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Today was a very long day. Work is continuing on down crazy road and then I got to leave work early to do a bunch of errands that I've been putting off.

On the brightside, I got to watch last night's Supernatural.

Lots of spoilers and talk of the episode... )


All I will say about project runway is that I really hate Kenley. She's just such a brat. And yet, I enjoy a lot of her designs.

So are [ profile] neversince and I the only ones watching and enjoying Privileged? I really like the main character, Megan. She's quirky and smart and yet always puts her foot in her mouth. Mostly, I love her relationship with her best friend, Charlie (who is ADORABLE). And I have a HUGE best friends become more love! Maybe I'll nominate that for [ profile] yuletide too!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] gray_light!!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day and are properly spoiled, darling!


Happy Supernatural Day, everyone! Finally, we have some new Sam and Dean. I'm completely unspoiled (because that's how I roll) and so looking forward to seeing how things unfold. I miss my show. I was rewatching some of the season three episodes and I just miss the boys. Other fandoms come along and are shiny and pull me in (ie Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte slash), but Sam & Dean always own my heart. It's a sickness, I know.


The only shows I'm currently caught up on are: 90210, Gossip Girl, and Entourage. Everything else I have sitting on my dvr to watch at some point. I really need to sit down and watch some television, but then I feel guilty because there is still so much to do around the new house.
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Stupid arthritis is kicking in. Now is not the time for this. I have HUGE amounts of work to finish this week. We've been extremely busy lately, with the cost of gas so high people are actually looking into options. I guess high gas prices are good for an environmental transportation organization.


I got my sister to watch the pilot of Gossip Girl. I told her she has to give it about four episodes and then she will understand why I like it and my odd love of dirtbag!Chuck.


Prompts are up for claiming over at [ profile] spn_nostalgia. There are a few that I'm considering, but I want to wait until I've finished a few of my other writing things first. I don't want to take a prompt someone else might want when i've been so flakey with my writing. Plus, unless I can randomly insert Michael Phelps into it, until after the Olympics are over, I'm pretty much going to create my own ship of Dean Winchester/Michael Phelps.

Just pretend Lockte is Dean...or pretend that Phelps is actually looking at Dean while hugging Lockte...


I was considering hosting a week of themed drabble-a-thons at the end of July. It could be multifandom and have different themes for each day. Like one of hurt/comfort, one of angst, one jealousy...trying to figure out if it should be 5 days or 7 days. And how to actually go about it? Any thoughts, my friends?
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So last night I watched the finale of Step It Up and Dance with my sister. All four of the remaining dancers did a really great job with their solos. Of course, I had my two favorites from day one - Cody and Nick.

Spoilers for who won... )


I actually did a full updated to [ profile] polyfandomrecs last night. And yes, you will notice there is David Cook RPS if you go over there. I'm completely broken and it's all his fault. Him and Michael Johns have to be so darn adorkable together and my mind goes to the wrong!bad places...and then there is fic to aid me in staying in that dark place.

I've actually made a slight dent in my "to read" bookmarks of fic. Of course, it's an ongoing cycle, so I'm always back to where I started, which is far behind on all the fic out there.


Why is it so hot, my friends? And why can't I concentrate on my writing? And how can I win a million dollars?

These are all very important questions.
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Sweet Charity is open again for bidding. Lots of wonderful fangirls are donating their skills to the cause. I wanted to donate my writing, but with illness woes and such the way they've been, now is just not a good time for me to promise something. So instead, I shall spend a portion of my tax refund on the auction. Woo-hoo.

And [ profile] deirdre_c and I always seem to bid on the same awesome people. Heh.

SO yes, go play:


If you guys could think good thoughts for me as far as work goes. Some stuff is going on thanks to me being in and out of work a lot the past few weeks. And I'm stressing out a bit and trying to get my head around it and pray that I land on my feet. I'm a Virgo and I don't do well with the unknown. It freaks me out a lot.


I watched Return of Jezebel James last week because it's by the Gilmore Girls creator...but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Maybe it's the laugh track that bugs me, but something isn't quite right about it. Still, I'll give it another week or so.

I'm not sure about New Amsterdam though. The premise is interesting and the guy is hot, but it's not clicking for me. I've seen two episodes and it's just not holding my attention. Does it get better over the next two? Help me, fangirls. I have only so many hours in a day and I'm still behind on Torchwood.


I pulled out my season one of West Wing this past week while suffering from the latest in my mutant plague that won't go away for long. I love this show. I miss what it was those first three seasons. It was good. Josh and Leo and CJ and Toby and Sam...oh Sam. ANd Josh and Donna and not stopping for red lights...gah.

