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Happy Supernatural Day!!!


Random: I love this moment of Brokeback Mountain in my icon. It makes me swoon. I look at this photo and it always makes me happy, like pictures of Jared Padalecki smiling.


Work has been very busy the past few days and when I get hom, I either want to collapse or find myself dealing with issues. Like stupid DirecTV and the fact that I always have trouble if it drizzles. Rather annoying. And I ended up missing Pushing Daisies while we tried to fix the problem. At least this time, I wasn't dealing with a complete moron on the phone. This girl was smart and knew what she was talking about. That always helps.


Today I hope to:

-do the drabbles: still a few spots open if you want one. Just give me a fandom and a prompt. You guys know my fandoms for the most part.

-updated [ profile] polyfandomrecs before Steph and others kill me. At Wincon people pointed out that i haven't updated in forever, mostly Steph, so I shall get on it. I have a bunch saved. I just have to update. I'm a sad girl.
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Being sick for the past five days has really messed me up. Not only am I confused as to what day it is and what's going on in the real world, I'm so behind on fannish endeavors (ya know, the *important* stuff).

I just finished sending out the reminders to those that requested them for [ profile] schmoopfest, since stories are due this friday! And I made the masterlist for [ profile] spncross. Now I just need to finish my story for both challenges ([ profile] spncross first) along with my Sam/Dean take on Just Friends...not even counting the numerous other writing projects I have in the works.

Stupid sinuses!

::shakes fist as though I wouldn't be this behind without illness anyway::


So I checked out [ profile] twilight_tables, not because I think I can write that much Twilight fic, but because I wanted to see if anyone signed up for Alice/Jasper. And people have! THis makes me happy! This means there will be Alice/Jasper fic! YAY! I love them.

I'm actually working on an Alice/Jasper fic for my sister because she was complaining that I never write her anything. She originally asked for Edward/Bella and I just can't do it. I enjoyed Edward/Bella, but I don't think I could ever write them, especially not Bella. She's the antithesis of the female characters I tend to write and it would probably come out terrible if I tried to undertake it.

But Alice/Jasper. YUM. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on that community.


Okay, I'm going to attempt to do some writing this evening. But first, I must shower.
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Tomorrow is back to work after four days out sick and the weekend. I'm seriously scared of what my in-bin and outlook is going to look like upon my return.

That said, I have accomplished a few things this weekend:

- room cleaned and laundry done
- finished a book on organization and have some ideas for how to do it
- watched a bunch of Arrested Development and allowed myself to start season one of CSI with my sister (because I need another freaking show)
- posted sam/dean schmoop, I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles
- began writing a Daddy!Dean fic in honor of father's day for [ profile] iamentheos

Of course, none of these things were on my planned to-do list, but oh well. It was stuff I'm glad was accomplished nonetheless.


Check out [ profile] reel_spn if you get a chance. It's for Supernatural/CW RPS fic based around different movies. I swore to myself I wasn't going to take on any more challenges, but I saw Just Friends as a choice and had to have it. Any excuse to watch that movie again. Plus, the idea of Dean Winchester singing "I Swear" just makes me laugh and laugh.


So I have a question to put out there regarding constructive criticism. Not so much how one feels about receiving it. If it's handled in a positive manner, I find that it's a great help to me personally.

That said, I never know how to react when someone provides it to something I'm done with. Because I do appreciate the feedback and knowing what works/doesn't work in a story...but at the same time, I'm not likely to go back and change anything in that story (more like keep it in mind for further times).

So how does one respond to constructive criticism in that situation?

I don't want to seem like I'm pissed off by the honesty (I appreciate it), but I'm also not going to change it at that point.
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So I went to the doctor today because the evil plague was not going away on its own and I needed antibiotics. It was as I figured. Bad sinusitus and the start of bronchitis (that I wasn't expecting) I'm supposed to "rest" through the weekend.

Send me Jared/Jensen and Sam/Dean and Patrick/Pete schmoop, my friends! Lots of it.

Despite illness, I managed to get a few fannish things off my to-do list so that I can try to focus on writing tonight and tomorrow (while resting, of course). I did some beta work and put together recs that have been waiting for me to post and even read some more fic because how can I rec fic if I don't read it? And there is only so much rewatching of Entourage a girl can do before the season premiere and undertaking a girl!Eric/Vince story.

