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Because one of the my goals for the year is to make time for fun, fannish things and then I saw others talking about trope bingo ([community profile] trope_bingo) and I had to sign up

My Trope Bingo Card )
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It's been awhile since I've done an update and I apologize. I'm trying to stay up on the reading, just not commenting as much as I would like, and when I go to post something, it seems boring or whiny. I try to keep a lot of complaining out of fandom fun as it takes the fun part out.

I'm also not really up-to-date on most shows at the moment except Criminal Minds, Project Runway, and The Mentalist. I was caught up on Brothers & Sisters for about a minute there (how much do I love Kevin and Scotty? So much! And how much do I love that Tommy came back even for an episode? VERY MUCH!) and after work tonight, I'll watch last night's Big Bang Theory because one can never have too much Sheldon Cooper in her life, but that's it.

Hopefully over Thanksgiving holiday I'll have time to catch up. People keep trying to make plans for me and my sister, including my one older brother, but I just don't think it's a good idea. We've decided to go low-key this year - I hope it didn't hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't want to go somewhere and start randomly crying or something. Or worse, what if I'm perfectly fine - will people be like, "First holiday without her mom and she's fine?" So no big plans except meeting up with my usual friend crew to see a cheesy movie afterwards - this year it looks to be 2012 at the moment.


In case you're interested and don't want to wait until Black Friday, Amazon appears to be having a good sale on some tv shows on dvd. I managed to get the last season of Brothers & Sisters for 24.95 and Castle is only eighteen bucks. If only money grew on trees...

In the meantime, my thoughts:

Criminal Minds: I continue to love every character. they're my team, no matter what. spoilers for last two episodes... ) I need to read some more reid/morgan and reid/hotch. I'm behind.

The Mentalist: I love Jane. I love how he just does whatever he wants and people just learn to go along with it. I love the whole team. I love how well they work together and what each of them brings to the group. For spoilers for the last couple of episodes... ) This week's episode looks interesting with Red John back in the forefront.


I have been writing this month for mininanowrimo. My daily goal is 150 words and I haven't done a lot over that on any given day, but I've met each days goal. I'm slowly working on another girl!Niko story for veritas the quest as well as a new original novel idea. I'm sort of writing it all over the place, not worrying about how it fits together until I have a better idea of it in my head. It's slowly formulating as I write some scenes between the main characters and probably the majority of those scenes will end up getting tossed. Such is writing.

I'm also very excited about my yuletide assignment. I was matched up on one specific fandom, but I think I could manage another one as well. And my yuletide recipient had a great letter filled with things that got my brain moving. I like to mull yuletide over for a bit though before writing the first draft. I find it comes out better that way.
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So I signed up for [ profile] cliche_bingo because I love cliche fic almost as much as the schmoop. And I need to write. And this sounded like fun. And I can't seem to stop starting sentences with "and."

The cliche bingo table... )
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-It's not too late to go ahead and play with my random lyrics challenge. You can either post the drabble/ficlet in the comments or just link to it. I'm gonna make a masterlist up of the ones posted. I haven't had the opportunity to read yet - why is that the things that happen that would make you want to just slow down are always the ones that cause the most work (i.e. - my mother's's neverending).

-The latest Grammar Girl podcast & transcript is very fitting for fandom. It's about how to leave comments. I don't know any bloggers who don't crave comments, but there are many more places than blogs that you can leave comments these days: on news articles, photos, videos, comment walls, and more. Comment writing is something of a new art form, and as many people who get comments will tell you, some are great and some are horrible.

-I actually started writing something today. It's not much, but it's felt like so long. It's probably dreadful, but it's a start.

-Is it weird that my sister and I are almost completely caught up with Criminal Minds? This is accounting for me restarting with her when my mother died (we needed something mindless to do at times) and now we're on 4.15. Oh Spencer, you own me. Really, if you read CM fic, I'll read Reid/Morgan or Reid/Hotch or Reid/JJ. Hook a girl up. Maybe one day I'll have time to read fanfiction again. Woo.
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I've decided to run a simple drabble/ficlet/story challenge right here, right now. I was listening to Kelly Clarkson's new album on repeat play and this part of "My Life Would Suck Without You" just makes me think of so many fannish couples.

"Maybe I was stupid for telling you goodbye
Maybe I was wrong for tryin' to pick a fight
I know that I've got issues
But you're pretty messed up too
Either way, I found out I'm nothing without you..."

