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It seems that pilots are starting to be leaked onto the lovely internet. I've gotten my hands on Fringe and enjoyed it a great deal. It's a bit creepy and defintely interesting. Plus, it has Josh Jackson.

I'm a bit worried about getting too attached though. First, it's a show that I like on Fox. Rarely, if ever, does this work out for me. Going back a very long time with Firefly and Wonderfalls...a show airs just long enough to suck me in and then goes away. It's sad when Arrested Development got cancelled after three seasons (FAR TOO SOON) and I was thinking, "For Fox that's like running Law & Order."

Second, this is JJ Abrahams and I have a love-hate-love relationship with that man. He always manages to suck me into his worlds and creates characters I come to love...and then BAM. The shoe drops and it goes to sucktastic places and I have to decide if I'm strong enough to make it through (see 2nd season Felicity, 3rd season Alias, and 2nd season Lost).

Anyway, it's a good pilot and I'll watch it when it airs in the fall. I mean, it has Josh Jackson with scruff.


I also got my hands on the first two episodes of season two of Dirty Sexy Money. I haven't watched them yet, but I can't wait. I love this show. It's awesome and snarky and Brian is made of win. I'm so glad it's coming back for a second season...and hopefully, it will be a full season of wonderful stuff.


I'm going to try to do a bit more writing this evening. Maybe some prompts so that I can build up my confidence again before undertaking some of my challenge stuff. It's nice to finally have written something, especially since it was decent. Now I just have to keep the momentum going.
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Dear All My Children,

Please make Annie go away. I hate her. Oh, I hate her in a way I haven't hated a soap character since Livvie on Port Charles. And at least Livvie was interesting. Annie is just dull and annoying.

No love,



I just watched the pilot of Fringe. You know, I didn't think I could love Josh Jackson more than I do as Pacey, but his character on this is just hot, sarcastic, and a genius! And did I mention hot? With the scruff and awesomeness?

The pilot was a bit freaky at parts. The beginning was a little slow, but once it got going it was really interesting. Though JJ really does love to make his lead female characters suffer, doesn't he?


I wonder if I've broken my no-writing spell with the little Iron Man ficlet. I hardly claim brilliance, but just being able to string together a few sentences is a miracle. I really hope it continues.
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I'm slipping in my Supernatural obsessive love lately. Last week I didn't see the episode until Saturday and this week I might not get to watch it until then either. Normally, I start it at 9:20pm, late enough that I can watch without commercials...but the past two weeks, I'm either exhausted or watching the Flyers fuck up the last period of their play-offs game.

Yes, that's right. I love Flyers hockey more than Sam and Dean. I think it's because I've been a Flyers fan since the womb and Sam & Dean have only been around for three years. It's a dedication thing.


I'm hoping to do some writing this weekend. The last few weekends I've been hoping to do such things, but then I end up doing more house hunting and/or having flat tires and other fun things. And I'm so behind on the writing. And so out of ideas/talent/any ability whatsoever.

I really suck. My life has just been crazy in the non-good ways and it's affected my writing. ::Cries::


Any of you guys going to Winchestercon in Baltimore? Last year was a lot of fun and hanging with fangirls was awesome. I admit, I was a bit wary of what I was walking into, but it was so worth it.
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Why must work and life be so crazy at the same time that I'm struggling with my writing? I've gone through two drafts of my [ profile] bubbleficathon (which was due over a week ago and I'm not usually this late and I feel so bad) and it's utter crap. I refuse to give someone a crappy story, especially a late, crappy story. And I know most of it is probably all my own machinations. I'm overthinking and over-editing until I just want to scream and/or delete what I have.

::deep, calming breathes::

Oh, I shall beat this story into submission with a shot gun of rock salt if I have to.


Because of said troubles above, I'm almost positive that I will not be finished a draft in time for SPN Big Bang. Getting pneumonia/work insanity/writing woes just don't aid the telling of a 20,000 word story. That said...I still do want to write the WIANSB episode of SPN from Sam's perspective, so that will get done at some point.


Onto good news...I had a follow up appointment with the doctor today and my lungs are finally clear! My pneumonia is gone! I have to wait another few weeks before I'm allowed to exercise and such, but after the relapse and stress of the whole situation, it's nice to know I'm on the road to recovery.


