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The Fannish Five

Emmy Five...

1. Who should receive an Emmy for best actor?

Best actor drama - Keifer Sutherland (24)
Best actor comedy - I'm torn. Tony Shaloub (Monk) and Matt LeBlanc (Friends)

2. Who should receive an Emmy for best actress?

Best actress drama - Jen Garner (Alias)
Best actress comedy - Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls)

3. What should receive an Emmy for best drama series?

Joan of Arcadia

4. What should receive an Emmy for best comedy series?


5. What should receive an Emmy for best movie/mini-series?

Angels In America


Take it from me, the klutz of the century: avoid falling and spraining both wrists and ankles. It isn't a pleasant thing. Oh, the pain. I could never be Sydney Bristow because I would pass out if someone started bleeding around me and most assuredly cry if I bruised something. I'm not exactly...brave.

I can now type for a little bits of time and therefore am trying to finish up stories before I completely miss deadlines and such.

Used the week off from work, stuck on bed rest to watch much television and movies. My sister printed out some Alias fanfiction for me to read and I had an epiphany.

While I always liked the idea of Sydney/Will based on their relationship, they never really had that chemistry that she has with other actors on the show. I mean, I find Sydney/Sark much more probable at times than Sydney/Will and when I think about it rationally and intelligently it seems odd to say such things.

And the fact that this is one of the things I ponder makes my head hurt of its own accord.

Also pondering whether my Luke/Lorelai piece for the ficathon is decent enough and likeable. I keep telling my betas if it's good it's because I've always sworn the GG writers follow me around and steal my random, crazy thoughts when I speak them aloud. Because Lorelai is very much like me with her insanity--in that she's not scary insane, much more amusing insane. If it's bad, however, that's just...uh...I don't know. Totally not my fault.

Finally, pondering the whole feedback thing. I do enjoy feedback, as most authors do, but I don't expect it/require it/etc because, try as I might, I don't always leave feedback, even when I enjoyed a story enough...because sometimes, all I'm thinking is, "that was entertaining" and it seems like a lot of work to send an email to say that to someone. (Though the writer in me is always quick to shout that I know how much I would still like it, but alas, who listens to the writer in them when they're not writing?).

But there are times when I write something and it seems to get no response at all...and why is it always the one piece that I'm pretty elated about, pretty impressed with myself, thinking that I'm not doing to shabby a job at this writing thing? It's the Murphy's Law of feedback, I think. The pieces I love the most tend to go unnoticed and those things I think are only good or okay usually get the responses. It's a weird thing.

But it's what I signed on for. Writing tends to be a solitary sort of project--unless one is collaborating, and aside from the neverending Orli saga with [ profile] imaginaryfields, I'm not a good collaborator--and I often find myself harping on paragraphs wondering if anyone will get it, enjoy it, understand it.

And the hands are starting to hurt so it's time to end this random babble.

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