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 Saw this on a few people's journals and it's Friday, so why not?

Put a number in the comments and I’ll answer accordingly. The mission for those of us who answer the questions, should we accept it, is to stay positive about our writing and ourselves, but to also be fair about our shortcomings.

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favorite tense
3. Favorite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)
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I'm at faviconTommyGirl on the AO3. Subscribe to me - fandoms in the immediate queue include Glee, Castle, Supernatural, Alias, etc.! (You'll need to log in to see the subscribe button.)

I'm still in the process of moving everything over to to AO3 because I'm slow-moving like that, but my latest stuff is all there and I'm hoping to get on the ball and post a fandom a day over the next week or two.


I have no motivation to do anything today. I was barely able to drag my butt out of bed and get to work. There is stuff I should be doing, but I can't concentrate. I hate days like this.

Also, as mentioned in last post, please feel free to leave some prompts. I need to get my writing mojo back. I'm currently in the middle of a creative writing workshop that I won a membership to, but that's mostly journaling at the moment. It's good for me and I'm hoping it will help in the end, but currently, I'm still not producing any actual pieces - fanfiction or original.
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Happy New Moon day! I can only hope the movie is half as entertaining as the first one was, which has more to do with who I saw it with than the astounding acting and direction. but still, I love the books and therefore have a great amount of love for the movie(s).


--Here's a great article from Huffington Post called "The Best Writing Tips." It's put together by someone who worked under Ginsberg and knew about his "Mind Writing Slogans." Two decades' experiences teaching poetics at Naropa Institute, half decade at Brooklyn College, and occasional workshops at Zen Center; Shambhala/Dharmadhatu weekends have been boiled down to brief mottoes from many sources found useful to guide myself and others in the experience of "writing the mind." --Allen Ginsberg

I've missed two days so far with mininanowrimo. It's sad, but sometimes it's inevitable. And I'm trying to focus on the positive. This has been a really crappy year in many ways and one of those turning-pages-moving-forward types as well, and this month, my little amounts for most of the days of November has been the most I've written since my mother died. So i'm not too upset with myself. And I'm really happy because I've got this basic idea and characters for a new novel. Who knows what will come of it, but I'm in that happy getting-to-know-my-characters place.

And have I mentioned how awesome my yuletide assignment is? I'm really looking forward to writing this. It's a pairing I love, but have never undertaken. And a few of the other fandoms, I know, just wasn't sure I could write. So who knows what will come out of it? I always enjoy yuletide. It's a lot of fun and it's in those smaller fandoms that don't always get notice written by brilliant (in my opinion) writers.


Don't die from surprise everyone, but I actually have recs to go up at [community profile] polyfandomrecs. I've slowly been reading and gathering, so most of the stories aren't new per se, but I wanted to wait until I had more than three recs. I might change that in the new year and just rec smaller amounts just to get them out there, but I'm OCD and like to have certain amounts that fit certain fandoms that fit other certain crazy criteria.

And on that note, I shall beg my leave until I've seen New Moon. Pray that the reason the woman in Whole Foods next to me was wearing a mask over her face was her own issues and not that I am now infected with plague.
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I'm attempting to come up with some writing responses for Day 3 of the drabble-a-thon, but currently am quite ecstatic because I think I figured out how to deal with one of the things that bothered me about my [ profile] apocalyptothon first draft. So I want to fix that up and get it off to beta as soon as possible, while the ideas are still fresh. I was struggling with this one particular element to the story and while I was meditating today it just hit me.

Thank goodness for that as I need time to get it back from beta and I want to post it before I move next week (and ohmygod, I move next week into my own house! Yikes.)


I highly recommend Joel Osteen's weekly podcasts to people, even if you're not Christian. he's everything that religion *should* be, very positive and hopeful, never judgemental or talking about how evil people are. And I don't know if it's just me, but I swear, sometimes, it's like he's talking directly to me. Like his topic will resonate so much and I just walk away from the podcast with a much better perspective on life (and, for me, God).


What do I have to do in order for Annie to leave on All My Children? Just when I think she couldn't annoy me more, she finds new ways to irk me. And I admit, that my great love of Greenlee will always biased me against certain characters, but she's just so irritating. She doesn't have one redeemable trait. How is that even possible?

