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I just received my assignment, so I figured it was time to post my Dear Yuletide Author letter.

Dear Yuletide Author:

Let me start with a tremendous thank you and I'm so excited. The fact that you were willing to write one of these fandoms is wonderful and no matter what, I know I'll love whatever you come up with.

Read more... )Now I shall go start pondering what I'm gonna write.
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It's time for yuletide again! Super excited! And below is my long-winded yuletide letter. Take one year off of the challenge and suddenly I felt confused and overwhelmed by my sign-up and letter. Oh my brain is a scary place.

I do love all the fandoms I requested!

Here is the letter - hope it helps! )


 I'm excited (and slightly panicked as always) to see what my assignment will be.


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I kept meaning to do this after I completed my yuletide sign-up, but then I would get distracted and then last week when the assignments went out - hurricane hit and things were crazed.

So I apologize for the delay in getting this up. And, as always, use as much or little of this as you wish.

Dear yuletide writer:

First off, thank you so much for undertaking this. I hope you know how much I look forward to this every year and how it would be impossible to disappoint me as I love all the fandoms and characters and I know whatever comes about will be great. Second, again I apologize for the delay in posting this. Mother Nature and procrastination are hard things to overcome.

Anyway, please use as much/little of this letter as you would like. It's to help you, so if you find it's causing more issues than assistance, pay me no nevermind.

General things I love in fic: schmoop, hurt/comfort that leads to happy ending, banter (I love banter!), protective behavior (but not to crazy levels), characters that behave like the characters would/should

Things I tend to veer away from: non-con, rape, torture, death fic, AUs that are like "x & y in the 1800's", mpreg. I'm okay with dark if I'm left with hope at the very least.

Fandom 1 - New Girl
My request: I totally ship Jess and Nick and love both their friendship and the idea of it simply evolving into something more. I also love the idea of Jess/Schmidt that happens in a spur of the moment that leads to both Nick and Cece freaking out, Winston questioning life, and both Jess and Schmidt trying to make it something more than a random hook-up because they're friends. Mostly, I'd love anything with jess interacting with the boys.

While I do ship Nick/Jess, I mostly just love the dynamic not only between the two of them, but all the roommates. They all love and annoy one another in the most wonderful ways. And as I mentioned above, I think Jess/Schmidt could be so much fun so long as it's pretty obvious to everyone in the world that they would never last.

Fandom 2 - Common Law
My Request:
I love Wes and Travis' relationship. I love that they begrudging go to therapy together, but seem to slowly get AHA moments out of it (usually followed up with lots of bickering like the old married couple that they are). I love that they both rip one another apart at times, but totally have faith that the other has his back (and I loved it when Wes said, "He's my partner. I can say that. You don't know him.") I would love them as a couple or just partners/friends/whatever.

Oh the love/hate, you're-sorta-the-most-important-in-my-life-and-why-god feelings that Wes and Travis have for one another. I loved them from the first few minutes of the pilot and that love grew throughout season one. Slash or gen with them is great (though I do ship them) as long as it's them. They should still bicker and get on each other's nerves, but always have each other's backs.

Fandom 3 - Mindy Project
My request:
I love this show! It's so much fun. I love how much Mindy brings her love of romantic comedies into her life. I love that she is trying to create this new persona and her bickering with Danny, even though they both have this mutual frustrated respect for one another. And yeah, I admit it. I totally ship the idea of future Mindy/Danny, once they've both grown a bit more.

This show is one of my new favorite things. I love Mindy. She's an awesome character. And I love her interactions with everyone, especially Danny. I totally see Mindy/Danny happening in their future, but I'm not sure how it would work now. It could also be really fun to see them make those steps from the sorta-friends they are now to more - I picture lots of freaking out from both of them.

Fandom 4 - Cal Leandros - Rob Thurman
My request:
I love these books. Mostly, I adore the relationship, in all its co-dependent dysfunction that makes up Cal and Niko's sibling relationship. I love that they both know it's not necessarily the healthiest, but it's what they know and trust. Anything around the two of them, based in what's happened in the books or just a random scene from their lives would be great.

Not much more to say than above. I love Cal and I love Niko. I lvoe their relationship and how they would do anything for one another, whether the other one would want them to or not. If you want it to be Cal/Niko, that's fine, but I love their devotions just the way they are in the books. And I have to admit, it would be fun to see Niko's perspective on some of the things, especially during Blackout.

