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Except for Friday Night Lights and this week's Dirty, Sexy, Money, I am caught up on my television viewing! I really do watch too much television, but the pretty things lure me in and then if it's enjoyable I stick around.

Ugly Betty - the last two episodes...spoilers for both... )

Let's get to Supernatural and how much I always love and adore this show. And why, no matter what other shows out there start to worm their ways into my heart, Dean & Sam Winchester always own it.

Spoilers for last night's episode...and squee... )

Aside from that, I got caught up on Brothers & Sisters. Who knew that Joe was such a complete dick? He talks about stability when *he* was the one who cheated, he was the one who left, and he was the one who wanted a divorce because he was dating his ex-wife. It sounds to me like *he* is the problem, but because Sarah works he can make a case otherwise. I never liked his character and this just makes me hate him more. And the whole idea that a woman who works can't be a "stable" parent bugs the hell out of me.

Justin and Kevin both continue to be adorable. Tommy is worrying me. And I love how gossipy the Walkers are!


The Supernatural Five - I haven't done it in a while, but let's give it a go...spoilers for season three )
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Is it possible to hire Sam and Dean to rock salt this sinus infection back to hell? Because it's pissing me off.


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 45

1.) If Sam and Dean ever fell for the same girl, how do you think they would handle the issue?

Well, they would share because they also love each other. Duh. (Please see [ profile] vinylroad's stories for proof. heh)

2.) Have you ever felt really proud or ashamed of any of the main characters at any point during the series? If so, when and why?

I've never felt ashamed of the main characters so much as wanted to shake them and hug them and oh Dean because that boy just does not get it sometimes.

3.) In "Croatoan" we discover Dean has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. Where do you think Sam has secretly always wanted to visit?

Sam wants to go to Europe and take in all the history and go to every museum and sight and read books while he does it all.

4.) We see that Dean's personality is much darker in season two than it was in season one. Do you prefer the season one or season two Dean?

I love them both. Because you couldn't have season two Dean without what happened to season one Dean...and season two Dean is basically the same guy who would do anything for his family, he's just lost the passion for the job, but I think when Sam saves him, he'll manage to get it back.

5.) In season one, Sam was completely focused on killing the Yellow-Eyed Demon and getting back to his "normal" life, but in season two it seems he has embraced his "new" hunting life. Which Sam do you prefer?

I think Sam is starting to realize that normal might not be in the cards for him, especially with the feds after them now, but I see him trying to compromise in the future, where he tries to have a bit of stability while still hunting.


So my mother picked me up some movies from Blockbuster, including Premonition. It was just weird and dumb. Not a goob combination. I can handle weird if the payoff in the end is good stuff that's done cleverly...but this was just bad.

It did, however, feature Julian nekkid in a shower, so it wasn't *all* bad. And really, he was the only reason I was watching the movie. I mean, I stuck with some crap Charmed episodes at time just for my Cole fix.

Tonight I shall attempt to watch Disturbia or I may continue watching Life on Mars. It's good stuff. I had tried the first episode after it first aired, but for some reason, I didn't really get into it, but after [ profile] larah33 raved about it, I decided to give it a second go...and so far, so good.

And like everything else, I envision Dean Winchester ending up in some weird place where he goes back in time. Why do I relate everything to this boy? Why does he have such a hold on me? It's not *healthy* (or so I'm told).
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Supernatural Friday Five - Week 44

1.) What kinds of clubs/school organizations was Sam in while he was still in college? Was he a frat boy? Yes? No? You tell us!

Sam didn't join a whole lot of organizations because he couldn't give the time to it, but he really wanted to be a part of the school newspaper and yearbook. And Sammy just does not seem the frat boy type to me. He's more nerdy.

2.) If Sam and Dean had LiveJournals and if they ever got banned, what would they each have done/written in their journals (or a community) to get banned? Those boys are quite the trouble-makers!

Sam for arguing politics and someone decided to report him because they didn't agree with him.

Dean because of the porn. Anyone surprised?

3.) Yesterday, August 8th, was Happiness Happens Day. Besides each other (so in your answer Sam can't be happy about anything Dean-related and Dean can't be happy about anything Sam-related), name one thing you believe Sam and Dean (respectively) are happy about in their lives.

That the Yellow-Eyed Demon is dead. They're both pretty damn happy about that.

4.) How do you think Sam and Dean treated their babysitters? Do you think they pulled pranks? Or were they little angels?

I'm pretty sure Dean was Sam's babysitter and Sam had Dean completely wrapped around his finger. I could see Dean, if John even tried to get them a babysitter, causing such a ruckus about it. Prior to the demon and Mary dying, I'm betting Dean enjoyed hanging out with his babysitter because she let him stay up late.

5.) If Dean had psychic abilities instead of Sam, what do you think his power would be?

I think Dean would be telekinetic. And he would have fun torturing Sam and people who annoyed him with his ability.
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Argh. Long day at work, compounded by heat, exhaustion and sinus pain, only to return home to no electricity once again. Seriously starting to get annoyed. I'm a huge ass baby who loves air conditioning and hates the heat. I don't care that for years and years people survived without it. I hate heat, especially when it's chock-full of humidity.