I think I now need to go through all my bookmarked recs and re-read my favorite West Wing fics.
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So friday I found out that my pneumonia wasn't getting better and ended up on bed rest. I'm going to work tomorrow, but I can only do half days the first couple of days and I'm supposed to try to stay stress-free. Ha, ha, HA. I think my boss is going to take that part harder than the half days, which I know will go over *so* well.

Stupid pneumonia. It couldn't have come at a worst time and I have so much to do and so much for no stress. I'm stressing out about not stressing.

Le sigh.

Please send Winchesters to rock salt things that annoy me and make out on command.


Anyway, I spent most of my weekend sleeping. I've been awake for only a few hours over the past forty-eight hours. Logically, I know that's good for my illness and getting better, but I can't remember the last time I accomplished anything. I don't even want to look at my laundry pile.

In other news, I dvr'd a Harry Dresden movie on Sci Fi. It has the people from the show, but I'm trying to figure out if this was made before the show and I just never saw it, or it came after the show and they're going with movies based on the actual books. Because this one would make sense to come before the show as it explains so much more and is really based on Storm Front. Anyone else seen this and/or know what's going on? And will there be more based on the books?

That would be awesome. Part of the reason I never got into the series was the first couple of episodes didn't really feel like the books (though I love the casting of Harry - so hot!)


I am on an audiobook kick. So rec me some of your favorite audiobooks that I can look into getting from the library or other nefarious sources.
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I returned to work today to much insanity. At one point today, I seriously thought I was going to have a relapse of the worst of my pneumonia caused by stress...hopefully, that will not happen. Hopefully, come Wednesday afternoon during my next doctor's appointment, I'll find that I am getting much better.

So very exhausted at the moment after working an extra hour at the office. I actually like being the only one there without having to worry about phones and being interrupted - I get stuff done.


I'm going to wait to watch the season finale of Terminator until later. I want it to last. Am also happy about the Supernatural renewal - yay for more Sam and Dean and their amazing love.


My life is so sad at the moment. I need to write some schmoopy fic. Hit me with some schmoopy, fluffy prompts!


Anyway, friends list, I just want to say that I love you all. Each of you is awesome and wonderful and talented in your own ways. ::huggles::
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Supernatural was awesome last night. I love all the small things that Jared and Jensen do with their characters. Sam and Dean are just so connected. More coherent thoughts will come when I'm not high on codeine.

Currently, home sick, panicking about what's waiting at work from the past two days at the office and dying of sinus plague. On the brightside, I've spent the last two days watching all of season one of Silver Spoons. Oh, I love this show. I used to adore Ricky Schroeder. He's hotter now, but Republican, so I'll stick with my love of him on this show. And first season has Jason Bateman, which is just double fun. Good stuff.


So who out there watches Make me a Supermodel? I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but last week's episode. Perry is hot, but not only is he a jackass, but he's a SCARY jackass. Him on the phone with his girlfriend? Whoa. "I'm not hanging up until you tell me you love me and we'll be together forever." Um...please back off, creepy hot boy.

And, for my other Bravo show, Project Runway, spoilers from Wednesday's episode... )


To those I owe betas and other things, I'm going to try to work on it this weekend. I'm sorry for so many delays. Life has been crazy and filled with lots of interesting predicaments. On the workfront, we seem to have found a temp that has a brain, so I'm hoping that when I go in next week, she's still there. On the personal front, eh, slowly but surely.
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My sister and I were planning to go see Atonement this afternoon when we're both done work, but life already feels depressing enough. I think we're going to see 27 Dresses instead. Yay for chick flicks, especially those that star James Marsden as a romantic lead!


I was going to try to do some fanfic reading last night, but my eyes were drooping, so I curled in with Life After People from the history channel. Good stuff. I love all the HIstory channel stuff because I'm a nerd, but I really enjoyed this. Mostly, I loved that the planet will get past all the damage we've done to it once we're gone. And I found it intriguing that we just might've been an anomaly, a leap that was never really expected to happen and might not happen again.

Though the part when they were talking about radio waves going out into the atmosphere in hopes of attracting alien lifeforms...I thought of Kathleen Madigan's comedy bit about how aliens know we're here but avoid us because "...we're the Alabama of the Universe."

And then I was wondering what it would be like to be a reaper a la Dead Like Me that didn't get to move on at the end of humanity right away and had to sorta live through all the decay. I'm so weird.


I have fannish endeavors on the brain with some things to share, but it will have to wait as I need to get to work. Much to do.

