in Vancouver, and as you're wandering around Downtown, you look up to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talking and walking towards you. What do you do?

Spontaneously combust! Duck into an alley as not to be seen with the drool on my chin! I don't know. Seriously, I'm not one for invading someone's space, celebrity or not, when they're just out and about. So I'd definitely look and swoon, but I doubt I'd approach them.

4 Do you think John ever gave Dean and Sam the "sex talk"? Or do you think Dean tried to be a smart-ass and explain it to his brother in his own words (while laughing in his head)?

I think Dean got a to-the-point sex talk, one that probably focused more on the being safe side rather than "sex is about love" stuff. And then Dean is probably the one that Sam went to with questions after he read everything in various books. I just can't see Sam wanting to have that conversation with his dad. As it is, I picture Sam's face getting bright red when he's asking Dean questions and dean's snickering...

5 Would you rather have an hour's time for lunch with Jared or Jensen (one of them only!) or spend an hour on the set with both boys and the crew members (although keep in mind that their attention would be divided between you and their job)?

I'd rather have an hour on the set. I love so much about this show - it would be interesting to see how it all comes together. And really, I want to one day create movies and television shows, so it would be a good experience.


Okay, I'm going to attempt to catch up on the friends list until I end up stabbing my eye out with a spork - stupid headache.
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That's right. I'm quoting "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie because I am lame. And I remember when she was just Stacy on Kids Incorporated (Like way back when there was Gloria and Mickey too).

Ever been so damn tired that your eyes ache, but you just can't sleep? That's what I've been battling the past week or so...ugh. I do not do well on little sleep. I'm one of those people who needs her eight hours a night or she's a raving lunatic.

But let's overlook that and do a happy meme:

Pay It Forward meme: I will send a handmade* gift to the first three people who leave a comment requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your journal.

*The "gift" you send doesn't have to be handmade. It can be fic, icons, whatever.

Most likely my gifts will be of the fic variety as my crafty skills are severely limited.
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Have not checked friends list since Monday or Tuesday (days are blending together on me) and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it tonight or not. Work and life are crazy at the moment, which means that of course, I get random ideas for stories that I have no time to write. And when I'm suddenly free of things to do, I'll be sitting here wondering where all my ideas went.

Le sigh.


I see that y'all are just as evil as [ profile] iamtheenemy when it comes to bandslash and MCR. Why must they be pretty? And have brothers? And be from Jersey like me (which means awesome)...

So where are the good MCR and Panic icons? If one were looking...not that i'm sure I'm ready to give up my metric ton of SPN icons, but just in case...


Anyway, if I'm missing something terribly important or you just want to berate me for being a shitty livejournaler, just holler.

Ciao darlings!
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Stupid livejournal is giving me a headache. It won't load and I'm in no mood for battling with it. So over here I come to play. So who out there has the paid account? Is it worth the money? I really do think I want it because I'm a girl who hates ads, but I don't know...

New Harry Potter book in only a few days. I wasn't sure this day would ever get here. Alas, plans have changed and I won't be getting my book until Saturday morning on my way to work. But then I have off Sunday/Monday...

I'm just thinking I might need to avoid the internet until I've finished reading it. I would hate to have the very last book spoiled by an idiot.

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