So I read that Vanessa Marcil is again in talks with GH. And I think that would be awesome, especially if Jagger sticks around because think of the fun that could be had. Or if they pair her up with Jason because they had such potential last time around. And yes, the character of Brenda (like Greenlee) is another one of those characters that I adore beyond reason.

Anything new on One Life to Live worth tuning in? I'm still mad about how they killed off Nash. Nash/Jess and Nash/Tess were the only pairing(s) I enjoyed.


Lots of pimpage!!!

Onto the pimpage... )


Anyone know where I can find some great Phelps/Lochte icons? I've come across icons of each boy separately, but I'd love a few of them together. Please, help me feed my obsession a bit more.
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So I can't stop staring at this picture of Jared taken by [ profile] vorpalblades. He is so adorable. Just adorable. Can he come to Philadelphia?


[ profile] medie is hosting an impromptu multifandom drabble meme. Go play. I'm hoping to if I can get past my own writing laze of a block.


Apparently, the whole slash vs. het & gen debate is alive and well. [ profile] ladybug218 has opened up her journal for discussion of the topic (no flaming!) because she's as flummoxed as I am by the whole thing.

I'll never understand what's so horrible about het. I love the slash for a lot of pairings...but I also love the het. For me, it's all about character chemistry. And I get that we're all different and that different things ping for each of why does it matter so much to some people that what works for one person is a het couple? Why is het so frowned upon by some people?

I guess it goes back to my belief that bad writing is bad writing. Slash writers aren't automatically better because they write slash and vice versa. You either are capable of writing a good story or you're not, and genre designation won't change that.
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It figures that I'm finally getting over my pneumonia only to get bogged down all weekend with allergies/sinuses. I took my little bit to the movie early yesterday and then after I got home, I ended up sleeping for about four and a half hours. After that I finished up my latst reread of New Moon. Bella still annoys me a great deal, but Edward and Jacob don't bother me so much this time. Of course, I'm starting Eclipse tonight and there were points in that book the first time around where I was annoyed with the lot of them.

Today I did some writing on my bubbleficathon and femme-ficathon pieces. Due tomorrow. I'm trying my best, but I fear they might be a day or two late as I'm about to fall asleep again. Also today, I ended up watching the newest BBC version of Persuasion and then the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice with my sister and mother. I do really like the Federick in this Persuasion much more, but the end was a little cheesy. Anne would never run through a town - how unladylike - let alone make out on the street.

And then P & P, I just adore. My favorite will always be the BBC version, but this one is just visually stunning.

So it was a Jane Austen sort of day, what with Sense & Sensibility on PBS tonight.


I'll be interested to see if our latest temp returns to our office tomorrow. I kept getting the vibe that she wasn't very happy with the position, but my boss swears that she seemed okay to her. Whatever. I'm just going to do my work and mind my own business until I can get myself out of there.
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I'm extremely tired today. I attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but like most Sunday nights, I couldn't fall asleep and kept tossing and turning. I really hate mornings, especially mornings I have to work.

I think I have figured out what I'm going to do for my Supernatural Big Bang. I started writing a scene of the What Is and Never Should Be from Sam POV piece, so I think I'm going to focus on that. If I find that I'm stuck, by starting early enough I might be able to switch to one of the other ideas. Though really, this is me. And early for deadline and me don't go together too often. People would start to think I'm a pea-pod person.

It's just I really, really want this fic set from before, during, and after that episode from Sam's POV. So I figure I might as well write it. At the very least, I'll enjoy my fic.


This is that writing meme I saw going around the friends list... )


So Torchwood friends: Where is the good schmoop? Specifically, Owen-related schmoop? I'm cool with any pairing if it features Owen. Hee. I don't mind angst, hurt/comfort if it ends happily.
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It's 10:30pm on a Saturday night and I'm ready to go to bed. I had to work today and then run a few errands. So much fun. At least I still get a two-day weekend. That's what I kept repeating to myself today while I tried to make it through tons of work...and eep, it's not going away. On the bright side, I talked with my boss about switching some of my job responsibilities around when the new girl starts. I'm taking on a new project and dumping something that just annoys me to do. So yay for that.