Also signed in to see that livejournal is at it again with deletions. I'm of the belief that they do have the right to delete whatever they don't want associated with their site, but it would be nice if they clarified exactly what that is. Yes, they have the right not to provide a certain service, but then a consumer has the right to then decide that livejournal isn't the right product for them. And this is why I didn't buy the permanent account...because LJ has been so ambiguous and why would I fork out all that money if it decides it's not about its fannish side.

And what's with this new flagging system they've set up? What is this? The McCarthy era?


On a brighter side, Carly emailed me and Steph with this information. Lance and a memoir! Oh, this is awesome! I cannot wait! I want the dish, Lance. I love you, Lance. Tell me how you made out with JC all the damn time! Tell me about the porn Joey forced you to watch on the tour bus. Tell me how Justin asked you to make out with him just to make sure he wasn't gay. Tell me it all!

I'm so sending a copy of this book with my notes to [ profile] vinylroad when I'm done. We can see how close her fics were to accurate. Hee-hee. (I know most of mine are off - I made him straight. BWAH.)


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 43

1 Do you think Sam and Dean ever ran away/contemplated running away when they were younger? If so, do you think they would have run away together, or separately? Where would they have gone?

I'm sure Dean contemplated it at some point, but he would never act on it. His family, specifically Sam, needed him and that would've kept him. Plus, I honestly think Dean and John had a good relationship, so in Dean's mind there was no real reason to contemplate it aside from the normal angst of being a teenager. Now Sam...I could see him when he's little packing a bag and then Dean catching him and Dean totally getting him to stay. Because when he was young, Sam's whole world was made up of Dean and he didn't want to lose that even if he was mad at his dad.

2 What can you imagine Dean and Sam watching on TV when they were younger?

Sports, cartoons, and Dean loves ABC soaps, but no one is supposed to know that.

3 Imagine you're on holiday in Vancouver, and as you're wandering around Downtown, you look up to see Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talking and walking towards you. What do you do?

Spontaneously combust! Duck into an alley as not to be seen with the drool on my chin! I don't know. Seriously, I'm not one for invading someone's space, celebrity or not, when they're just out and about. So I'd definitely look and swoon, but I doubt I'd approach them.

4 Do you think John ever gave Dean and Sam the "sex talk"? Or do you think Dean tried to be a smart-ass and explain it to his brother in his own words (while laughing in his head)?

I think Dean got a to-the-point sex talk, one that probably focused more on the being safe side rather than "sex is about love" stuff. And then Dean is probably the one that Sam went to with questions after he read everything in various books. I just can't see Sam wanting to have that conversation with his dad. As it is, I picture Sam's face getting bright red when he's asking Dean questions and dean's snickering...

5 Would you rather have an hour's time for lunch with Jared or Jensen (one of them only!) or spend an hour on the set with both boys and the crew members (although keep in mind that their attention would be divided between you and their job)?

I'd rather have an hour on the set. I love so much about this show - it would be interesting to see how it all comes together. And really, I want to one day create movies and television shows, so it would be a good experience.


Okay, I'm going to attempt to catch up on the friends list until I end up stabbing my eye out with a spork - stupid headache.
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Friday and the weekend are upon me...only have to survive another three and a half hours at work. I'm hoping to dedicate a lot of my free time this weekend to writing. Both my multiverse and apolocalyptothon pieces need to be finished. I really want the neverending Winchester Meets Halliwell story to come to and end in this lifetime. And I still owe people birthday ficlets and a bunch of other small things. It's all written down on my list that seems to just get longer and longer.

So yes, if you see me on AIM doing nothing, smack me around a few times. So much writing to do.

I'm hoping that once I get caught up on the writing, I can then take some time to just read fanfiction for a week or so. I'm so behind on my reading, which means I have nothing to rec either. And that means eventually <[ profile] iamtheenemy is going to kill me because I've been ignoring [ profile] polyfandomrecs. It's just a vicious fannish circle.


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 42

1. If there was a Supernatural video game released, how would you like it to be done? For example, any certain weapons that you would like to use? Would you play Dean or Sam?

I want a shot gun full of rock salt. I would want to be able to play as both Sam and Dean throughout the whole thing and then as you win, it unlocks characters like Bobby or Gordon. But it must be by Kripke to make sure that we get Jensen and Jared for the voices. That would just bug the crap out of me otherwise.

2. If Dean and Sam started a band, what would they call it? Who else do you think would be members (if anyone)?

Dean and Sam in the *same* band? They have such different tastes in music...unless they did some weird fusion thing. They called be called "The Young and Deadly" and Dean would be lead singer/guitar player and Sam would be on drums.

3. Imagine the situation: Dean drags Sam to a tattoo parlour. What kind of tattoos would they get?

Matching protective charms, probably ones that allow them to claim one another.

4. How do you imagine parent-teacher conferences with John Winchester went when Sam and Dean were in school?

I think they actually went really well. Mostly because I don't think Dean was a bad kid to avoid drawing attention to himself...and Sam was so bright and intelligent that teachers loved him.