Please remember, all of these are suggestions. Go with what inspires you and I'll be happy. I mean it when I say you can't go wrong. I know I will love whatever is written (as there is nowhere near enough fic for any of these fandoms. If you're looking for examples of my writing, I have it posted to my livejournal (storydivagirl) and dreamwidth (tommygirl) - just look to the tags - and I've started to archive it at the Archive of Our Own as well - I also post recs at [community profile] polyfandomrecs if that will help you with the type of things I tend latch onto.

Thanks again! I hope you have fun with this! Now I shall bid you adieu in order to catch up on emails and begin plotting my own yuletide response as the annual moment of panic sets in.

Lots of love!

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I'd been meaning to do this all last week but kept getting distracted. since I just saw that I received my assignment and pinch hits have started, I realized I better get this letter up.

Dear yuletide author:

Hi! Thank you for undertaking writing in one of these fandoms. There isn't a lot of fic in most of them and I will love anything that you make. I know that some authors love more ideas and some authors don't - so take as little or as much of this into account as you need to. I know I will love whatever is written because each of these fandoms is amazing and wonderful and filled with characters that I love. And that you offered to write them means you are awesome.

General things I love in fic: schmoop, hurt/comfort that leads to happy ending, banter (I love banter!), protective behavior (but not to crazy levels), characters that behave like the characters

Things I tend to veer away from: non-con, rape, torture, death fic, AUs that are like "x & y in the 1800's", mpreg. I'm okay with dark if I'm left with hope at the very least.

Fandom 1 - New Girl
My request: I would love a fic that involves all the roommates in some manner. I'd also love a fic that has Nick/Jess or deals with the obvious attraction between the two of them.

So yes, I would love Nick/Jess. I think they're full of possibilities and they obviously care about each other even if neither of them gets that yet. I'd love them figuring it out with the help of Schmidt and Winston. But again, I'm just a huge fan of the dynamic between all the roommates. I love that Jess exasperates them and yet they are completely charmed by her. (And they've got the coolest apartment ever).

Fandom 2 - Against the Wall
My Request: I love sibling fic and these siblings are so much fun. I would love the brothers all being overprotective and worried about Abby in some way.

I have a huge love of the sibling relationship, especially when it involves protective older brothers. And this show is so perfect with that...I love Abby - she's strong and smart and does what she knows she has to, even if it's not what other people want for her. And I love her brothers, who might be pissed with her, but also have her back. So yeah, sibling fic would be fun - whether it's Abby getting into trouble on the job or her dating someone or whatever, I would just love to see Steve, Donnie and Richie going into full-on big brother mode.

Fandom 3 - Switched at Birth
My request: I would love Bay/Emmett. I think they're adorable and fun together. Basically though, I would love an Bay-centric fic as I love her.

I did not expect to love this show. I watched it because I was bored and it was on...and I loved it. I especially loved Bay and Emmett separately and then they got together and it was so cute and awesome. I love them together. I think they're both good and bad for each other in all the ways that teenage love should be. I would really love some happy, fun Bay/Emmett fic, but I'd also be cool with a Bay story that involves her relationship with her dad or either of her moms or Toby. i'm not a huge fan of Daphne, so as little of her as possible would be great.

Fandom 4 - Falling Skies
My request: The family dynamic. It would be interesting to see how the boys react to what happened in the season finale. Or a fic that deals with the early days of the invasion or even before the invasion.

Another summer show that I loved and adored and I can't believe we have to wait until next summer for more. I'd be up for a lot of different things with this fandom as long as it includes the family dynamic and how much they all love and take care of each other. I love that as hard as it is for Tom, he lets Hal and Ben do the things they need to because the world has changed for them. I'm intrigued by Ben's abilities and how that scares both Tom and Hal. I'm curious about what their lives were like before the invasion or right after the initial invasion but before we meet them in the pilot.

Please remember, all of these are suggestions. Go with what inspires you and I'll be happy. if you're looking for examples of my writing, I have it posted to my livejournal and dreamwidth (tommygirl) - just look to the tags - and I've started to archive it at the Archive of Our Own as well -

Thank you in advance! I can't wait! And now i'm off to begin the annual yuletide routine of rewatching canon, panicking and writing.

Lots of love!