I really do try to focus on the positive because negativity just causes me to spiral (and that's never a pretty sight, trust me), but lately I just feel so tired all the time. And I'm very far behind on many things. If I owe you anything, I apologize for any delays. I'm trying to get my act together again.


Question for Readers of Fanfiction: What is one thing that will make you swoon about a fic? What makes a story good in your opinion?

I've been pondering this lately and I'm trying to make sense of my own thoughts and wondered what others think.
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Originally, I was going to write a Supernatural, Sam/Dean story for [ profile] undermistletoe. My prompt is Snow White and I figured I could try to work it into the storyline premise of Bedtime Stories. But I decided against that seeing as that in case this is still spoilery... )

So then I came up with a different idea based around the boys and the prompt, but I'm having trouble making it come out in a decent manner on the page.

So I'm thinking of maybe going with either Heroes or X-Men as the fandom. Maybe that will work a little I keep thinking, fairy tales was just done on Supernatural and it was done better than I can do it. Le sigh.

I really need to finish it though as I want to get it beta'd before my posting day of Monday. Must write. Must write. Must write.

Maybe I'll make it Peter/Nathan as really, my mechanism for coping from that episode on Monday night, is to want to write lots of Peter/Nathan living happily ever after.


Is Supernatural new tonight? I thought the Christmas episode was next week, but some people have been mentioning tonight? I'm recording some Christmas movie if it's a repeat, but I will cry buckets if I end up with a cheesy holiday movie (Oh, I admit it, I love them all) but no Sam and Dean.


Also with Supernatural: I know some of you have already responded and I have those saved/downloaded...but I'm working on a holiday project of sorts and was looking for which songs make you think of Sam and Dean's relationship?, whether it's wincesty or just brotherly.


Finally, anyone know how to set up an RSS feed livejournal account. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I were discussing possibly setting up a account for [ profile] polyfandomrecs since we tend to save our recs until we have a batch, but we know some people like instant we thought that might cover the best of both worlds.
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I'm doing pretty well with Mini-Nanowrimo so far. I've made my goal every day. Sure, it's only been five days, but for me that's a big improvement over the little to no writing I'd been doing lately.

I have all the drabble prompts saved to try to do over the course of the month, but feel free to leave any prompts for fandoms I know and I'll try to see what inspires me. The problem with me is that I suck at drabbles. I tend to get big ideas with prompts. Kinda defeats the purpose.


Some Mini Nanwrimo Stuff:

- I currently have a Dean Winchester as a Whitelighter story with betas that will need some heavy editing once I get it back.

- I did two of the prompts over at [ profile] bestbigbrother to try to get Dean Winchester back on track for muses.

- I started a Dean/Carmen story.

- A Roswell ficlet (which I'll post next)


I'm totally supporting the writers during this strike, but the idea of losing seasons of television makes me sad. I'm a television addict. What will I do without my daily fixes of good shows?
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I didn't manage to do the drabbles today, but I did get out the [ profile] sn_holidays match ups. That's one fannish project done. Woo-hoo. Now, of course, I need to think about my assignment for it.

Work was crazy today. First day back after vacation compounded by the fact that my co-worker was out sick. I hope she's back tomorrow because it would be nice to have a few minutes of breathing time.


When I got home, I watched last week's Chuck so that I'm ready for this week with Heroes. I really love and adore Chuck. If you're not watching it, I highly suggest you check it out. Cute, self-deprecating nerd becomes a spy and works with Jayne from Firefly. It's awesome and makes me very happy. I want to marry Chuck.


In keeping with my habit of inserting Dean Winchester into every single thing in the world, I was catching up on Reaper and started thinking: What if Dean's time is up and he's ready, but the demon is overstepped by the devil, who wants Dean to put all his skills in hunting to work just dealing with escaped demons for him.

I must be stopped. Damn you, Dean Winchester, and your hold on my brain.

Because [ profile] ladybug218 and I were already talking about creating a 'verse of fics for Supernatural based off 3.2 of this season. She understands my mad Daddy!Dean love and encourages me to write it. Heh.


Okay, twenty minutes to kill before viewing my Monday night television (If I start at 8:40, I don't have to deal with evil commercials) so I will try to catch up on friends list.

Ciao darlings!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] penknife!!!

I hope you have a fabulous day, darling! Make sure that everyone spoils you properly!