I'm behind on friends list and I apologize, but seriously, no free time at the moment. I'm not ignoring y'all. I'm hoping to spend a chunk of my weekend playing around onlline. I miss fandom fun. ::Huggles y'all:: But for now, I'm sleepy, so I shall go watch the results of AI and then sleep.
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I am exhausted. Today was just insane at work. We had a new part time graphic designer, so a few of us took him out to lunch. Cool guy. I really do love most of my coworkers. If/when I leave, that will be a very hard thing.

No spoilers for AI, but I found out that my sister has a weird knowledge of all things Dolly Parton. I knew she liked her music, but my sister is telling me the meanings behind all the songs and such. I just kept asking her if she spends all her time on Dolly Parton Wiki or something. This does explain why she's making me go to Dollywood this year on our road trip down south.


I need to finish my [ profile] bubbleficathon piece. It's for Chuck and the pairing is one I enjoy, so I'm not sure what the hell my problem is. I have a mental block on finishing it. I'm blaming the pneumonia and subsequent real life's made my brain stop working. All I do is re-read Twilight and New Moon (I started Eclipse again, but about forty pages in remembered why I hadn't re-read that one again...everyone except Alice and Jasper annoys me!)
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I just watched two episodes of Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel. I've seen them before as they're repeating seasons one, two, and three, but I adore watching it in the same way I like Inside the Actor's Studio. I find it so interesting to see two different public figures interacting. And it's fascinating to see these people's relationships with one another. Like the ones I watched this evening were Renee Zellweger & Christiane Amanpour, which was great, and Mario Batali & Michael Stipe, which was so awesome.

I like some REM music, but I'm not a huge fan, and despite my mother and sister's obsession with the Food Network, I know next to nothing about Mario Betali. That said, this was such a great episode. I walked away with a new appreciation for Michael Stipe.

Definitely recommend this show.


Today was a day of many errands and I have no idea where the day went. I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow and then I'm hoping that I can just relax for the remainder of the day. How do weekends go so fast? I need some time to write. I need some ideas to write too.

I haven't even started my Supernatural Big Bang story. I know what I'm doing and I have a feeling that once I get into the story, it will flow...but the due date for the first draft is fast approaching and I would like to make the deadline.

First up though, I have to finish my bubbleficathon and femme ficathon pieces.


I see livejournal is at it again. And that would be why I bought the permanent account here after the first round of huge issues. Because I have a lot of paid time on my lj account from gifts from people and myself from awhile ago, but once it runs out, I don't think I'll be giving them any more money. And I'm not sure what will happen to mine, if I'll have the option of basic or be forced into evil plus accounts.

Anyway, now I'm off to find some season seven American Idol icons, specifically Jason Castro.
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I have managed to get a new friend addicted to Twilight. Mwah. Now, if only I could get some more people to write me Alice/Jasper fic whenever I want. That would be lovely.

Okay, really, why limit it to Alice/Jasper fic? There is a lot of fic people can write me on my whims...hee.


I gave New Amsterdam two episodes, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it. It's not bad, but it's not good either. The guy is hot, but the character isn't nearly as interesting as you would expect from someone who has lived that long. However, I did like the relationships around him and how they are affected by his immortality.

Maybe one more week because right now all I seem to watch is Bravo Reality TV and American Idol.


I'm trying to get past this huge writer's block I'm suffering through. Though it's not so much writer's block as after being sick for so long and busy in real life, the idea of just sitting down and writing seems so foreign to me. I need to suck it up and get to writing.
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I don't mean to neglect this journal. I really enjoy Insanejournal, but I'm completely terrible with doing the duplicate entries and I don't always have access to the program for it anyway. And then there's the fact that work has been kicking my butt the past month.


When do we get some new Supernatural? I know with the writer's strike there aren't a lot left, but I need some Dean and Sam Winchester. I'm obsessed. I accept this. I think about those boys a whole lot more than will ever be deemed healthy, but I'm okay with it. And I need my fix.


Writing this month has not been happening. I want to entirely blame work and the fact that I'm exhausted when I get home, but I'm also feeling drained and uncreative. I want to write some Alice/Jasper from Twilight. I have a table of prompts to do for them, so I really should try it. I want to write some Ellie/Captain Awesome from Chuck because they are adorable. And then, like the crazy person I am, I signed up to do Supernatural Big Bang.

