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So I managed to write a few things for [community profile] fandom_stocking but I still have a few more bookmarked to do something for or I started and got distracted, never finishing in time. Figured I would share now that the recipients got to enjoy the little fanworks. As always, if you've read my stuff before, you know that titles are never my strong point.

The Lost Bet
- Captain America, Steve/Bucky - Steve wins a bet and Bucky ends up at Ikea.

Holiday Plans - Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Danny - Danny might be freaking out about upcoming holiday plans.

Never Easy - The Losers, Jake/Cougar - Jensen isn't the easiest patient, but Cougar tries to focus on the fact that Jake is still alive.

Danny and the Volvo of Doom (did I mention the title thing?) - Sports Night, Danny/Casey - Danny gets himself hurt. Casey worries. And Dan really just wants to make out with his boyfriend on the couch.


If any of you on my friends list had stockings, feel free to link me to them. I know it's after the fact, but it can't hurt. I've got a large writing goal to make this year!

Also, the Cuddles for Comfort fanfest is going until February 14th, so feel free to leave some prompts if you want. My fandoms are listed in my user info, but usually if I know a fandom, I'd be willing to give it a go.

Cuddles for Comfort 2017 banner

Actually, even without the cuddles for comfort, feel free to leave any prompts and I'll do my best to provide at least a drabble in the next week or two.  I really need to get out of my head and write.

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I'm at faviconTommyGirl on the AO3. Subscribe to me - fandoms in the immediate queue include Glee, Castle, Supernatural, Alias, etc.! (You'll need to log in to see the subscribe button.)

I'm still in the process of moving everything over to to AO3 because I'm slow-moving like that, but my latest stuff is all there and I'm hoping to get on the ball and post a fandom a day over the next week or two.


I have no motivation to do anything today. I was barely able to drag my butt out of bed and get to work. There is stuff I should be doing, but I can't concentrate. I hate days like this.

Also, as mentioned in last post, please feel free to leave some prompts. I need to get my writing mojo back. I'm currently in the middle of a creative writing workshop that I won a membership to, but that's mostly journaling at the moment. It's good for me and I'm hoping it will help in the end, but currently, I'm still not producing any actual pieces - fanfiction or original.
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Seriously, where do my weekends go and how do they pass so fast? I mostly accomplished errands and things I had put off - doing my taxes. Sadly, yesterday morning I watched the movie Bride Wars, not once, but twice, while doing a few other things. It's not even a good movie, but I watch it. I have these weird movies that I didn't particularly like the first time I saw or ever think it's good, but I will watch it repeatedly. One of the many ways I waste a whole lot of time.


We attempted to bathe the baby kitten, Katniss, as we tried to switch her to a covered litter box as she liked to toss her litter everywhere. Well, she seems to be having issues with lifting her tail up enough not to get the poo stuck to her. The bath did not go so well. We found her when she was only like a week or two old outside, but sometimes, the feral in that monster (cute as she is) comes out. And this is one of those moments where, as I clean off my cuts, I wonder why I'm so anti-declawing. OUCH.


They have all of season three of In Plain Sight for view on Verizon On-Demand. I somehow missed the last season, in the midst of other shows and such, so I'm slowly trying to catch up on that. Also, as I said in last post, rewatching season four of BSG. My sister keeps asking me questions that I can't really answer without giving stuff away. My new answer is, "You'll see" or "well..."

Any of you watch the Biggest Loser? Last week's episode...oh red team, what were you thinking? And it was so upsetting because I love both those girls, but I love the one who was able to stay a little more. Still...oh red team. And yeah, I was really hoping Black would fall and Rulon would be gone.

Also, keep seeing previews for this singing show with Carson Daly (oh TRL time of years yonder) and Christina Aguilera. So watching. Because I need more reality television in my mix now that Teen Mom 2's finale aired.

So much television, so little time.


I need to get back to writing things that aren't epic stories that might never see light of day or get finished. So provide me with characters and a first line and I'll write a drabble of sorts.

Let's limit it to these fandoms: Supernatural (less season six), Glee (no Finn or Quinn), Chuck, Castle, Criminal Minds, Veritas, Numb3rs, Haven, Sports Night
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Real post to come in the near future. I'm participating in Mini-Nanowrimo again this year, with a daily word count, in hopes to get myself back on track with my writing. Just writing something. I am working on two ongoing projects - a girl!Niko Veritas fic and a Supernatural/Warehouse-13 fic set after the end of last season's SPN and somewhere in the Warehouse-13 realm...but those are both longer projects and some days I don't feel like working on them.

So I turn to you guys.

