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Figure since assignments go out soon that I should do this letter.  I'm pretty much using a lot of last year's letter.

Dear Creator:

First of all, thank you for creating something for me.  I know I will totally love it as one can't go wrong with anything involving Jacob Jensen. 

My sign-up:  Losers - All Media, Cougar/Jensen, Carlos Alvarez, Jacob Jensen, any rating, no non-con/rape, animal and child death/torture, hopeless angst, utter incompetency

Consider this letter a bit of a brainstorm to perk your ears.  Please use as little or much of this as you need.  Follow your muse as I'm a pretty easy to please kind of gal.  Below are things that I especially like and enjoy seeing in fic.

Things I love in fic:  banter, competence (especially when it's Jensen and he still manages to get into trouble despite his mad abilities - oh and Cougar completely trusting Jensen's competence), hurt/comfort, possessiveness (without it turning creepy/stalker), and I'm totally a fluff/schmoop girl.  I don't mind angst if it has a happy ending or at least a hopeful ending.

If it goes the way of slash:  I love jealousy leading to fun times, established relationships dealing with issues, taking care of each other, silent communication, never giving up on each other...I'm really a girl all about the you-and-me-til-the-end-of-the-world

Aside from the main do nots in my sign-up, I'm not really a huge fan of the type of AUs where they are cowboys or in high school or work at a coffeeshop.  I'm okay with canon divergence and crossovers and other things...but those types of AUs where they tend to be other people than who they are just isn't my go-to reads.

Some prompt ideas (again, use as much or little of this as you want):

1)  I'm totally a fan of Jensen gets hurt/taken/written off for dead and Cougar goes into full-blown get-him-back-at-whatever-costs and the scary side of Cougar comes out...only to then be balanced when he finds Jensen and he's protective, gentle and completely there. 

2)  I'm a fan of the fics where Cougar doesn't think he deserves Jensen, making them both miserable, and then circumstances (or Pooch) force Cougar to get his act together.  again, I'm all for some angst as long as it leads to a happy place.

3)  I love getting together fics, but I would love even more the rocky getting together...where they are and then one or both freaks out and it stops (even though why?  you love each other, idiots), and something happens to kind of force the issue (one gets hurt, Pooch and the others are sick of dealing with it, whatever you like).

4)  Jealous Cougar.   And him being an idiot about it. 

5)  If this goes the Gen route, I love the friendship between Jensen and Cougar.  How they always have each other's backs, no matter what.  I love the team dynamics.  I love Jensen forcing Cougar out of his shell and Cougar forcing Jensen to step back.  I love that despite how much everyone on the team gets annoyed with Jensen, they would all do anything for him and he would do the same in return.

6)  And just to throw ideas out there...Crossovers - Okay, and yeah, this one is just because my brain always goes to these places with any of Chris Evans works.  Crossing him over with another character he's played as something that happens before/after the comics or movie  (Jake Jensen = Steve Rogers or Jake Jensen = Johnny Storm or Jake Jensen - Colin O'Shea - you get the idea).  Or having Losers end up in different universes - Jake is a metahuman in Flash's world?  Jake becomes a hunter a la Supernatural style, Jake goes to work for Tony Stark.  Last year, I got the most awesome, Cougar works as part of Stargate Atlantis group after New Jerusalem.  Seriously, I'm all for fun crossover worlds if that's your cup of tea. 

So yeah.  I feel I need to reiterate that this is just to give you a place to build off of.  I know I'll love whatever I get because Jacob Jensen is one of my happy fandom places.

If you're looking for more information, a lot of my posts here are locked, but I can be found on Archive of Our Own as [personal profile] tommygirl  - I also have a livejournal as [profile] storydivagirl

Anyway, thank you very much!  I hope this helps, not hinders. 



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