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Life has been super busy recently and work's been charging along as well. Which is good, I guess, because I do enjoy job stability, but a few minutes of rest is always something I enjoy. I've just had a lot of HR-related seminars and workshops recently, so then I'm out of the office and when I'm back in, I've got to play catch up.

I had a few things I wanted to post about, but now that I'm writing the entry, I've got nothing much to report.


A Story Rec:

For Fandom Trumps Hate, I did some bidding with the plan to make donations no matter what, but I won a few things.

And I got this amazing story set in the Cal Leandros world - Brothers Before Souls  by [ profile] yopumpkinhead  - It's set during Blackout, but it's from Niko's perspective on dealing with Cal going missing, to finding him, and to making the choices that he does for his brother.  I loved everything about this story and I highly recommend it.  One can never go wrong with Niko POV.  If you know the books, I definitely recommend you check it out.


So author reveals occurred for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm and I meant to share the story I wrote, but again...time gets away from me. 

I wrote The In Between Moments - Walking Dead, Rick/Daryl - it's set over the course of seasons four to winter finale of current season (7) - Somehow Daryl and Rick have managed to carve something out for themselves despite the constant loss and destruction around them. At least they always find their ways back to each other. A series of moments (missing scenes) between Daryl and Rick set from the end of season four through to the winter finale of season seven.

After the initial panic I always experience before starting a project for a challenge, I had a lot of fun with this one.  It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to write and how I wanted to bring canon into it.  And I had one scene written, but I was feeling like I wanted to do it slowly expanded and I'm happy with the final product.  Gotta thank my betas for keeping me on target and pointing out when things that are in my head didn't translate onto the page.  And, it was nice to sort of give Daryl and Rick a few happy moments.


I made up my deficit from January on my word count and pulled ahead during February.  A lot of it was nonfannish writing and a few WIPs I've been tossing around in my brain (I long ago stopped posting WIPs because when/if I lose interest, I didn't want people wondering how something ends)

Currently on my fannish writing to-do list:

-my piece for [ profile] picfor1000 - I've got this cool picture.  Now the challenge is to keep my wordy butt limited to exactly 1000 words.
-Ante-Up Losers story - I love any excuse to rewatch/read Losers.
-Just got my fandom5K assignment the other day and I'm super excited.  And this one I need to come up with something good and something that will lead to at least 5000 words of a story. 

I've also got to continue with my regular writing. 


Not much else to report.  I joined Planet Fitness by my house because it was 10.00 a month and I figured it would help me break up my routine.  Though I do most of my working out at home or my Saturday bootcamp class...I do a lot of Jillian Michaels with her dvds or app.  But thought, this might be good for me.  Change it up.  I met with the trainer to set up a personal fitness plan...

This woman was crazy.  Like I just wasted an hour of my time.  First, she told me that I should have a heart rate of 114 when I'm working out to be in the "fat burn zone" like it's still the 80's/early 90's.  And then she just proceeds to give me a sheetful of machines to use and never showed me how to actually use the machines.  And learning the machines is the whole reason I signed up for the personal fitness plan.  It was just insane and has me rethinking this gym.  It's super cheap, but I don't know.  As part of my gastric sleeve surgery I got to use the gym's fitness center for a three month program and work with a trainer.  And maybe I got spoiled because she showed me how to do a move and then made me do it a few times to perfect my form and we moved on.   That's what I need and like.    For  now though, I think I'll just google some of the machines and go from there...or just use the gym for cardio and stick with home for strength training with free weights/body weight.


Alright, I'm off.  I'm going to head to bed and do some reading.  I'm trying to finish up the first book in the Mistborn trilogy.  I'm really enjoying it.  It started a bit slow and it took me a little bit to catch on about the journal entries at the start of each chapter, but I find this world fascinating.  Even if the book is 600 pages long.

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I haven't had an opportunity to post this past week.  Work has been crazy and I've had a few things going on outside of work.  A lot happens within a one week period each year as far as birthdays, anniversaries and other things.  A bright spot was that on Thursday night, we went to the Newsies Broadway Musical Movie.  A lot of fun.    Reminded me of seeing the show back in 2012.


So [community profile] chocolateboxcomm went live on Tuesday and I received two great treats!  Loved them both.

