Oct. 29th, 2004

tommygirl: (syd-gryffindor)
Before any real entries of substance or proof that I have succeeded in writing something can take place, I feel the need for some memes galore that I've been doing at work in a fit of boredom.

[livejournal.com profile] dragonsinger has created her own meme:

You know how bands and artists pick their best songs for a "Best Of..." CD, well, that's how this works. Choose ten of your best fanfics (or fanart or original works or photographs). List them and explain why they're your best.

Below are my ten favorites of my fanfiction – not an easy feat for a secret self-loather )


A Nano-related meme that I stole from [livejournal.com profile] nanoladybug218

Are you nearly as bored as I appear to be today? )


this week’s fannish five )


That passed some time...now I'm off to undertake in some picking of Charlie's brain for this Lost idea I had. That Charlie is an evil one - though I keep trying to make him so much like how I write Dom and that's not very fair to Charlie.

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