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So last night I watched the finale of Step It Up and Dance with my sister. All four of the remaining dancers did a really great job with their solos. Of course, I had my two favorites from day one - Cody and Nick.

Spoilers for who won... )


I actually did a full updated to [ profile] polyfandomrecs last night. And yes, you will notice there is David Cook RPS if you go over there. I'm completely broken and it's all his fault. Him and Michael Johns have to be so darn adorkable together and my mind goes to the wrong!bad places...and then there is fic to aid me in staying in that dark place.

I've actually made a slight dent in my "to read" bookmarks of fic. Of course, it's an ongoing cycle, so I'm always back to where I started, which is far behind on all the fic out there.


Why is it so hot, my friends? And why can't I concentrate on my writing? And how can I win a million dollars?

These are all very important questions.
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Okay, there was some interest, so here are the pre-idol albums for David Cook (LOVE), Brooke (LOVE), and Carly (It just doesn't sound like her now and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet). Just fill out the poll next to what you download please...and if it runs out let me know.

This post will stay open for a few days and then I'll lock it down.


[Poll #1173973]

P.S. - Anyone know where i can find some good David Cook and Jason Castro icons?
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Howdy my darlings! I'm sorry I haven't been around much (especially after friending all the new wonderful folks), but life is just insane. They had finally gotten me a decent, competent temp who lasted three whole weeks. I was getting comfortable...and then they replace her. She could be moody and she was apparently moody with the wrong people. So gone. The new temp is very nice and seems quite capable (though she's not very strong in Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook)...I hope she lasts. It takes so much of my time to train the new people that none of my stuff gets done and I end up having to work late to make sure I don't mess up my own projects. So much fun. On the brightside, I am *finallY* caught up from my three weeks of doom from being out with pneumonia.

But anyway, I'm going to try to be around more. And talk about life. And fandoms. And hot boys making out. Or just Sam and Dean Winchester.

And Mystery Spot was on last night and it still gets me. The first half is hysterical and the second half is just "Oh Sammy" making.


It's finally Friday. This has been one of the longest weeks that I can remember. It just didn't want to end. And then someone at the office said yesterday "it felt like Tuesday" but I thought they said it was Tuesday. I began to think work finally did me in and I was completely bonkers and that my week was so much more.

Luckily, that was not the case.

Even better, I've been having wonderful dreams the last few nights. Last night, I was hanging out with Chuck (from Chuck) and Dean Winchester - we were waiting for public transit to take us into Philly. Then the night before that I was making out with Starbuck on BSG. Which, I'm not really into girls, but Kara Thrace is hot. So okay.


This weekend I'm hoping to do a lot of writing. I've been trying different things to get over my writing hurdle.

I've been meditating and playing classical music and taking walks. Alas, during the week, I had no time to write and see if it was working.

So fingers crossed. And feel free to share some of your favorite writing routines and secrets for writer's block!


To those who watch American Idol - how amazing was David Cook this week? Just gah. I still love Jason Castro like whoa, but David Cook is just so good.

Also, I have all their studio versions and a few of their pre-idol albums. If anyone wants any of it, comment and I'll upload.
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Sometimes karma really is a wonderful thing. It doesn't change what I need to do, but it makes me feel a little better about a whole lot (I'll explain later in a locked post in the near future) that's been happening to me lately.


New American Idol tonight. Kristy needs to go home. Even if she somehow amazes me this week, she's still not up to par with the remaining contestants. I just want to know who's voting for her? The same people who liked Sanjaya?
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Thank you for all the well wishes and such. You guys are awesome and I love you all. I'm actually feeling a lot better. Still terrible overall, but my fever and blood pressure are both down! Good times! But really, if someone wants to send Sam and Dean to take care of me, I'll be okay with it.


I'm so behind on One Life to Live. What the hell is going on? And when did Michael get replaced? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Just tell me - are Jessica and Nash okay? Hee.

I am current on All My Children. I love and adore RB as Greenlee and she has such chemistry with pretty much everyone she interacts with. That said, I love her and Aidan and I want them to last (at least for awhile). I'm also intrigued to see where things go with Ryan's storyline because I've always hated Annie. Christ, she's annoying. And her blaming Kendall? What the hell? He forgot you because you're annoying.

And then there is Jesse and Angie, who rock. I remember them, along with Jenny and Greg, when I was little and used to watch with my mom. And now they're back.