My reasoning seemed sound at the time. Back when I started with fanfiction, I used to write longer type pieces all the time. It was all I really did and then I got out of that practice...I'm still wordy as hell, but not quite in the way I used to be able to come up with ideas, plan, and write. SO I wanted to make sure that I could still do it.

Except now I'm panicking and it's not even officially underway. Go me?

Anyway, feel free to hit me with prompts of any fandoms that I know and I'll try to do them. I'm not making any promises, but I need to do something to get my writing brain moving again. So prompts! Please!
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Writing is going terribly at this point. I hate when I'm perplexed by what to write for a challenge. I end up working myself up into a tizzy and it's supposed to be a challenge, not anxiety-inducing. Must write my undermistletoe fic! And yuletide! And Supernatural holidays fic!


I downloaded a client so that I could do crossposting to this account and journalfen along with livejournal, but the problem is...I tend to do a lot of updating while I'm at work and I can't download the all my entries end up different because I'm far too lazy to copy/paste anything.


Anyone know how to set up RSS feed/livejournal account for your account? We decided to set one up for [ profile] polyfandomrecs for those that like recs as we add them rather than in the batches we tend to do. Any help is appreciated. I can't seem to figure it out on my own. I'm a tool.
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More coherent reviews of my shows will come tomorrow. In the meantime, regarding heroes MAJOR SPOILERS!!! )


I have an idea for my [ profile] undermistletoe story! Woo-hoo! I was beginning to panic as it's due on December 10th. And then today I wrote more in my Dean as a Whitelighter world. why am I always working on things that aren't due in the near future? what's wrong with my brain?
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Long weekend is over. This is sad. And my sinuses are killing me. Bah.

On the brightside, I got to have lunch with the best friend today. we've both been so busy that we couldn't get our schedules to work out until this weekend.


SPN fans: Don't forget to leave me some of your favorite songs that remind you of Sam & Dean from Supernatural in this post. I'm working on a project of sorts and I'd love everyone's input.


My writing has been terrible the past few days. I've made my 500 words a day, but it's coming up like crap and I'm thinking of deleting it all and starting over fresh. I hate moments like this.
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Today has been spent watching lots of movies. I even pulled out my copy of Man in the Moon (Reese Witherspoon one, not Jim Carey), which made the boy roll his eyes and mutter something about having been forced to watch this fifty or so times before.

I have all these ideas in my head for things to write, but I can't seem to focus on any one in particular. And maybe I should just put all my energy into finally finishing up Winchester Meets Halliwell before [ profile] ladybug218 goes and has another birthday on me (she's already accepted the likelihood of this outcome).

I start to read fic because I have a ton bookmarked, but then I feel guilty because I should be writing and my brain has bunnies 'o doom. But gah.

It's a vicious circle. And when I try to explain it to family and the boy, they think I'm just crazy. Which is possible.

Anyway, have watched:

- Sicko - I really think that everyone in the United States should see this movie. I don't care what you think of Michael Moore or his beliefs, but health care is a very real problem. And these people who lost everything were regular, hardworking Americans, who got sick and couldn't afford care. And then you see in contrast how other countries get it right. And this is why I have a Canadian wifey on the side in [ profile] larah33.

- To Die in Jerusalem - I tivo'd this on HBO and it's a documentary about a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed a teenage girl in a supermarket. It was very interesting and upsetting and it's sad that at the end, when the two mothers are talking, they just can't understand where the other is coming from. You have the Palestinian mother who can't denounce what her daughter did, even if it wasn't something she wanted, because they live in oppression and they must resist that. And then you have the Isreali mother who just wants the violence to stop so that other mothers don't lose their children for nothing.

- American Dreamz - This movie made me laugh. Obvious satire of the current administration and the way America makes certain things so very important that really don't matter. Now I just keep saying, "You've been Omarized!"

- Man in the Moon - I love this movie. I never tire of this movie.


I really am grateful to the friends that I have on livejournal and to the fortunate experience I've been able to cultivate for myself. I will never understand the love of wank and drama. Life is enough of a hassle for me most days. This is where I come to escape. So thank you to you guys for being lovely and wonderful and rather drama-free folks.
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Back at work after a long weekend. The bright side, there was something I was dreading about work that got dealt with and it turned out not to be nearly as bad as I built it up. So I'm glad it's handled. On the down side, my allergies/sinuses are killing me. Damn ragweed! And I didn't want to get up this morning, so I dawdled and now I have to go locate something for lunch.