A Journey Long Overdue - Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek - Glimpses into life after high school. Stiles's way to finding himself and how postcards as well as Derek play a big role in that.  Highly enjoyable.  Loved how Stiles came to rely on the postcards all the while becoming who he needed to be.

Catch Me (if You Can) - Flash/Supergirl, Barry/Kara - This whole superhero thing was even better when Kara had someone to share it with. - This gets exactly what I love about the idea of Barry and Kara as a couple.  The ability to just be themselves completely.


Glad to have Monday off.  I've got a bunch of things to do, including see the last of the Oscar-nominated movies.  There are also the not-fun errands that I keep putting off.  I forgot to place my ShopRite at Home order this week so I actually have to go grocery shopping.  Ugh.  I willingly pay that 5.99 fee for them to do the shopping and bring it to my car on the way home for work.  I feel my time is worth at least that much...but I forgot to do it and now I must go pick stuff up. 

Not much else to report at the moment.  I'm behind on pretty much everything.

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Half hour left to my work day. And then I'll get to sit in traffic, but I've got my podcasts ready to go and that tends to make the commute much easier. I'm a pretty easy-going person most of the time, but I get into a car and my anger goes on high. I've been trying to work on it. Even when people are idiots, especially when people are idiots, because they remain oblivious and I'm the one that gets tense.

So let's continue Fandom Snowflake catch-up

Day 11 - In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This is really hard because there are so many great creators in fandom.  I've been around for a long while and there are some that aren't as prolific anymore, but who really affected me with their works.  There are others that have been around and still post a lot.  And there are always new people that I discover as I go.

I'll say someone I admire and always read is [personal profile] musesfool/[ profile] musesfool - she writes amazing stories in a number of fandoms and they're always so good.  

I'm currently obsessed with Life of Bucky Barnes by Petite-Madame.  The art is amazing and I'm constantly in awe of it.  And the accompanying story by [ profile] stephrc79  is my go-to read of the moment.  I love their takes on Bucky and Steve. 

There are a lot of other creators I continue to admire and adore, too many to name or rec here.  Though I feel I'd be a terrible partner in crime if I wasn't thankful for [ profile] steph /[ profile] iamtheenemy - we go back to Nsync fandom days, a mutual love of Lance Bass and continue over the years to get the other obsessed with all sorts of fandom things.  Neither of us are as involved as we once were, but we had a fun reccing journal and she still writes some stuff that I always love.

Day 12 - In your own space, post a rec for fannish spaces and resources - comms, challenges, twitters, tumblrs, etc. Tell us about where you hang out. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I haven't been as up on fandom in recent years as I was before.  I always take part in Yuletide no matter what, so that's something I always stay aware of.

I highly recommend checking out:

[community profile] ante_up_losers  - if you love the Losers and like creating fic/art because it's currently open for sign-ups.

[ profile] picfor1000  is open for sign-ups until the end of the month.  It's always a fun challenge to undertake. 

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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 10 - In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

There are just so many that I do love, but my go-to is always friends to more. I have a huge love of friends moving into something more, especially where they both love each other, but think the other could never feel that way about them. Or even when both are completely oblivious, but get thrown into a situation where it just suddenly hits them and then throws them for a loop. I think it's why some of my favorite pairings are Steve/Bucky, Jensen/Cougar, Casey/Danny, Kirk/McCoy, Barry/Cisco, Steve/Danny - because they all start as best friends and it develops into more.

I also have a huge love of close sibling relationships. I think it might relate back to my love of The Outsiders because close familial relationships like Halliwell sisters (and then the boys later), Dean & Sam WInchester, the Tracy brothers, Oliver & Thea Queen...there are more, but my brain cannot focus at the moment.

There are plenty of other tropes that I enjoy as well and I think they're always fun to write like trapped together, huddling for warmth, That amnesia and fake relationships that become real. I'm a huge fan of genderbending where you take a guy character that I love and make him an even more awesome girl character.

So much good stuff out there to read and write.

Some recs )
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Since Day 4 didn't require a post, I did that and Day 5 to catch up a bit more.

Day 4 was to comment on someone's post that I didn't know. - COMPLETE.

Day 5 - In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Okay, so I've had a bunch set aside to rec for a very long time, so three...two of these are from Yuletide.

1. If We're Strong Enough by thisissirius
- The Martian, Chris Beck/Mark Watney - it's possible I'm bias because it was a gift for me, but I really enjoyed this. I loved the mix of happiness that Mark was rescued and alive, but the guilt and issues that come with what had happened to both of them.