Please feel free to provide me with some fandom/pairing/small prompt and I'll see what I can do. Give me as many as you want as I've decided to just go with whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment. I think that's part of the issues I've had with writing (it's a very long story that only my therapist really needs to hear)...I'm too worried about what I should write that I'm become paralyzed.

So again, please feel free to provide me with a fandom/pairing/prompt. For fandoms, good rule of thumb, is any fandom I've written before or those listed in my user info. And some of you know other stuff I love and am willing to try.


Also, I want everyone to give mad props to two of my lovely ladies - Jen and Steph - for getting into graduate school! They rock!

Real post to come soon. I swear!
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So, I'm doing [ profile] mini_nanowrimo again this year with a daily goal of 300 words. I'm hoping to write more than that, but I wanted to be reasonable to account for evil work days when I leave drained and brain-fried.

Anyway, this is the post where I want y'all to leave me different sorts of prompts - words, basic prompts, five times fic ideas, first lines, character mash-ups...whatever you got, feel free to throw at me. If you're not sure about fandoms, just look at my user info.

This is more just to help me get my muse working. I can't make any guarantees about finished pieces or length or if it will even fit the prompt. I'll do my best though.

So yes, leave me prompts, please.
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Friday is here! Weekend is almost upon me! And I have no real plans aside from continuing with unpacking and doing some reading/writing.


I can't believe it's almost October. In two weeks it's birthday weekend for Mylia and I get to hang out with some of my favorite people. Then the following weekend is [ profile] winchestercon. Alas, I can still only make it for Saturday, but I would love to meet some of you for lunch and/or dinner! I really wanted to do the whole shebang, but this owning a house thing ate up alot of my money and I can't really afford a hotel in Baltimore, no matter how much I want to. Stupid mortgage and growing up!

But yes, dear friends list, those going to [ profile] winchestercon, let me know if we can meet up! I love you guys and want to hang!

Also, [ profile] pheebs1 and [ profile] ladybug218 are helping me with [ profile] win_non_con this year, but if any of you aren't going to the actual con and can help with the online version, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm hoping this weekend to get together the itinerary.


And on the topic of Supernatural...let's talk last night's episode.

There will be are warned... )

Note: As long as you don't share spoilers with me (beyond the preview that's aired), I'm up for any discussions. I tend to squee, but I have no problems if people have issues so long as we all play nice.


I finally watched the summer finale of Burn Notice. All I will say is thank GOD it's coming back in January! And I love Michael! And I love Sam! And I love Fi! And I love Michael and Fi! And...such a good show.


Yesterday I asked for first lines and I would write ficlets. It's not too late to play, so long as I know the fandom. I'm not doing them in any order. Mostly going with whatever strikes my muse. I really need to do some writing.


Finally, will the debate happen tonight? I was all excited it for it before McCain started pulling this stuff. I want my nerdy goodness, dammit.
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1. Happy Supernatural Day! In eight hours, I will have more Sam and Dean on my television.

2. Other TV: I'm playing catch-up at the moment except for Supernatural and Heroes. I've loved the first two parts of Lost in Austen! And Gossip Girl holds my attention because of Chuck Bass. I love Chuck.

3. Politics: Just have the freaking debate. And don't pretend it's not the Republicans holding up the bail out plan at the moment. If you can't get your own party to fall in line, that's not Obama (or America's) fault. And Obama is right. If you're actually needed in DC, that's one thing, but this whole thing seems like a political play to avoid dealing with the fact that McCain never supported regulating the economy and now we're in a mess.

4. EW: On that end, PETA really needs to get off my side. They're *insane*. I don't want Ben & Jerry's ice cream made with human milk. That's gross.

5. Yuletide: I've been thinking quite a bit about what I want to nominate and then request as far as fic goes. So many things I'm currently considering. I love this time of year.

6. Prompts: Give me some first lines (you guys know my fandoms, I think), and I'll try to do some writing. I'm blocked, but last first line Jen gave me turned out pretty please. Help a sister out.
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Hey guys! So I have now been in my new house. My mother paid to have all the carpets cleaned, so that was my evening. Of course, because this is me, it couldn't go off easily. No, there were issues with the walk-through of the house (as in the windows they agreed to fix...they fixed DIFFERENT windows and not the ones with the issues). Argh. Luckily, my friend's dad said he'd take care of it really cheaply.

Anyway, I should be around a little tomorrow, but then the actual move comes up and I'm not sure when I'll be back online. But, I have to go sit there in the empty house and wait for Verizon on Wednesday leave me prompts and I'll do them in a notebook while I'm waiting.

So yes, until tomorrow around 3pm, you guys have time to get me in some drabble requests.

And now I must go collapse. This being adult stuff is tiring!