Cry me a river, my friends.


I opened up my SPN crossover story and I'm beginning to panic that the thing will never finish. Right now, Dean is flying solo (which Sam totally does NOT like) and I'm finding that all my scenes are completely I'm totally comfortable with Dean & Sam scenes, but not so much with the crossover fandom. I love the crossover fandom, but it is quite obvious in the breakdown at the moment, that I'm not as familiar with writing it. And I can't decide if that's okay for the story or not.

In the meantime, I really just want to write some Dean/Sam schmoop. Because I never tire of the schmoop in this fandom. It makes me happy for Dean & Sam to get moments of happiness, especially together.


I shall now attempt to catch up on friends list. Well, until it's my turn for lunch and then I must go in search of grub.

Expect a pimpage post from me later...I've been behind on those.
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Thanks to the Supernatural friending meme hosted by [ profile] wendy, I have a few new friends! I always love having new friends to chat with, especially if it involves Dean and Sam Winchester. I love those boys a whole lot. I love gen, het, wincest...I really love the schmoop because I find that the show gives me plenty of angst as it is, but if it's written well, I'll probably read it. Then cry and need to go read happy, schmoopy Sam & Dean forever fic!


Dean Winchester is making finishing this story very hard. He's being stubborn and overprotective and annoying everyone, especially me. Le sigh. I have made a promise to myself that I wouldn't read any fic until I finished this this rate I might never have new recs for [ profile] polyfandomrecs.


Yay for three-day weekends where I have no big plans outside of watching my Heroes and Friday Night Lights dvds. Well, writing goes without saying. I hope anyway.
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Happiest of birthdays to [ profile] estrella30 and [ profile] beachkid!!!

I hope you both have fabulous days!

Also, in case I'm not around tomorrow...

Happy Birthday, [ profile] zeplum!!!!

You are one of the most awesome people I've come to know from my friends list and I hope you have a fabulous day befitting a cool, small fandom chica!

(I really am writing the girl!Niko/Cal crossover as a gift for you, [ profile] medie and myself! But this is me we're talking about, so it might be *months* yet. Heh.)


I have lost my ability to write a short story. This is not good considering my [ profile] spncross story is two weeks late. And I've been working on it almost every day, but it keeps getting longer. The last two days I've been ignoring livejournal to work on it, hoping to finish it up, but nope. It doesn't want to END. It's currently at 16 pages and nowhere near done. I hate that I'm late for a deadline, especially when it's for someone, but I'm also worried about abruptly ending the story that I'm telling. Hopefully, my muse and the plot will hurry itself up and finish.

And this is the same problem I'm having with three other pieces I'm working on: Winchester Meets Halliwell Story 4, my cop!Wyatt piece for Amy, and this Ryan/Seth story I'm writing for CK. They just keep going and going...and then I get annoyed and walk away. Only to come back for them to keep going and going.

I've always been a wordy girl, but I used to be able to control it to an extent. Lordy, people.


My sister is completely hooked on Friday Night Lights. I brought it home on Tuesday (a b-day gift to myself) and made her watch the pilot. And by last night, she only had four episodes left to the season. And I got her to tell two of her co-workers about the show and it's dvd guarantee offer.

Of course because she made off with my dvds, I've only watched the first four episodes (which I saw with her) again. Hopefully, she'll let me watch my own dvds soon. Or else I'll just be *forced* to do a Heroes marathon instead.
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My [ profile] spncross story is now at nine pages and nowhere near ending yet. What is it about me that makes short stories near impossible? Why must I have grandiose ideas? I'm a procrastinator. Being a procrastinator and long-winded are not a good combination, my friends. Because it leads to stories that are late and nine pages long already without being done.


Thanks to [ profile] gwentastic I have a Pownce account now. You can find me on it here. Also, I have some invites, so if you want one, first come, first serve - just leave me the email to send the invite to in the comments.

ETA: Four Three Two invites still left!


I feel so cut off from fandom at the moment. I think it's because between being without electricity for hours on end for various days, then getting sick, and then life being insane...I just haven't really been around for long enough periods to enjoy anything fandom. And I miss it. But the few free minutes I've had lately, I haven't been intersted in reading fanfiction, writing or reccing and end up just reading a book and/or watching some history channel. There's no reason for it, really. I'm not purposefully taking a hiatus or annoyed with's just a case of the blahs. Is there such a thing as fannish ennui?

