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[ profile] yuletide is open for nominations. I pondered long and hard on my nominations and came up with the following: Samantha Who, Privileged (I want Megan/Charlie fic, my friends), Road to Avonlea, The Outsiders, Blade movies, and Thunderbirds. I was going to nominate The Class, but I'm hoping someone else will take care of that. I mean, there should always be the option of writing Ethan/Kat.


Have not watched Heroes from last night yet, but I did see Chuck. Spoilers... )

I think there is a new episode of Fringe on tonight. I quite enjoy this show. I don't think it's brilliant, but it's definitely entertaining (when it's not grossing me out). And it has the added bonus of characters I like, especially one played by Josh Jackson. It's Pacey all grown up with scruff and a genius IQ.


For those that missed it, I highly recommend checking out the Treasure Hunt Booty from [ profile] win_non_con. Miss Piggy's past relationship with Dean Winchester is a personal favorite.
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-[ profile] win_non_con is this upcoming weekend and I've posted the tentative itinerary

-Sign-ups are open for the second Sports Night Holiday Exchange. Go sign up and then get some of your SN friends to sign up too.

-[ profile] oldschoolfic is also running a holiday exchange and you can sign up until October 26th. If you're not sure what qualifies as an old school fandom, check out the community and some of the past rounds.
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Friday is here! Weekend is almost upon me! And I have no real plans aside from continuing with unpacking and doing some reading/writing.


I can't believe it's almost October. In two weeks it's birthday weekend for Mylia and I get to hang out with some of my favorite people. Then the following weekend is [ profile] winchestercon. Alas, I can still only make it for Saturday, but I would love to meet some of you for lunch and/or dinner! I really wanted to do the whole shebang, but this owning a house thing ate up alot of my money and I can't really afford a hotel in Baltimore, no matter how much I want to. Stupid mortgage and growing up!

But yes, dear friends list, those going to [ profile] winchestercon, let me know if we can meet up! I love you guys and want to hang!

Also, [ profile] pheebs1 and [ profile] ladybug218 are helping me with [ profile] win_non_con this year, but if any of you aren't going to the actual con and can help with the online version, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm hoping this weekend to get together the itinerary.


And on the topic of Supernatural...let's talk last night's episode.

There will be are warned... )

Note: As long as you don't share spoilers with me (beyond the preview that's aired), I'm up for any discussions. I tend to squee, but I have no problems if people have issues so long as we all play nice.


I finally watched the summer finale of Burn Notice. All I will say is thank GOD it's coming back in January! And I love Michael! And I love Sam! And I love Fi! And I love Michael and Fi! And...such a good show.


Yesterday I asked for first lines and I would write ficlets. It's not too late to play, so long as I know the fandom. I'm not doing them in any order. Mostly going with whatever strikes my muse. I really need to do some writing.


Finally, will the debate happen tonight? I was all excited it for it before McCain started pulling this stuff. I want my nerdy goodness, dammit.
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Four days until [ profile] winchestercon and my trip to Los Angeles. I'm very excited and slightly nervous as I've never been to something like this before. And after the con is over, I'm hanging with my second family until Thursday doing fun, touristy stuff. Except for Tuesday when I have nothing planned - so if anyone is in the LA area and wants to hang on Tuesday, let me know. Otherwise, I'll probably just laze about.

Also, if you can't attend wincon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con, Not Quite Winchestercon! It was a lot of fun last year and I'm sure it will rock just as much this time around.


I'm slowly going through the beginning of fall television and trying to figure out what I want to watch. And I'm very excited because tonight is new Chuck and Heroes. I can definitely say that Chuck is my new favorite show of the season. I love everything about it and always want more.

But let's talk returning television like Friday Night Lights

It's back and I still love it a whole lot... )

If you're not watching this show, I *highly* recommend you check out season one. it's only 19.99 and has that guarantee and you will get sucked in. It's just so great. Neither me or my sister are even fans of football, but we both adore this show.

Ugly Betty this week was cute. Some spoilers... )

I started the pilot of Moonlight, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't know if it was the mood I was in on Saturday when I went to watch it or just the sight of JD in suspenders that just ruined it. I'll try to go back to it later, but for now, I'm going to keep choosing Friday Night Lights, which I know is made of awesome.

