Oct. 15th, 2004

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It's finally Friday! Woo-hoo. I haven't had a chance to watch this week's Lost episode yet, and I'm so grateful that my friend's list believes in the courtesy of the lj-cut tag in reference to spoilers. That makes me happy. But I did notice the abundance of squeeness, so hopefully it will be enjoyable.

Though I do find myself amused by Lost fans at work who have never watched Alias. I try to swallow the chuckles when I hear them going on about how they can't wait for all to be revealed. Like that will happen. It's been three full seasons and do we have any more knowledge of Rambaldi than we did when the show started, except that he was one creepy dude who kept the protector of the clock alive for many, many, many years only for him to get shot after meeting Sydney.

That's a no. So sorry to burst your bubble, Lost fans, but I wouldn't hold out any hope for major revelations anytime soon. Jack is more likely to start dressing up like Tarzan first.


I did, however, watch Veronica Mars

From Tuesday's episode... )


And now, it's fannish five time.

THE FANNISH FIVE - [livejournal.com profile] fannish5

What were the last five fannish topics you discussed in your livejournal? Provide links if you like.

Considering I pretty much try to limit the use of this journal to fandom-related things, I guess it would just be pretty much the last five entries.

1. My Roswell Ficathon story - Waiting For the Picture to Develop

2. An entry with all my drabbles for the first line drabbles meme

3. An entry with a quick rec to a great O.C. story - Welcome to the Fallout

4. An entry based on my rewatching of Alias Season Three and some of my thoughts are located here

5. An entry that consists of another one of those writing memes regarding fanfiction that I so adore - the writing survey

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