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So I figure one way to get my posting more and reconnecting with my fannish side might be to take part in the snow-flake challenge. I'll be playing a little catch up for the first few days, so I'll probably try to do more than one until I'm on schedule, but it's a start.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
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I did some writing today. Not on any of the projects that I have coming due in the near future, but a freaking Entourage genderbender. [ profile] iamtheenemy and I talked about how it could be an interesting dynamic to have Eric turned into a girl. Because their relationship is already so close and interdependent and if you added Vince having to deal with E dating other guys - someone who could possibly replace him - and I was hooked. And Steph then said, Eric could be Erin.

And today I started writing it. Four pages. Eep!


tomorrow, after I visit my friend in the hospital, I'm hoping to do get through all the stories over at [ profile] oldschoolfic. I highly recommend checking out the master list of stories. And if you're in the mood to write, check out some of the prompts from the first round that are now up for grabs.
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Last night I had a dream that rather than being sent to hell Dean ended up on Galatica and was having lots of hot sex with Kara. He had no memory of anything, including Sam, but then...I guess they found earth because they're back on Earth and Sam finds Dean and Dean remembers, and then Dean is angsty!torn between his love for Sam and his hots for Kara. There was also a few fights with cylons, but I was mostly paying attention to the making out.


So I may have started writing the most improbable love story ever - the tale of Michael Phelps/Dean Winchester (with special appearances by David Cook). Yeah, I doubt anyone but maybe [ profile] chickpea would *want* to read it, but basically, after the weekend I had, I wanted some hot boys making out, even if it made no sense WHATSOEVER!


Must finish my [ profile] oldschoolfic today. It's started, but I can't exactly turn in a page and call it a story. That would be terrible. The problem I'm having is that when I sit down to write I find myself writing schmoopy stuff that I would only share with myself. And while I'm at least writing, that's not exactly helping my fic challenges cause. Or my Heroes big boom. Or many other things lingering on my C: Drive.
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Some fandom-related stuff...

This week's Supernatural Friday Five... )

Last week's Supernatural Friday Five... )


Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fics favorite you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

1. Scenes from the Passenger Seat - Joan of Arcadia - This will surprise some of you, but I have a hard love of sibling relationships, and this story gave me the chance to explore Joan & Kevin's. And I really love how it turned out.

2. And Then: Long Live the Queen (The Prue Perspective Remix) - Charmed - I thought this story turned out amazingly well, after I freaked out about it for awhile and made some small changes, I realized that it just worked.

3. Devil's Trap Choose Your Own Adventure - Supernatural - I have to say that I really love this story (stories) and enjoy going back to reread different endings from time to time. Much of that is because of [ profile] iamtheenemy, who not only did her normal kick ass beta job, but went beyond the call of duty and turned this into something really good.

4. Republicans End the World...Accidentally - West Wing - This was written for the zombie ficathon and when I saw my assignment, I had a brief freak-out where I pondered how the hell I was going to do this. And this was just one of those rare writing experiences where I sat down to write and it all came out fairly easily.

5. Three To Six - Ocean's Eleven - I think sometimes my challenge pieces that I freak out about turn out the best. I looked at my request and began to panic, "What do I know about writing in this fandom? Just because I love it doesn't mean anything." Then I watched the movie a few times and I just got this vision of Tess showing up at Rusty's and expecting him to take care of her until Danny was free. I really love the Tess & Rusty relationship I set up in this too, not quite friendship. They're kindred in some ways and yet so very different.


Some pimpage because I've been slacking in this lately:

-[ profile] spn_appreciate - Supernatural Fandom Appreciation Week - it gets underway on Sunday, March 11th

-[ profile] spn_heraea - Sam/Dean Angst vs. Schmoop Olympics - two of my favorite types of fic...angst and schmoop, battling it out via new stories!

-[ profile] some_family - Heroes Hiatus Fic Challenge, Petrelli-centric, taking prompts until March 12th

-[ profile] rpfremix - RPF Remix, sign-ups until March 18th

-[ profile] tbd_stpaddys - The Black Donnelly's "Luck of the Irish" Challenge!

-[ profile] what_if_writing - Second prompt will be going up tonight. Come write stories based around different "what if?" prompts in any fandom.
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Mwahahahaha...the project 'o doom is done and in the hands of my betas. I feel really bad for cutting it so close for them (I want to post the thing Thursday morning for everyone to enjoy on premiere day!), but really, those last two scenes would not come out.

Again, Tommygirl is never allowed to have a *brilliant* idea again.

Well, after this one...

The community name is a joke, my friends. We're dirty organizer types and laughed about it. It's not for non-con.

So yes, save the date, people. We're still working out exactly when the community will open for membership and such, but it's a coming rather quickly.


Not much else to report. Actually was expected to do work at my office today (how rude!) and then I finished project 'o doom. So yeah, all the wonderful fic and such will have to wait until tomorrow for me. As I am dead on my feet. And I want to watch Heroes and Studio 60 and then dream about really pretty boys making out for me.