Weekend is over but I can't be too upset today because Karl Rove resigned! We are almost free of him. Now if only Dick Cheney would follow suit! But I won't be greedy - Karl Rove is a good place to start.


Have you ever had so many random story ideas in your head that you felt paralyzed by them all to the point that you couldn't get anything down? That's how I feel at the moment. I've got these little ideas that want to get out, but I don't know where to start. And it's overwhelming. And I'm lazy so that just adds to it.


Television Thoughts:

- Watched the pilot of Flash Gordon because it was Whitney from SV and I love him. It's cheesy, but good cheesy and highly enjoyable. I know it's not good television, but it's entertaining. Plus, I'm a sucker for shows that deal with the whole jumping universes thing.

And did I mention it has Whitney from Smallville? Because I love him and I have missed him on SV for a long time.

- Also watched Psych, which is just...last season was good stuff and I liked it a whole lot, but season two is just *ON* with the hysterical. I didn't think it was possible to top the season two premiere with the duets show and the Tears for Fears, but Friday night's episode was the maddest comedy. Gus going on about Teen Wolf and the two of them racing each other and the lockers with the pictures from Miami Vice and the race track shirts? I love this show so much. [ profile] ladybug218 and I keep pestering [ profile] larah33 to watch it and I will do the same to the rest of you. You need to watch this show if you have a sense of humor. If you don't, well, I'm not sure you'll appreciate it and I'm not sure how you can live in this world without laughter.

Can I marry Shawn and Gus as a unit? Because I love them both so very much. They are awesome.

- My sister and I are a week behind on Eureka but I do love this show. I love every character and the dynamics between them all. I think there are some things that they drag out (like we still don't have answers on what Beverly is doing and that's been since the pilot), but overall, each episode is wacky and smart. And I love that we get to see Jack growing as a person and a father (the episode with him stuck in the therapy over losing Zoe was wonderful). Plus, Nathan is hot.
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I have a whole paragraph of my story! Woo-hoo! Even better, [ profile] vinylroad is going to write me Jo/John, with possession and John speaking Latin because we are dirty!wrong!bad girls who love John's voice. YUM. So yeah, anyone know Latin? Heh.

And then G-I-P. If you guys have read my Daddy!Dean stories, this is Nate as [ profile] girlnotgone and I envision him. And I have another story idea planned for Nate with Hedda's approval and dudes...she has the most awesome of awesome stories planned. I cannot wait.

No, really, I am writing. Really.


Anyone else ever heard the Puppini Sisters? They are a lot like a modern day Andrews Sisters and they have this awesome version of "Heart of Glass" - I'd upload it but I don't know how to make it an unprotected file on ITunes. Anyone know?
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Friday and the weekend are upon me...only have to survive another three and a half hours at work. I'm hoping to dedicate a lot of my free time this weekend to writing. Both my multiverse and apolocalyptothon pieces need to be finished. I really want the neverending Winchester Meets Halliwell story to come to and end in this lifetime. And I still owe people birthday ficlets and a bunch of other small things. It's all written down on my list that seems to just get longer and longer.

So yes, if you see me on AIM doing nothing, smack me around a few times. So much writing to do.

I'm hoping that once I get caught up on the writing, I can then take some time to just read fanfiction for a week or so. I'm so behind on my reading, which means I have nothing to rec either. And that means eventually <[ profile] iamtheenemy is going to kill me because I've been ignoring [ profile] polyfandomrecs. It's just a vicious fannish circle.


The Supernatural Friday Five - Week 42

1. If there was a Supernatural video game released, how would you like it to be done? For example, any certain weapons that you would like to use? Would you play Dean or Sam?

I want a shot gun full of rock salt. I would want to be able to play as both Sam and Dean throughout the whole thing and then as you win, it unlocks characters like Bobby or Gordon. But it must be by Kripke to make sure that we get Jensen and Jared for the voices. That would just bug the crap out of me otherwise.

2. If Dean and Sam started a band, what would they call it? Who else do you think would be members (if anyone)?

Dean and Sam in the *same* band? They have such different tastes in music...unless they did some weird fusion thing. They called be called "The Young and Deadly" and Dean would be lead singer/guitar player and Sam would be on drums.