TommyGirl/Mare/that girl with crazy love of schmoop
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I've been thinking about fannish endeavors lately and not just because [personal profile] iamtheenemy likes to subtly remind me that I haven't posted recs in years and years. I've been battling an ongoing mix of ennui with a bigger case of wanting to be away from the computer when I'm not working. Unfortunately, that's not ideal for fannish pursuits, so I'm working on it. It would help if my laptop loaded within the current century, but it wants me to pay more attention to my desktop computer.

Anyway, with the new season of shows and the return of those I love (or used to love but are so far behind on now they've revoked my fangirl status), I'm trying to get back to more involved. Baby steps. Like thinking about what I would like to nominate for [community profile] yuletide. I love the New Girl and would love to see some Jess & the boys fic (and there is total Jess/Nick subtext to this show, though I'm not sure I'm on board that train yet), but I also love Against the Wall and falling skies and of course my old favorites like Veritas and The Class. Oh, small fandoms, I wish I knew how to quit you. Or I wish more talented writers wrote fic for you all the time.

From the new season of shows, I've picked up: the New Girl, Two Broke Girls, and Ringer. I'm also watching Terra Nova, but I'm not completely sold on it yet.

I need to watch Homeland and I'm kind of excited for Once Upon a Time.

Mostly, I'm just trying to stay afloat with my current faves while playing catch up on things that I've let slide. Why is there so much good tv?

What are your favorites this season? Anything I should be watching? And isn't it true that no matter what Hawaii 5-0 writers seem to want you to think, Danny and Steve are married and stuff?
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Title: That's All
Author: TommyGirl
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Castle, Ryan/Esposito
Summary: In the aftermath of 3XK, Ryan is hurt, Javier is worried, and everyone feels like they screwed up.
A/N: This was a pinch-hit for [community profile] yuletide for sixthlight. This was so much fun to write as I am a sucker for hurt/comfort and fluff. Much love and gratitude to mel b for the beta work.

Kevin Ryan is adorable... )
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Title: Lost In Desperation
Author: TommyGirl
Rating: PG
Fandom: Hunger Games series - through first book
Summary: Prim is only certain of one thing - Katniss.
A/N: This was my main entry for [community profile] yuletide. Much love to my sister for the edits and listening to me fret about getting Prim's voice. Even more love to [personal profile] wanderlustlover, who made the request and challenged me - I hope you enjoyed it.

onto the story... )
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I hope everyone who celebrates had a happy holiday! We are currently in the midst of a snow storm here and I'm on vacation from work and trying to take it easy.

Between the holidays and trying to ingest as much fun with [community profile] yuletide as possible, I've been slower on getting caught up on things the way I had hoped to. I loved my story for Yuletide this year. It was Boondock Saints, with an injured-but-stubborn-Murphy and a frustrated-but-overprotective Connor. Just like I asked for and so perfectly in tune with both the boys. It'll definitely be at the top of my recs for [community profile] polyfandomrecs, but in the meantime, Halves .

My recipients seemed to like their stories, which is also very awesome.

And of course, the number of amazing stories and the level of creativity continues to just blow me away.


Now it's time to focus on [community profile] fandom_stocking. If you've signed up and have a quick link to your stocking posting, please leave it here. I plan to go through as many as I possibly can and write something between this evening and January 6th, but I definitely want to get to my friends. I love you guys and don't always get to show it and this is something small I can for you guys.


There are currently six cats under my roof this evening. One of my sorority sisters joked that I was turning into crazy cat lady. Unfortunately, my neighbor's daughter's house had a bad fire last night. She went back in for her cats and took in a lot of smoke. So her daughter is currently at Temple hospital and everyone in their family is either helping our neighbor (who is older, on an oxygen tank and currently suffering with a broken rib) or allergic to cats. And they know how I am with cats and rescuing we're taking care of her two cats until she's released from the hospital. They are very sweet cats, who are a little freaked out (understandable) and my neighbor has done so much for me and my sister since my mother died, so I am currently the home with six cats. Kinda seven if you include the cat outdoors that we take care of (Sidle, we call her, she's Katniss' mom). I think my sorority sister is correct.


I finally saw Social Network Really good movie, even if it made me angry at several times. Poor Eduardo. I'm still not sure why he would even have been friends with Mark at all. Was there a side to Mark's character that we are never privy to because it's based mostly on the creation of Facebook. Because seriously, I was almost convinced Mark was a sociopath at times.