Ciao darlings!
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Day late on the drabbles. I had wanted to get that done along with some other writing, but it didn't work out quite that way. Yesterday turned into a big mess and when i got home I went to bed at five thirty with a stress headache. Then my mother decided to drag me around like a crazy person today looking for Christmas decorations. Le sigh.


Didn't watch the Psych Christmas special yet, but I'm very excited about it. I love Shawn and Gus and their hijinks. And I have a bunch of other shows to catch up on as well. It seems that every time I get most of the stuff off my dvr, it builds right back up. It's like laundry and filing.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] jellicle!!!

I hope that it's been a fabulous day, darling. If you'd like a b-day ficlet, just leave me a prompt and such. I run a smidge late on those, but it will eventually come.


New Chuck and Heroes soon! My sister and I wait until 8:40 so we can watch both without commercials and still finish around the same time as if we watched it live. Good times.

I really hope that Chuck gets picked up for next year. I love it so.


Now I'm off to attempt to get my 500 words done as I didn't have a chance at work.
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I'm trying to be in a good mood, but I just got my hand stuck between my chair and my desk and it bloody hurts. And people are just easily annoying me today, which isn't something that normally happens (I'm pretty whatever most of the time with things). And my writing just isn't coming out the way I want at the moment. It's bugging me.

So I shall focus on happy things.

And y'all should comment with pictures of Jared smiling because seriously, my friends, he's better than Prozac for moods. I just can't help but smile when he is.


I feel like there were things with actual content that I wanted to post, but I can't think of them at the moment. And last night I spent some time reading/writing, so I didn't watch Dexter or Brothers & Sisters. And I'm way behind on Friday Night Lights. I'm not sure why I'm avoiding FNL. I love that show. I love the first season like whoa. But this season, I've only seen the first two episodes and the rest are kicking it on my dvr. And I know I'll probably love it like whoa again and go through all the episodes in one sitting when I do watch it, but I just can't seem to get myself in the mood for it. This happened last year with Veronica Mars. I pray the day never comes when it happens to Supernatural - that would be sad.


I'm apparently co-modding another round of the Feedback Challenge with [ profile] iamtheenemy. Hee. So yes, you should check it out here. It's multifandom and sign-ups are until November 6th. So check it out. We all enjoy good feedback, don't we?

More pimpage will follow later. And I might actually have more recs for [ profile] polyfandomrecs.

But for now, please send Jared smiling photos and/or Jensen Ackles to my work.
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Today was a lovely Sunday, despite the fact that the temperature suddenly dropped twenty degrees and it actually feels like October here. I ran a few errands and prepared some lunches for the week, but aside from that, I slept late, did some reading, and watched a bunch of movies and television.

Had weird dream last night where I was Eric and Tami Taylor's oldest daughter (Julie was there, but as a younger sister) and I wanted to play soccer on the boys' team. Basically, it's what happens when I watch both Friday Night Lights and the movie, She's the Man before I went to bed.

Now I'm watching Devil Wears Prada because the pretty bags and clothes make me happy. And the movie is enjoyable. And Adrian Grenier is always nice to look at.

And I'm almost all caught up on television kicking it on my DVR from while I was on vacation. I just have Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty to watch for one week. Woo-hoo. Sure, it's probably a sign I watch too much television, but I'm okay with that.
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Blah. Vacation is officially over and it will be time to return to work tomorrow. Le sigh. I can't really complain too much. Over a week away from the place and any longer and my in-bind would probably be impossible to deal with.

Los Angeles was wonderful and relaxing and I loved every minute except delay hell in LAX. And even that wasn't too bad because I just chatted with other passengers.

The plane ride back we got to watch License to Wed and then a few tv shows, including the pilot to Ugly Betty, which always makes me happy. License to Wed was okay. I expected it to be horrible, so I went in with very low expectations except that JK is adorable.


Supernatural 3.3 review...spoilers and squee... )

Slowly getting caught up on everything else on my DVR from while I was away. Bionic Woman continues to be so damn dumb, but I love Katee, so I'm sticking it out for the time being. I just...something is off with this show and I can't put my finger on it. Normally, I love strong women who kick ass. And maybe that's it. Maybe she's only strong in the physical sense, not the mental. If the show were about Sarah, I'd be loving every second of it. Her story is much more interesting to me.

Brothers & sisters continues to be wonderful. is it still spoilers if it aired last week? )


If you're interested, I'm doing a drabble meme in the previous entry for the first fifteen people! So comment if you want one.

Now I must get back to matching up the Sports Night participants.
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Next to Thursday Nights from 9pm-10pm, Monday night television on NBC is quickly becoming my favorite thing. Well, from 8pm-10pm anyhow. I'm still not all that impressed with Journeymen.