3. Imagine the situation: Dean drags Sam to a tattoo parlour. What kind of tattoos would they get?

Matching protective charms, probably ones that allow them to claim one another.

4. How do you imagine parent-teacher conferences with John Winchester went when Sam and Dean were in school?

I think they actually went really well. Mostly because I don't think Dean was a bad kid to avoid drawing attention to himself...and Sam was so bright and intelligent that teachers loved him.

5. Dean and Sam had busy childhoods, with hunting and training on top of schooling, but what kind of clubs/after-school activities other than those can you see them doing in their high school years?

I don't think they had time for that stuff and I doubt John let them continue with those things. I don't know if its the fannish hive brain, but I do think of Dean as an athlete, playing football and baseball and being pretty good at them. I see Sam as more the student government/yearbook sort.
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This was a completely lazy weekend on my part. Friday I saw the new Harry Potter movie. Yesterday, my sinuses were terrible so I pretty much slept most of my day away. When I was awake, I read a bit or watched the Lifetime Movie Channel's Christmas in July moviethon. Today, I was a little more productive at least. I did some laundry, straightened up my room, baked cupcakes, and updated my website with all the stories I've written since March. It wasn't a whole lot, but I still hate coding like whoa.

I also worked on some girl!Eric/Vince Entourage fic. I usually write stories in order, but this one...I just had this idea that would have to be set closer to the end of the story and decided to write it down before I forgot it. It's not too bad for a first draft. Also added another 500 words to Winchester Meets Halliwell. It's truly the neverending story. I think too big, my friends. I must stop that.


I finally watched the first two episodes of Burn Notice and I love it. It's funny and smart. And I was hooked when the little boy was crying and Michael was like, "Are you crying? Please don't cry." Why do I love the emotionally retarded guys all the time? What does that say about me?

I still have this past Thursday's episode to watch and I'm very excited. And seriously, why do I think Dean Winchester would fit so well into the spy world? It's a sickness, people. I always insert Dean Winchester into *everything* - it's way past obsession.

Tonight there is new Entourage, Flight of the Conchords, and 4400, but I'm probably going to try to watch Psych and Eureka as I'm a tad bit behind on my television. And it doesn't help that the GH spin-off, NIght Shift features Patrick/Robin pretty predominantly, which means I had to watch it. I love Patrick/Robin and they're one of the only reasons I still watch GH these days.


A few recs:

-[ profile] vinlyroad has finished her Supernatural Sam/Jess/Dean story and it's awesome. The latest part is called The Odd Number. I suggest you read the other two stories in the series as well. I love her Jess and the dynamic she creates with the three of them. And really, I just love her style of writing. (And sure, I'm biased as her friend/beta, but it's good stuff yo!)

-[ profile] shay_renoylds finished up Eating Gifted Children, the story I requested from her for Sweet Charity. It's a Heroes/Supernatural crossover featuring two of my favorite sets of brothers. It's a wonderful, fun read. I love it.

-[ profile] iamtheenemy wrote some awesome Panic! fic, Counting Down the Days ‘Til You’re Walking Through My Door. It's Brendon/Ryan and it's hot and funny and Steph needs to write more often. ::prods her::


Alrighty, I am going to try to catch up on friends list tonight and maybe do a bit more writing. Though chances are I'll read the friends list and then get distracted by my re-reading of Harry Potter for book seven.

Speaking of book seven, i do not want to be spoiled! Please cut anything that is spoilerish when you post it. And keep anything spoilery away from my journal. I would greatly appreciate that. I found out about book five's big spoiler because I was weak and it ruined the experience of reading it to an extent, just dreading what was yeah, I learned my lesson, so please help me out.
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It's going around again and I quite enjoy it:


1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. Update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (This is why I don't do memes all that often.)
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

Questions & Answers from poisontaster... )


I'm going through caffeine withdrawal, my sinuses are killing me, and the boy has left to go back up to NYC. He was in a lovely mood this morning because his week of vacation is over. Cry him a river. My vacation isn't until October.

We were incredibly lazy yesterday, watching a bunch of crap on television and reading and napping. We are so damn lame. SOmetimes I think we're together because no one else would tolerate our lameness.

However, I did manage to finish up the first draft of Daddy!Dean fic which [ profile] iamentheos is going to beta and I also wrote out the first draft of [ profile] cricketkate's Kat/Ethan fic in a notebook. Now I just have to type it up, do my own edits, and look for a beta. I like it when I'm productive with my writing.