Maybe if I get a bunch of stuff off the fannish plate, I can make the post for the Rec-a-Palooza, which seems to be a go from the poll I did.


Steph has discovered our first communication many moons ago, back from our Nsync fandom days when we both wrote Het! I sent her an email about one of her short stories on Justin and was apparently moved and compelled to write her.

And thus, the crazy BFF/OTP/co-dependent relationship was born. Aren't y'all just so damn happy that happened?

I'm actually pretty sure that's how my relationship with [ profile] iamentheos began too, except it was a Lance fic that I was moved by.


Some pimpage. First my things...

- [ profile] polyfandomrecs has been updated by both myself and Steph. We honestly don't plan ahead of time to update on the same days. It's just that shared brain thing.

- [ profile] schmoopfest has it's first story posted already, but never fear, you can still claim prompts up until the due date of August 24th! Multifandom schmoop! Only 750 words! Check out the remaining prompts.

- [ profile] spncross is running the poll on fandoms to include until June 17th. And if you're considering signing up, be sure to check out the info, rules & timeline.

- Due to my illness, I'm running the 2nd question for Supernatural Hiatus Fun until next Monday. So click on the link and share with me your favorite scene of Season one by quote, cap, whatever.

And now other people's stuff to pimp...

- [ profile] spn_heraea - The Angst Vs. Schmoop Olympics of Supernatural Fandom. If you read Sam/Dean, go read and vote on your favorites!

- [ profile] spnbreaksthelaw - It's real laws that were never removed from the books for a Supernatural/RPS challenge. No due date, my friends.

- Heroes Big Boom Challenge has sign-ups until June 17th.


I'm not really "hot" - I just love this mood icon. It makes me hot. That's right. Damn Jared!
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Why is my weekend over? Drats! And tomorrow I have to go to the gym at 6am and do evil workout designed by equally evil trainer! Arghy blarghy!

Don't forget to head over to [ profile] schmoopfest to grab a prompt. Only 750 words and you have until August 24th. Many fandoms: Supernatural, CW RPS, Sports Night, The O.C., NCIS, etc...

I finished [ profile] iamentheos's first fic request for me and we spent some time today discussing Daddy!Dean (as he was in this story) and how hot that is and how he would be this kick ass, but slightly weird dad. So now I might write more Daddy!Dean, but first, she wants Dean/Jess darkfic. And dudes, she is killing me. She wrote the first part of the Jensen Ackles/Jake Gyllenhaal/Emmy (our OFC) threesome fic and it's HOTNESS.

This is why I am her fic slave, my friends!


So new to do list for tomorrow:

-finish Winchester Meets Halliwell
-Dean/Jess fic
-Girl!Eric/Vince Entourage story that Steph helped me think out a bit.
-Recs must get done. so many recs kicking it.
-Sweet Charity fics! Kat/Ethan is plotted in my brain, just need to write it.

Alas, tonight I'm going to try to stay up and do the [ profile] het_newsletter for the evening.

And song of the day that I keep repeating is the studio version of "Time of the Season" by Blake Lewis. "What's your name? Who's your daddy?"
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Awesome icon courtesy of [ profile] tvm's brilliance.

The problem with using Target as my pharmacy is that I spend tons of money in there while I'm waiting for my scripts to be ready. It's the devil store! I was good though. I didn't pick up the new Maroon 5 cd or give in and get Bones season 1 (which, for those interested, is on sale for $ 16.99 currently)...I'm so very poor. And really, maybe if I didn't have to spend money on meds all the time.

Le sigh.


Spent earlier today running errands with the mother, bought a new pair of Cross Training Nikes as mine are worn out and my trainer said I probably should invest in a new pair. Came home to MSNBC going crazy about the foiled terrorist plot with JFK airport. Oh, it just never ends, does it?