5. Dean and Sam had busy childhoods, with hunting and training on top of schooling, but what kind of clubs/after-school activities other than those can you see them doing in their high school years?

I don't think they had time for that stuff and I doubt John let them continue with those things. I don't know if its the fannish hive brain, but I do think of Dean as an athlete, playing football and baseball and being pretty good at them. I see Sam as more the student government/yearbook sort.
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I saw the new Harry Potter movie today. Highly enjoyable. May discuss more later, but for now, I just enjoyed it.


Supernatural Friday Five - the last two weeks... )


Some questions from the awesome [ profile] vinylroad:

1. If you were to have a child (haha! I'm not saying you're GOING to, but if you did!), what would you name him/her and why? Give a name or two for both sexes.

So the boy and I have had these conversations from time to time, which usually end with my saying something like, "If I have to have the thing, I think I get the right to name it whatever the hell I want" and him using words like "irrational" and "maybe we shouldn't talk kids until you stop referring to them as things" - that said, I love the name Nicholas. If I had a girl, it would be Emma or Alexis.

2. When was the first time you fell in love? What happened? Are you in love now?

Real love was probably not until college. We met at a mock United Nations competition at Yale. Looking back, we were completely wrong for each other, but his West Point Uniform tended to make me forget that. It did not end well though. We were going in different directions with our lives and as the boy now likes to say, he was a complete lunatic.

In love now? sureyeahuh-huh except when he says i'm irrational or he's snoring really loud

3. What is your favourite book/movie/song and why?

The Outsiders and Pride & Prejudice are my favorite books of all time. I read them both for the first time when I was young and they just showed me all the things that a writer could be capable of getting across with a bunch of words. And I'm pretty sure SE Hinton is responsible for my brother kink though I probably didn't realize it at 10.

Movie will always be Say Anything. It's just wonderful, even if it broke me for most real boys.

Song is "Wonderful World" - I have about ten different covers of that song and I love it. It's just a beautiful song.

4. If you were President of the United States, what would you do FIRST?

After I had a good cry because something went horribly awry? I've never wanted to be president. I was always the little kid who wanted to be a Supreme Court justice because they had the real power. First thing I would do is work on getting everyone some sort of health care.

5. What is the one thing you regret the most? If you had the chance, would you go back and change it?

I'm never really good with these things. There are things I regret, but at the same time, they were all learning experiences that made me who I am today. But yeah, I've hurt people with some nasty words and I do regret that.


My sinus headache has still NOT gone away. I wanted to write tonight, but I'm not really a "push past the pain" sort of girl. Instead I might re-read some of my favorite sam/dean stories.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
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I've been terrible with birthdays lately and I truly apologize. I'm trying to work on it, but I tend to fail at dates a whole lot (even when they're right in front of me) if I've missed your birthday recently, I apologize. I hope it was fabulous in every way!


I know I've mentioned it before, but I simply LOVE when writers/friends I adore come to the Supernatural fandom. And we have a recent convert. She's been out of fandom for awhile, but Jess & Supernatural has lured her back in with a new journal and some fic. So go check out [ profile] vinylroad. She has two SPN stories posted (Jess/Sam & Dean/Jess, Sam/Jess) and they're both great.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive)- Week 38

1.) Pretend for a moment this isn't completely unimaginable. Pretend Dean doesn't exist. If this were the case, which real or fictional person/character would be the perfect person to fill Dean's role in Sam's life? How about the other way around: Who would be the perfect person/character to fill Sam's role in Dean's life?

So in this world everything that happened, still occurs except that there is no Dean or no Sam? I honestly don't know that I would like that world because the thing I love most about Supernatural is Dean & Sam's relationship. That Dean was always there to protect Sam and to take on the brunt of the duty with his father. Sam would be a much different person without a Dean who took care of him and I'm not sure who he would've had to latch onto given their lives.

And without Sam there is no story really. He was the reason the demon came into their without that, they probably would've lived a somewhat normal life.

2.) Quote from "The Benders": "Sam? Two beers and he's doing karaoke." What song do you think Sam was singing?

Barry Manilow. Tons of Barry Manilow.

3.) Before the Yellow-Eyed Demon killed Jess, do you think there was any conversation exchanged? If so, what? Or do you think it was a slice-and-dice, stick-her-to-the-ceiling, apply-demonic-gasoline, timer-set ceiling fire quickie?

There was probably some conversation, some taunting, some "you really don't know your wonderful Sam" type things from YED. That was his style.

4.) Describe the day/night before Sam left for college. Include any details you'd like, including, but not limited to, convos between Sam and Dean, behavior between Sam and John, etc.

I'm guessing Sam was nervous and constantly waiting for the "right moment" to bring it up. I think he really wanted to tell Dean, but didn't want to hurt him whereas he wanted to put off explaining it to John for as long as possible.

5.) In one of the first shots in the pilot, we see Sam has a picture of John and Mary in his dorm room. Sam and Dean have a pretty interesting relationship. Assuming Sam took something with him to remember Dean, what was it and what is its significance?