Also saw Tron: Legacy. I admit, I saw it for purely shallow reasons being Garret Hedlund (part of the reason I want to see Country Song too), and a nostalgic attachment to the original. I found the whole young!Jeff Bridges face thing creepy not innovative, but it wasn't bad. Enjoyable.

Still so many movies to see, especially those nominated for Golden Globes and probably Oscar nominations: The Fighter, 127 Hours (which seems to be playing nowhere around me anymore), Black Swan, the King's Speech, Blue Valentine...too many movies, too little time.
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1) very excited about my yuletide assignment. I actually could do two of the options, even though I only signed up to write one of them, but the other could be a fun challenge. Also, need to write my cliche fic for undermistletoe. And [community profile] fandom_stocking just opened up. I always love doing that!

2) Okay, because I feel I must discuss tonight's Glee before my head explodes. Major spoilers for tonight's episode! )

3) Let's talk happy place of Raising Hope. This show is so perfect and inappropriate and hysterical. I got my best friend hooked on it and a co-worker as well. It's the best crack in the world, pretty much tied with Modern Family for best show on television right now. Everyone should watch it.

4) The "big" finale for The Event was hardly big, they've had bigger cliffhangers on a weekly basis. But that is fitting for this show. I'm stupider for watching, I'm pretty sure my cat judges me for watching it, and yet, I keep tuning in. And my love of Jason Ritter is not a good enough reason - so I'm just a big loser. The show makes no sense! It's ridiculous! And yet, I watch!

In other television news, there is only one more episode of Walking Dead this season and that makes me very sad. I love this show. It's awesome. Of course, it could be renamed, "how big of an ass can Shane become?" But really good stuff has been set into motion and there is Norman Reedus!

5) No work tomorrow! I have off! Viva la day off! Now, do I go see Burlesque or instead see Harry Potter again?

6) Why do ION and A&E show the same episodes of Criminal Minds over and over again? How many times do I have to watch the comic book artist episode?

7) This one is just for [personal profile] zeplum - I started a girl!Niko/Berg fic. Only four paragraphs right now, but I think it's one of those that only you and I will like (that happens so often, doesn't it?)
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Hello yuletide writer! thank you so much for this undertaking and I hope that you have a good time with the endeavor. I am really excited for fic in any of the fandoms, there really was no order to my sign-up, and am pretty certain I will love whatever is created for me. I have to admit, I'm always a bit worried about these letters as I never want to hinder someone's muse and yet don't want to leave you scratching your head with "fandom, character, wtf?" So take all of this with a grain of salt, use all or none of it. Again, I'm very easy to please and appreciate the hard work that will be going into this. And really, fic in any of these fandoms will make my day.

My requests:

1) Boondock Saints - I recently rewatched (for the millionth time) the two movies and I would really love Connor and Murphy fic. I love both the gen brotherly love and the slash for Connor/Murphy. I'm a huge fan of hurt-comfort, especially with a protective Connor, and frustrated Murphy because he can totally take care of himself.

2) Cal Leandros Books - I love these books. My one request for this would be that it not include the latest book in the series (book five) as I haven't read it yet. Anything from that book would be lost on me and I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Again, I have a thing for brothers with super-close relationships. I love Cal and Niko's closeness whether it's gen love or the slash. I love how protective they are of one another and would do anything for each other and yet tend not to think rationally where the other is concerned. I've always wanted a fic from Niko's POV set during Nightlife, especially once Cal was taken over by the darklighter.

3) Harper's Island - I loved this show. I'm the first to admit that there were some plot holes, but I really loved Abby and her relationships with Jimmy and Henry. I also threw Sully in there because he was a cool character - someone who came across all brash, but really came through in the end. Abby/Jimmy post show would be interesting, but I'm also intrigued by Henry's obsession with Abby and how he never felt he could act on feelings that were there until he went crazycakes. But Jimmy Mance...there is something about the fact that he and Abby still loved each other after all that time and tragedy.

4) Hunger Games - Because these books are amazing. And I'm totally Team Katniss. She is this amazing character and she went through so much during the books. I would love a piece set post-Mockingjay with her and Peeta, or more likely set in the time of the last chapter but before the Epilogue. I was always Katniss/Peeta as they just seemed so perfectly imperfect together and how could you not love someone who did so much for you, even when you weren't able to do the same in return? However, I would love anything Katniss/Peeta. I'm usually a light and happy type of fanfic reader, but I understand that with this series of books, that's not always possible.