P.S. - Thank you [ profile] phoebesmum for the card! It was almost as lovely as you are!
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Happy Supernatural Day, my darlings! Tonight's looks to be angstapalooza (based only on the preview - I know no spoilers and would like to keep it that way please) and oh Sammy & Dean! I love them so much! Alas, I might not get to watch the episode until tomorrow because of Flyers hockey, but happy SPN day all the same! I'll probably just skim over any episode reviews tomorrow until I've seen it.


I want to thank y'all for the hugs and good thoughts from last night. I'm actually doing a bit better now with the pain killers and such. I'm at work and it's not too bad (though I'm having a hard time focusing on work) so I can't complain. Still a step above the evil pneumonia.


Anyone want to throw some prompts at me? I'm having such trouble with my writing lately. I'm not promising anything amazing or profound or very long, but I'll do my best. Though, I will say the schmoopier the prompt the better as that is how my mind works best.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Jared/Jensen RPS, Heroes, Charmed, Roswell, Sports Night, West Wing, Alias
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I returned to work today to much insanity. At one point today, I seriously thought I was going to have a relapse of the worst of my pneumonia caused by stress...hopefully, that will not happen. Hopefully, come Wednesday afternoon during my next doctor's appointment, I'll find that I am getting much better.

So very exhausted at the moment after working an extra hour at the office. I actually like being the only one there without having to worry about phones and being interrupted - I get stuff done.


I'm going to wait to watch the season finale of Terminator until later. I want it to last. Am also happy about the Supernatural renewal - yay for more Sam and Dean and their amazing love.


My life is so sad at the moment. I need to write some schmoopy fic. Hit me with some schmoopy, fluffy prompts!


Anyway, friends list, I just want to say that I love you all. Each of you is awesome and wonderful and talented in your own ways. ::huggles::
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ignipes!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! I'll try to send the Winchester brothers your way to play with, but Sam is very hard to fit in the box.

If you'd like a drabble/ficlet, let me know. I run way behind on them, but it will get done eventually!


Happy Supernatural Day to everyone else! My days are never bad when I get new Sam and Dean!


I did not make my [ profile] mini_nanowrimo goal of 500 words yesterday. Work was busy and my head was killing me all day, so after work, I ran to pick up sinus meds and then went to bed very early. Only woke up to eat something and then back to bed. Feeling better today, so hopefully I can make up yesterday's word count, but I'm feeling like a slacker now.

But I'm also very intrigued by some of the prompts you guys made yesterday! It's not too late to come up with one if y'all want. Just sign up here.
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As I continue with [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and trying to find inspiration for writing projects, I came up with this idea.

Below the cut, I'm going to list a total of 20 characters (10 male, 10 female). Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to pick two of the characters (can be from same fandom or not) and give me a line of dialogue/song/quote. I will attempt to write something for those two characters interacting.

Onto the list of the characters... )
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[ profile] mini_nanowrimo for the day...

Day: 3
Daily Word Pledge: 500
Words done today: 746
Words done total: 4008

Today I didn't get that much done beyond the word count as I have to call it day of being the mother's bitch. She dragged me shopping and then for about the bazillionth time made me show her how to use my laptop so she could order something from Amazon. Fun. I can't complain too much though because she bought me some stuff. I'm nothing, if not, spoiled.

Also napped for an hour. That was lovely.

And I did make the word count today! And got 746 more words done on my SPN/Blade Trinity crossover epic. It's still nowhere near done and I'm seriously at the point where I just want to be like "And then Dean saved the day (with Sam's help). And so did Abigail (with King's help). And then Sam and Dean had sex while Abby and King made out. The end." Not sure how that would go over though.


Anyway, I'm not making any promises and y'all know how long it takes me to finish things because I get wordy and crazy long ideas. But feel free to leave me prompts in any of my fandoms and if it hits me throughout the month, I shall undertake it.
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[ profile] teffy thought up Fic or Treat for Halloween in fandom. I'm way late as I slept until three today thanks to my meds, but comment (feel free to add a prompt if you want) with "Fic or Treat" and I shall treat you!
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The first fifteen people to comment on this post get to request a drabble from you. In return, they have to post this meme in their journal. Post all fandoms you’re willing to write for.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Heroes, Ugly Betty, CW RPS, Sports Night, Brothers & Sisters, Charmed, Roswell, Alias...basically, if I know the fandom and/or have written it before, feel free to choose it.
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So [ profile] wendy pointed out that today is Happiness Happens Day and she provided some various hints on how to share happiness with those on our friends list.

Y'all are wonderful people that I enjoy getting to know and squeeing with characters and shows and books with. You're smart, fun, and you keep me entertained. I love you all.