I bet he had a picture of him and Dean in his wallet. And sometimes he would put on a Metallica cd and just listen to it. And there were the many times he just called Dean's cellphone to hear his brother's voice, but never left a message or said anything.
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The Bad: I have to work tomorrow. Stupid project that is still not finished. I mean, I get to listen to music and don't have to worry about any other distractions, so that's fine, but it's still me working on a Saturday. I was supposed to be finished with this portion of my life.

The Good: The new White Stripes album, Icky Thump, is awesome stuff. My co-worker wsa so cute today. She was very serious as she grabbed my arm and said, "And did you know they're not really brother & sister?" It broke my heart to tell her that news was so two years ago.

The Great: Who else on my friends list is watching The Flight of the Conchords? It was on after Entourage on Sunday night and oh my god, it's hysterical. I think I have a new favorite show. I'll do my moves...I'll do my *dance* moves... and C'mon sucker, lick my battery. It's a show that's mixed with music and it's just the MADDEST COMEDY. I can't wait for the new episode on Sunday. My sister and I may have watched the first episode a few times, but I have no one else to discuss it with except for her. So seriously, check it out if you haven't yet.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 37

1.) What do you think Sam would do if Dean died right now?

Completely lose his shit? After that, I don't know. It's always been pretty clear how much Dean needs Sam, but Sam really needs Dean too. That's his family, probably the one constant he has always had in his life. And I'm not sure I want to see a Sammy who loses that.

2.) Of the supernatural creatures we've seen on the show thus far, which one would you not mind having as a pet?

Dude, I loved the trickster! He was made of awesome! Slow-dancing aliens!

3.) Mulder and Scully (from The X-Files) and Dean and Sam are two pretty awesome pairs. But if we split them up and it was Mulder and Sam and Dean and Scully, which pair do you think would kick more ass?

Dean and Scully. Sure, Dean's my favorite and Scully is a kick-ass female, so I might be biased, but that's my answer.

4.) What hopes (besides him/her staying alive) do you have for your favorite minor character in the upcoming season?

I want to see Bobby kick some major ass. And I would love some more moments between him and Dean because that's made of awesome.

5.) What sorts of car games (and other such games) do you think Sam and Dean (and even John) played to pass the time getting to and from hunts?

Punch buggy, the states game, and why do I just picture little annoying Sam always forcing Dean and John to listen to his "100 bottles of beer on the wall?"


I can't decide if I want to read some fic, read my book, or watch some television before bed. This week has been made of crappy sleeping and I hate just lying there willing sleep upon myself.
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My schmoop piece for [ profile] spn_heraea comes in at ten pages prior to notes from my beta. It got a little away from me. I had this idea I had worked out with Steph, but then suddenly, there was a whole damn back story and I couldn't stop it. And, worse yet? I think there could possibly be other stories to come out of this piece as this is more of a broad stroke at it.

Do I need a freaking series of Sam/Dean stories to write? Not really. I've already got a writing list out the wazoo because I have problems.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 36

1. If Dean and Sam were let loose in a mall with $1000 each, which stores do you think they would hit and what do you think they would buy?

I think Sam would be practical for the most part with his money. He would probably treat himself to a few things, maybe a new IPod and some of his favorite emo music, but I think he would tend to focus on things that they need for survival.

Dean would buy himself some new music and boots and maybe a few nice things for his car (nothing that would let some sales person near his baby though). And he'd probably buy Sam something, but bitch, don't mention it.

2. Do you think Dean and Sam have a favourite article of clothing? If so, which piece of clothing do you think is their favourite?

I don't really think so, mostly because of their line of work, it's probably something they can't get too attached to. They get covered in supernatural slime and blood and dirt...that shit doesn't always wash out.

3. Who would win in a fight: Bobby or Gordon? And why?

Bobby. Mostly because Gordon thinks too much of his own skills and that's his weakness. He doesn't think that anyone can outsmart him. Plus, it's Bobby and he's awesome.

4. Which is your least favourite episode of season two, and why?

I wasn't a huge fan of No Exit, but it's nowhere near as dumb as Route 666 to me from season one.

5. Other than their dad, who do you think were Sam and Dean's childhood heroes?

I'm guessing Dean as Sam's main hero and then it was probably someone who lived a normal life. As for Dean, I'm honestly not sure if anyone matched up to his dad.


I might actually do some more writing this evening. I haven't even begun reading any of the Big Bang stories yet. I'm very excited, but fear getting completely sucked into these stories and just being unable to function at anything else for days on end. That would be a bad thing. Damn the Supernatural fandom and it's amazing writing/artists. I seriously cannot keep up.
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Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 34

1. If Supernatural had to be remembered by one line from the show, which line do you think it should be and why?

"You're my brother, I had to take care of you."

2. What do you think would be Dean's favourite movie? And Sam's?

Sam's favorite movie is American Beauty, Dean loves to watch Killer Klowns From outer Space to torment Sam, but kevin Smith movies are really his favorites because there is a guy that gets it.