Still have tons to do though like Jen's b-day story 'o doom that won't end and ficathon pieces. So much writing, so little time. It doesn't help that random ideas keep coming up. I think my Sam/Dean story, I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles, has spawned a possible 'verse and that scares me. Mostly because there are so many ideas that started coming up when I began writing that piece, but I couldn't get it all in. But I'm not sure I'm the right type of person to undertake creating a whole 'verse at the moment, as my writing is so damn sporadic. Then again, I tend to feel like that line from Idina Menzel's song "Still I Can't Be Still": I resist the muses, but they sing to me in exile... Lordy, I'm broken.
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Tomorrow is back to work after four days out sick and the weekend. I'm seriously scared of what my in-bin and outlook is going to look like upon my return.

That said, I have accomplished a few things this weekend:

- room cleaned and laundry done
- finished a book on organization and have some ideas for how to do it
- watched a bunch of Arrested Development and allowed myself to start season one of CSI with my sister (because I need another freaking show)
- posted sam/dean schmoop, I Can Feel Your Heart Beat from a Thousand Miles
- began writing a Daddy!Dean fic in honor of father's day for [ profile] iamentheos

Of course, none of these things were on my planned to-do list, but oh well. It was stuff I'm glad was accomplished nonetheless.


Check out [ profile] reel_spn if you get a chance. It's for Supernatural/CW RPS fic based around different movies. I swore to myself I wasn't going to take on any more challenges, but I saw Just Friends as a choice and had to have it. Any excuse to watch that movie again. Plus, the idea of Dean Winchester singing "I Swear" just makes me laugh and laugh.


So I have a question to put out there regarding constructive criticism. Not so much how one feels about receiving it. If it's handled in a positive manner, I find that it's a great help to me personally.

That said, I never know how to react when someone provides it to something I'm done with. Because I do appreciate the feedback and knowing what works/doesn't work in a story...but at the same time, I'm not likely to go back and change anything in that story (more like keep it in mind for further times).

So how does one respond to constructive criticism in that situation?

I don't want to seem like I'm pissed off by the honesty (I appreciate it), but I'm also not going to change it at that point.
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My schmoop piece for [ profile] spn_heraea comes in at ten pages prior to notes from my beta. It got a little away from me. I had this idea I had worked out with Steph, but then suddenly, there was a whole damn back story and I couldn't stop it. And, worse yet? I think there could possibly be other stories to come out of this piece as this is more of a broad stroke at it.

Do I need a freaking series of Sam/Dean stories to write? Not really. I've already got a writing list out the wazoo because I have problems.


The Supernatural Friday Five ([ profile] spn_fridayfive) - Week 36

1. If Dean and Sam were let loose in a mall with $1000 each, which stores do you think they would hit and what do you think they would buy?

I think Sam would be practical for the most part with his money. He would probably treat himself to a few things, maybe a new IPod and some of his favorite emo music, but I think he would tend to focus on things that they need for survival.

Dean would buy himself some new music and boots and maybe a few nice things for his car (nothing that would let some sales person near his baby though). And he'd probably buy Sam something, but bitch, don't mention it.

2. Do you think Dean and Sam have a favourite article of clothing? If so, which piece of clothing do you think is their favourite?

I don't really think so, mostly because of their line of work, it's probably something they can't get too attached to. They get covered in supernatural slime and blood and dirt...that shit doesn't always wash out.

3. Who would win in a fight: Bobby or Gordon? And why?

Bobby. Mostly because Gordon thinks too much of his own skills and that's his weakness. He doesn't think that anyone can outsmart him. Plus, it's Bobby and he's awesome.

4. Which is your least favourite episode of season two, and why?

I wasn't a huge fan of No Exit, but it's nowhere near as dumb as Route 666 to me from season one.

5. Other than their dad, who do you think were Sam and Dean's childhood heroes?

I'm guessing Dean as Sam's main hero and then it was probably someone who lived a normal life. As for Dean, I'm honestly not sure if anyone matched up to his dad.