I'm hoping this will pass soon. I like doing fannish things. It's fun for me usually and I'm hoping it gets fun again.


Today is my last day of work for a week! Vacation! I feel it would be completely wrong to work on my birthday, even though I really have nothing to do next I added a day to my vacation and won't be back until next Wednesday.

Now, do I try to finish the neverending [ profile] spncross story? Or do I catch up on the friends list before I'm too far behind?
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So I cannot stop starting at these photos of Jared & Jensen. Not much work has been accomplished this morning as I stare at the pretty boys. Guys, my birthday is at the end of the month...can someone send these boys to me? I'm cool with sharing them with each other. Really.

Or who wants to write me Jared-and-jensen-scruffy-making-out fic?


It's like almost every other Tuesday here in the office, meaning it's moving exceptionally slow. I should write or do something productive, but I'm just blah. I want to sleep. Is that too much to ask for?

::stops whining::

::opens word::

I will write something.
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I have a few ideas for some Dean Winchester fic based on my [ profile] 30_somethings chart, so I should probably get on that. Along with many other things. I can't figure out what my problem is lately. I'm behind on reading, reccing, and writing fannishly. It's like my brain has simply shut down.

And yet, I want to sign up for [ profile] 30_kisses. Well, sorta. I don't think I'd be good at doing the table for one pairing/character. I'd want to just do the table of kisses, but for various pairings/fandoms. I wonder if I could email the moderator and see if I could just use her prompt table unofficially. Hhhmmm...

Oh, I need to be more productive.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] zitosballgirl75!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! I've enjoyed your addition to my friends list this year!


Seeing as it was it was Dexter that brought you to my friends list, I find it appropriate that I squee about getting a hold of the first two episodes of season two of the show. I haven't watched them yet - my sister is making me wait for her until tomorrow night - but I'm very excited. Season one was just so damn amazing (though I did question my own sanity when I found myself not only rooting, but completely loving TWO serial killers) and I only hope season two is just as great.

And I'm picking up the first book at the library, which I know is pretty much season one of the show, but oh well.

And I'm still pissed off that Michael didn't get nominated for an emmy. that is complete bullshit. Not everyone can make you feel for a serial killer.


Friends list: Is there Army Wives fic? Like Trevor fic? Like maybe fic where he first meets Roxy and decides to go up and ask her out? I love Trevor (and not just because he's played by Drew Fuller). This show is such crack. It's so not my normal type of show, but I enjoy every single episode. And when the episode is over, I sit there and think, "it's over already?"

Also in the world of fic, please feel free to rec me your favorite schmoop from your fandoms...I love schmoop fic. And I'm a pretty polyfannish girl (shocking, I know), so hit me up, my friends.


Writing is coming at a snail's pace. This current story's edits/draft just don't want to come together. Stories either end up like this or like my [ profile] apocalyptothon piece, where once I can get started, it flows all on its own in a pretty decent format. Of course, i think that one was helped by it being Jared/Jensen...and I just love writing those boys a whole lot at the moment.

Anyway, I have not forgotten those I have promised fic to (::stares at [ profile] vinylroad so she doesn't kill me::). It's coming...just not in any timely fashion. Sorry about that.
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So the stupid electricity went out again. It didn't come back on until 6:30 this evening. So guess what I did with most of my day? Napped. Though is it considered a nap when it lasts for five hours? I'm not sure.

I did get a handwritten page of the my story written. Stupid weather. I'm days of handwriting stories seems to have passed - I'm much better writing on the computer, probably because I can type faster and keep up with my thoughts a bit better.

On the brightside, the overwhelming sinus pain abated a bit, so I can actually lift my head without wanting to stab out my eyes.


Y'all need to go read Broke Your Throne by [ profile] vinylroad. It's possessed Jo and lots of dirty talk to John. And it's just AWESOME and twisted and he calls her "darlin'" and really...go read it. Because she blames me for it and she's sensitive to the fact that I called her Sam/OFC "stupid" in order to get her to write this. Hee.

And quite frankly, I think this is fair as she is making me write her Dean/Jess sneaking around on Sam.


Shark week has started on the discovery channel. Is it normal to be excited about this sort of thing? I'm such a loser.

Where is the Dean wrangles shark fic?

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