Sep. 17th, 2004

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The Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five things are you looking forward to in the new fall TV season?

1. Season premiere of Smallville. Me wants it. The precious. The hotness that is Clark. Raar. And the trailers are killing me--the only way I think it could entice me more is if I saw someone disembowel Lana with a spoon.

2. Lost because it has Charlier Salinger and Merry on an island. And it's by JJ and I adore his tv shows.

3. Gilmore Girls premiere. Because there was much Lorelai/Luke squees abounding in the last ten minutes of that finale and I can't wait for more. Plus, I've heard a rumor that Christopher will be back this season. Luke/Lorelai with some Christopher thrown in? Yay. Wish Dean would go away, but otherwise, I'm in heaven.

4. Joan of Arcadia premiere. It ended on such a dark and lost note and I'm very attached to every character on that show. It's so rare for me to love every major character on a show and I do here. Plus, we need more Kevin and Joan bonding, dammit. I demand it.

5. The O.C. premiere because Seth just went away in that finale. And I watched that special on Fox last night where they give a sneak peek at the new season--is it November 4th yet? Can I have Adam Brody?


So this michael/maria angst piece started as a response to the word of the week at [ profile] 15minuteficlets, but it's become something more than that. Very angsty, very...I don't know. Still working on it. May post it.

And thanks to dreams and [ profile] dragonsinger, I've been mentally plotting out a crazy Roswell/Charmed crossover and that's a very bad thing. LIke I have time for this. But maybe it will appease the evil Chris muse.


Okay, I'm off. Much to do. No time to do it.
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Got out of work early. Have not done any writing. Did some laundry, read a bit, did a little beta must write until dinner with the family.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon this Felicity-based quiz and couldn't resist. I'll do anything to aid my procrastination you see. I loved this show so much while it was on. I remember well the Benites and the Noelies. Oh, the fondness.

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