New Shows I'm Watching: Chuck, Reaper, Dirty, Sexy, Money, Private Practice, and Pushing Daisies

If I'm bored: Journeymen, Life

Returning Shows: Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, NCIS, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters, Prison Break

I've given up on Smallville and I'm so far behind on Stargate Atlantis at this point, I just don't really care. Same goes for Lost, but since that's not back until January, I might have time to catch up if I want. I'm pretty torn on Bionic Woman. It's crap, but Katee Sackhoff is awesome has Sarah.


Some Pimpage:

-[ profile] reel_heroes - Heroes fanfiction based around movies. Isn't open yet, but will be coming soon.

-[ profile] spn_woohoo - A supernatural squee sanctuary! Go there and share the squee of episodes!

-[ profile] winter_deaddrop - Burn Notice Secret Santa

-[ profile] sn_holidays - Sports Night Holiday Exchange!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quarterturn!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling!



Based on the poll I did last week, there was interest in a Sports Night Holiday Exchange. So sign-ups begin today over at [ profile] sn_holidays! Please pimp this out to your Sports Night pals! And let me know of any questions, concerns, etc. The due dates and what would be offered were based on the poll majority.

[ profile] sn_holidays



Work is crazy. I hate when work is crazy. Busy is fine, but crazy is stressful.



Had weird dreams last night where I was the lead in the musical version of the Colbert Report. And Stephen and I were doing this huge dance number about republicans. Just very, very bizarre.



[ profile] winchestercon is less than two weeks away! I get to hang out with really cool people I want to meet, especially [ profile] iamtheenemy! There is no one I would rather share my first con experience with than Steph and my lovely SPN Fandom Peeps!

But, for those who cannot make [ profile] winchestercon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con. [ profile] deirdre_c was a great help with it last year and this year, she is taking over! It's sure to be good times, so be sure to check that community out!
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My huge work project is done and went off really well. I'm hoping this means I will be able to get back to the fun of fandom. I have so much writing, reading, and reccing to do and I miss it. I just haven't had the energy after a day at work for awhile. Plus, I can't seem to shake this stupid sinus infection.


I want everyone who sees this to rec me your favorite schmoop fics. I don't care what the fandom or pairing is. Share with me your happy schmoop fic reads. After all, schmoop makes the world go 'round.


Not Quite Winchestercon ([ profile] win_non_con) will be taking place again this year for those of you who can't attend the real one in Los Angeles. This year [ profile] iamtheenemy and I are staking out the real deal, so we've passed the project onto two of our trusty partners in crime from last year, [ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] tvm. So be sure to keep an eye out on that community if you can't attend the con. It was so much fun last year!


My boss was awesome this morning. I work for a non-profit that's geared toward the environment and he said that he wanted us all to take an hour today during the workday to spend it outside so we remember why we do what we do. And it was lovely. Really, as much as I complain sometimes, this is why I stay at my job.
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So it's almost official. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I are going to [ profile] winchestercon this year in Los Angeles. My second family lives out there and they've been bugging me to get back out there, so I'll be staying a few extra days. Lotsa fun.

Anyway, with that in mind, [ profile] win_non_con won't be run by Steph and I this year. So first...[ profile] deirdre_c and [ profile] tvm as the other mods, if you want to take it over this coming year, that's cool. If not, I'll be looking for some people to take it over. You're free to use the itinerary that we created last year and/or to make it all your own (though seriously, I do suggest the scavenger hunt because the results were HYSTERICAL!)

So yes, let me know.


I am currently dying of the plague. Or evil sinuses and stomach issues. Fun times. And my sister used all my sinus meds except TWO pills. Nice of her.

Not much else. I slept half the day away and watched season two of Supernatural with the other half. And now I have this sam/dean idea of angst that wants to be written.
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I had been hoping to go through [ profile] win_non_con this morning and close up the chats and stuff (they'll remain open for posterity but I was going to at least freeze the conversations), but of course, today we have no Internet in the office until about 2pm.

It's very sad how crazy I go in the office without Internet. Mostly because part of my job requires using it and because when I'm caught up on work I like to be able to peruse the friends list.