To Do List:

-[ profile] schmoopfest work with the prompts Woo-hoo! All done!
-[ profile] iamentheos's story Done and posted for her!
-Recs! Must post the tons of recs I have
-[ profile] quillandink prompts
-Winchester Meets Halliwell: try to actually finish neverending latest story
-Watch Series 2 premiere of Hex on BBC tonight so I can chat with [ profile] ladybug218 and [ profile] tonic2w
-Finish first kiss ficlets


I have seen the last Pirates movie and I truly loved it. It did a great job of wrapping things up and moving the character arcs to a good resolution, all the while keeping things open enough if they do decide to go for another movie. And while it was the longest of the movies, it didn't feel nearly as long to me as the second one. I just love Orli. I go through phases with him, but [ profile] iamentheos can testify how obsessed with him I tend to get. Heh. (She doesn't tease about it as she shares this obsession, per usual. We tend to love the same celebrity boys!)

I'll probably see it again with the mother at some point, but there are other movies that I want to see, so I'm not sure when that will happen.
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The drama going on continues to unfold around us and I'm still not sure what to make of it. My journal will continue to remain unlocked as much as it has always been over here. Quite frankly, if my journal ends up getting deleted because I've posted a few Sam/Dean stories where they are CONSENTING ADULTS and have clearly marked it not for children, then I'm not sure I want to be posting my stuff here anymore.

Livejournal is going to have to do something to work with fandom at some point, as I'm guessing the collective we (all fandoms) make up a hell of a lot of their revenues. I can't imagine they want to alienate us all away from using their product.

That said, I went around over at greatest journal and tried to friend those of you on my friends list that I found there. So if you're wondering who dastardlyspoon is, it's me. And feel free to friend me over there if you wish. While I'd hate to ever leave livejournal after so long, dude, greatest journal gives me SO MANY icon slots!


Fannish Goals for today:

-Finish [ profile] iamentheos's first prompt
-Post some recs
-Finish the last of the first kiss drabbles (so if you want one, go here)


I ended up signing up for [ profile] spn_harlequin because Nan is evil and posted really interesting and ping-worthy prompts. So yes, another challenge. [ profile] larah33 and [ profile] ladybug218 are going to make a community that's all about pestering me - I see it now. Heh.
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So much for a day of fandom endeavors. When I chatted with Steph on AIM, I had told her how I just wanted to sleep. She encouraged this, but I was going to be strong and do stuff. Yeah, that totally didn't happen. I ended up sleeping all afternoon and then I got sucked into this documentary on Showtime about Intelligent Design. Stupid sinuses! Stupid interesting documentaries!

So tomorrow I will finish up the beta stuff and then over the week I will attempt to get caught up on some of the reading/reccing. And I have a ton of frakking ideas running through my head at the moment that involve Dean Winchester. And Steph and I talked about doing more of each our stories we wrote for the other's birthdays...that's if I can pull her away from Fall OUt Boy for a few minutes!

I am pondering if I want to sign up for the The 2007 JuC Swap. It's been awhile since I've written JC and Justin. Hhhmmm...must decide.

Now I must go try to put together the [ profile] het_newsletter for the night so Amy doesn't have to kick my ass!


P.S. - Really love "lazy" mood. GAH.
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Woo-hoo! It's Friday! Weekend is almost here! I might actually be able to do things this weekend! Currently, everyone in my office is out to lunch, leaving me all by myself, but I love that. It allows me some freedom.

But before I contemplate doing anything, let's talk about last night's episode of Supernatural, the show that I never fail to love more than is normal.

Supernatural episode thoughts - will have spoilers... )


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 29

1. Imagine you've been told, for whatever reason, that you must rename Sam and Dean. What would you rename them? But their names work for them and I have enough trouble naming my own characters. I have no clue.

2. What types/genres of novels can you see Dean and/or Sam reading?

Dean reads comics and sometimes he actually does read the articles in Playboy. Hee. Okay, I just see him more as a magazine type guy.

As for Sam, he's probably read all the classics and expected books. As for types for him, I'm not sure. Because I think fantasy, but I think it probably loses something for him when he deals with those things on a daily basis, so I don't know.

3. What was one twist in season two that you did not see coming?

There haven't been any twists that I didn't really see coming. I mean, we knew the demon wanted Sam for some reason and that it couldn't be good.

4. If Dean and/or Sam had an email address, what do you think the address would be? I think Sam's would be rather forthright like, whereas Dean would go for funny popculture reference sorta like with their safe words and aliases.