Some of my favorite things in stories: banter, hurt-comfort, unfounded jealousy, schmoop and happy endings.

A lot of my posts are friends locked due to real life issues, but I tried to go through and at least unlock any with the yuletide tags.

You can find me at my livejournal - storydivagirl or my dreamwidth journal - tommygirl

I also am the other half of the reccing journal, [community profile] polyfandomrecs. I haven't recced a lot recently, but that will also give you some ideas of the types of stories I love.

I hope this information helps you, but please, just go with what works best for you. writing can be organic and go where it wants to - I'm just grateful to get fic in any of these fandoms.

Thank you ahead of time, have fun writing, and I can't wait to see what you produce!

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Title: Losing Your Own Reflection
Author: Tommygirl
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Terminator Salvation
Pairing: Kate/John
Written For: [personal profile] medie for Yuletide 2009
Notes: So I have to thank [personal profile] medie for all the cool ideas in her dear yuletide person letter. It was hard to choose what to write with all the ideas, but I couldn't resist the pull of Kate and Kate's relationship with her husband. I hope it lived up to everything she wanted. And I also have to thank Jen, Lara, and Steph for the amazing beta work on this story. They all brought different perspectives and great advice.
Crossposted: Yuletide Collection at Archive of Our Own & [community profile] moviefanfiction

the story is below... )
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1) Listening to the podcast of today's Talk of the Nation and the discussion on health care and all this extra crap that they're putting women though as far as paperwork for abortion/reproductive rights is ridiculous. And why do we need this extra paperwork? What will it be used for? I've already lost any real enthusiasm for this bill - I'm not sure what it actually accomplishes. And I really want to know why the democrats (technically my party, though I lean more toward the green/progressive party) are a bunch of cowards.

2) My yuletide fic got posted around 7pm and I felt massive relief. Now here's to hoping that my recipient enjoys the story.

3) Dear NBC, It's not too late to stop airing the stupid Jay Leno show every night and bring back Life. I miss it greatly. As I rewatch season one, I realize how much more the world needs of Charlie Crewes for he is awesome and Zen. And Reese kicks butt. And Ted is Ted. And yes, I just want more. How could you do this to me? No love, Me.

4) Considering the amount of money we pay in taxes in New Jersey, I really would like to know why the plowing services suck so badly. Because our traffic (and drivers) aren't insane enough, let's add roads that aren't really plowed so we can all go careening into snow banks.

5) I'm in the mood for some Criminal Minds, but a very specific Criminal Minds episode. Is this normal? Are other people so addicted to certain crime dramas that they're like, "I want to watch the one where Luke Perry is a crazy cult leader!"

6) Just started reading the Hunger Games. My sister and I each picked a book we loved to make the other read. She's reading The Book Thief, which I highly recommend to everyone because it was amazing and original. So far, I'm enjoy the Hunger Games, but I haven't made it very far yet. Will get back to you on that one. I've been reading so many nonfiction books lately that it's nice to read some fiction again.

7) Who wants to work for me tomorrow? It's just gross outside. I wish I was allowed to telecommute. You'd think working for an nonprofit agency for the environment would encourage such things, but that's only for other companies.
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Happy New Moon day! I can only hope the movie is half as entertaining as the first one was, which has more to do with who I saw it with than the astounding acting and direction. but still, I love the books and therefore have a great amount of love for the movie(s).


--Here's a great article from Huffington Post called "The Best Writing Tips." It's put together by someone who worked under Ginsberg and knew about his "Mind Writing Slogans." Two decades' experiences teaching poetics at Naropa Institute, half decade at Brooklyn College, and occasional workshops at Zen Center; Shambhala/Dharmadhatu weekends have been boiled down to brief mottoes from many sources found useful to guide myself and others in the experience of "writing the mind." --Allen Ginsberg

I've missed two days so far with mininanowrimo. It's sad, but sometimes it's inevitable. And I'm trying to focus on the positive. This has been a really crappy year in many ways and one of those turning-pages-moving-forward types as well, and this month, my little amounts for most of the days of November has been the most I've written since my mother died. So i'm not too upset with myself. And I'm really happy because I've got this basic idea and characters for a new novel. Who knows what will come of it, but I'm in that happy getting-to-know-my-characters place.