We begin with Chuck & the Tango... )

And next was Heroes, which I enjoyed, but right now it's not as good as it was last year.

Heroes - Kindred... )


Still have a bunch of stuff on my dvr to watch at some point. I'm almost done Ken Burn's The War, in the middle of the last part, so hopefully that will free up some extra time. I still have this week's Brothers & Sisters and Dexter to watch.

Have started getting caught up on season three of Weeds too. This show cracks me up.
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Four days until [ profile] winchestercon and my trip to Los Angeles. I'm very excited and slightly nervous as I've never been to something like this before. And after the con is over, I'm hanging with my second family until Thursday doing fun, touristy stuff. Except for Tuesday when I have nothing planned - so if anyone is in the LA area and wants to hang on Tuesday, let me know. Otherwise, I'll probably just laze about.

Also, if you can't attend wincon, be sure to check out [ profile] win_non_con, Not Quite Winchestercon! It was a lot of fun last year and I'm sure it will rock just as much this time around.


I'm slowly going through the beginning of fall television and trying to figure out what I want to watch. And I'm very excited because tonight is new Chuck and Heroes. I can definitely say that Chuck is my new favorite show of the season. I love everything about it and always want more.

But let's talk returning television like Friday Night Lights

It's back and I still love it a whole lot... )

If you're not watching this show, I *highly* recommend you check out season one. it's only 19.99 and has that guarantee and you will get sucked in. It's just so great. Neither me or my sister are even fans of football, but we both adore this show.

Ugly Betty this week was cute. Some spoilers... )

I started the pilot of Moonlight, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't know if it was the mood I was in on Saturday when I went to watch it or just the sight of JD in suspenders that just ruined it. I'll try to go back to it later, but for now, I'm going to keep choosing Friday Night Lights, which I know is made of awesome.

New Shows I'm Watching: Chuck, Reaper, Dirty, Sexy, Money, Private Practice, and Pushing Daisies

If I'm bored: Journeymen, Life

Returning Shows: Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, NCIS, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters, Prison Break

I've given up on Smallville and I'm so far behind on Stargate Atlantis at this point, I just don't really care. Same goes for Lost, but since that's not back until January, I might have time to catch up if I want. I'm pretty torn on Bionic Woman. It's crap, but Katee Sackhoff is awesome has Sarah.


Some Pimpage:

-[ profile] reel_heroes - Heroes fanfiction based around movies. Isn't open yet, but will be coming soon.

-[ profile] spn_woohoo - A supernatural squee sanctuary! Go there and share the squee of episodes!

-[ profile] winter_deaddrop - Burn Notice Secret Santa

-[ profile] sn_holidays - Sports Night Holiday Exchange!
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Today was a blur of errands, cleaning, and piles of laundry. I wish there was a way for me to just blink laundry clean. That would be lovely. At least, it's not as bad as it used to be when I lived in the apartment complex. Then I had to haul the laundry down a flight of stairs and the people I shared washers/dryers with would leave clothes in the washer or dryer all damn day. It's much nicer having my own in the house.


My dvr recorded the first four parts of The War by Ken Burns and I'm currently watching the first part as I type this. I do like what one of the many veteran's said about how WW II has been thought of. It goes something like, "There is no such thing as a good war, but it seemed like a necessary war." And it shows how the war affected everyone in the USA, not just those fighting overseas. Everyone made sacrifices and gave toward the cause. And I can't help but think about the current war as I watch this. How I wonder what our troops are thinking now as they put their lives constantly on the line...because Iraq has never been a necessary war. And I wonder if maybe our troops would be home by now if more Americans had to face what was going on all day, every day.

I highly recommend you check out this special if you can at some point. Maybe wait and get it on dvd so you can take it in parts. Because it's long.


On a completely different side, I'm slowly getting through the fall tv and picking out what I think I'll watch. But really, tonight Dexter and Brothers & Sisters premieres. I miss Dexter and his crazy killing ways and the finale of season one was so upsetting. Who knew I would mourn for serial killers?

Of the new shows...

Shows I Loved: Chuck, Reaper, Dirty Sexy Money
Shows That Were Okay & Maybe I'll Watch: Big Shots, Journeyman, Gossip Girl, Bionic Woman
Shows I Hated: Back To You, Cane, The Big Bang Theory
Shows I Haven't Watched Yet: Moonlight, Private Practice, Life

I really do watch far too much television. I have a sickness. And it's not helped by my discovery of Numb3rs this past week. I got the first disc of season one and loved it and had to buy it. Me and my brothers who love each other thing continues...
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Battling bronchitis. Seems the sinus infection never went away and became bronchitis. Great stuff. I'm having so much fun with it.