I might actually do some more writing this evening. I haven't even begun reading any of the Big Bang stories yet. I'm very excited, but fear getting completely sucked into these stories and just being unable to function at anything else for days on end. That would be a bad thing. Damn the Supernatural fandom and it's amazing writing/artists. I seriously cannot keep up.
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I think I've figured out my story for [ profile] spn_heraea with [ profile] iamtheenemy's help. It will end up the schmoopiest schmoop known to man, my friends. At first I was pondering my prompt and thinking, "How can I be bring the schmoop to this?" but now, I fear it might end up too fluffy. ::giggles:: Oh, Jesus.

Also, if you haven't checked the stories out and you read Sam/Dean? You must get over there when you get a chance. There is a ton of brilliant angst and schmoop fic being produced on a daily basis. And I'll admit it, I'm partial to schmoop (shocking, I know) because it makes me happy.

Tomorrow my goal is to write the first draft of it, barring utter head pain of today.


I see the conversations going on about friending again and there is a great poll on the process at [ profile] mskatej's journal.

It's one of those things where I understand all the sides of the issue, but I tend to think of mine, for the most part, as a reading list at its core. I use this journal for my fannish fun and that's how I tend to choose who I friend. Do I develop friendships and grow to care about the people on my list? Of course, and I would probably miss them/wish them best if we diverted in interests...but it doesn't bother me if someone I'm not that close to ends up defriending/not friending me. I read people who share fandoms/interests/make me think, and if we can create a friendship, that's great, but if we just remain random commenters, that's cool too.

Basically, if you're on my friends list over here, I find you interesting and enjoy reading your posts. I only filter out communities so I'm less likely to automatically friend back these days due to time if you're here, I read you and try to comment. That said, there is no requirement from me to be friended back or expecting comments in order for you to remain on my list. Comments are always nice, but not necessary.


Alrighty, I think my drugs are kicking in. I'm going to watch th E Hollywood True Story on Mickey Mouse Club because Tony! JC! Marc! Damon! I loved MMC from the beginning.

::is huge dork::

::stares at mood icon:: Dude, I need to use "hot" more often. Holy hell!
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That writing meme, mostly because I'm always curious as to how people perceive my writing. I'm going to try to go back through and do these for some people, but I'm terrible with explaining why I love how certain people write in specifics. It's simply something I know.

01. Do I have a distinct style of writing?
02. If so, what exactly is it that defines my style?
03. Would you say my stories follow a certain theme?
04. Is there anything you feel I ought to improve or change?
05. Does my style (if I have one) remind you of anyone else?
06. Judging from whatever writing of mine that you've seen, what do you think is/are my strength(s)?
07. What do you think are my weaknesses?


This week's Tuesday ten - and really, wouldn't y'all be confused if I actually did it on a Tuesday? )


Pimpage Time:

1) [ profile] spn_heraea - Angst Vs. Schmoop Olympics are into day three. So if you love Sam/Dean, go read these stories. If you're not writing for the challenge, you can vote! (I cannot vote as I'm participating, but I can tell you that stories on both sides are awesome!)

2) It's week two of my Supernatural Hiatus Fandom Freanzy Question so go answer! This week's question is about choosing a favorite scene from season one - you can just quote it, show us a cap of it, what have you.

3) [ profile] schmoopfest prompts are up for claiming here. Lots of fandoms up for grabs and stories aren't due until August 24th. SPN fandom seems to be kicking ass and taking names though. (And really, Steph and I made up some Twilight-centric schmoop prompts. I know some of you know of Bella/edward! Write me fic!)

4) Because I'm eight years behind on things, if you still want a two characters' first kiss ficlet, go ahead and let me know.

5) Fandom 411 - you can register yourself with your other journals/blogs so that people can find you if LJ ever explodes.

6) If you love the show, Brothers & Sisters, be sure to check out [ profile] letterstoiraq (which I totally need to write for). It's letters between the Walkers while Justin is in Iraq.

7) The Shakespeare Pan-Fandom Ficathon - Multifandom, stories due August 17th

8) Heroes Big Boom - Heroes, sign-ups until June 17th

9) Heroes Crossover Ficathon - Heroes/Crossovers, sign-ups until June 10th

10) One Night Stand Challenge - Multifandom

11) 75 Things to Be Happy About Fic Challenge - Multifandom, must fit in a comment (two typewritten pages), due June 17th

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