Anyway, I'm really proud of how well [ profile] win_non_con went and so thankful for all the help in running it and wonderful people that took part in activities. It was loads of fun. Next best thing to being in Nashville with y'all that went. (Though really, did you guys in Nashville get to read about how Sam & Dean accidentally killed Fozzie Bear? I think not.)

So the treasure hunt booty will get opened up to the other attendees (and non-attendees if they want to enjoy the briliance and hilarity) and then on the website for the con once that's done.

But really people, we must stop me from having brilliant ideas ever again. They're hard work and I like being lazy.


So I got caught up on Vanished at points throughout the weekend...

And I really wish I hadn' NOT read if you don't want the HUGEST of Spoilers from last Monday's episode! )

Why I love Studio 60 so much - last week's episode... )

That's about all I had a chance to catch up on this weekend due to the fun at Not Quite Winchestercon. So I'm a week behind on Heroes and Ugly Betty. I'm already way behind on Prison Break and don't even get me started about Lost (I'm still somewhere in Season two...)

So much television, so little time.


Okay guys, this morning I actually started working on alphabet drabbles and the five things meme once again. So results will be coming still. I have not forgotten, but rather take a year to get things done. Woo-hoo. Needless to say, my drabbles run at about four pages a piece (which really, is also why they take a year to complete), so be prepared.

And now I'm off to catch up on friends list, ponder what to write for my [ profile] bubbleficathon piece, and make my [ profile] yuletide requests before I forget.

Ciao amigos!
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Hey guys! My meds have me all screwed up (as does evil congestion) and it's freezing, yet I can't sleep. I'm *never* up this late and online. I feel so strange and I think I have Steph confused. Hee.

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to watch Real Time with Bill Mahr (ben affleck is on it!), but I wanted to let you know.

If you're signed up for the Treasure Hunt over at [ profile] win_non_con, the Team List and Booty Post is up.

Also, Steph put up the trivia contest as well.

Many other things will be coming tomorrow as well, so be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con. It's been a lot of fun so far.

And now I sleep.
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Oh, it's one of those Fridays that's going to drag on at work. I can feel it. Though I am having fun, now that I am done with evil project of doom for office, with [ profile] win_non_con. Most of the rooms are officially open now, so be sure to check it out and have some fun! And there are still many more wonderful things to come.

On the bright side of the office, our boss, who is always doing these nice things for his staff to show us how much he appreciates us (dude, he is the polar opposite of my boss from many years ago). He bought a freaking PS2 with about 20 games for our lunch room. Last year, he bought us a dvd player and a bunch of movies. Needless to say, I haven't gotten much reading done on my lunch break this week. Instead, I play Mortal Kombat with my co-worker over lunch. Fun times.


Let's talk some television:

How can I not begin with Bloodlust... )

Veronica Mars... )

I haven't seen Heroes, Ugly Betty, or Smallville yet. Hope to get to them this weekend. Also, I'm so pissed off because my DVR didn't record the last Eureka or Project Runway properly. It's just a black screen. DVR maker is so lucky I know how to illegally download things! Bastards.


Am still pondering what i want for [ profile] yuletide. A few of the things I was considering have already been nominated by [ profile] iamtheenemy, proving once again why she is my cyber daughter. The only two I'm definitely sure of are road to avonlea and earth 2. That's four more slots to consider. Hhhmmm...


SPN FRIDAY FIVE [ profile] spn_fridayfive:

a new community dedicated to five questions about SPN! )


Alrighty, I'm off.

Ciao. Be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con!
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So [ profile] win_non_con is underway with the East Coast chat on Bloodlust and the meet 'n greet post. Come by and chat with other SPN fans! Fun times are ahead.

Also, [ profile] iamtheenemy posted some Sam/Dean evil drunk fic that makes me smile. Good stuff.

And SPN rocked so much. God I love those boys. I want fic, people. Get on that for me! Coherent thoughts will come when I get a chance to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch some more.

Alrighty, heading back over to [ profile] win_non_con to have fun until I have to go to bed for stupid work.
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Hey everyone! Still battling evil illness, but have succumbed to the results of my last poll and will be participating in Nanowrimo this year. I'll be filtering all Nanowrimo blatherings, so if you didn't fill out that poll and still want in on the filter, just leave a comment below (also notate if you only want to be included if I go the original route or fanfiction route or if it doesn't matter...).