And have I mentioned how awesome my yuletide assignment is? I'm really looking forward to writing this. It's a pairing I love, but have never undertaken. And a few of the other fandoms, I know, just wasn't sure I could write. So who knows what will come out of it? I always enjoy yuletide. It's a lot of fun and it's in those smaller fandoms that don't always get notice written by brilliant (in my opinion) writers.


Don't die from surprise everyone, but I actually have recs to go up at [community profile] polyfandomrecs. I've slowly been reading and gathering, so most of the stories aren't new per se, but I wanted to wait until I had more than three recs. I might change that in the new year and just rec smaller amounts just to get them out there, but I'm OCD and like to have certain amounts that fit certain fandoms that fit other certain crazy criteria.

And on that note, I shall beg my leave until I've seen New Moon. Pray that the reason the woman in Whole Foods next to me was wearing a mask over her face was her own issues and not that I am now infected with plague.
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It's been awhile since I've done an update and I apologize. I'm trying to stay up on the reading, just not commenting as much as I would like, and when I go to post something, it seems boring or whiny. I try to keep a lot of complaining out of fandom fun as it takes the fun part out.

I'm also not really up-to-date on most shows at the moment except Criminal Minds, Project Runway, and The Mentalist. I was caught up on Brothers & Sisters for about a minute there (how much do I love Kevin and Scotty? So much! And how much do I love that Tommy came back even for an episode? VERY MUCH!) and after work tonight, I'll watch last night's Big Bang Theory because one can never have too much Sheldon Cooper in her life, but that's it.

Hopefully over Thanksgiving holiday I'll have time to catch up. People keep trying to make plans for me and my sister, including my one older brother, but I just don't think it's a good idea. We've decided to go low-key this year - I hope it didn't hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't want to go somewhere and start randomly crying or something. Or worse, what if I'm perfectly fine - will people be like, "First holiday without her mom and she's fine?" So no big plans except meeting up with my usual friend crew to see a cheesy movie afterwards - this year it looks to be 2012 at the moment.


In case you're interested and don't want to wait until Black Friday, Amazon appears to be having a good sale on some tv shows on dvd. I managed to get the last season of Brothers & Sisters for 24.95 and Castle is only eighteen bucks. If only money grew on trees...

In the meantime, my thoughts:

Criminal Minds: I continue to love every character. they're my team, no matter what. spoilers for last two episodes... ) I need to read some more reid/morgan and reid/hotch. I'm behind.

The Mentalist: I love Jane. I love how he just does whatever he wants and people just learn to go along with it. I love the whole team. I love how well they work together and what each of them brings to the group. For spoilers for the last couple of episodes... ) This week's episode looks interesting with Red John back in the forefront.


I have been writing this month for mininanowrimo. My daily goal is 150 words and I haven't done a lot over that on any given day, but I've met each days goal. I'm slowly working on another girl!Niko story for veritas the quest as well as a new original novel idea. I'm sort of writing it all over the place, not worrying about how it fits together until I have a better idea of it in my head. It's slowly formulating as I write some scenes between the main characters and probably the majority of those scenes will end up getting tossed. Such is writing.

I'm also very excited about my yuletide assignment. I was matched up on one specific fandom, but I think I could manage another one as well. And my yuletide recipient had a great letter filled with things that got my brain moving. I like to mull yuletide over for a bit though before writing the first draft. I find it comes out better that way.
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It's flipping freezing in my house. But my sister and I are determined (or determined to try) to make it to November before turning on the heat, barring evil Day After Tomorrow type storming. However, sitting at my desk actually makes me think, "Snuggy not such a bad thing." Yeah, it's that cold.


I've finally managed to catch up and comment on my friends list for a few days. I apologize that I haven't been that active. I just started working out again a few weeks ago and trying to get my schedule figured out is really hard. Or I am just dead tired after work and exercise and life. I love Fall, but I think a weird sort of ennui sets in.


