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the fannish five [ profile] fannish5 question of the week: Describe five ficathons or challenges you'd like to see.

Hhhmmm...[ profile] penknife had some awesome ideas for challenges to see. I'm not sure I'm ingenius enough to come up with five and I'm pretty sure the ones I'll post have probably been done already...but I didn't know about them.

1. the Mad Libs Drabble Challenge.

2. the "I Woke Up an Evil Overlord Challenge" - For some reason, I just like the idea of various characters waking up evil overlords.

3. The Movie Fanfiction Ficathon - Has this been done? If so, it needs to be done wants lots of movie fanfiction.

Okay, yeah, that's all I got. I'm far too lazy for this week's question. Basically, someone who can run things should go over to [ profile] penknife's journal and set up some of those challenges.


[ profile] onceupon asked a few questions in her journal of her friends list about our reading experiences:

1. What makes a story (in any medium) successful for you? If I walk away and have developed a love for one of your characters...I'm a character person. It drives what I watch on television, what I read, and what I tend to write. Plots are always wonderful too, but seriously, most of my favorite books stem from the fact that I adore the characters in all their messed up glory.

2. Have you ever thought about WHY you like the kinds of stories you like? I think it goes to how I view people - I find them fascinating. I can sit and people watch for hours and I love getting inside the heads of characters. For more of a reason why? I don't know.

3. Do you regard the collective unconscious in a mystical "we are all connected" sort of way or a more "we are products of similar basic experiences" sort of way? I guess I would say the "we are all connected way" - I truly believe in karma and that all we put out into the world affects others as well as ourselves.

4. Why are these ideas important anyway? (I think they're important. If you don't, that's fine, too. Just tell me why!) I never really thought too much about it, but I could see how it could be deemed important to some.


Is this day over yet? Gah. It's neverending.

I guess, to make this post a little worthwhile, some pimpage:

-[ profile] yahtzee63 is running another Alias ficathon: The Aliases Ficathon. Go give one of your favorite characters a fun alias to play with (complete with costume)...sign-ups until August 8th

-Fandom Fairytale - Fandoms and fairytales. Go claim a fandom and a fairytale and write a story based in your fandom. Dean Winchester waking Sleeping Beauty (aka Sam?). There can be repeat claims, so go sign up.

-The Multifandom DVD Commentary Challenge - there is a list of authors who have already given their pre-approval, so you just have to ask regarding a specific story...and if anyone is bored enough, feel free to do any of my stories. Hee.

-[ profile] moviefanfiction: I shall continue to pimp this for a bit longer because I know there are more of you that love the movie fanfiction. So come join, read, and post fanfiction based on movies. And really, any pimpage is always welcome and appreciated.


Alrighty, off to do *something*, though not sure what.
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I love how so much of my friends list has started writing tons of Firefly fic. It makes me incredibly happy for I've loved this show for so damn long, and I love finding like-minded folk out there. Suddenly, I don't seem so strange in the long haul.

It did get me to thinking quite a bit though about ships and such within the firefly fandom. Because I don't really have a ship for the show, aside from the canon of Wash/Zoe, and even then, if there is some pre-show Mal/Zoe fic that's good and really gets that tricky element to their relationship, then I'll read it.

So yeah, no real ship. I do have a fondness for Kaylee and Jayne, not necessarily together, but fics that center on them. I love the idea of Mal and Kaylee together, but I just as much love fic that focuses on the almost-siblingesque bond between the two of them.

Basically, I will read anything aside from Simon/River (and I'll admit that you might even get me on that if it's really dark and fucked up and amazingly well-written) and does anyone actually care about Book in fanon?

And this got me to thinking even more, because that's so unlike me to be such a multi-shipper within one fandom. In canon, I might like more than one pairing and watch/read it, but in fandom with my fanfiction, I tend to find a niche and stick with it. Don't know why that is necessarily, but that's how has always worked in the past (i.e. - For Roswell, it was and always will be about Michael/Maria. No other pairing interests me at all, really.) And that's not so much the case with this show. I might read a Jayne/River fic and then follow it up with a Jayne/Kaylee fic.

The only thing I can conclude is that this is one of those shows where I love all the characters so much and I love the interaction amongst all of them. It doesn't seem unbelievable to me that Jayne, in his own brute fashion, could care about any member of the crew on that ship because there is canon to support it.

And maybe that's what makes this show mean so damn much to me and so many other people...because there isn't just love for each character, but the characters as a group and the care every character seems to have for the other.

So, I turn this over to you, my wonderful friends list. Do you find the same is true of you - that you can ship almost anyone on this show? Why do you think that is? I'm honestly curious.

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