Now let's talk American Idol performances.

Spoilers for last night's boys and TONIGHT's girls... )


I'm hoping I feel well enough tomorrow to write my pic for 1000 words. And then Friday, I should be okay to go to work. I really need to get back to the office and deal with my in-bin and reports and so very much.
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FYI to those that are on my domain...for some reason, no pictures seem to be loading. Just to warn ya. Ugh. If it's still acting up tomorrow, I'll try to figure out what's happening, but right now I just want to collapse and wait for American Idol.

And speaking of AI, how adorable were the boys last night? My faves were David (so cute), Jason with the dreads (such pretty eyes!), and Mike (the Australian hottie).

The new temp at my office is not only adorable, but competent. I hope she sticks around. That would be lovely.
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Huge list of things I should be doing, mostly work related, but I'm not in the mood anymore. I feel broken.

Stupid allergies.

::shakes fist at horny plants::

Last night was violently ill and can't decide if it was brought on by Barry Gibbs' night on American Idol. Seriously, my friends, if you pick someone like that how can you expect *any* of them to do amazingly well with the song options?

But Blake continues to be adorable. I don't care if he wasn't great. I love him a whole lot. And my sister and I voted for him a whole lot too. (Yes, I'm what's wrong with American Idol - I vote based on CUTE).


[ profile] iamentheos did that "stories you think I won't write" meme a few days ago and she totally emailed me a scene where our character, Emmy meets Jensen Ackles. Hee. As she pointed out, we really did turn Emmy into a boy-crazed lunatic...but really, we love it. Hee.

Now I'm thinking of writing more of it. Could it be that [ profile] transienttimes will get revisited, but with a new boy in the mix?


Much writing to do. My Kink/Cliche piece is underway. I'm writing Sam/Dean cave fic for the win! Woo-hoo! Now I just have to finish that and the many other pieces I'm currently working on.

You know what would help? Allergies to stop being so bad so I could keep my eyes open.

::sits and waits for Dean Winchester to rescue her::
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Today moved so incredibly slow and I'm not sure I have anything to show for it. I was up to my eyes in database work. *So* much fun. It's like my punishment on earth.

Tonight new American Idol and my co-worker, Mike, is hellbent on voting for Sanjaya. I kept threatening to kill him throughout the day because please no more, make the bad man stop! Seriously, he needs to go home. Otherwise, I'm calling Sam and Dean Winchester and having them shoot him full of rock salt because obviously he is some sort of entity.


Dear General Hospital,

Do not mess with the Robin/Patrick. You're holding my interest by a small thread, but you screw with them, my main reason for watching, and I will be very mad and throw you to the curb.

No Love,



And on that note, I'm going to grab some dinner and try to watch Black Donnellys before I put on AI.

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Happy Friday everyone! I'm feeling much better, managed to get my butt to the gym early this morning! And it's almost the weekend again!

But let's talk about American Idol results... )

I got caught up on Black Donnellys for the week.

Kevin is trying to vy for top Donnelly brother in my heart... )


While I was sick I watched episodes 2.1 through 2.6 of Supernatural. NOthing like Sam and Dean to make me feel better. I really love this show. I really love Sam and Dean and their relationship. That's all I need to put a smile on my face. Sam and Dean and how much they love each other.


I have changed my layout thanks to [ profile] iamentheos. She made me an amazing layout/default icon AND sent me the instructions so that I could change it without crying. She's so awesome. And she's already started writing SPN fic. YAY!

So yes, new layout. Feel free to check it out.

And on that note, I shall try to catch up on my friends' list and begin going through the huge backlog of fic I have to read.

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I'm a little disappointed with American Idol this year so far. Maybe it's because last year was just so full of hot boys (who were SO making out with each other). I mean - Ace, Chris, cute. And you know that Ace/Chris was totally right on the money.

But this season, I'm just not that attached to any participants.


Thanks to my trainer at the gym, I cannot feel my arms today after my workout this morning. Isn't that wonderful?


So it's official. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I have another fandom community to add to our co-dependent belts.

[ profile] what_if_writing, [ profile] what_if_writing

It's a multifandom writing prompt community - planning on every two weeks for new prompts - that will all be of the What If? variety. No prompts are up yet because I got distracted last night, but I'll get to that this evening.

