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Today was a very long day. Work is continuing on down crazy road and then I got to leave work early to do a bunch of errands that I've been putting off.

On the brightside, I got to watch last night's Supernatural.

Lots of spoilers and talk of the episode... )


All I will say about project runway is that I really hate Kenley. She's just such a brat. And yet, I enjoy a lot of her designs.

So are [ profile] neversince and I the only ones watching and enjoying Privileged? I really like the main character, Megan. She's quirky and smart and yet always puts her foot in her mouth. Mostly, I love her relationship with her best friend, Charlie (who is ADORABLE). And I have a HUGE best friends become more love! Maybe I'll nominate that for [ profile] yuletide too!
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Friday is here! Weekend is almost upon me! And I have no real plans aside from continuing with unpacking and doing some reading/writing.


I can't believe it's almost October. In two weeks it's birthday weekend for Mylia and I get to hang out with some of my favorite people. Then the following weekend is [ profile] winchestercon. Alas, I can still only make it for Saturday, but I would love to meet some of you for lunch and/or dinner! I really wanted to do the whole shebang, but this owning a house thing ate up alot of my money and I can't really afford a hotel in Baltimore, no matter how much I want to. Stupid mortgage and growing up!

But yes, dear friends list, those going to [ profile] winchestercon, let me know if we can meet up! I love you guys and want to hang!

Also, [ profile] pheebs1 and [ profile] ladybug218 are helping me with [ profile] win_non_con this year, but if any of you aren't going to the actual con and can help with the online version, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm hoping this weekend to get together the itinerary.


And on the topic of Supernatural...let's talk last night's episode.

There will be are warned... )

Note: As long as you don't share spoilers with me (beyond the preview that's aired), I'm up for any discussions. I tend to squee, but I have no problems if people have issues so long as we all play nice.


I finally watched the summer finale of Burn Notice. All I will say is thank GOD it's coming back in January! And I love Michael! And I love Sam! And I love Fi! And I love Michael and Fi! And...such a good show.


Yesterday I asked for first lines and I would write ficlets. It's not too late to play, so long as I know the fandom. I'm not doing them in any order. Mostly going with whatever strikes my muse. I really need to do some writing.


Finally, will the debate happen tonight? I was all excited it for it before McCain started pulling this stuff. I want my nerdy goodness, dammit.
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Friday is here! Friday is here! I am so ready for the weekend!


Let's cut right to the chase. Supernatural is back and I love our boys.

Spoilers for last night's episode... )


Not much else to report. I'm attempting to write a Coda/ficlet based around the episode. Also, I had this idea for an AU from this first episode.

I'm going to read the reaction posts on my friends list - wanted to get mine out first - and then I'll see if I can get some writing done.

Yay! Supernatural is back!
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How is my weekend over already? Yesterday, there was house hunting and shopping with the mother before sleeping due to head pains of doom. Then today, my sister and I were supposed to look at a few more houses, except my back tire went flat. So I ended up at Pep Boys getting all four of my tires replaced. Argh. There goes the tax refund that we're all getting next week. Mine went to tires. Sometimes being an adults sucks.


Supernatural this week. New episodes makes me happy. New Sam and Dean make me very happy.

to be on the safe side...spoilers... )
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It's the weekend! Thank frakking god. Today at work was horrific and it's only going to get worse for awhile. Le sigh.

But I won't focus on that. No, instead, I'm going to squee about Supernatural and Sam & Dean.

Spoilers ahoy for the episode last night... )


Now I shall catch up on friends list and maybe do some reading. I miss having time for fanfiction. Stupid work exhausting me - it's like they don't appreciate the need for hot boy porn.
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Happy Friday everyone! It's miserable here, pouring down rain, which makes everyone suddenly forget how to drive. I'll never understand why that happens. Rain is not a new thing in New Jersey.

I want to thank you all for the lovely words in the love meme of the last post. I was having a crappy day and that just brightened things up. If I was capable of displaying emotion, I might've cried. Thank you. I love you all a whole lot and I'm so glad to have you all in my life in this online world. Please know that if any of you ever need anything, I'm here.


So let's talk about our very pretty boys who pout and make bitch faces and just love each other as much as we love them.

Spoilers for last night's supernatural...if you read this, you'll know things that happen... )


So I have two ideas for challenge-type things running through my brain at the moment. I might post about them today to gauge interest. ONe is a writing challenge, but the other is something I think anyone could have fun with. So here's to hoping.

In the meantime, I shall try to catch up on friends list, wish my headache away, and do the pile of work I have waiting for me.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] svmadelyn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! Let me know if there is a drabble you want.


