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So I managed to write a few things for [community profile] fandom_stocking but I still have a few more bookmarked to do something for or I started and got distracted, never finishing in time. Figured I would share now that the recipients got to enjoy the little fanworks. As always, if you've read my stuff before, you know that titles are never my strong point.

The Lost Bet
- Captain America, Steve/Bucky - Steve wins a bet and Bucky ends up at Ikea.

Holiday Plans - Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Danny - Danny might be freaking out about upcoming holiday plans.

Never Easy - The Losers, Jake/Cougar - Jensen isn't the easiest patient, but Cougar tries to focus on the fact that Jake is still alive.

Danny and the Volvo of Doom (did I mention the title thing?) - Sports Night, Danny/Casey - Danny gets himself hurt. Casey worries. And Dan really just wants to make out with his boyfriend on the couch.


If any of you on my friends list had stockings, feel free to link me to them. I know it's after the fact, but it can't hurt. I've got a large writing goal to make this year!

Also, the Cuddles for Comfort fanfest is going until February 14th, so feel free to leave some prompts if you want. My fandoms are listed in my user info, but usually if I know a fandom, I'd be willing to give it a go.

Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner

Actually, even without the cuddles for comfort, feel free to leave any prompts and I'll do my best to provide at least a drabble in the next week or two.  I really need to get out of my head and write.

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Real post to come in the near future. I'm participating in Mini-Nanowrimo again this year, with a daily word count, in hopes to get myself back on track with my writing. Just writing something. I am working on two ongoing projects - a girl!Niko Veritas fic and a Supernatural/Warehouse-13 fic set after the end of last season's SPN and somewhere in the Warehouse-13 realm...but those are both longer projects and some days I don't feel like working on them.

So I turn to you guys.

Please feel free to provide me with some fandom/pairing/small prompt and I'll see what I can do. Give me as many as you want as I've decided to just go with whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment. I think that's part of the issues I've had with writing (it's a very long story that only my therapist really needs to hear)...I'm too worried about what I should write that I'm become paralyzed.

So again, please feel free to provide me with a fandom/pairing/prompt. For fandoms, good rule of thumb, is any fandom I've written before or those listed in my user info. And some of you know other stuff I love and am willing to try.


Also, I want everyone to give mad props to two of my lovely ladies - Jen and Steph - for getting into graduate school! They rock!

Real post to come soon. I swear!
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I don't mean to neglect this journal. I really enjoy Insanejournal, but I'm completely terrible with doing the duplicate entries and I don't always have access to the program for it anyway. And then there's the fact that work has been kicking my butt the past month.


When do we get some new Supernatural? I know with the writer's strike there aren't a lot left, but I need some Dean and Sam Winchester. I'm obsessed. I accept this. I think about those boys a whole lot more than will ever be deemed healthy, but I'm okay with it. And I need my fix.


Writing this month has not been happening. I want to entirely blame work and the fact that I'm exhausted when I get home, but I'm also feeling drained and uncreative. I want to write some Alice/Jasper from Twilight. I have a table of prompts to do for them, so I really should try it. I want to write some Ellie/Captain Awesome from Chuck because they are adorable. And then, like the crazy person I am, I signed up to do Supernatural Big Bang.

My reasoning seemed sound at the time. Back when I started with fanfiction, I used to write longer type pieces all the time. It was all I really did and then I got out of that practice...I'm still wordy as hell, but not quite in the way I used to be able to come up with ideas, plan, and write. SO I wanted to make sure that I could still do it.

Except now I'm panicking and it's not even officially underway. Go me?

Anyway, feel free to hit me with prompts of any fandoms that I know and I'll try to do them. I'm not making any promises, but I need to do something to get my writing brain moving again. So prompts! Please!
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I'm doing pretty well with Mini-Nanowrimo so far. I've made my goal every day. Sure, it's only been five days, but for me that's a big improvement over the little to no writing I'd been doing lately.

I have all the drabble prompts saved to try to do over the course of the month, but feel free to leave any prompts for fandoms I know and I'll try to see what inspires me. The problem with me is that I suck at drabbles. I tend to get big ideas with prompts. Kinda defeats the purpose.


Some Mini Nanwrimo Stuff:

- I currently have a Dean Winchester as a Whitelighter story with betas that will need some heavy editing once I get it back.

- I did two of the prompts over at [ profile] bestbigbrother to try to get Dean Winchester back on track for muses.

- I started a Dean/Carmen story.

- A Roswell ficlet (which I'll post next)


I'm totally supporting the writers during this strike, but the idea of losing seasons of television makes me sad. I'm a television addict. What will I do without my daily fixes of good shows?
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I doubt that I will ever give up my personal livejournal account. Maybe that makes me a horrible person, but I have over seven years worth of entries on my personal account and I like how it's set up. I'm not sure once the paid time runs out that I'll re-up that, but I'm simply going to admit that it's not likely to go away.

However, on the off chance that livejournal manages to piss me off in ways where I can no longer even justify associating with them...I feel like I should warn that I won't be separating fannish/personal anymore. I'll likely just add more of the personal to this account under friends lock. Also, I do discuss politics and my involvement in various issues in my personal journal - so that would migrate over too.

But, for the meantime, this shall remain like my storydivagirl account over at livejournal, primarily fannish.


I need to write. I should be writing, but none of the current projects I have to do are inspiring me.

So give me some of those Five Things prompts for any of the following fandoms: Supernatural, Charmed, Roswell, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Sports Night, Veritas, CW RPS, Nsync...

(And okay, if you know of another fandom that I do know, feel free to request that too)
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Should I mirror some of my posts from livejournal? Post fic over here? I'm still not sure what I want to do.

I'm thinking I will use it for drabbles and such.

So if you are reading this. Give me a drabble prompt and I will do them as I go.

For fandoms, look to my user info, or anything you know I write.

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