So come join in the fun and help me pimp it! Because think of all the fun that can come out of a prompt like "What if you could rule the world, but had to give up sex? Would you do it?" for Dean Winchester. heh.


No new Supernatural tonight. This makes me sad. Though this does give me an excuse (as though I need one) to go back and watch season two from the beginning before the next episode airs.

And it's still true - the slow dancing with the alien STILL makes me laugh.


Alrighty, off to catch up on friends list and try to write.

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Ended up getting home rather late from dinner so I only had time for like a page of the friends list before I had to watch American Idol results...


Will try to read some of friends list now...and then sleep.
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Work has been evil and insane the past few days to the point that I had to bring in two temps for the rest of the week to help us get caught up. The co-worker who was on vacation last week is now out sick and life is just oh so grand.


I'm about to head out to dinner with some friends, and haven't read the friends list yet, but y'all did catch Michael Rosenbaum in the audience of American Idol last night, right? They didn't put his name up, but I went back with my TIVO thinking I was insane. Obviously, he wants to do bad things with Chris Daughtry. I mean, obviously.

Will attempt to catch up on the friends list and such tonight after dinner, but point me in the direction of anything important. Knowing me I'll get to skip 1billion and get very tired.

Ciao amigas!
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Happy Supernatural Day! Yay for the boys of Winchester - Dean, Sammy, and Papa working together. It just fills my heart with glee.

Seriously, Supernatural is my new favorite thing about Thursdays. Yes, there is still Smallville and the Welling prettiness, but Supernatural long ago surpassed my love of every other show.

And that's taking into account the rockingness of this week's Veronica Mars. But poor Veronica - while it has a Logan, it does not have a Dean & Sam.


So last night's American Idol...

Spoilers on who went home... )

Also, since my sister and I finished Christmas Invasion episode of Dr. Who on Tuesday night, last night we watched the first episode of the new season.

Don't have much to say on it currently, but dude, as much as I came to love Nine, I think that will be far surpassed by my love of Ten. And not just because it's David Tennant and he's hot. But he's just...I can't explain it. I mean, I love Nine damn adorable and wonderful. But Ten in just Christmas Invastion and 2.1 has completely won me over.

I didn't have a chance to watch Alias yet, but I'm greatly looking forward to it. It seems that JJ and company are trying very hard to make up for some downward spiral times and giving the fans a kick-ass ending. Here's to hoping.


More interview questions, this time from [ profile] dragonsinger:

1) Read anything good lately? yeppers. I read Peeps by Scott Westerfeld, a young adult book about vampires done a bit differently. And, of course, Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty came out two weeks ago so I read that book in three days! I love my Jessica Darling books.

2) Dean comes to you for help on an investigation, what would be your expertise? The Jersey Devil. South Jersey has been my home all my life and I know that story very well. Though my favorite sighting story of the Jersey Devil was someone who saw him driving down Rt. 206 in a Ford Bronco. Hee.

3) You've been turned into a Charmed One. What's your power? Can I have Piper’s powers? She rocks.

4) If you had to choose a favorite book, what would it be? That’s actually easy. My favorite book of all time is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I read it for the first time when I was eleven and I’ve read it at least once a year since. I just love it so much.

5) Does this jacket make me look fat? You? Fat? Never darling!


Okay, off to do some work and hopefully some writing at some point.

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Woo-hoo! I have finished the first draft of [ profile] smutbox fic! It's been sent to my beta and to my partner in crime, [ profile] magickly for review. Fortunately once I got going with the story it came out rather easily. Now I just hope it doesn't suck balls. That would be terrible. But that's one project down and two more to go for this weekend. I can do it.

Aside from that, not much to report. I managed to get through a few times to vote for my monkey, Elliot. I love that boy. He must stick around. It's really time for Kellie Pickler to go home - maybe then she can find someone to "play pottery with" (whatever the heck that means...).

Based off last night the bottom three should be: Kellie, Katharine, and Taylor.

However, I know that how it should be and how it goes are rarely the same thing (as evidence by Kevin making it to the top twelve!). So long as Elliot is safe, I won't really care. Well, okay, I want Chris to stick around too. He's my rocker boyfriend.

And that's about all I have to offer. I'm going out to lunch now and then will attempt to write some more between work stuff.
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Damn allergies! Damn them to Hades! I think the worst thing about my allergies is that they just cause immense amounts of pain to the sinuses around my it's almost painful to keep my eyes open. Not very good when one is attempting to do work. Or stay awake. I'm probably going to end up leaving the office early today - otherwise it's sit at my desk and fall asleep. Somehow I don't think that's the best option.