I haven't decided what I'll be writing yet, but I still have some time. I'm not really a girl who does well with outlines, they tend to really thwart me in the first draft.

Oh, and if you're doing Nano and want to be one of my Nano friends, leave your username and I'll add you. I'm tommygirl (anyone surprised?).


Reminder! [ profile] win_non_con starts tomorrow night at 7pm EST with the meet 'n greet and then there will be episode chats for both east and west coast showings. Then the online con will *officially* begin on Friday morning. So if you're one of us unlucky bastards not going to [ profile] winchestercon, make sure to friend [ profile] win_non_con.

Sign-Ups are Underway for:

Missing Scenes Challenge - scenes will be due by 11am EST.

Treasure Hunt sign-ups are underway...and the treausre hunt will run from Saturday morning until Sunday morning.


Not much else to report. Still behind on all things fandom, including television shows. I enjoyed the first two episodes of Heroes, but still haven't seen this weeks. I'm strangely addicted to Brothers and Sisters. And then there are my returning shows that own my soul - supernatural, vm, smallville. Too much television to watch and too little time in the day.

I really would like my illness to go away, but it hasn't. The doctor called in a new script for me today so fingers crossed that it destroys this damn icky thing!

I've been pondering what to request for [ profile] yuletide for this year, especially with the new rules that will be going into place. I mean, I never tire of Road to Avonlea or Earth 2 fic as they are so damn hard to come by...and it will be interesting to see what still fits as an obscure fandom (SPN won't make that cut this year. hee). Also pondering if I'll sign-up for any other holiday exchanges. Probably just the SPN one.


And what's a day without some pimpage:

The Supernatural Picture Prompt Challenge - Supernatural - sign-ups until October 15th

Supernatural Holiday Exchange - sign-ups until October 22nd

SGA Secret Santa - Stargate Atlantis - sign-ups until October 25th

Multifandom Intoxication Fic Challenge prompts are up for claiming. Write me some drunk fic, people!

-Don't forget to Boo Someone between now and Halloween!


Alrighty my friends. Let's pretend I have stuff to do.
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So Nanowrimo time is fast approaching. I took last year off because the year before I failed terribly, but I'm considering giving it a go again this year. Lordy knows I need to get some discipline back.

So what do you guys think?

[Poll #838865]


Doctor's diagnosis? Acute bronchitis.

I had a feeling it was that since it was the same exact symptoms and sudden sickness appearing as back in May when I last had it.

The bright side? I got to come home from work after doctor's appointment and sleep and get caught up on Jericho. I also watched the Project Runway reunion show. spoilers for the reunion show )


Alrighty, my head is starting to hurt again, so I best go lie back down. But before I leave you for the night, just a reminder that Not Quite Winchestercon ([ profile] win_non_con) is next weekend! If you can't make it to Nashville for the actual con, but want to participate in some SPN squee deluxe, be sure to friend the community! Much fun is planned!

Night darlings!
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[ profile] win_non_con

We are now *officially* pimping the community for Not Quite Winchestercon! You won't be able to join the community (we've decided it best to keep it closed and have parties in the comments and such), but you can friend away. I promise no spamming of the friends list!

Some important links:

Tentative Itinerary for Not Quite Winchestercon

The Missing Scene Challenge - Were there any scenes from the episodes of Season One that you *wanted* to see, but didn't get? Sign up to write it for the Missing Scenes Challenge, stories to be revealed at the con. 500-1500 words by next Friday morning! (Note: This challenge is open to EVERYONE, whether you're attending [ profile] winchestercon or not participating in any con! The more missing scenes, the better!)

Feel free to pimp this out. It will only be fun if people participate!

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Mwahahahaha...the project 'o doom is done and in the hands of my betas. I feel really bad for cutting it so close for them (I want to post the thing Thursday morning for everyone to enjoy on premiere day!), but really, those last two scenes would not come out.

Again, Tommygirl is never allowed to have a *brilliant* idea again.

Well, after this one...

