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This is the last of it for the day. I'm trying to break things down slowly, but I'm not sure which is less annoying - breaking it up or all at once.

4 X-Men drabbles )
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Title: A Thousand Ways
Author: [ profile] tommygirl
Fandom: X-Men movieverse, Pyro/Rogue
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I'm officially broken. Angsty/sexual innuendo 'o plenty/ambiguity and second person point of view. Feedback always appreciated.

If You Really Want To Read...Go On! I Dare You! Don't try to resist the sexiness of Pyro! )
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Title: Honesty
Author: [ profile] tommygirl
Fandom: X-Men movieverse, Pyro/Rogue
Rating: PG
A/N: Based on the prompt for QuillandInk. Of course, I blame the Evil Weeble for this. Feedback always appreciated.

Pyro/Rogue entitled Honesty )
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Title: Story of Pyro & Rogue (Worth Fighting For)
Author: [ profile] tommygirl
Fandom: X-Men movieverse, Pyro/Rogue
Rating: PG
A/N: I wrote this utilizing one of the prompts posted at quillandink. Mushc love to Hedda for reading over the various drafts and listen to me whine about this damn story. Feedback always appreciated.

Here it is! The Story of John and Rogue )
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Title: ‘Til I Wake and It’s Real
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters. I just like to play with them for fun.
Summary: Post X3 - Rogue thought everything would be normal now, but it's beginning to look like that was too much to ask for.
Written for: the [ profile] xmmficathon for [ profile] saeva who asked for After taking the cure Marie attempts to get on with her life as a non-mutant. Unfortunately, as a side effect of the cure process dopplegangers are appearing in some of the patients: mutants with the personalities and abilities of the original mutants but without the fear of their own abilities.
Warnings (if any): Spoilers for X3.
A/N: Hope the story is enjoyable - I did my best with the prompt, but it's not nearly as detailed as the request. Much love to my wonderful betas, [ profile] iamtheenemy and [ profile] ladybug218, who always force me to make sense. Feedback is adored and loved!

And onto the story... )
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Title: The Sweetest Flowers
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Rating: PG-13
Written for: Alia [ profile] aliaspiral who requested angst! pain! crazy!Rogue for the [ profile] xmmficathon
Disclaimer: Not my characters - just a fan who attempts to bring the angst.
A/N: First, much love to [ profile] ladybug218 for the beta, especially since I pushed this thing to the very end. She rocks the casbah and any errors still present are entirely my doing. Second, I hope this fits the bill for the request - who knew angsty!Pain! Rogue could be so tough to write? Third, feedback always appreciated.

It's Rogue Story Time...
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As part of the April Fool's Writing Challenge, people could choose to participate in the Fanfic Rewards for when they reached smaller goals toward their major goal. I offered to participate.

This is a reward fic for AzelmaRoark who wanted X-Men Movieverse

579 words of conversation between Xavier and Magneto between X1 and X2 )
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I've started working on those ficlets for everyone in a notebook as I've been fighting bronchitis the past few days - it's an evil thing, but wonderful to sleep all day long. I say this now, but come Monday when I return to work, I'm sure I'll be weeping at the sight of my in-box.

So I figured my first afternoon back on the computer, rather than typing up what I have of ficlets or finishing off Steph's [ profile] iamtheenemy story that I was going to finish last weekend, well, I'll have some fun with questions.


This Week's Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five crossovers would you like to see?

1. I think everyone has heard me go on about this quite a bit already. 24/Alias - specifically the love potential of Sydney Bristow and Jack Bauer. Oh, it could be great. They would be perfect together. Jack is so much better than whiny Vaughn.

2. O.C./Dead Like Me - because [ profile] sdlucly refuses to write it, someone must. Seth Cohen as a new reaper. Think of the possibilities! It would be fabulous. Someone needs to write it because the idea won't leave me alone - do we really want me writing it?

3. Charmed/Roswell - both supernatural. I like the idea of Maria having some sort of power because she was always the "plain" one during Roswell's run and I hated that view of her. She was special without powers, man, but imagine her with powers.

4. Joan of Arcadia/Wonderfalls - they both talk to God, or something. Better to say they both hear voices and do as the voices demand. They can meet in the psycho ward. heh.

5. Roswell/Farscape. I don't know how really. Haven't thought it out a great deal. But it could work...right?

A Friday Five - ganked from [ profile] dragonsinger

1) Name your favorite pairing?

Of all time? Good God! That's not right. There are so many in different fandoms: Seth/Ryan, Joan/Adam, Michael/Maria, Luke/Lorelai, Pyro/Rogue, Dan/Casey, Josh/Donna. Okay, I'll stop there, but there are many more, man. Many more!

2) Name your least favorite pairing?

I'm not a Polar Girl from Roswell. I don't like the idea of Michael with anyone but Maria. (Oddly enough, on occasion, I can/will read Maria with Kyle or Alex though).

3) Which character that was killed off upset you the most? Why did this one upset you more than others?

Alex on Roswell and Chris on Charmed - both were just...gah...I'm still not over it. Especially Alex's death because it was turned into the crappiest murder mystery EVER.

4) If you were able to bring back this character from the dead, how would you do it?

With Chris, it's easy enough. He just went back to his future. That's what I believe and I refuse to hear otherwise...fa, la, la. For Alex, er, that's a bit harder. Um, it was all a dream?

5) What song most reminds you of your favorite pairing?

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb reminds me of Michael/Maria.


New Battlestar Galatica and Stargate Atlantis this evening! There is a bright spot to the past few days of horrible illness! I'm almost caught up on all my television viewing, trying to pretend that I didn't see Smallville this past week, and wanting to do bad things with Jack Bauer on 24.


that interview meme is going around again and ladybug218 asked me some questions...answers are below. Comment if you have questions for me or want questions! )


Okay, I'm off to do start typing up some of the ficlets and finish the rest of them. So far, some have turned out much better than others and I apologize in advance for that.

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Title: The Battle Against Ordinary
Author: TommyGirl - [ profile] storydivagirl
Summary: John knows something is coming and he wonders if he's the only one at the school who fears normal.
Written for: this is a back-up fic for [ profile] dragonsinger who wanted General Pyro set pre-X2
Author’s Note: This hasn't been properly beta-d, but I didn't want to put off this back-up fic for any longer considering November will be crazy. There is some John and Rogue as friends because I love the two of them together in any shape or form. Feedback always appreciated.

The Battle Against Ordinary
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Here's another one I found that I think works as a stand alone.

Rogue/John implied
Set after X2

I want my very own Pyro, dammit! )
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Author: TommyGirl [ profile] storydivagirl
Title: Sometimes Angst Is Overrated – The Karaoke Escapade
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Characters © Marvel Entertainment.
Written for: ash frost at [ profile] xmmficathon
Pairing/scenario requested: Bobby/John, fluff
A/N: Much love to my betas [ profile] imaginaryfields and [ profile] iamtheenemy who rock hardcore for all their help. Feedback always appreciated.

The Request was X-kid stupid party game such as spin the bottle or truth or dare, feel free to be silly, fun, or bordering on rather stupid, because there is a serious lack of fluff in this fandom. Conditions: Bobby and John must kiss in front of other people. )
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Title: You Live, You Learn
Author: [ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom: X-Men
Summary: Rogue thinking about Pyro after he leaves the school. Set after the end of X2
Pairing: implied Rogue/Pyro
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don’t own any of the characters or have anything to do with the world of X-Men in any way except as a fan of Pyro and Rogue.
Crossposted: [ profile] writers_choice & [ profile] allfandomfics

You live, you learn… )

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