I'll be working on more of the drabbles today. If you want one and didn't request one yet - feel free to give me a fandom, pairing, and a prompt...

Fandoms I'm willing to do: WBRPS, Roswell, Charmed, Supernatural, Alias, Stargate Atlantis, West Wing, Sports Night...most things in my user info as well.


So it seems the whole friending/defriending thing is causing uproars in various fandoms again. Frankly, that just seems like a whole lot of effort to get upset about something so innane.

So once again, to reiterate: Friend, defriend, comment, don't comment. It's all good. It's fandom and it's supposed to be fun and shouldn't feel like work or something you have to do. I won't take things personally. I friend people that I find interesting and/or share common loves - it's not a requirement that they friend me back. Also, my friends list is starting to get large so if I don't friend people back right away, it's nothing personal. Nothing over here is friends locked so if you want to keep reading, you won't miss anything.

My main belief system when it comes to online is whatever tickles your pickle so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.


Alias is back tonight. I'm mixed on my feelings. I mean, I've stuck the show out through some really horrible times, mostly because I love the main characters. So I'll watch until the end. I just hope it goes out the way it came in - kicking ass with great stories & characters - and wraps up the Rambaldi stuff.

It should be interesting to see who goes home on American Idol tonight. I'm really worried about Elliot, but the past few weeks, every time i try to vote for him, I have trouble getting through due to busy signals. So shouldn't that mean he's getting a lot of votes? And last night was no different. I tried from 9pm-10:30pm to vote for Elliot and only got through about four times in total.

Frankly, I think Kellie or Ace should go home this week, but I'm truly worried that it might be Elliot. I'm not ready to say goodbye to my little monkey. I love him so.


Okay, off to do some other things and to attempt not to fall asleep at my desk.

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Happy Supernatural Day, y'all! It's also the end of my work week, so I can't complain.

But I will.

Because I had an allergic reaction to my back meds and ended up with itchy, red welts. My doctor told me to take Benedryl and presribed something else so yesterday I slept away the day to avoid itching and/or looking at myself in the mirror. I also had a moment of annoyance with the doctor based off the following conversation with the nurse on the phone:

Nurse - Doctor is calling in a script for you.

Me - Yay! Good.

Nurse - Now, if you develop any other syptoms, like you stop breathing, be sure to get to a hospital.

Me - Uh...well, I'll tell my roommates to call 911 since I'll be busy not breathing and all.

Seriously. First, I'm not a complete moron, nor do I have a death wish. If I start having trouble breathing, I *would* go to a hospital...but if I'm already not breathing, I don't think driving myself to the ER is the best route to go. Call my crazy.

Anyway, I'm doing much better today, but was not happy with this turn of events...especially since now I'm back on Ibuprofen for my back pain. It just doesn't garner the same results.

Damn my evil body!


Wherein I'm convinced American Idol results are rigged...there will be spoilers... )


I picked up my copy of Charmed Thirds on Tuesday and I'm about 100 pages into it right now. Loving it. But I love Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie a whole lot.

Have a lot of beta work and writing to do because, due to the unexpected allergic reaction, I haven't done anything the past couple of days. I have a four day weekend and i need to accomplish a whole lot with it. Wish me luck. And pray I don't have some other weird ailment strike me down.


Finally, [ profile] spncross has the prompts up for claiming time. Claiming will last a week or until all the prompts have been claimed. So check it out and claim a prompt or two.

And on that note, I'm off to catch up on the friends list.

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It's Thursday! It's Thursday! Not only is the work week nearly over, but that means there will be new Supernatural this evening! Woo-hoo. I love my boys. I look forward to watching this show. Sure, some people (a certain boy and friends) think it's weird that I won't make plans on Thursday nights when there is new SPN, but I don't care. Jensen and Jared make me happy. (Of course, if one of the Supernatural writers ever stumbles upon this part of the Internet, the show would be even better if the boys were always shirtless.)

Overall, I'm way behind on my television viewing. I'm three weeks behind on 24 and four weeks behind on Lost. I'm hoping to get caught up on those at some point in the near future, but life is craziness sometimes.

