Dec. 3rd, 2004

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Hola everyone! It's Friday! And that means my weekend is only two hours away! Woo-hoo. The only plans I have are the weekly friday night dinner with the mother and my film class. Otherwise, I hope to finish my holiday cards (some have been mailed, so be on the lookout), grant some wishes, and get a first draft done of the next chapter of Trouble in My Head.

Speaking of holiday cards, just to let you know, if you requested a drabble, it's just for you. i have no plans to post it or share it with anyone else. You can if you like because it's yours, my little gift to you. I would buy all my friends tons of stuff if I could, but until that day, these will have to do.

Anyway, I might actually be able to do all that stuff if I try really hard and don't get sucked into more episodes of Farscape (which I keep rewatching like crazy!).


THIS WEEK’S FANNISH FIVE - [ profile] fannish5

Name the five scenes that make you melt in True Fannish Love. Every. Single. Time. You know the scenes, the ones that either pimped you in, or proved to you that you had well and truly fallen.

1. Buffy - In Becoming Part II when it looks like Angel is kicking Buffy’s ass and he says something like, “No family, no friends, what do you have left?” and she stops the sword and responds, “Me.” Then proceeds to kick his ass. Gah. I love that.

2. Dead Like Me – In the pilot, the first time George meets Mason. I love them at the bank guessing how the person will die. I just love the two of them together.

3. Charmed – any Chris scene? Okay, I love the scene with Piper and Victor when Victor lets it slip that something happens to Piper and Chris calls her “mom.” I love Piper’s reaction and just…it’s Chris!

4. Smallville – Bad!Boy Clark on the motorcycle driving off at the end of season two. Gah. My little heart nearly stopped beating.

5. Joan of Arcadia – After Adam and Joan make up and they share their first kiss at the science fair. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!

Five Celebrities I'd Sleep With If They Turned Up on My Doorstep (stolen from friends list)

Only five? I mean…

1) Ben Affleck - He's my soulmate! (even the boy accepts this as truth, as does most of my family - it's sick how my own little world affects others. heh) And I have the icon in my regular journal (made by [ profile] filwdork for me) to prove it - he's holding up a shirt with our names combined!

2) Orlando Bloom - poor Hedda has listened to me babble on long enough about that boy...actually we tend to do that together and then write it. Hhmmm...

3) Jake Gyllenhaal- another one that [ profile] imaginaryfields and I love to create fic for. That Emmy is one lucky bitch.

4) Johnny Depp - is there anyone who would pass him up? C'mon! He's the hotness!

5) JC Chasez - But only if he turned up with the good short hair look, not the mullet look. And no bedazzled clothing! And uh, he has to play the piano and sing to me a ballad.


Does anyone know if Joan of Arcadia is new tonight? I don't remember if it's on this week or not. I will squee a little later about Veronica Mars and Lost - once I've had time to make some coherent thoughts outside of ohmigod!


Writing to do list for me to remember... )

Speaking of writing, I do feel I'm now allowed to publicly call out my dearest Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy who has yet to get our collaboration back to me in years. As some of you may recall, my name was slandered when I took what some considered "a long time" to get my part in, so I feel it's only fair that I'm allowed to return the favor. Especially since she makes me read Rory fanfiction to beta for her.


Have a great day everyone! I'm off to do something until I can leave work.

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I saw this harry potter meme. It made me giggle a whole lot so I'm posting the results.

Harry Potter results )

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