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This day is moving so slowly and I haven't been able to write a decent paragraph all damn day. So instead, I just keep playing Rob Thomas/Matchbox Twenty music over and over, hoping it will inspire something.

Anyway, y'all are warned; I'm bored and incapable of anything truly productive which means posts to livejournal.


The Friday Five - [ profile] thefridayfive

1. What is your favorite movie of all time? This is a sick and evil question. Just one? i'm a movie addict. But I guess it would be Say Anything

2. How often do you watch this movie? I've watched the movie about once a month since I was in seventh grade. Worn out my first copy so I guess it was a good thing DVD came along.

3. What's your favorite line out of the whole movie? "A pen...I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen."

4. Who's your favorite character from this movie? Lloyd Dobbler

5. What scene do you love the most? Everyone loves the boombox scene, including me, but my fave scene is when Lloyd decides he needs more guy friends and goes to the quickie mart to hang with the guys.

The Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What 5 shows did you continue watching after they jumped the shark? Why?

1. Buffy. I stuck with Buffy to the very last second even though I didn't think that season seven was as wonderful or amazing as the seasons before it. I stuck with it because I loved my characters and felt very loyal to the world that Joss created.

2. Party of Five. Oh my god, it got so bad at the end there. I wasn't sure that I liked any of the characters except for Charlie by the end there (and that's not just because of my neverending crush on Matthew Fox). But again, I was very attached to the characters and their well being, so I had to see how it ended.

3. West Wing. Last season was freaking terrible. TERRIBLE. They practically turned Leo into a freaking Republican and for what? Can't I even have a happy liberal place in my tv anymore? Plus, I didn't like how Josh became the idiot boy who couldn't do anything right last season. That's so not true. This season is much more on the mark with Josh - with everyone wanting him because he's that GOOD. And yeah, I watch simply because Bradley Whitford is my secret husband.

**I don't think that i have five shows for this. For most things, I'm pretty damn fickle and I watch too much television as it unless I have some sort of real attachment to the characters and what happens to them, well, chances are I'll drop it faster than a hot potato. Like, I was very close to giving up on Gilmore Girls last season, but then they started to get us ready for Luke/Lorelia (Finally!) and I stuck in there.


I purloigned this from [ profile] musesfool

Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you. Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.

1. Stuart/Vince (QAF UK)
2. Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars)
3. James/Lily (HP)
4. Harry/Oliver (HP)
5. Harry/Draco (HP)
6. Luke/Lorelai (GG)
7. Pyro/Rogue (X-Men Movieverse)
8. Michael/Maria (roswell)
9. Sydney/Sark (Alias)
10. Dan/Casey (Sports Night)

It says:
1. I like the idea of the bad boy really being misunderstood, vulnerable and in need of love (but if he can also remain bad, it's good)
2. I like the idea of friends becoming more.
3. I'm not really very experimental when it comes to pairings.


Speaking of [ profile] musesfool, she has posted her Danny/Rusty essay for [ profile] ship_manifesto over here.


I'm still working on commentaries and the likes, but for now I must go get ready for dinner with the mother and the sister. It should be fun, listening to the mother talk to me about mortages and house hunting and how I'm probably going to do it all wrong. But on the brightside? I come home and it's Sci Fi Friday! Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galatica. Woo-hoo!

Have a good night!
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