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New season of Weeds premieres tonight. I can't wait. I love it. It cracks me up and the people are so fucking crazy, but in a very believable way that most people are. In honor of the premiere, the best friend, my sister, and I hung out yesterday and watch the first six episodes of season one.

If you have not seen this show, I highly recommend checking it out via Netflix (or other avenues...). It's hysterical stuff. You will laugh and laugh and laugh.


I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mama has one by now, but Vox invites. I've got three ONE more left. Just leave me a comment with your email and i'll send it to you.


I'm working on a Post Devil's Trapfic for my week at Supernatural Summer and right now it's sorta lingering. I need to finish it so I can go back and focus on my SPN State story (which I haven't forgotten, I swear. It's got a first draft and's just...well...the first draft sucks.). But I can't seem to get the fic to work the way I want to. Dean's being all stubborn and insisting, "Tommygirl, I wouldn't do that. I'd make out with Sam." And then I point out to him that I'm not really into the incest myself, but he keeps trying to sway me. Damn the Dean voice in my head.

And it's possible that I'm slightly mental.


How are there only two more episodes of Entourage left? This show should NEVER not be on with new episodes. I love it so. And this episode with Eric and the Martin Landeau kept cracking me up.

Also, only two episodes left of 4400. Will maybe have thoughts later, but I'm finally enjoying where things are going again.


On that note, the day is almost over. So I shall finish up some last minute paperwork and then head home. I need sleep. I found a copy of New Moon at Barnes & Noble and I read the whole thing last night, sleep be damned. Now I'm regretting that decision.

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Guess what, my friends? There will be fic today. It's another of the ABC drabbles (which I'm going to stop calling "drabbles" as this one is at 3 pages and not quite done yet) that I haven't forgotten. Of course, it's not the Multiverse story that needs to be done and beta'd by Friday. I'm having a bit of anxiety about this one as it's two characters that I love, but have never written, but also, I'm writing for someone whose writing I love and admire. I want it to be good, but everytime I look at it, I just can't write anything decent. So I started one of the "drabbles" instead.

Oh writing, you fickle fiend. Why can't you just work the way I want you to?


Considering how last weekend started and how angry/frustrated/depressed with life I was, it has taken a wonderful turn and I've figured a few things out. It helps to rewatch Entourage over and over again. As does staring at pretty pictures of hot boys.


Tonight there is new Project Runway. This is my first time watching as the season goes since I pretty much ingested season two last weekend, so I wonder if my patience will hold out. I wonder if I will get overly-attached to one designer like I did in season two (Daniel...I loved that boy so much. If he hadn't made it to the final two, I would've killed someone.). I wonder if there will be a blatant gay man who passes himself off as straight. I wonder who will bring the drama.

And really will there ever be a better OTP than Tim/Andre? I think not.

I gave that Rockstar Supernova show a try last week, but only two of the singers were good (that girl who did the Nirvana was freaking amazing and creepy, but she's not enough to keep me watching). Considering how much television I already watch, it just doesn't seem like something to waste my time on. Just not my thing.

Also tonight that new Stephen King miniseries thing starts. Luckily my DVR records two things at once. So I'll be able to see it.

Remember a time when summer was the dead time for television? I sorta miss it in that I got stuff accomplished when there was no new television aside from my ABC soaps. Now though: Entourage, 4400, Psych, Hex, Project Runway, Last Comic Standing...Goodness. I watch as much television in the summer as I do throughout the year.


Finally, I've got a vox account account now. I don't have any invites yet, but if you have an account and want to friend me:

Shocking username, I know. I'm so very original and unique. I'm not sure how often I'll use it. I'm playing around with it now, trying to figure it out. I prefer livejournal because I don't adapt well to change and really this is my favorite place online...but that has never stopped me from collecting journals elsewhere before.


Okay, off to finish up this ficlet, try to work on the Multiverse story of doom, and catch up on friends list. Hopefully this weekend I will get caught up on the fanfiction. I'm so behind at the moment and you guys keep churning out more and more good stuff.

Ciao my friends!
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I cannot decide if it's the current CMM stuff going round the friends list (::looks at [ profile] joyfulgirl41::) or the fact that I watched, on purpose, House of Wax last night before I went to bed. But I had the weirdest Supernatural dream featuring CMM in it.

In it Dean and CMM (with his longer, Dawson's Creek hair) were stuck in some sort of crypt and then something happens and CMM is taking off Dean's pendant.

Well, that was a very bad thing to do because suddenly Dean starts convulsing and ends up in pain and then in the dream I flashback to when Dean got the pendant and apparently it was to cure some sort of curse he suffered. So yeah, CMM is freaking out and Dean is in pain and where the hell is Sam?

Apparently, Sam is having lunch with some friends. Finally realizes "hey, I haven't heard from my brother in forever, I wonder how things went at that crypt..." and goes looking for his brother.