2. You Might Think I'm Crazy by minim_calibre 
- What's Your Number, Ally Darling/Colin Shea - Set after the movie ends, it explores the relationship between Ally and Colin and I love the different sides to both of them as they move forward.

3. And So the Wheel Turns by cleo4u2 - Captain America/MCU, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes - an AU where Bucky doesn't fall from the train, but Steve still goes into the ice. A lot of focus on Bucky finding out how to live his life without Steve and then the two of them finding a way to come back together when Steve returns. I really enjoyed this.

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I hope everyone who celebrates had a happy holiday! We are currently in the midst of a snow storm here and I'm on vacation from work and trying to take it easy.

Between the holidays and trying to ingest as much fun with [community profile] yuletide as possible, I've been slower on getting caught up on things the way I had hoped to. I loved my story for Yuletide this year. It was Boondock Saints, with an injured-but-stubborn-Murphy and a frustrated-but-overprotective Connor. Just like I asked for and so perfectly in tune with both the boys. It'll definitely be at the top of my recs for [community profile] polyfandomrecs, but in the meantime, Halves .

My recipients seemed to like their stories, which is also very awesome.

And of course, the number of amazing stories and the level of creativity continues to just blow me away.


Now it's time to focus on [community profile] fandom_stocking. If you've signed up and have a quick link to your stocking posting, please leave it here. I plan to go through as many as I possibly can and write something between this evening and January 6th, but I definitely want to get to my friends. I love you guys and don't always get to show it and this is something small I can for you guys.


There are currently six cats under my roof this evening. One of my sorority sisters joked that I was turning into crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, my neighbor's daughter's house had a bad fire last night. She went back in for her cats and took in a lot of smoke. So her daughter is currently at Temple hospital and everyone in their family is either helping our neighbor (who is older, on an oxygen tank and currently suffering with a broken rib) or allergic to cats. And they know how I am with cats and rescuing we're taking care of her two cats until she's released from the hospital. They are very sweet cats, who are a little freaked out (understandable) and my neighbor has done so much for me and my sister since my mother died, so I am currently the home with six cats. Kinda seven if you include the cat outdoors that we take care of (Sidle, we call her, she's Katniss' mom). I think my sorority sister is correct.


I finally saw Social Network Really good movie, even if it made me angry at several times. Poor Eduardo. I'm still not sure why he would even have been friends with Mark at all. Was there a side to Mark's character that we are never privy to because it's based mostly on the creation of Facebook. Because seriously, I was almost convinced Mark was a sociopath at times.

Also saw Tron: Legacy. I admit, I saw it for purely shallow reasons being Garret Hedlund (part of the reason I want to see Country Song too), and a nostalgic attachment to the original. I found the whole young!Jeff Bridges face thing creepy not innovative, but it wasn't bad. Enjoyable.

Still so many movies to see, especially those nominated for Golden Globes and probably Oscar nominations: The Fighter, 127 Hours (which seems to be playing nowhere around me anymore), Black Swan, the King's Speech, Blue Valentine...too many movies, too little time.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] benitle and [ profile] penknife!

You're both amazing and I wish you each the very the best! I'm so glad to have you on my friends list.


Is President Bush done visiting the Olympics yet? I get into my happy place of Michael Phelps or other hot boy swimmers and then BAM, zoom in on President Bush. Yeah, way to take me out of my moment and happy place. On the otherhand, with him busy rooting on Team America, he can't do too much damage to the country, so I guess that's a blessing.

But NBC really needs to stop panning from Michael Phelps to President Bush. That's just not cool.


After the poll and thinking it through, the week of drabble-a-thons will run from Monday, August 18th until Friday, August 22nd. I know I'll have the time to actually moderate and participate in it if I do it that way. So take the opportunity of my insane schedule and forgetfulness to leave prompts for the five days of drabble-a-thons.


Speaking of drabbles, [ profile] dotfic wrote me a SPN drabble of Dean going undercover in a boyband - Hangin' Tough.
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So last night I watched the finale of Step It Up and Dance with my sister. All four of the remaining dancers did a really great job with their solos. Of course, I had my two favorites from day one - Cody and Nick.