5. The season two finale is quickly approaching. What one thing tops your Must-Not-Happen-To-The-Winchesters list, other than their death?

I know no spoilers, but really, I don't want Sam to go evil. I don't want that for Dean or Sammy.


Dear NJ Health Insurance Laws,

You are trying to kill me. I'm trying to understand you so that when people ask me these questions, I know what they're talking about, but you make *no* sense.

No love,



My writing goal for this weekend is to actually finish Jen's b-day story. I keep adding more and more to it, but it's way past time for it to be finished. And if I could accomplish some other stuff, well, that would be lovely too.
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It's Friday! It's Friday! I have a long weekend! Woo-hoo!

I was so tired last night I almost thought that I wouldn't be able to make it through Supernatural, but I did and I'm so very glad about that.

Episode review does contain spoilers... )


Have much writing to do this weekend and I really need to force myself to do it. I also have a ton of stories bookmarked in my memories on livejournal to read. And, Steph wants us to get in the habit of updating [ profile] polyfandomrecs more often if possible (another sadist, lucky I love her)...someone please send me productivity.

As for the Supernatural Hug-A-Thon, it looks like it will be a go, but I'll probably wait until mid-March to start taking prompts and then open claiming up at the beginning of April. That way those doing the Big Bang challenge can still participate. So keep an eye out for that in the next month.

But for now, I'm off to check email and friends list and get back to work.

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How the hell did I get pulled into this Smallville drama? Oy. Oh well, I guess it will make for an interesting friday.

Does this mean that you guys will send the only known cure for the sinus headache of doom - Jensen Ackles? Do what you must to get him, but really, without him, I will surely die of my headache.


So Supernatural last night - repeat, but god do I love Sammy in this episode. And Dean at the end still makes my heart wrench.


Today I am hoping to finish my beta work on Steph's [ profile] yuletide fic. Here's to hoping that work slows down a tad and my headache 'o doom goes away. Stupid caffeine withdrawal. I could never handle coming off any hardcore drugs, people. I'm nearly passed out from the pain of just a headache. I can only imagine what I'd be like in withdrawal of hardcore drugs. I'd just die. And yes, I truly am a big baby in the face of pain.

I would also love to actually do some writing. Wouldn't that be magnificent?

Go awaaaaaaaay, headache.

Alrighty, ciao darlings. I must go beat my co-worker, Mike, over the head because he's blasting Little Richard and making my JC bobblehead dance.
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So I think I'm officially giving up on Nanowrimo. I'll still continue writing the Dean Crossover 'O Doom, but I'm only at a little over 20,000 words and there is no way with work and class that I'm pulling this out. Instead, I figure I will spend the next few days of November trying to finish up ficlets I owe people and getting a start on my numerous holiday challenge pieces.

And then I will continue to write my Dean crossover as I go, without worrying about making the 50,000.

I give so much credit to y'all who can do it. I just like my friends and movies and sleep too much to really push myself.


Whenever the boy would take time to game with my sister, I would attempt to catch up on fanfic. I'm still uber behind, but I'm hoping to make a recs post soon over at [ profile] polyfandomrecs before our one year anniversary. It's so weird. Where did the year go? I mean, both Steph and I had been reccing stuff separately before setting up the community, but then she had the brilliant idea we should join forces and we did. and now it's been a year.

Fun times.

Anyway, I've been trying to bookmark all the fic out there that I stumble across that looks like something I'd read or is by one of you guys (because y'all are my favorite writers). But feel free to comment with links to stories you think I must not miss out on.


Fandom to do list of sorts... )


A holiday questionaire/meme thing... )


Dear Philadelphia Sports Teams,

What's with the sucking? ::glares at her hockey boys:: Especially you Flyers. I expect this sort of thing from the Eagles, but you're usually better than this.

No love,



Alrighty, off to finish off this day and then to go home and countdown time until new Heroes. I really love this show. And it's weird because I'm not particularly fannish about it at all. It's as though the actual show is *enough* for me. Go figure.

Ciao darlings!
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Grrr...argh! I'm beginning to hate my DVR. This is the second time during Supernatural (of all the shows to mess around with, must it be THIS one?) that it froze up and stopped taping. So I've only seen the first ten minutes.