--I'm caught up on Castle. I love this show. I wasn't sure I would because the pilot last spring was not that great...but I'm glad I went ahead and watched past it. Sometimes it pays off (of course, sometimes it makes you cry). Spoilers for 2.3... )

--Watched the first episode of this season's Brothers and Sisters. Alas, only the first, but god, I love my Walkers and a party almost as much as I love Kevin and Scotty. No spoilers - all I will say is that Rebecca's dress for the engagement party was so beautiful. If only I had her body to wear such a thing. Now I just need to watch the next two.

--I love Glee. It makes me happy. It's a theater nerd's dream and And it makes me happy (if not surprised) that Fox gave it a real chance to grow. I like that they're starting to give a little more depth to Quinn beyond evil head cheerleader. And I continue to love Finn even if he's dumb as dirt. Because he's just so earnest about it. it's all so awesome.

--Have not watched Supernatural yet. I think I've developed some weird thing where I have to watch two episodes at once, as I did that for 5.1 & 5.2 and then 5.3 & 5.4. I need to get a multi-room dvr thing because it's in our main tv room and it's just not where I like to watch Supernatural. I can't explain it logically because it's beyond rational behavior. But I like my Sam and Dean time to be my happy place where I'm not judged for squeeing or being upset or basically hollering at the television. And my sister? She judges.


Have been thinking about [community profile] yuletide. Not just what to nominate, but what I would want to request and such. Greek? Glee? Harper's Island? Veritas the Quest? I'm a small fandom girl a lot of the time, so to narrow it down is quite hard for me.

What are some of you considering? I'm sure I'm forgetting things - I always do.

I'm pretty sure that's the only holiday challenge I'm signing up for this year. I'm not sure how I'm going to be around the holidays - it's the first one without my mom - so I don't want to extend myself. At the same time, I don't want to take away some of the stuff that's always made the holiday more enjoyable (like yuletide) so that I can just sit around in a fit of misery. Fun times. Though I wonder if "gotta read yuletide archive" will get me out of the 10,000 pity-holiday-dinner-invites I've already received. Must contemplate.


I'm hoping this weekend to get caught up on some reading of fanfic so that I can continue with the reccing that I used to do. I'm pretty sure Steph is going to have me murdered soon.

Have a good one!
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Title: Dates of Doom, Fire and Brimstone
Author: Tommygirl/[ profile] storydivagirl
Fandom & Pairing: The Class, Kat/Ethan
Written For: [ profile] yuletide for imogen, who wanted Class fic with some of the ensemble and something like an episode of the show.
Summary: Kat and Ethan have their first date, with a little help from Kyle, Lena, and Richie.
A/N: I wrote a yuletide stocking treat for this fandom last year and this year it was my assignment. I was both excited and terrified as I wasn't sure I could pull off a show-like story and bring the fun. Much love to [ profile] romanticalgirl, [ profile] rhi_silverflame, and my sister for help with cleaning this up. Any remaining errors are my own. Feedback is always adored. how I miss this show!

Kyle sat on the couch, half watching some History Channel special on Nazis while glancing at his watch every few seconds... )
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Thank the lords this is only a three-day week. I'm so lethargic and disinterested in the world at large at the moment. I'm hoping it's because of the cold of doom that just won't go away (it's going on a month) and that my energy is just sapped because of it. Or maybe it's just the change of season brining on some ennui. Whatever the cause, I apologize if I'm less that chatty and fun.

Does anyone know if there is any good It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fanfiction out there? I'll try pairings, no real specific one in my head, but I'd love stuff in the same vain as the show (totally inappropriate and hilarious).


I started rewatching the canon for my [ profile] yuletide fic and it got my mind whirling with some ideas. I really love the characters that I'm writing for...I just worry about getting their voices right. Nothing worse than a character that doesn't sound like s/he should. Especially since this is a gift for someone and I want it to be great and everything that they were hoping for.


Seeing twilight has gotten my brain going on more ideas for Alice/Jasper fic. Probably just because they weren't featured nearly enough, but when they were they were so darn cute together. I just love them lots. And I guess it's a good thing since I have 18 more fics to write for the twilight20 prompt table.
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Dear wonderful yuletide author:

Hi! How are you? I hope all is well and you aren't freaking out about yuletide because of my requests. Because I'm pretty easy to please and already so appreciative that you signed up to write in any of the fandoms I've requested. there is a serious lack of fic in some of them and just knowing there will be another story out there makes me happy.

I'm so grateful that you're doing this, and below are some ideas to help you. Please realize that my details on the sign-up were just ideas to help you get your muses flowing. If you go off in a completely different direction? I will still love and adore the story.