Spoilers for who won... )


I actually did a full updated to [ profile] polyfandomrecs last night. And yes, you will notice there is David Cook RPS if you go over there. I'm completely broken and it's all his fault. Him and Michael Johns have to be so darn adorkable together and my mind goes to the wrong!bad places...and then there is fic to aid me in staying in that dark place.

I've actually made a slight dent in my "to read" bookmarks of fic. Of course, it's an ongoing cycle, so I'm always back to where I started, which is far behind on all the fic out there.


Why is it so hot, my friends? And why can't I concentrate on my writing? And how can I win a million dollars?

These are all very important questions.
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Thanks for the good work thoughts. Things are just...not good...right now and I'm not sure what to do. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and that karma comes around. I am clinging to these things.

But now I shall focus on happy, good things. Because I miss happy, good things.


These boys always make me happy and they love each other so much and just...oh, there is never enough Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean schmoop in the world but y'all provide me with great amounts of it!

2. All of you because you rock and you offer encouragement and you're just awesome. I love you all. I really do.

3. Army Wives is coming out on dvd in June. It's the lifetime series that has Drew Fuller as the perfect husband and has Gordon from SPN as the one guy "army wife" in the group and features some interesting characters. Plus, did I mention Drew Fuller?

4. I'm a tad bit behind on my Supernatural reading, but I highly recommend [ profile] pheebs1's Supernatural version of PS I Love You. It's Sam/Dean and it's sad and wonderful and just the end is so perfect.

5. I'm mailing my check for [ profile] winchestercon tomorrow! And I'm totally going to get [ profile] ladybug218 (And Mylia!!!) to come hang out with me there. And I can't wait to see some of you again and to meet even more of you...because it was so much fun.
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Merry Christmas to those that celebrate! Happy Tuesday to everyone! My day was nice and relaxing. We woke up early to exchange gifts with immediate family and had breakfast. Then my sister and I went to a movie. Afterwards, we played games on the Wii and I took a nap. Now I've started reading [ profile] yuletide fic and wow, there are so many stories. Alas, I was only able to write one extra story as a treat yesterday because of insanity in life.

Anyway, I now have new books, movies, and such to keep me entertained. I highly recommend everyone go see the movie Juno because it was awesome. Funny and sweet and a little bit bizarre. I adored it.


I've started a list of yuletide recs as I go through the plethora of fic, but I must squee about the two fics in the archive for me. They are both wonderful and amazing and so utterly perfect. I was seriously dancing about like a loon after I read them. And then my sister danced about like a loon with me when she saw that one was Alice/Jasper (because while, she's not into fandom, she does love Alice/Jasper).

So go read and adore (like you should):

1) Meeting the Cullens - Twilight, Alice/Jasper [R]

2) These Three Words Have Said It All - The Outsiders

I seriously have read them a few times already. And GAH. My heart.

Thank you so much, Santa(s). You are awesome!


[ profile] sn_holidays fic has started to trickle in. I need to finish mine up. Same goes for [ profile] spn_holidays. Oh, fic galore.
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So the [ profile] multiverse2004 stories have gone live and the story written for me is so AWESOME. It's a Roswell/Firefly story called In the End We Are One Tree. It features all the Big Damn Heroes after the movie and has Maria and Michael and the other pod peeps (but mostly Maria and some Michael). The voices are perfect and the relationships are wonderful and I loved the whole thing.

I've heard from the person I wrote for and s/he enjoyed the story. Thank goodness. I was a tad bit worried about that one and how to get the two characters into a room together without throwing all probability out the window and/or making it like any stories that might have come before in the archive.

But be sure to check out all the stories over at [ profile] multiverse2004 because there is bound to be some serious great fic.


[ profile] jenab is hosting a Comment Kissing Challenge so check it out if you get a few minutes.


Oh and [ profile] shay_renoylds: I can't wait to read the SPN/Ocean's 11 fic you wrote me. I'm trying to be good and finish my piece up first and use that as an hopefully tomorrow I will read it! Woo-hoo.
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Dear SPN fanfiction readers:

Everyone needs to go pester Kat ([ profile] vinylroad) into writing some Dean/Jess pregnant fic of shame. Kat writes an excellent Jess and I, alone, only have so much power over the girl.

And if you're not sure she can do it: check out her latest Dean/Jess, Cherry Pit. Or start with her Sam/Jess/Dean awesomeness, As the Rush Comes.