My DVR is so lucky that I know where to locate things like this, otherwise someone would've died.

And it goes back to my ex-roommate and that demon house, breaking my new Tivo. I wouldn't have these problems if my Tivo were working, but instead I'm dependent on an evil DVR from DirectTV. Grrr...

So yes, I haven't watched Supernatural yet. This perturbs me so I will probably end up skimming the friends list as most of it will probably involve squee...and I'm nothing if not bitter.


I have much writing to attempt to accomplish this weekend, especially with Nano starting on Wednesday.

My list of writing to do's that I should attempt...feel free to skip if you want... )


So people, I've had some more fic ideas that I feel should be shared with the world. Sure, of the last batch, I ended up starting the Dean is hit by a Karoake demon and sings to Sam "Oh Sammy" to Mandy by Barry manilow. (What? I like the crack!)

-Where is the Sam and Dean watch House of Carters fic? Dean mocks it and Sam realizes he actually had a more normal life than the Carters. Dean and Sam both agree they would kill themselves if Aaron was their little brother.

-Sam & Dean in a Jericho type storyline. Except better than the show. Just them in the aftermath, stuck somewhere, forced to interact with people and possibly save the day.

-I never tire of Sam & Dean that deals with how the two of them stopped talking during Sam's years at Stanford.

-Where is the fic where rather than Dean coming for Sam in the pilot, Sam locates Dean after Jess dies and realizes their father has gone AWOL?

-And we cannot forget Dean meets Oliver from Smallville and the question arises: does the world actually fall off its axis with so much hotness in one place?

Come on, my friends. You know you want to do it!


Alrighty off to sorta read the friends list, skipping only the things dealing with SPN from last night. I'll go back to read those once I've had a chance to enjoy it myself.

Please make this day go faster. Four and a half hours left, then I'm doing happy hour with some co-workers, and then home!

Ciao darlings!
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I'm alive and kicking...sort of. Took a fall on Wednesday, though no one that I know seemed surprised, including my doctor. Though he did say, "you know, you're getting to an age where you don't pop right back up when you fall." That's so mean.

I did finish my X-Men ficathon story, just waiting on the remaining betas. Did my best to incorporate the whole request into the story, but it was way more plotty than I had time for, so it's a semi-met request. Hope the recipient ends up liking it anyhow.

And now it's back to the Supernatural story 'o doom. I will finish it and have it posted before the premiere. Oh, I will, dammit.


fannish projects... )


So yes, now that I've got the X-Men story done, I will be finishing up the rest of those Five Things for characters meme. If you want to request one, just leave a comment with it.

in the meantime...

Some pimpage:

-I've updated [ profile] polyfandomrecs with 20 Supernatural fanfiction recs. And I know Steph just did a rec post of more SGA.

-Supernatural Halloween Challenge - taking prompts until September 18th and then on September 19th, claims begin.

-Supernatural Holiday Fic Exchange - sign-ups October 1-22nd

-The CW Upfronts Ficathon - RPS, no deadlines at moment, currently taking prompts.

-SPN GleeWeek Request Post - Go see if you are inspired to write any of the fics, make any of the graphics or vids...

-[ profile] medie is running a Multifandom Porn Battle.

-Multifandom Secret Santa Exchange has sign-ups until October 7th.


More to come later. Just wanted to say that I'm back to cheery fangirl and apologize if I was too morose earlier this week. It's a hard time for me and I try not to make a big deal of it, but sometimes that doesn't work.

But anyway, fandom fun shall rule once again!

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It's Friday before a long weekend, I'm feeling much better, and my boss is letting us leave at 3:30pm today. Woo-hoo. I don't care that it's raining like a monsoon. It's all good.

I'll be working on the ABC Ficlet Meme this weekend. I've allowed [ profile] sdlucly to claim J, K, and Q in addition since they were all that was left, but if anyone didn't get a ficlet request in yet that wants one, comment for one of those letters and I'll do both. [ profile] sdlucly will get hers anyway as she tolerates my terrible beta time lapses. Hee.