I'm pretty much a character and relationship-oriented girl, not necessarily romantic relationships either, just how friends/family/etc interact with another. I love emotional journeys and coming out the better for it. My favorite thing is banter. I love the back-and-forth between two characters. It's not to say I don't love a good plot to my story, but I'm just as happy with a story that moves characters a & b to the next level.

I'm a huge fan of happy endings, or at least not dark & depressing ends. There can be angst and hurt/comfort and whatever else, so long as I know my characters are still standing and okay at the end.

The requests themselves:

1. Rob Thurman - Nightlife: I have a huge love of siblings who are close and put each other first. A lot of my favorite fandoms have close siblings, so why should this be any different? Since the books are all from Cal's point of view, I would love something from Niko's perspective, especially after Darkling takes over Cal. But really anything that's about the brothers and how much they love one another would be fine with me. I'd prefer gen, but if you want there to be more to Cal/Niko, I wouldn't be against it (Supernatural broke me of that taboo awhile ago). Also, I've read the first three books, so no worries about spoilers through what's been published.

2. Privileged - So here's the thing. I have a huge best friend love. I love best friends who grow into a romantic relationship even more. And there is such potential between Megan and Charlie. So that was my request. I especially love the idea of Rose seeing it before Megan and getting Sage to help her move things along. That said, if you just don't feel the Megan/Charlie, a lovely gen piece about their friendship would be great. My only request is no Megan/Will - I don't really care for Will much.

3. Samantha Who - I love Samantha and Todd together. I love how they can't seem to get it quite right and keep pushing-and-pulling. I'd love them as a pairing that end up together, but if you want to do something that explores them in a different light, that's fine too. And I love every character on the show, so feel to feature as many or as few in the story as you want.

4. Veritas the Quest - Again, I'm a sucker for familial relationships and I would love to see something that has Nikko dealing with his newfound abilities and working on his relationship with his dad. I'd also love to see Nikko and Calvin interacting because, whether it's in a brotherly-way or in a meant-to-end-up-together way (I'd read either), they have a fun dynamic. Basically, if it focused on Nikko and left Juliet out of the story, you can't go wrong.

Again, I hope the above helped. And I really would love to see any of these requests - I didn't make them in any specific order - and appreciate your willingness to attempt it. When all else fails, follow your heart and your ideas because I will love whatever you write for me.

If it helps, feel free to look through my journal here at the type of stuff I write. Or, I share a reccing journal ([ profile] polyfandomrecs) with a friend, so that should give you ideas of the stuff I love to read. I linked to my website, but it's not completely up-to-date at the moment.

Thanks again and happy writing!

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-I was planning to run [ profile] sn_holidays again this year, but so far only two people have signed up. If you're interested, sign-ups run until October 26th, this Sunday. If I don't get more sign-ups, I'm gonna cancel it.

-[ profile] oldschoolfic is running a holiday challenge. It's open to closed/old fandoms that have no new canon. So Sports Night could qualify for that. Want some Party of Five or Dawson's Creek or West Wing fic for the holidays? Go play at [ profile] oldschoolfic. I'm personally hoping some Joan of Arcadia people come play!

-[ profile] lordessrenegade posted awesome caps of the Sports Night gag reel. it's love, my friends.

-Most of you know this already, but [ profile] yuletide nominations are open. So to make sure the fandoms you want are included, be sure to nominate them.
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[ profile] yuletide is open for nominations. I pondered long and hard on my nominations and came up with the following: Samantha Who, Privileged (I want Megan/Charlie fic, my friends), Road to Avonlea, The Outsiders, Blade movies, and Thunderbirds. I was going to nominate The Class, but I'm hoping someone else will take care of that. I mean, there should always be the option of writing Ethan/Kat.


Have not watched Heroes from last night yet, but I did see Chuck. Spoilers... )

I think there is a new episode of Fringe on tonight. I quite enjoy this show. I don't think it's brilliant, but it's definitely entertaining (when it's not grossing me out). And it has the added bonus of characters I like, especially one played by Josh Jackson. It's Pacey all grown up with scruff and a genius IQ.


For those that missed it, I highly recommend checking out the Treasure Hunt Booty from [ profile] win_non_con. Miss Piggy's past relationship with Dean Winchester is a personal favorite.

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