3. Explain how you think Sam learned to drive. Who taught him? Did he have trouble? Was he a natural? Was he allowed to learn in the Impala?

John thinks he's the one who taught Sam to drive in order to be ready if he and Dean were both hurt and/or he needed to get away. He wanted his son prepared. Of course, Dean made sure of these things as soon as Sam's feet to could reach the peddle and rather than making it about the mission, he took Sam to buy some candy.

And I picture Sam as asking all these questions about how it works because that's the way his brain is. As for a natural, I don't know.

4. Dean is very stuck in his ways, but everyone eventually makes the transition from cassette tapes to CDs (or at least they add CDs to their cassette tape collection). What kind of CD do you think will finally get Dean to purchase a CD?

The Ultimate Metallica collection.

5. If Dean had to choose one of the two, do you think he would choose sex or rock n' roll?

Dean would find a way around your stupid rule and have BOTH sex and rock and roll. Hee.


Last day for giving prompts for [ profile] schmoopfest! Be sure to bring the schmoop, my friends! All fandoms, all pairings! You can make prompts and not write and this way people get a great mix to choose from!

Tonight I get to see Pirates! I'm very excited. I love Orli so much, but dude, it has Johnny and Jack Davenport and I love the first really, this can only be a good thing for me. And did I mention the Orli? Because I love that boy. So very much.

Headache of doom continues into third day. Someone send Sam and Dean winchester immediately to New Jersey to help me out.
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Happy Friday, my friends. Here in the States it's a long weekend, so our office is closing at 3:30pm!

Last night I watched Orlando Bloom on the Ellen show. He was talking about his love of writing letters and sending postcards and now I want to write a fic where he sends letters to people. And okay, maybe also one where he writes Emmy all these letters that he never sends (which [ profile] iamentheos says I should do). Then I was thinking about Jensen making out with Orlando and how he has a thing for the tall, skinny boys, but Hedda said no to that one.


Speaking of the wonderful Hedda, she is writing me an awesome threesome fic and in return I am her fic SLAVE for a month. My first assignment is Dean/Melody and their son future fic.

A teaser mostly for Hedda... )


So much writing to do. So little time.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 33

1.) Tonight the CW re-aired the season two premiere, "In My Time of Dying". Now that we've seen the season finale and premiere, and as it is obvious both episodes were meant to have a big impact on the characters of the show (and therefore the fans), which episode did you like better and why?

I love In My Time of Dying, but I think the season finale is more of a favorite to me because we've come full circle now. Dean can understand more the reasoning behind John's decision and Is it still a spoiler? ) The finale was cathartic in a sense. Plus, I got a damn hug.

2.) If the fans could vote on one extra Supernatural episode, would you rather have a wee!Winchesters episode (like "Something Wicked" from season one) or an episode twenty years in the Winchesters' future? As always, please explain.

I'd want Wee Winchesters! Mostly because I'm honestly not sure how happily life can turn out for our boys and I don't want to think about it.

3.) Supernatural is very music-oriented, so here's your crack question for the week. Which real band (meaning you can't make one up) would you place Sam and/or Dean in and why?

The winchesters as members of Backstreet Boys or Nsync. I want them in a boyband!

4.) How do you hope the Agent Henricksen storyline will be handled in season three?

I'd like to see it sorta go the route of [ profile] lyra_wing's fics where they slowly end up joining forces with the FBI for those cases that can't be explained with fbi work.

5.) What are your thoughts on the season 2 DVD Cover?

I like it just fine. It has our boys and the Impala. That's really all I need.


Don't forget that [ profile] schmoopfest is underway! It's multifandom! It's any pairing! And it's taking prompts until June 1st! So go take a look! We all love the Schmoop (or we should - hee).
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So I kept meaning to do this all weekend, but got distracted by shinier things like watching the finale of SPN over and over.

But i can't not do the Supernatural Friday Five, so here it is, almost a week late.

The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 32

1.) Now that we're out of fresh Supernatural episodes until September, how will you spend your Supernatural-less summer?

Reading and writing lots of fic, including a new Choose Your Own Adventure because I'm glutton for punishment. Also running Schmoopfest this summer with [ profile] iamtheenemy and either a SPN Crossover or Missing Scenes Challenge.

2.) Who's your favourite Supernatural villain so far, and why?

I loved the YED. He amused me, even if he always taunted my Dean.

3.) Based on what we know from season 2, how do you expect season 3 to play out?

In case people haven't seen the finale yet... )

4.) Jared's spending his summer filming 'The Christmas Cottage' and Jensen is doing a play called 'A Few Good Men'. What other sorts of roles would you like to see the boys portray?

Dude, I would love to see Jensen in a heist/comedy type movie like the Ocean's Eleven/Italian Job types. And Jared in a romantic comedy that doesn't star the Olsen twins.

5.) If you could sit down and have lunch with one Supernatural side-character (anyone other than Sam or Dean), who would it be, and what would you talk about? Mary. Can I find out how she knew the demon? And is she aware of how HOT her sons are and that they totally make out with one another?