I'm also hoping to get caught up on some beta work that I owe people as well as some fanfiction reading. I've got a bunch of stories stored in my memories and bookmarks, but no time.

Of course, maybe it's not wise to pick the weekend before moving to decide to do this.

Oh well. I've never been a very logical gal.


We finally move to the house next week. I can't wait to get settled and not have to worry about things like open houses, where creepy people touch my shit (I came home last weekend to find that someone had lifted the covers off the bottom of my I'm hoping this means that I'll be able to get back into a writing rhythm that I haven't been able to maintain since living in demon house the past five months.


I had another Supernatural dream last night...or maybe just a Dean Winchester dream. I don't remember the exacts of this one, except that Dean and I were talking about the show Ghost Hunters. one day I'd really like my subconscious to allow me to make out with Dean. That'd be a lot more fun.


Entourage and 4400 start back up soon. I'm so very, very excited. I'm hoping it will make the pain of no new SPN for a few months a bit more bearable. I so miss Entourage. And I really need to see Shawn's reaction to that season two finale on 4400.

Sometimes I think I'm way too addicted to television, but I really can't help myself. There's such good stuff and hot boys to be seen.
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Not only have I stumbled upon stories for the [ profile] picfor1000 already, they're all really good and make me feel inadequate. I haven't even thought about mine beyond, "I think this will be an Entourage fic." Nothing more than that. No idea if in this fic it will be Vince/Eric or just friendship or maybe a mixture of both. No words written on it at all. I'm a lazy, lazy fangirl.

I also had an evil plot bunny that has taken over my brain for Supernatural. Full of angst and hijinks and a little mishap involving a genie. Er...I cannot be held responsible for the plot bunnies that plague me after I ingest four cans of Diet Coke.

The problem is: I have no time for this at the moment. I need to spend all my time packing. And moving. Moving and packing. My friend wants me to move in by like January 25th! that's too soon, I want to cry. But if I say that she really will cry and emotionally-unavailable people like me get uncomfortable in those situations.


My fannish to-do list. Pass right on over unless you want to see how far behind I am on everything... )


I posted more about this in my personal journal, but yesterday an old lady crashed her sedan into our office building. No one was hurt, merely perplexed as my building is located at the top of a hill. She must of HIT that gas in the parking lot.

Is it wrong that I found the whole thing amusing?


[ profile] dragonsinger: Did you post your General Female Ficathon piece? I'm just wondering if I should still do my back-up as I haven't heard anything from the moderator yet. Oh the confusion! Hee.


Not much else going on. I get to spend my long weekend (plus two extra days of my vacation time) packing, moving, times. You're all jealous, I know.

In case I'm not around, have a great weekend! (Feel free to write me lots of Supernatural fic to support my pity party! I'm okay with that.)
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Okay, slowly, but surely managing to get all my writing obligations completed. I'm a little behind still, but hopefully I can get caught up. But my Female Gen Ficathon piece is in the hands of my beta and I'm hoping to churn out my SGA Bad Summary thing that leaves me tomorrow to do my Supernatural Santa story (I started one that's gotten away from me and it won't be done - so now it's back to the proverbial drawing board) and then this weekend I'll finish up my [ profile] bubbleficathon piece so that's done before the final deadline.


I was doing good there for awhile getting things done ahead of time, but apparently I only work best if I'm very close to the deadline and absolutely nutters!


In case you're interested, the finished results of the Pretty Lights RPS Ficathon. Someone wrote me wonderful Ewan/Hayden and I wrote someone...

You'll have to wait and see.

But I don't think it turned out too shabby, thanks muchly to [ profile] iamtheenemy and [ profile] ladybug218.

If you like RPS, go read and feedback. There's many fandoms represented - Brokeback Mountain, Supernatural, SGA...lots good RPS happiness!


I'm slowly getting caught up on all the work I missed while I was out. I came in yesterday and nearly died do to the way my in-box files were bending under the huge pile of shit for me to do.

So I should probably get back to that pile.

Later my friends!
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My mother has purloined my copies of Season one and two of Due South. I told her I wanted season three for christmas and she suddenly perked up, "Does that mean you have the first two seasons?" "Uh yeah..." And then she took them, mumbling something about giving me life and therefore she owns my soul or something.