The community name is a joke, my friends. We're dirty organizer types and laughed about it. It's not for non-con.

So yes, save the date, people. We're still working out exactly when the community will open for membership and such, but it's a coming rather quickly.


Not much else to report. Actually was expected to do work at my office today (how rude!) and then I finished project 'o doom. So yeah, all the wonderful fic and such will have to wait until tomorrow for me. As I am dead on my feet. And I want to watch Heroes and Studio 60 and then dream about really pretty boys making out for me.


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If you haven't posted any prompts over at [ profile] drunk_fic, what are you waiting for? It looks like the Smallville fandom has not been represented. There are some SPN prompts...there are even Psych prompts. But where are Clark and Chloe getting drunk and telling Lana to stop being so damn annoying? Even better where is the Lana gets drunk and reams herself for being so annoying?

Go and make forth with the prompts. It's open to all fandoms!


This weekend went way too fast. I did some of the numerous boring house type errands and moving of boxes and such. Bah. Read a little bit of fanfiction, but nowhere near enough.

That's really about it. How sad is that? My weekend was owned by chores, people. I hate when that happens. Because now it's Sunday night and work is looming in less than twelve hours and ew.



So for those of us who can't make it to the actual [ profile] winchestercon, there is no need to feel left out. Many fun activities are being planned.

And again, if you have any ideas for how to make it a whole lot more fun, just email me or comment here.


Alrighty, off to pretend that my weekend isn't already over. On the brightside, in four more days we'll be smack in the middle of the premiere of Supernatural (well, for us east coast folks). Woo-hoo.

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My goal for this evening to finish the damn story 'o doom (it's so very close, if I could stop my wordiness!) and then send that off to my betas. I know they've been anticipating this monstrosity of a project. They've both been warned to stop me from anymore "brilliant ideas."

In the meantime, if you love the X-Men movies and the fic, make sure to stop by [ profile] xmmficathon today, as all the stories for the lastest ficathon are going up. Every pairing/character imaginable. I've only had a chance to read the story for me, but I beta'd a few of them and they were all good. So yay. Go enjoy new X-Men fic!


To those that aren't going to Nashville for [ profile] winchestercon, the plans are underway for an online con for that same weekend. I would love any ideas/challenges/things you'd like to see for that weekend. Just leave a comment or email me. I've got six very amazing co-organizers and we're hard at work on ideas and such...but any input would be lovely.

Also, a better save-the-date thing will appear soon, but be prepared to have some fun from October 13th-15th. We can't let all the con-goers have the good times, right?


Pimpage Time:

-The 'Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever' Challenge - stories are due on October 21st. Even if you're not going to write, [ profile] sarkastic wants more prompts.

-The Psych Crackfic Round Robin has sign-ups to participate until September 26th

-The Multifandom Intoxication Fic Challenge is taking prompts until October 2nd. Here's your chance to get any character you love drunk off his/hers ass. Much, much fun. So go put in some prompts!

-The Multifandom Porn Battle - it's not too late to participate. The challenge is open until midnight on September 24th! Even if you can't write for it, be sure to check out the stories coming out of it.

-[ profile] spn_gleeweek is still underway as is [ profile] summercon. Both are filled with wonderful, wonderful challenges and ways to interact/squee with others in fandom.

-Also underway is Project Smallville: The Countdown (This link is to the welcome post, but there are other activities going on to check out as well.)


Not too much longer until the premiere of Supernatural. I cannot wait. I want new episodes right this very second. I want Sam and Dean and John...and they must all live dammit. Plus, I really want Sam and Dean to hug. Just once. Is that asking too much?

Alrighty, off to finish story 'o doom and then as a reward, I will be reading all the [ profile] xmmficathon stories.

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FYI: those who volunteered to help with the organizing/planning of Not Quite Winchestercon, be on the look out for an email. Thanks for offering to help and hopefully we'll all be able to come up with wonderful ideas that will make the rest of us poor souls less sad that we're not in Nashville with the others.

Okay off to watch the finale of SPN again. My sister points out that I own the dvds, but like that matters. She just doesn't get my undying devotion to Dean Winchester (and okay, Sam too because that towel scene and his puppy dog face and...)

Night y'all!

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