I'm home sick because the stupid sinus infection has settled in my chest. Yuck. It's the same sinus infection I've been battling on and off for the past few months. It's driving me crazy.


Television chatting:

Ugly Betty

spoilers for last night's episode... )

Project Runway:

The season gets underway and already there is buckets of crazy... )

And now, the most important of all, the Sam & Dean show, Supernatural

Massive spoilers for this episode... )


I barely got my 500 words done yesterday, more added to Winchester Meets Halliwell, but it was like pulling teeth and I have a feeling most of it is utter crap. I'm blaming evil sinus issues.

Now I shall continue to watch Numb3rs and enjoy another pair of brothers that love each other a whole lot. I have to wait for my sister to get home to watch Dirty Sexy Money from this week...
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It's Friday! The weekend is upon me! I don't have a long weekend like some as I have opted to work and take a floating holiday at Christmas time. Much rather have off then.

Time for some television talk:

Ugly Betty was highly enjoyable. Spoilers for last night's episode... )

And then to the show that continues to own me - this week's supernatural

Much spoilers and on if you want... )

I will have some fic suggestions to share soon. And by suggestion I mean, y'all are brilliant writers who should undertake these challenges for me. Heh.


My Mini-Nanowrimo ([ profile] mini_nanowrimo) for yesterday. I managed to get back on track after the day before was a big fat zero!

Day: 8
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 1,494
Words done total: 7,843

I'm up to five pages on a Supernatural Dean/Carmen fic that I'm not quite sure about yet as far as where it's heading. I did it on lunch and had hoped to write last night before tv time, but that just didn't happen.

a little excerpt:

The first time Dean met Carmen it played out like a horrible chick flick cliché. It’s one of those stories Carmen loves to share with other women, who love nothing more than the idea of a knight riding in to save the damsel. Even if the damsel could more than take care of herself and the knight didn’t really do much.

Dean stood in the corner of the bar while his buddy made small talk with some college girl with big tits. Dean officially declared the night a bust a few beers ago, but lack of better options kept him in place. As Dean nursed his beer, he debated whether sheer boredom at a bar or at his apartment was more pathetic, and when he glanced across the bar, there she was. Beautiful brown hair, gorgeous body, and killer smile, trying her best to make a graceful exit from an unwanted admirer.
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Except for Friday Night Lights and this week's Dirty, Sexy, Money, I am caught up on my television viewing! I really do watch too much television, but the pretty things lure me in and then if it's enjoyable I stick around.

Ugly Betty - the last two episodes...spoilers for both... )

Let's get to Supernatural and how much I always love and adore this show. And why, no matter what other shows out there start to worm their ways into my heart, Dean & Sam Winchester always own it.

Spoilers for last night's episode...and squee... )

Aside from that, I got caught up on Brothers & Sisters. Who knew that Joe was such a complete dick? He talks about stability when *he* was the one who cheated, he was the one who left, and he was the one who wanted a divorce because he was dating his ex-wife. It sounds to me like *he* is the problem, but because Sarah works he can make a case otherwise. I never liked his character and this just makes me hate him more. And the whole idea that a woman who works can't be a "stable" parent bugs the hell out of me.

Justin and Kevin both continue to be adorable. Tommy is worrying me. And I love how gossipy the Walkers are!


The Supernatural Five - I haven't done it in a while, but let's give it a go...spoilers for season three )
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It's Friday and my boss gave us our paychecks early so I can cash it on my lunch. Woo-hoo. I'm going to stop at Borders and pick up Lance Bass' book while I'm out too. Double fun!

This totally makes up for the sinus headache earlier and the fact that I'm exhausted though I have no idea why.


I'm running a week behind on Ugly Betty from vacation, so last night I watched last week's episode. Is this still spoilers? )

One thing I do stay caught up on is Supernatural. I don't miss my boys unless an act of God stands in my way (or an evil dvr, like last year).

Spoilers for last night's episode! )


Much to do this weekend. Hopefully some writing/reading/reccing.
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Blah. Vacation is officially over and it will be time to return to work tomorrow. Le sigh. I can't really complain too much. Over a week away from the place and any longer and my in-bind would probably be impossible to deal with.

Los Angeles was wonderful and relaxing and I loved every minute except delay hell in LAX. And even that wasn't too bad because I just chatted with other passengers.

The plane ride back we got to watch License to Wed and then a few tv shows, including the pilot to Ugly Betty, which always makes me happy. License to Wed was okay. I expected it to be horrible, so I went in with very low expectations except that JK is adorable.