The brightside is...

Heroes is back, my friends!

Spoilers for season two premiere... )

I watched Gossip Girl. It was okay. Stuck to the book a whole lot for the pilot so I knew what was going on, but I'm not sure it's anything that I need to see. I have a feeling it could get old rather fast.

Also caught Journeyman. It's just really odd and I'm not sure I understand what's going on. I don't do well with shows that confuse me from the get go.

I had already seen the Chuck pilot so I chose Prison Break this week. Next week though, PB will get downloaded. I feel sorta bad about this because it's not doing so well this season so far, but Chuck was an awesome pilot and I can't wait to see how it plays out.


I'm going to attempt to catch up on friends list now as I haven't read it since Saturday. Stupid sickness. I've honestly slept most of the past three days away. I've been up long enough to shower, eat, and visit the doctor. Good times. I'm living la vida loca.
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I don't know what's worse - that I watched the Posh Spice comes to America thing on Bravo channel or that I actually found myself liking her.

I'm blaming my illness.

And I may have watched Justin's performance on Oprah a few dozen times. Stupid boy. Why can't I quit him? WHY?

I haven't watched Gossip Girl yet because it was the finale of Last Comic Standing. I chose it over a show I'm not sure about. I enjoyed the first few books from the series and KB is the narrator, so I'll give it a try, but I'm in no hurry.

Burn Notice season finale is tonight and I'm very sad. I love this show. It's perfect fun. I love all the characters. I love the snark. I love the spy stuff. It's just good stuff all around. Seriously, who knew the day would come when USA Network would have a slew of great shows that I love immensely?


So continuing with my ongoing obsession theme of adding Dean Winchester to every single show/movie/book that I love...I was watching my Friday Night Lights dvds today - better than chicken soup for sickness - and started thinking out this whole AU world where Mary lived and the WInchesters had this normal life and Dean played football, but got badly hurt and oh noes...

Dear Dean Winchester,

You own me. We know this. Must you take over everything?


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Tennis is ruining my tv viewing and it upsets me. It's not my fault that most of the good summer shows are on USA, so why am I being punished by having to endure tennis? Why?

And while I'm pondering important life questions - why do long weekends go so fast and why doesn't this time burst ever effect work weeks?


So I read one of the published Charmed books because it had Chris & Wyatt with Leo on the cover. And I'm a sucker for Chris & Wyatt fic, so I put it on my amazon list. And lordy, it was so very bad. I don't like the way the boys were written at all. I'm spoiled by the few good Charmed writers out there who give me a good Chris & Wyatt relationship. In this one, Chris was just weird, nothing like the Chris we got to know over season six.

Chris & Wyatt were my original brothers fighting supernatural things, my friends. I don't like them written badly. And when I actually find myself saying to [ profile] iamtheenemy "I write a better Chris" than it's pretty bad.


The "Get a letter and think of 10 things you love" meme is going around and [ profile] heidi8 gave me the letter "D." If you want a letter, just leave a comment.

1. Dean Winchester - that boy owns my heart. I love Sammy a whole helluva lot, but Dean has me wrapped around his finger. I hurt for him and want to shake sense into him. And I just love how much he loves his brother.

2. Dean/Sam - This might be cheating, but I don't care. I love Dean/Sam. I love how much they love each other and would do anything, rules be damned, for the other one. I love when they bicker. I love when they have each other's backs. And I would really love it if they HUGGED every once and awhile. Seriously, Kripke needs to let them hug. Even if it's under a hex or something. I want hugging.

3. Daughtry - Because I loved Chris on AI5, but it was probably a good thing he didn't win because he rocks and is doing much better by doing his own thing. I love the whole album.

4. Dead Like Me - Snarky grim reapers. Was there anything better? Stupid showtime had to go and cancel one of my favorite shows.

5. Dexter - I'm still so pissed that Michael wasn't nominated for an Emmy. That was bullshit because it's not easy to make an audience care, let alone come to love, a serial killer. And dude, it was funny and sad and just really smart. I can't wait for season two.

6. Drew Fuller - Chris Perry Halliwell! He is the reason I ended up not giving up Charmed after season five of crap...because he came in and I just loved him. There was a lot of wasted potential with his character, but I loved him. And I love him now on Army Wives too as Trevor.

7. Daily Show - Does this need to be explained? Just watch an episode and you'll understand.

8. Doors - I love the music. I've loved it since I was young and my older brother played it for me.

9. David Boreanez - Angel! And his dad is my local ABC weatherman! And he's from Philly! And really hot.

10. Dogma - Brilliant movie, especially coming at it from a Catholic. Plus, Kevin Smith just rocks.

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