P.S. - Or I could just pester her to write more dirty!bad!wrong John-centric fic.

P.S.S. - I do realize, Kat, that I still need to write my Dean/Jess sneaking around on Sam fic of woe. Le sigh.


I really need a Dean/Jess icon since I have a weird love of them. Or better yet, a Sam/Dean/Jess because seriously they would all love one another in such fucked-up ways. Anyone know where I can find one? Anyone willing to make me one?
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So the stupid electricity went out again. It didn't come back on until 6:30 this evening. So guess what I did with most of my day? Napped. Though is it considered a nap when it lasts for five hours? I'm not sure.

I did get a handwritten page of the my story written. Stupid weather. I'm days of handwriting stories seems to have passed - I'm much better writing on the computer, probably because I can type faster and keep up with my thoughts a bit better.

On the brightside, the overwhelming sinus pain abated a bit, so I can actually lift my head without wanting to stab out my eyes.


Y'all need to go read Broke Your Throne by [ profile] vinylroad. It's possessed Jo and lots of dirty talk to John. And it's just AWESOME and twisted and he calls her "darlin'" and really...go read it. Because she blames me for it and she's sensitive to the fact that I called her Sam/OFC "stupid" in order to get her to write this. Hee.

And quite frankly, I think this is fair as she is making me write her Dean/Jess sneaking around on Sam.


Shark week has started on the discovery channel. Is it normal to be excited about this sort of thing? I'm such a loser.

Where is the Dean wrangles shark fic?
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This was a completely lazy weekend on my part. Friday I saw the new Harry Potter movie. Yesterday, my sinuses were terrible so I pretty much slept most of my day away. When I was awake, I read a bit or watched the Lifetime Movie Channel's Christmas in July moviethon. Today, I was a little more productive at least. I did some laundry, straightened up my room, baked cupcakes, and updated my website with all the stories I've written since March. It wasn't a whole lot, but I still hate coding like whoa.

I also worked on some girl!Eric/Vince Entourage fic. I usually write stories in order, but this one...I just had this idea that would have to be set closer to the end of the story and decided to write it down before I forgot it. It's not too bad for a first draft. Also added another 500 words to Winchester Meets Halliwell. It's truly the neverending story. I think too big, my friends. I must stop that.


I finally watched the first two episodes of Burn Notice and I love it. It's funny and smart. And I was hooked when the little boy was crying and Michael was like, "Are you crying? Please don't cry." Why do I love the emotionally retarded guys all the time? What does that say about me?

I still have this past Thursday's episode to watch and I'm very excited. And seriously, why do I think Dean Winchester would fit so well into the spy world? It's a sickness, people. I always insert Dean Winchester into *everything* - it's way past obsession.

Tonight there is new Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, and 4400, but I'm probably going to try to watch Psych and Eureka as I'm a tad bit behind on my television. And it doesn't help that the GH spin-off, NIght Shift features Patrick/Robin pretty predominantly, which means I had to watch it. I love Patrick/Robin and they're one of the only reasons I still watch GH these days.


A few recs:

-[ profile] vinlyroad has finished her Supernatural Sam/Jess/Dean story and it's awesome. The latest part is called The Odd Number. I suggest you read the other two stories in the series as well. I love her Jess and the dynamic she creates with the three of them. And really, I just love her style of writing. (And sure, I'm biased as her friend/beta, but it's good stuff yo!)

-[ profile] shay_renoylds finished up Eating Gifted Children, the story I requested from her for Sweet Charity. It's a Heroes/Supernatural crossover featuring two of my favorite sets of brothers. It's a wonderful, fun read. I love it.

-[ profile] iamtheenemy wrote some awesome Panic! fic, Counting Down the Days ‘Til You’re Walking Through My Door. It's Brendon/Ryan and it's hot and funny and Steph needs to write more often. ::prods her::


Alrighty, I am going to try to catch up on friends list tonight and maybe do a bit more writing. Though chances are I'll read the friends list and then get distracted by my re-reading of Harry Potter for book seven.

Speaking of book seven, i do not want to be spoiled! Please cut anything that is spoilerish when you post it. And keep anything spoilery away from my journal. I would greatly appreciate that. I found out about book five's big spoiler because I was weak and it ruined the experience of reading it to an extent, just dreading what was yeah, I learned my lesson, so please help me out.
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I've been terrible with birthdays lately and I truly apologize. I'm trying to work on it, but I tend to fail at dates a whole lot (even when they're right in front of me) if I've missed your birthday recently, I apologize. I hope it was fabulous in every way!