SPN Warning: So I consider the finale a spoiler until this coming Friday. That's a week...and then I'm going to use my new icons that people have offered me of a certain scene. It's nothing too spoilerific, but I just wanted to give y'all a head's up.


Back at work today. Amidst catching up on things left on my desk, I'm trying to stay awake and ponder many bunnies 'o doom that have hijacked my brain. I really need to do some serious writing soon on these before my head explodes.

Request of the Day: What is your favorite Sam/Dean schmoop fic of all time? Rec me!
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I am such a tool. So the only filter I use at the moment on my friends list is one minus communities...well, I just realized that for some reason, I had a few people missing from that filter, which I've been using a LOT lately. Ugh. It's fixed now. Anyway, if I haven't commented in a long while, I totally apologize and have rectified the situation. I'm just a big tool.

Also proof of my being a tool? Every time I look at my mood choices, I wonder what one tree hill (oth) has to do with my mood.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 31

1. Which character(s) did you start off disliking/not caring about, but now like/care about? Sam. It wasn't that I disliked him, but JP on Gilmore Girls had been such a goob to me that I just didn't care for him. I was only watching because of Jensen...but dude, by episode two, Sammy had me eating out of the palm of his hand. I still love Dean more than anything, but I love Sam a whole lot and can't remember a time when I thought JP was the bane of tv's existence.

2. If you had a choice, would you rather visit the Roadhouse or the Winchesters' old house in Lawrence? The Roadhouse. I'm not likely to bump into Sam or Dean or Ash at the house in Lawrence.

3. When your real-life family/friends/acquaintences ask you about Supernatural, how do you act and how to you treat the show/refer to the show?

My sister and the boy call my level of devotion "crazy" but my sister understands because she feels that way about Heroes and VM. My coworkers just don't get my attachment to fictional characters. It's sad for them - so caught up in real life.

4. Do you like the flashback opening sequence or would you prefer Supernatural have opening credits like shows such as One Tree Hill and The X-Files? I like the openings as they are. SPN doesn't really fit for a show with an opening credits like OTH has. It would seem out of place.

5. What are things that you have to do/have before Supernatural comes on?

I get a glass of water and one of my Skinny Cow Fudge Bars and then I begin the show at 9:19pm exactly (I watch on my dvr to avoid commercials). I then proceed to flail and talk to my television at times.


So last post I asked for recs of happy Sam/Dean schmooop. Now I offer you guys this: give me some prompts for happy or schmoopy Sam & Dean. I'll take gen or wincest.
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The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 30

1. If Dean had been given Sam's abilities and the predicament with the yellow-eyed demon, do you think Dean would have been able to handle it any better than Sam?

Dean already blames himself for enough that goes on, I can only imagine what he would do with the information that his mother died because the demon had plans for him. He would then be the reason that Sam had no normal life. He would be the reason his father couldn’t be the best father and ended up dead. It would rip him apart. And Sam knows he can count on Dean, but you know Dean always worries that Sam is going to leave him again…so he would probably just shut down and take off.

just to be on the safe side since the question begins with basic premise of last night's episode... )

3. Everyone has guilty pleasures, so what are Sam and Dean's? Is Sam a Lifetime Channel junkie? Does Dean secretly fangirl Britney Spears? You tell us!

Dean loves Oprah and Doctor Phil and Lifetime movies. Sam has a love of the dime store romances because when he was young that was all he could get his hands on and he came to enjoy them.

4. When she was alive, what do you think Mary's job was, and what did she study in college?

I don’t really know. Maybe a teacher since she would’ve possessed immense patience to deal with John Winchester?

5. As much as we hate to think it, Sam and Dean's story will have to end one day. There are many hunters out there, but needless to say, our boys have left quite the impression. How do you imagine they will be remembered by hunters and civilians alike?

They were a great hunting team who always put saving someone before the hunt itself (unlike people like Gordon).


Six Ships I Love

1. Syd/Weiss (Alias)
2. Sam/Dean (Supernatural)
3. Nathan/Peter (heroes)
4. Dan/Casey (Sports Night)
5. John/Aeryn (Farscape)
6. Michael/Maria (Roswell)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore

7. Lex/Lana (smallville)
8. Dresden/Murphy (bookverse)
9. Kate/Jack (Lost)

Three Ships I Don't Like

10. Max/Liz (Roswell)
11. Phoebe/Cole (Charmed)
12. Syd/Vaughn (Alias)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship

13. Syd/Tom (Alias)
14. Sheppard/Weir (SGA)

And now onto the questions that go with the list... )


I was planning to get caught up on some of my fic reading tonight, but I'm so tired and I have to be at the gym early tomorrow morning to meet with my trainer before I go see Spiderman 3. So I might collapse with my NYT crossword puzzle book instead.

Or maybe I'll just watch Supernatural and Heroes from this week again. And think about two of my favorite sets of brothers making out, possibly mixing it up.
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Woo-hoo! It's Friday! Weekend is almost here! I might actually be able to do things this weekend! Currently, everyone in my office is out to lunch, leaving me all by myself, but I love that. It allows me some freedom.

