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Drawn 5...

1. Are you more drawn to characters with specific careers (law enforcement, scientist, etc.)?

I tend to be drawn to nerds like Sam Seaborne and Josh Lyman...also drawn to the misunderstood bad boys (ala Draco Malfoy and Sark!)

2. Are you more drawn to shows/movies with a specific setting (space, hospital, etc.)?

Not really. My thing is the writing.

3. Are you more drawn to a specific show/writing style (noir, humorous, etc.)?

It has to have wit and banter--my favorites being anything by Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon.

4. Are you more drawn to a specific type of merchandise (t-shirts, models, etc.)?

Not really. Don't really buy a lot of stuff within fandoms aside from dvds of shows & movies.

5. Are you more drawn to a specific type of fan-produced work (fic, vids, etc.)?

Fanfiction is an evil thing that has sucked me into its depths like quicksand.

Bonus question: If you are drawn, what style are you (anime, Disney, etc.)?

I'd be Pixar!


Well, I've seen it for the first time.

Overall, I was pleased, though I did find myself at certain places thinking, "totally not necessary--this could've been Oliver Wood time, dammit." And really, who would argue that Oliver Wood would've made the movie better...especially since our glimpse of Cedric was whilst he was being electrocuted in the storm.

The kids have all improved tremendously with their acting chops and I find myself feeling like a skeevy old perv when I say this--why must the boys of Hogwarts be so darn goodlooking? (God, I'm going to rot in a kiddie porn hell!)

There were a lot of funny moments intermixed with the overall darkness of the movie. And I loved the feel of it--my fave scene, of course, being the group hug between R/H/H because all along I've been waiting for that bit of Y Tu Mama Tambien to work its way into the movie.

They totally played up the Remus/Sirius relationship as if it was something from the actual books, which amused me a great deal.

My only real complaint was that this movie seemed to rely a lot on the books to get out of explaining things--as though you wouldn't see the movie if you haven't read the books (I don't know--maybe that's true, but I was reading the books for a long while before movies were in the making).

Gary Oldman has never been my Sirius, but he did a good job with the role. He seemed to have a great time with the whole thing, which I think makes it all the more enjoyable for the viewers.

I'm seeing it again tonight, so maybe my thoughts won't be so all over the place and crazed.


Have finished the first draft of my X-men fic for the fic-a-thon, but I don't know what I think of it. It's missing something, but I can't pinpoint what that elusive "it' Is. I really loathe that part of writing--when you look back over the first draft and realize that there is a crutial element missing.

So I guess I should write for a bit before going to the library booksale, dinner with the mother, and HARRY POTTER AGAIN!

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