I know I've mentioned it before, but I simply LOVE when writers/friends I adore come to the Supernatural fandom. And we have a recent convert. She's been out of fandom for awhile, but Jess & Supernatural has lured her back in with a new journal and some fic. So go check out [ profile] vinylroad. She has two SPN stories posted (Jess/Sam & Dean/Jess, Sam/Jess) and they're both great.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive)- Week 38

1.) Pretend for a moment this isn't completely unimaginable. Pretend Dean doesn't exist. If this were the case, which real or fictional person/character would be the perfect person to fill Dean's role in Sam's life? How about the other way around: Who would be the perfect person/character to fill Sam's role in Dean's life?

So in this world everything that happened, still occurs except that there is no Dean or no Sam? I honestly don't know that I would like that world because the thing I love most about Supernatural is Dean & Sam's relationship. That Dean was always there to protect Sam and to take on the brunt of the duty with his father. Sam would be a much different person without a Dean who took care of him and I'm not sure who he would've had to latch onto given their lives.

And without Sam there is no story really. He was the reason the demon came into their without that, they probably would've lived a somewhat normal life.

2.) Quote from "The Benders": "Sam? Two beers and he's doing karaoke." What song do you think Sam was singing?

Barry Manilow. Tons of Barry Manilow.

3.) Before the Yellow-Eyed Demon killed Jess, do you think there was any conversation exchanged? If so, what? Or do you think it was a slice-and-dice, stick-her-to-the-ceiling, apply-demonic-gasoline, timer-set ceiling fire quickie?

There was probably some conversation, some taunting, some "you really don't know your wonderful Sam" type things from YED. That was his style.

4.) Describe the day/night before Sam left for college. Include any details you'd like, including, but not limited to, convos between Sam and Dean, behavior between Sam and John, etc.

I'm guessing Sam was nervous and constantly waiting for the "right moment" to bring it up. I think he really wanted to tell Dean, but didn't want to hurt him whereas he wanted to put off explaining it to John for as long as possible.

5.) In one of the first shots in the pilot, we see Sam has a picture of John and Mary in his dorm room. Sam and Dean have a pretty interesting relationship. Assuming Sam took something with him to remember Dean, what was it and what is its significance?

I bet he had a picture of him and Dean in his wallet. And sometimes he would put on a Metallica cd and just listen to it. And there were the many times he just called Dean's cellphone to hear his brother's voice, but never left a message or said anything.
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Day is moving slow. Please send Father Time to speed it up.

That three things meme...a little info on who I am in meme form... )

If you're looking for more random facts about me, check out here, here, & here


Some pimpage:

- [ profile] sportsnightglee: Glee Week will run from June 25th until July 1st. So be sure to join in if you're a Sports Night fan.

- Schmoopfest Prompts still for claiming - lots of fandoms still available! Only 750 words! Not due until August 24th!

- Supernatural Crossover Ficathon - sign-ups until June 29th

- Fandom Rocks - It's a fan-run initiative to raise funds and awareness for charities around the globe. Inspired by similar campaigns in the Firefly, Buffy, Angel, and Veronica Mars fandoms and brought together by the CW's Supernatural, fans of the show are asking you to join them in supporting the charities of the season. One of the first charities chosen is Lawrence Community Shelter.

- The Women of Supernatural Fanfic Challenge - taking prompts until June 24th

- [ profile] spn_heraea - Two more days left to vote in the Angst Vs. Schmoop Supernatural Olympics. And if you're interested, you can go read my schmoop entry - I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles

Two Fanfiction Recs

- Eating Gifted Children - It's a WIP, but it's SPN/Heroes. I won the bid for [ profile] shay_reynolds's amazing talent in Sweet Charity and this is the story that is coming out of it. I'm loving every bit.

- Wake up and notice you're someone you're not by [ profile] lordessrenegade, FOB/MCR bandslash (Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, Patrick/Gerard) - This is awesome stuff. I'm still cursing my fall into bandslash, but dude, it's BODY SWAP fic, my friends. Go read and enjoy!