But before I contemplate doing anything, let's talk about last night's episode of Supernatural, the show that I never fail to love more than is normal.

Supernatural episode thoughts - will have spoilers... )


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 29

1. Imagine you've been told, for whatever reason, that you must rename Sam and Dean. What would you rename them? But their names work for them and I have enough trouble naming my own characters. I have no clue.

2. What types/genres of novels can you see Dean and/or Sam reading?

Dean reads comics and sometimes he actually does read the articles in Playboy. Hee. Okay, I just see him more as a magazine type guy.

As for Sam, he's probably read all the classics and expected books. As for types for him, I'm not sure. Because I think fantasy, but I think it probably loses something for him when he deals with those things on a daily basis, so I don't know.

3. What was one twist in season two that you did not see coming?

There haven't been any twists that I didn't really see coming. I mean, we knew the demon wanted Sam for some reason and that it couldn't be good.

4. If Dean and/or Sam had an email address, what do you think the address would be? I think Sam's would be rather forthright like, whereas Dean would go for funny popculture reference sorta like with their safe words and aliases.

5. The season two finale is quickly approaching. What one thing tops your Must-Not-Happen-To-The-Winchesters list, other than their death?

I know no spoilers, but really, I don't want Sam to go evil. I don't want that for Dean or Sammy.


Dear NJ Health Insurance Laws,

You are trying to kill me. I'm trying to understand you so that when people ask me these questions, I know what they're talking about, but you make *no* sense.

No love,



My writing goal for this weekend is to actually finish Jen's b-day story. I keep adding more and more to it, but it's way past time for it to be finished. And if I could accomplish some other stuff, well, that would be lovely too.
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It's Friday! it's Friday! Soon the weekend will be upon me and it's supposed to be lovely outside.

But let's start with the awesomeness that is Supernatural

Spoilers for the episode... )


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 28

1. If Sam and/or Dean have children, do you think they will bring up their children learning how to hunt or give them a "normal" upbringing?

Sam would want to give his kids a normal upbringing like he never got to have, but I think he would make sure they knew how to take care of themselves and that evil was out there once they hit a certain age. While Dean is great with kids, I'm not sure I see him having children. If he did have kids, I'm honestly not sure how he would choose to handle it. Probably with hunts on the weekends out of a certain spot. Because I can't see him not being in his kid's lives or wanting them to have everything they possibly could. It just doesn't fit who he is. At the same time, Dean is a hunter. That's what he does and I can't see him being happy without that ability to save people and fight evil.

2. What do you think about the usage of song titles as episode titles? (Ex: In My Time of Dying, Houses of the Holy) It's fine by me.

3. Of the songs played on the show thus far, which one do you like the least? None of the songs have bothered me and I don't really quantify the music used like that.

4. Assuming Sam and Dean had any sort of "normal" childhood toy, what do you think it was?

Dean had a firetruck that he loved to play with and took with him everywhere.

Sam had a stuffed bear from when he was little and he always needed to have it with him. In fact, he actually still had it until the fire at his apartment.

5. What is one quote you think best describes Sam and Dean each? Quotes from the show? Or just any quote? I'll go with quotes from the show...

For Dean:
Dean Winchester: Ugh, the thought of him driving my car.
Sam Winchester: Oh, come on.
Dean Winchester: It's killing me!
Sam Winchester: Let it go.

Because Dean's car is his home. it's *his*. It's part of his identity and he can't stand the idea of someone else claiming it. So perfectly him.

For Sam:
Sam Winchester: When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.
Dean Winchester: What was he supposed to do?
Sam Winchester: I was *nine* years old. He was supposed to say, "Don't be afraid of the dark"!

This is Sam's whole journey, really, isn't it? He goes from just wanting to be normal, turning his back on the hunt, to being pulled back in out of vengeance, to slowly realizing that what they do has a purpose and saves lives.

For the Sam & Dean relationship: (I added this one myself)
Sam: Dean, what I said about Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.
Dean: Hey, no chick-flick moments.
Sam: Alright. Jerk.
Dean: Bitch.

God, I love them.
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The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) – Week 27:

1. What's the quality you admire the most about your favourite S2 guest star?

I love that despite how much Ava doesn’t want to be considered crazy or get caught up in some huge drama, she can’t ignore her chance to save someone. She had moxy man! And she was so cute!

2. In the last few scenes of In My Time of Dying, John tells Dean "the secret" before leaving the room. If the boys had known that their father was going to die, what do you think they would have said to him beforehand?

Good god. Sam would’ve wanted to say “goodbye” and would probably regret all their fighting. I’m not sure how Dean would react…because would Dean know *why* John was dying? I think he would be so furious that I don’t think he and his dad would’ve even been able to have the semi-moment they do where John tells him all those things Dean really needed to hear (though I think it all got lost after the secret was dropped). But yeah, I just can’t see Dean sitting there, okay with what his father did.