So last night, instead of watching Due South episodes (okay, so I probably wouldn't have done that), I reread Brokeback Mountain and fell into melancholy once again. And I'm seeing the movie on Saturday afternoon with it Saturday yet?


Okay, I really need to finish up all my holiday challenge pieces so I can focus on the 12 fandom days of christmas that I'm doing. Hence the reason I haven't done the end of year writing memes yet (aside from the fact that it's not quite the end of year yet...don't rush me, people!)...because there will be more produced before the end of 2005. Then I will do the writing meme because I'm intrigued to see how much writing I did.


Today I have a lunch meeting. Tomorrow I have a breakfast meeting. Bah. Sometimes work can be so workish.

Ciao, mis amigas.
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Just for the record, I hate all of you that got to see Brokeback Mountain this past weekend (hate meaning "love you all, but am bitter and jealous and bitter...have I mentioned the bitter?"). I haven't been this embittered since the first round of Serenity screenings that I didn't get to go to.

Already have plans set for seeing it though, so that makes life a bit easier. It also helps that my dreams have decided to try to aid my sadness - last night I had recurring Jake/Heath making out dreams in many different places. I think this is partly due to the Logo BBM special I watched a few times before bed AND my current SESA idea.

To summarize: dreams = good, lack of movie seen = sucks

Also, anyone care to point me in the direction of some pretty BBM icons?


I haven't seen Narnia yet either as I'm taking the little bit to see it. I was six-years old when my older brother first bought me the series and now my little bit is six. So I got her the books and told her we'd see the movie together.

So soon I shall see it. Everyone seems to have loved it thus far and I doubt I'll be any different. A long time ago, I learned to separate the books I love from the film adaptations...because no matter how good the adaptations are, there is always something that I envisioned differently in my imagination - and I prefer to keep my imagined version somewhere.


Have much writing to finish in the next two weeks. I have some of the challenge pieces started and some ideas for the others, but I'm worried all the same. I always tend to freak out a bit beforehand, sure that my recipient will hate the finish project and curse my very existence. Thus far I've been quite fortunate where: 1) no one hated his/her story or 2) no one at least bashed me publicly so I can live in happy ignorance.

Also have a bunch of recs to put together for [ profile] polyfandomrecs and [ profile] rec50, as well as a few beta pieces. I'm working on it all, but I was very lazy this weekend. I didn't really go near my computer unless it was necessary.
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I tried to catch up on the friends list throughout the week, but I'm afraid that I ended up skimming at times. Not my normal, but gah, sometimes real life likes to kill me dead. Between the new rules for Medicare that I had to figure out for work (in order to explain it to my co-workers and create a required notice) and the fact that my partner in crime at the office was out sick all week - I haven't done anything outside actual work all week. And that includes stuff for school.


So yes, I have a ton of writing to do, a whole lot of fanfiction reading, and some beta and rec work as well. My point? If it seems like I'm spamming my list this weekend, I apologize ahead of time. I've just had a ton of half-started things on my computer that I hope to finish today.

Or maybe I'll just watch my first season Entourage dvds again. (Speaking of - [ profile] iamtheenemy, you may have been kidding about CSI dvds to get me addicted, but I'm so getting you the Entourage dvds so you'll write me lots of fic!)


I've been seeing the wish list meme pop up on the friends list! Yay! I love being able to do things for people if I can - and as I'm completely poor, ficlets and the like are where my talents will lie.

But in case you missed it: My Wishlist - made up entirely of things that cost no money!. I'd feel weird asking for things of monetary value since I can't reciprocate, so yeah.

I do love this time of year and all the wonderful chances to do fic for other people.

There's [ profile] yuletide, which I'm all signed up for (and [ profile] ladybug218 and I were smart to make sure we won't end up with one another since she's one of my two betas), and [ profile] sesa_discuss and [ profile] undermistletoe! There are a bunch of other ones, but if I signed up for any more than that, I wouldn't be able to do wish list/holiday fic for yeah, I had to limit my insanity a tad.

But it's just fun. I like happy fandom and around the holidays, fandoms seems to agree to be happy in general.


Okay, off to try to read some fic, write some fic, and rec some fic.

Hope all is well, my friends.


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