Supernatural 3.3 review...spoilers and squee... )

Slowly getting caught up on everything else on my DVR from while I was away. Bionic Woman continues to be so damn dumb, but I love Katee, so I'm sticking it out for the time being. I just...something is off with this show and I can't put my finger on it. Normally, I love strong women who kick ass. And maybe that's it. Maybe she's only strong in the physical sense, not the mental. If the show were about Sarah, I'd be loving every second of it. Her story is much more interesting to me.

Brothers & sisters continues to be wonderful. is it still spoilers if it aired last week? )


If you're interested, I'm doing a drabble meme in the previous entry for the first fifteen people! So comment if you want one.

Now I must get back to matching up the Sports Night participants.
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I am now at Bebel's house, hanging with my second family. I'm lazing about watching episodes of Burn Notice and Life with Frankie while Bebel is at the bonfire on the beach. I was supposed to go, but Bebel thinks I have some sort of ear infection that's causing the vertigo that I've been having since about an hour after I got off the plane on Friday morning. I swear, I can't do anything without breaking. I thought it was just no food/no sleep from leaving for the airport before 5am on Friday and then not eating until around 6pm.


[ profile] winchestercon was a lot of fun. I'm glad I was able to come and meet so many wonderful fellow fans and hang out and put names to faces. Supernatural fandom is really awesome.

I've friended a few of you that I hung out with a bit that I didn't know before, but I'm sure I'm missing people.


Now some thoughts on Thursday night's Supernatural...

Spoilers for 3.2, so if you haven't seen it yet... )


Okay, I'm going to attempt to read the friends list, but seeing as I haven't really since Wednesday, I'm not sure how far I will get. It doesn't mean that I don't love you all lots.
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Fridany morning is upon me and I have watched Supernatural twice already. Like we all didn't know that Sam and Dean own my soul. Others may come along and I flirt with them, but it's always about Sam and Dean.

My episode review...spoilers ahoy! )


I can't believe next week at this time I'll be on the plane to [ profile] winchestercon. I can't wait to meet all you wonderful people, but especially my little Roy, [ profile] iamtheenemy!
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Tonight's television viewing should've been called "the night Tommygirl turned to valium."

We begin with the finale of Ugly Betty...SPOILERS AHOY! )


And then there was Supernatural and I will try to be calm because this show continues to own my soul like no other.

Major spoilers for the season 2 finale of Supernatural... )

So now I'm going to peruse the friends list, then I'll probably rewatch SPN, and start thinking about the All Hell Breaks Loose choose your own adventure I'm going to be writing.
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Okay, so we all knew that I wasn't going to not watch Supernatural.

Many spoilers, emotional freakouts, etc... )


After Supernatural, I watched some other stuff as well...

For Ugly Betty last night... )

I also got caught up on the last two episodes of Brothers & Sisters. I love this show. I love the relationships between all the siblings.

Just to be safe...spoilers for the most recent... )


Now I shall go read others' thoughts on Supernatural and stuff.

Anyone want to rec me some happy, schmoopy Sam/Dean? I could use it today!
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Happy Friday, my friends! The weekend is almost here and today a co-worker is taking me and May out to lunch for a belated Administrative Assistant's Day celebration. Woo-hoo.

Have not gotten my copies of the Supernatural or latest Buffy comics in the mail yet. Hopefully they come tomorrow. Because part two of Buffy left off at a very interesting place and it's Supernatural!


Speaking of Supernatural, let's get to it...

Many spoilers ahead... )


More to follow. I apologize ahead of time if I end up spamming the friends list. I'm pretty damn bored at work at the moment.
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Woo-hoo! It's Friday! Weekend is almost here! I might actually be able to do things this weekend! Currently, everyone in my office is out to lunch, leaving me all by myself, but I love that. It allows me some freedom.

But before I contemplate doing anything, let's talk about last night's episode of Supernatural, the show that I never fail to love more than is normal.

Supernatural episode thoughts - will have spoilers... )


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 29

1. Imagine you've been told, for whatever reason, that you must rename Sam and Dean. What would you rename them? But their names work for them and I have enough trouble naming my own characters. I have no clue.

2. What types/genres of novels can you see Dean and/or Sam reading?

Dean reads comics and sometimes he actually does read the articles in Playboy. Hee. Okay, I just see him more as a magazine type guy.

As for Sam, he's probably read all the classics and expected books. As for types for him, I'm not sure. Because I think fantasy, but I think it probably loses something for him when he deals with those things on a daily basis, so I don't know.

3. What was one twist in season two that you did not see coming?

There haven't been any twists that I didn't really see coming. I mean, we knew the demon wanted Sam for some reason and that it couldn't be good.