Any fandom, any pairing, just write something based around these lyrics. And then link it in the comments. I'll make a masterlist as people post stories.

So come and play. And pimp. And if you need a copy of the song, I uh, know people and stuff...
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I'll be doing prompt tables until I die...

Challenge: slashfic25
My Claim: Dan/Casey, Sports Night

Onto the table... )
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I'm crazy and signed up for 5trueloves over at livejournal. Thirty prompts provided, write 5 stories (with 3 different pairings) for claimed character.

My claim and the prompts... )
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I can't seem to stop myself. What's wrong with me? It wouldn't be so bad if I was a writing machine like some of my friends, but I'm not.

The Hurt&Comfort Table... )
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Whitelighter AU - Supernatural/Charmed - Dean decided to go with the reaper during In My Time Of Dying and becomes Wyatt & Chris Halliwell's whitelighter.

Stories in the Series (in order as best as possible for the plot line in my brain - though not necessarily written that way):

-- A Different Path: How the whole thing starts

-- A Gypsy Lost in the Twilight Zone: Dean isn't sure he can do this.

-- Keeping a Promise: Piper keeps a promise to Dean and checks in on Sam

Onto the table for furthering AU ideas... )
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So I've wanted to write Alice/Jasper for awhile, but could never think up any prompts/ideas on my own. So I'm trying a table.

For the Twilight 20 - Beta Table )
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I ended up signing up for not only the oldschool ficathon run by my wifey, but the smallfandomfest going on as well. But I couldn't resist the prompt of Harry Dresden and Cal Leandros meeting. I'm a sucker for crossovers.

Of course, I'm also a sucker for lazing about and procrastination, so we'll see.


I've been reading a lot of Iron Man, Tony/Pepper fic lately. There's not a whole lot of good stuff out there, but I'm constantly on a search. Soon I might even have some recs.

And this is the problem with my fickle, polyfandom ways. I'm always skipping around so much.


Today I'm having lunch with Amy and Mike. We're having pizza and trying to take our minds off the insanity that is work. Originally my plan was to get some Whole Foods and write, but yeah, today has not been a good day and I need my friends. And if there is one thing Mike comes in handy for, it's making me laugh.


I need some David Cook icons. I also need some Shia icons from the new Indiana Jones movie. And I really want Indy & Marion (sp?) and Mudd fic, where they're bickering and taking adventures and just cool stuff.
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One more table because I'm hoping prompts will get me writing a lot more.

The Family 15 Challenge... )
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Because I have a problem with prompt tables...

To my table for a-to-z challenge on livejournal... )
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My table for [ profile] 25moments - no fandom claimed as I'll being doing multiple

Below is my table for 25 Moments )
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I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's Eve and a lovely day today. It was fun chatting with a bunch of y'all last night and I apologize for disappearing rather quickly. The boy and his friends were suddenly done with XBox, so we all hung out watching the History Channel like the huge history nerds we all are.

My [ profile] spn_holidays fic is with my two trusty betas after the story kicked my butt from here to there. I was way overthinking and worrying about perfection to the point that it was really messing up. Once I listend to both Steph and Jen about just going with the flow, I was much better off. I feel horrible that it's going to be a day late, but I'd rather post a fic that's edited than one that sucks majorly. Hopefully my person won't hate me too much.

Only two more days of vacation left for me before I return to insanity in my office. I had a horrible nightmare involving my work last night (and also featured Murphy Brown) and it brought home some of my issues that I need to deal with. Le sigh. So much fun.

Instead of doing that though, I think I will post my [ profile] yuletide fics and then go try to make a dent in the archive again now that I finished up my other gift stories.
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My [ profile] sn_holidays story is with my betas and I'm trying to finish up my [ profile] spn_holidays piece. The problem I have with the holiday challenges is that I want the stories to be perfect and wonderful for the recipient...and that makes it harder to write because I second guess myself a whole lot.


How is my winter vacation almost over already? It feels like it only just started...and that makes me sad. I really wish I was independently wealthy or that I could enjoy fandom activities as a job. Wouldn't that be lovely?


Alrighty, off to catch up on friends list and then I must finish this supernatural gift. And then I'm sure I'll be bugging y'all for a beta.

In case I'm not back on, have a happy and safe holiday! I'm hoping to take the night to reflect on things and work on how to make more of myself in the upcoming year. I don't do resolutions, per se, because to me that seems like I'm doomed to failure come March...but I like to think about where I can go in the upcoming year.

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