A real update my follow if I can bring myself to do anything today other than whine about how slow the day is passing.

Ciao darlings!
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Happy Supernatural Day, my friends! This week has gone so slow. And God, I'm just...just...


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I actually posted Supernatural recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs last night. There are a mix of schmoop/angst, wincest/gen. Something for everyone. I even braved to find some good stories. (Though I must say that considering what that site is capable of producing in the bad fic arena, there is a lot of decent/good SPN fic over there.)

Next up are a bunch various fandom recs that don't quite make a whole bunch.
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Happy Supernatural Day, everyone! New Sam and Dean this week! And even my sister is excited about this week's episode.

Really, there should be new SPN every week. I'm that obsessed.

Also, much love to [ profile] jellicle for the Happy Supernatural Day e-card! I loved it, darling! You rock!


I cannot seem to get the next story in my Winchester Meets Halliwell universe to end. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And I'd really like to finish it, as it's a birthday story for [ profile] ladybug218 that's already two months late. Yikes.

Seriously, I have a list of birthday fics for people that is from February still. I am going to finish them, my friends. I just need to get back to writing every day and stop having insane LONG ideas. Wouldn't that be nice?


So I received an email a few days back about maybe reccing a certain SPN story over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs. I'm not sure what to make of it and I think that's mostly because of how the email was worded. It's one thing to simply send me a link to a story (because I'm totally cool with that) and say something like, "based off a bunch of your recs, I think you'll totally love that story." That's great. I love new fic that I will totally love. But when it's phrased in a way like, "You need to rec this fic," I'm never sure what to make of it.

Because if that's how you feel, you should rec it. And then maybe I'll see your rec, check it out, and end up reccing it myself. Because contrary to what some people seem to think out there (and let's not revisit that old argument), I only rec what I actually read and love.


Pimpage of Events:

Dining for Darfur - On April 29th, certain restaurants have agreed to donate their proceeds to helping with the Darfur cause. There are a lot of restaurants participating in the NYC/Brooklyn area. You get a great dinner and you're making a difference.

Philadelphia Book Festival - For those in the Philly area, you should check out the first festival. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Random Website:

IGOD - have a conversation with God online.


For those of you trying to come up with ways that you can help in the aftermath of such a horrific tragedy at VA Tech, I suggest checking out Stop the NRA. Find ways to get involved. Because while it might not solve the problem, making it harder for people to get their hands on guns could go a long way to helping in the fight against violence.
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] anasuede, [ profile] pheebs1, and [ profile] them0rgue! I hope each of you has a wonderful day!


Life continues to happen all around me and I'm doing my best to stay afloat at the moment. I really just need a few days to completely veg out properly, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

In television, Black Donnellys continues to rock. Kevin and Tommy have the best relationship. Sean and Jimmy are still on the periphery it feels like, but Tommy & Kevin? Just so damn cute.


A few people have asked me those interview questions and I will get to those tomorrow. I also have chapter three of [ profile] iamentheos's story to beta. and really, i don't normally rec WIPs, but you guys should check it out in her journal. It's called Hide and Seek and it's really intriguing thus far.

And it's quite possible this is the lamest entry I've ever made.

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Dude, it's January 6th. People should not be at the Mummer's Parade wearing shorts. It's Philadelphia.

Dear Global Warming,

Please stop.


I carpool.

I try to get others to carpool.

I do. It's part of my job.

So yeah.

Please stop.



There will be more love later. At the moment, I'm in a really annoyed mood with Directv. Grrr...they're currently pissing me off. a lot. Anyway, I don't want any negativity to slip in with the love. Because I'm not mad at y''s corporate america I'm pissy with.


Today when I went to Target to pick up my prescription and a birthday gift for my mother, I noticed a huge display with the final Traveling Pants book. It's technically not out until Tuesday, but they had it and I snatched it up. I hope it's as good as the others have been. I'd like for it to go out on a nice note.

And then I came home and my Amazon order from right after Christmas FINALLY arrived with my copy of Young Riders season one and the Justice League game for my PS2. I guess this means I'll have to stop playing Guitar Hero for a bit.


A day late, but here's the Supernatural Friday Five... )


Plans for this evening include trying to read some of the vast number of fics that I have bookmarked (I'm still so behind on [ profile] yuletide - it's so very sad!). Also need to write for at least 30 minutes.

Ciao darlings!

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