4. If Dean and/or Sam had an email address, what do you think the address would be? I think Sam's would be rather forthright like, whereas Dean would go for funny popculture reference sorta like with their safe words and aliases.

5. The season two finale is quickly approaching. What one thing tops your Must-Not-Happen-To-The-Winchesters list, other than their death?

I know no spoilers, but really, I don't want Sam to go evil. I don't want that for Dean or Sammy.


Dear NJ Health Insurance Laws,

You are trying to kill me. I'm trying to understand you so that when people ask me these questions, I know what they're talking about, but you make *no* sense.

No love,



My writing goal for this weekend is to actually finish Jen's b-day story. I keep adding more and more to it, but it's way past time for it to be finished. And if I could accomplish some other stuff, well, that would be lovely too.
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It's Friday! it's Friday! Soon the weekend will be upon me and it's supposed to be lovely outside.

But let's start with the awesomeness that is Supernatural

Spoilers for the episode... )


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 28

1. If Sam and/or Dean have children, do you think they will bring up their children learning how to hunt or give them a "normal" upbringing?

Sam would want to give his kids a normal upbringing like he never got to have, but I think he would make sure they knew how to take care of themselves and that evil was out there once they hit a certain age. While Dean is great with kids, I'm not sure I see him having children. If he did have kids, I'm honestly not sure how he would choose to handle it. Probably with hunts on the weekends out of a certain spot. Because I can't see him not being in his kid's lives or wanting them to have everything they possibly could. It just doesn't fit who he is. At the same time, Dean is a hunter. That's what he does and I can't see him being happy without that ability to save people and fight evil.

2. What do you think about the usage of song titles as episode titles? (Ex: In My Time of Dying, Houses of the Holy) It's fine by me.

3. Of the songs played on the show thus far, which one do you like the least? None of the songs have bothered me and I don't really quantify the music used like that.

4. Assuming Sam and Dean had any sort of "normal" childhood toy, what do you think it was?

Dean had a firetruck that he loved to play with and took with him everywhere.

Sam had a stuffed bear from when he was little and he always needed to have it with him. In fact, he actually still had it until the fire at his apartment.

5. What is one quote you think best describes Sam and Dean each? Quotes from the show? Or just any quote? I'll go with quotes from the show...

For Dean:
Dean Winchester: Ugh, the thought of him driving my car.
Sam Winchester: Oh, come on.
Dean Winchester: It's killing me!
Sam Winchester: Let it go.

Because Dean's car is his home. it's *his*. It's part of his identity and he can't stand the idea of someone else claiming it. So perfectly him.

For Sam:
Sam Winchester: When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.
Dean Winchester: What was he supposed to do?
Sam Winchester: I was *nine* years old. He was supposed to say, "Don't be afraid of the dark"!

This is Sam's whole journey, really, isn't it? He goes from just wanting to be normal, turning his back on the hunt, to being pulled back in out of vengeance, to slowly realizing that what they do has a purpose and saves lives.

For the Sam & Dean relationship: (I added this one myself)
Sam: Dean, what I said about Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.
Dean: Hey, no chick-flick moments.
Sam: Alright. Jerk.
Dean: Bitch.

God, I love them.
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To warn y'all, I may end up spamming today. I'm bored AND my memory is completely shoddy today. So I'll probably end up forgetting things I meant to post and have to make an extra post. It's just going to be one of those days. Also, I actually have some recs to post at [ profile] polyfandomrecs, mostly Supernatural ones. This way Steph doesn't have to plan my death.

But let's get right to the important things. Thursday night television, starting with my Winchester boys!

My thoughts on last night's episode...spoilers ahoy! )

Ugly Betty also continues to make me smile and love characters more than I expected.

Spoilers for last night's episode... )


Just a reminder that Sweet Charity bidding wraps up tomorrow. So you still have time to place some bids on your favorite fannish people. There is so much good stuff to choose from. At least check it out.
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Happy Friday!

I am having so much fun over at Sweet Charity making bids on people's talents. Alas, I'm pretty poor so I'm not going to be able to do a lot, but it's still fun. And remember everyone: you have until March 24th to get any bids in if you're interested.


So let's cut right to what's important. Supernatural was new last night and I loved it as always!

My review with Spoilers through the episode... )

And then there was new Ugly Betty

I love this show a whole lot... )


It was so lovely here in the middle of the week and now they're calling for sleet and snow starting this afternoon into tomorrow. Such a fun weekend. So i'll probably end up not going to NYC to see the boy and just laze about, writing, reading and watching movies. I really need to do some writing that's more than just scribbled notes in one of my numerous notebooks. So many ideas, so little time. Okay, it's more like: so many ideas, so little energy.


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