3. Post the one S2 screencap that is the most meaningful to you.

cap from [ profile] marishna

4. Madison or Ava? Ava

5. Recommend one or two drabbles in this fandom you've really enjoyed. (Please include which pairings if applicable.)

It’s a Wonderful Sam by [ profile] lunarknightz

See Through You by [ profile] dragonsinger

**And I didn’t just enjoy these because they were written for me, I swear.
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Life is currently the suck due to health issues, so in place of a regular update, enjoy the Supernatural Friday Five.

The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 26

1. Who has been your favourite guest star so far in season 2?

I love Bobby, so I’m going with him.

2. Sam and Dean clearly have a hard time expressing their feelings, but they do say writing things down is oftentimes a very good, easy way to express yourself. If Dean were to write a letter to Sam, what would he say? How about vice versa? Feel free to list out contents of the letter(s) or write full-blown letters.

I have an easier time of seeing Sam writing a letter for Dean than vice versa, unless Dean knew for sure that he wasn’t coming back. I just don’t see it is not only being something hard for him to actually do, but also to have it out there.

3. What is the one song that never fails to remind you of Supernatural, even though it isn't connected to the show in any way? (ie. hasn't been used in any episode)?

“Long Way Home” by Supertramp

4. If you had the chance to change an ending in one episode, which episode would it be and what would you change? (If you want, you can write out the alternate ending.)

I wouldn’t change any endings per se, but seriously, can Sam and Dean actually hug? Like at the end of Heart, I’m pretty sure Sam could’ve used a freaking hug.

5. If you could see John Winchester in one outfit (ex. security guard, priest) of your choice, what would it be?

::Goes to a very happy place::

I think John undercover where he had to wear leather…that would’ve been hot.


Every time I think I'm getting things in order and will be able to rejoin the fun of fandom playing, life just likes to kick me on my butt. I'm trying to get back on track, I swear, but right now it's really hard.

::huggles you all::
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The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) – Week 25:

1. If Dean were setting up Sam on a blind date, what kind of girl would he pick out? Feel free to include details like appearance, personality, hobbies, oddities, etc.

Dean would totally be thinking “booty call” for Sam, so he would try to find a really hot girl who would put out. I think he would be wary of trying to find someone more permanent for Sam, given their lives.

2. If Sam were setting up Dean on a blind date?

And here is the opposite. Because I think Sam would want to find Dean someone that he could actually be with and count on. It would probably be a hunter or someone well aware of that lifestyle, who would be willing to tolerate Dean doing it. At the same time, it has to be someone as stubborn as Dean because you know what ever girl that boy starts to fall for, he is going to put through the ringer.

3. When was Dean's first date? How did it go? Where did they go? How long did it last? Anything else? I can see Dean being the boy that hooked up and had lots of first dates, but no real gilfriends. I’m guessing he was pretty young for going far, just based on the way he grew up and the total allure of the bad boy and his utter HOTNESS.

4. How do you imagine John and Mary met? He was just recently out of the military and working as a mechanic. She brought her car in and as he was ringing her up he said something like, “You probably get this all the time, but can I have your number?” And then he smiled an irrisistible grin (One that both dean and sam have inherited) and how could she refuse?

5. How do you imagine Sam and Jess met? I imagine Jess as being the one to take the initiative, mostly because Sam seems so shy around girls that he actually likes. So I see it being Jess chatting him up and initially asking him out.


And so what if it's Friday? Does that mean I can't do the "Tuesday Ten"

This past week's Tuesday Ten...I did warn I might be spamming... )
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The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) – Week 24

1. In this
interview, Sera Gamble, executive story editor for Supernatural. states, "I’d like to give Dean a real arc with a love interest. Some interesting, troubled, kick-ass chick who is really messes with him." What do you think about this?

I’m totally cool with it so long as it doesn’t take away from the relationship between the brothers. And I think it would be interesting not only to see Dean fall in love with someone and put himself out there, but also to see the girl have to reconcile the idea that Sam will probably always come first. It’s just a simple fact that comes with loving Dean. Mostly, I really want the boys to be happy and have people they can count on and love (aside from the overwhelming love they have for one another).

2. In what other BOOK or COMIC BOOK can you see Sam and/or Dean?

I don’t read a whole lot of comics myself, but as for books. Sam and Dean as part of the Outsiders. Favorite book, meet favorite show.

3. As far as make-up and special effects are concerned, what do you think were the BEST and WORST monsters/creatures/demons featured in Supernatural so far?

How about grossest? That goes to shapeshifter in Skin, especially since they tease us fangirls with shirtless Dean only to have teeth and flesh falling off. Bleh. Is it wrong that I don’t really pay attention to the special effects/make up? I’m usually too busy immersed in my boys.

4. All demonic rituals aside, if John had died instead of Mary, how do you think Sam, Dean, and Mary would be living today? Would Mary have followed the same path as John? Or would they have taken a completely different path?

I think it was Nan that said Mary, being a woman and awesome mom, would’ve killed the demon years ago and still managed to give her kids a normal life. Hee.

I don’t think Mary would’ve gone down that path unless she became convinced that the YED was after her boys. I think her first priority would be raising her boys and keeping them safe.

Not really a spoiler per se, but as it's for Heart, I will cut... )

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