Also, if you want personalized love, just leave me a comment and I will post one of the numerous reasons I'm happy you're in my life.

And give me some drabble prompts involving characters being happy and I will write them!


And Jared's smile in this mood icon really makes me happy. So cute.
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You know, it's crap the stuff that electric/gas companies can get away with because they are basically MONOPOLIES. Our electricity continues to go out for about six hours at a time. I call and complain, but really, what the hell else can I do? Because I have to keep stupid PSE&G. There aren't any other options.

So I haven't been around a whole lot. Busy in real life, but also don't seem to having working electricity except at work. Le sigh.


Important: So the wonderful [ profile] scribblinlenore had a medical scare and some of her friends put together a community to post fics/graphics/etc for her as she recovers. So go to [ profile] allvoodooanyway!


I really need to do some writing this week. Maybe this afternoon and tonight. My sister is reading Eclipse as we speak and I don't get it until tomorrow once she's done. I can't wait. Edward Cullen! I love him so! I also love Alice & Jasper! And Bella is okay.

[ profile] iamtheenemy and I were both talking about how we want more Twilight 'verse fic, but neither of us would probably be good candidates to write it. Bella is just so very different from the type of female characters I'm attracted to. And I also tend to write with a bit of banter/sarcasm mixed in - and she's not really a character that would fit for. And that's not to say she's a bad character. I love Bella. I have certain issues with her at times, but still love her...but she's not someone I could probably write well.

So I shall just keep combing the internet for good fic.

But tomorrow I don't have to because we have new canon! Yay!

(And how much do I love that in the past few months my friends list has exploded with love for these books? For a long time I could only chat with Steph and the real life friends I forced to read it.)


Anyway, if you guys want...give me some drabble prompts (character and/or pairing, prompt) for fandoms I know. No guarantees as to when they'll be finished (y'all should know me by now), but let's help to get my muses flowing.
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Taking from a few people on my friends list:

Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you or I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your flist work! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

(Also, if you have one, feel free to point me in the direction and I'll stop by.)
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I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with this journal. I was out of commission last week due to illness and today has been crazy as I try to get my head back into work/life.

It's hot as hell and I'm tired and I didn't get to see the premiere of 4400 or Entourage last night. This makes me sad. But hopefully tonight, I'll have some time for viewing.


If you want a drabble, it's not too late to make a request. due to illness last week, I didn't get to them, so I'll be working on them tomorrow.
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Happy Friday, my friends. Here in the States it's a long weekend, so our office is closing at 3:30pm!

Last night I watched Orlando Bloom on the Ellen show. He was talking about his love of writing letters and sending postcards and now I want to write a fic where he sends letters to people. And okay, maybe also one where he writes Emmy all these letters that he never sends (which [ profile] iamentheos says I should do). Then I was thinking about Jensen making out with Orlando and how he has a thing for the tall, skinny boys, but Hedda said no to that one.


Speaking of the wonderful Hedda, she is writing me an awesome threesome fic and in return I am her fic SLAVE for a month. My first assignment is Dean/Melody and their son future fic.

A teaser mostly for Hedda... )


So much writing to do. So little time.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 33

1.) Tonight the CW re-aired the season two premiere, "In My Time of Dying". Now that we've seen the season finale and premiere, and as it is obvious both episodes were meant to have a big impact on the characters of the show (and therefore the fans), which episode did you like better and why?

I love In My Time of Dying, but I think the season finale is more of a favorite to me because we've come full circle now. Dean can understand more the reasoning behind John's decision and Is it still a spoiler? ) The finale was cathartic in a sense. Plus, I got a damn hug.

2.) If the fans could vote on one extra Supernatural episode, would you rather have a wee!Winchesters episode (like "Something Wicked" from season one) or an episode twenty years in the Winchesters' future? As always, please explain.

I'd want Wee Winchesters! Mostly because I'm honestly not sure how happily life can turn out for our boys and I don't want to think about it.

3.) Supernatural is very music-oriented, so here's your crack question for the week. Which real band (meaning you can't make one up) would you place Sam and/or Dean in and why?

The winchesters as members of Backstreet Boys or Nsync. I want them in a boyband!

4.) How do you hope the Agent Henricksen storyline will be handled in season three?

I'd like to see it sorta go the route of [ profile] lyra_wing's fics where they slowly end up joining forces with the FBI for those cases that can't be explained with fbi work.

5.) What are your thoughts on the season 2 DVD Cover?

I like it just fine. It has our boys and the Impala. That's really all I need.


Don't forget that [ profile] schmoopfest is underway! It's multifandom! It's any pairing! And it's taking prompts until June 1st! So go take a look! We all love the Schmoop (or we should - hee).

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