But I did watch the American Idol results on my TIVO...if you click this, you will know who was booted... )


Okay, off to write [ profile] ladybug218's very late birthday fic. But she's used to it by now. I always run a few months late on things. Hee. Also have another part of Winchester Meets Halliwell in the hands of my betas. I've actually been productive.

Ciao! Happy Supernatural Day!
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So was it just me or was last night another mediocre evening on American Idol? The only one who actually improved was Ace and really, it would be hard to do worse than the suckiness of his Ode to Train from last week. Anyway, I have no idea who's going home tonight since Bucky and Kellie seemed to be the best performers last evening. Personally, I voted for Elliot, Chris, and Paris.

And am I the only one who thinks that was a peapod Kenny Rogers? That did not look like the Kenny Rogers of my youth and I demand to know who that imposter was. Honestly.


3,968 / 28,000

That's right. Despite a very bad start, I'm almost back on track. Woo-hoo. Nothing for posting at the moment, but stuff will come trickling in at points. Since I normally torment my betas by waiting until the very last second to finish my challenge stories and thus forcing them to help me right away, I've decided to give them lots a time for things right now.

So instead of posting fic, I will instead push you all to go provide prompts for the Supernatural Crossover Challenge at [ profile] spncross. Even if you're not planning to write for it, feel free to go provide some prompts. But I know y'all *want* to write. Uh-huh. And there will be TONS of prompts being written for July 1st.


Have I mentioned that I love the meds my doctor put me on? It's some good stuff, people. Good stuff. Like the type of stuff that I could take, watch season four of Smallville with and possibly think it was brilliance. Yes, that good.
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I'm not sure why, as I didn't do anything differently last night, but I'm wide awake this morning. Wide awake and chipper for god's sake. Bizarre. But I'll take it and pray it makes the work day go fast.

Because tonight...


Dude. If I am an incoherent mess tomorrow, it's because my brain exploded due to all the hot on my television in one night. Gah.


American Idol Results... )


Had very bizarre dreams last night involving Chronicles of Narnia. It was just freaking weird. I don't really remember details of the dream, but I do recall just that "huh" feeling when I woke up.

Dear Subconscious.

Bring back the Sam and Dean dreams.




For the Charmed friends on my list: I did some Charmed recs over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs and most of you are probably on it...since it's hard to find good Charmed fic and I tend to friend those that write it.

On that note, I shall bid you farewell for the time being so I can catch up on friends list and such.

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Is it just me or did all the American Idol contestants drink from the waters of suckitude last night? I mean, not one of them was amazing and most of them downright stunk up the stage. And they all had to know they sucked. I mean, that must be why Ace pratically ripped off his shirt during his performance. He said to himself, "Self, not gonna get votes for my singing, so let's go for the hot bod factor." And hey, I caved, I admit it. He is very pretty.

And Simon was in prissy queen mode last night, which argh. Usually, I agree with the guy, and really, there weren't many good performances, but jesus, stop contradicting yourself. [ profile] cracknanny did a nice little post on the judges and such so I'll just guide you over there rather than repeat it. But for reals.

Based off last night's performances, I voted for Elliot (my curious little monkey!) and Paris. I also voted for Ace because he's pretty and I'm nothing if not shallow at my core.


So I got my pairing for the [ profile] smutbox and I've been paired with the wonderful [ profile] magickly. It should be interesting to see what we can come up with and do. We've been talking a bit, more just getting to know each other right now, but it should be fun. I mean, it's RPS involving a SMUTBOX. Hee.


Much love to [ profile] supernaturalhel for the layout graphic and [ profile] dragonsinger for setting up the layout for me. You guys rock and I love you lots and ficlets are coming your way. Because it's my two sets of favorite brothers. It's my four favorite WB demon-fighting boys!

[ profile] storydivagirl to check it out!


I'm all signed up for The April Fools Challenge with a goal of writing 28K in April. This will be helped by the fact that I have numerous challenges to write for and many other things that I've been procrastinating as well. Of course, this means that now the house will finally sell and my month will be in upheaval while I try to write. Such is my life.

It's not too late to sign-up if you're interested. All you have to do is make a goal to write at least 500 words during April and you'll be considered a winner. You just set a goal that you can do, write like crazy, and see how it goes. There is no failing with this challenge. And it doesn't have to be on one novel. And I think that's why I succeed at this challenge and not Nanowrimo very often.


Alrighty, off to catch up on friends list and then write and then avoid work for as long as possible.


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