Then I wake up. I have no idea if my poor Dean was saved nor do I know why CMM would be helping Dean out on a case. I must say that I was intrigued by it though.

Anyway, House of Wax terrible movie. Jared sporting a stache is even worse. Dude, he shouldn't do that. Ever again. But I can picture Jensen mocking him for it. Like somehow they get on the topic of really bad moments in their careers and Jensen mocks that...and then Jared starts quoting the really out there Days moments...and then Jensen comes back with the fact that Jared was in an Olsen twins movie.

I really need to get out more.


Gakked from everyone and their mommas:

List Your Top Six Favorite Shows (not actually in order)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Sports Night
3. Alias
4. Firefly
5. Supernatural
6. 24

then answer these questions based on the list... )


My Remix is done. Well, almost. I'm waiting to get it back from the second of my two betas before sending it to [ profile] musesfool this afternoon. I prefer to have both the betas go over things because they're both good at different things and honestly, nobody rips my stuff apart quite like Steph. But it's done. I must admit to worrying about this one in a way I don't normally, but it's done and I don't think it's too shabby.

Now just to get the last of the beta work back so I can be free of it.


This weekend was the laziest of all my life, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm battling off the early signs of a sinus infection, so that might be why I was so dead to the world. But really, all I did was sleep, watch movies, and sleep some more. I think I was awake for a total of ten hours from Friday night on. It was fabulous.

Of course, now I'm freaking out because NO writing was accomplished and I really didn't get anything done around the house.

My roommates and I were lazing about yesterday watching Project Runway and it was offered up that it's probably because this was the first weekend where we weren't all running around because of the open houses or people coming to look at the place, etc. And we needed it.

Le sigh.

Definitely nice to not have to do anything.

But it makes for an evil Monday morning, let me tell ya.
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For the record, since I've gotten about five emails this past week, I do plan to finish Trouble In My Head. I will find my Justin Timberlake muse again (maybe it's time to pull out the Making of the Tour dvd - that thing never ceases to fill me with immense love for those boys), but I've always been a fickle girl when shiny new boys are put in front of my face. And a lot of them are so interesting that I want to fic them like mad. So poor Justin and Laney await a time for me to go back and finish the story.

But it will be done. It might take ten years, but dammit, I will finish it - because I don't know how to let things go...and [ profile] iamtheenemy threatened to kill me (or worse, finish the story herself and she would kill Frankie - and I happen to like him.)

I used to be much better with my WIPs. It might've taken me ten years to update, but it was just the one story - and then I went and became all polyfannish. Sorry dudes.

If it's any consolation, both Steph and I have signed up for Sesa. Although with my luck I'll get someone who wants a fucking Joey-centric story. It's like the story of my life, that damn Fatone boy when all I want is a nice helping of Chasez.

And yes, for the people who are newer to this journal, I do write RPS/RPF from time to time...and I was a pop fiction girl to boot. I'm evil incarnate - feel my wrath...


While on the topic of pop music in a way...Steph did the most horrible thing. She had me listen to Kevin Federline's rap music. He's making an album. And my ears, they bleed. Oh Brit, it's not bad enough that the two of you had a television show, but because he's Mr. Spears he gets a record deal?


Remember the good days, when you had to have talent to get a record Joey Lawrence. Now that was talent, my friends.


I've decided that everyone on my friends list should go read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and then write me lots of Edward Cullen-centric fanfiction. Am I allowed to demand such things?


Forgive me...I've ingested quite a bit of sugar today in my attempts to write. These attempts ended with me actually reading over old stuff and reorganizing my files in a new manner. I also watched the week's worth of One Life to Live on my Tivo. Oh Nash, I love you - you're so much better than Antonio.

Okay, I'm off (not just mentally) - I really should attempt some writing before I crash.
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Am quite bitter and envious of y'all that got to see Serenity last night. Am grateful though that each of you has used cut-tags for any spoilers. As I am not a fan of the spoilers for most things. I like finding out as I go. please take this to apply to the upcoming harry potter book and those spoilers out there that I've managed to avoid thus far. thanks! Alas, gratitude is not stronger than the green-eyed monster and so...::scowls::

Instead, I got to spend my evening watching repeats of The O.C., reading, and starting a story that I didn't expect.

You see, out of nowhere, I started writing a popslash, trickyfish story. First, aside from Trouble In My Head, I haven't been writing much that involves Nsync in awhile now (and some of those who read that would be quick to point out I don't do much writing on TIMH - sorry). Second, I've never really been a trickyfish girl - my firm belief being that Lance belongs with JC. It goes back to the old school days when Clandestine Desires was posted and now I just can't like them with anyone else.

So why, then, am I writing this story when I have two ficathon pieces due early next week?

Though [ profile] iamtheenemy told me to finish it. She said it wasn't cheesy or bad, so if I end up finishing it and posting it, she's to blame. Remember that.


And damn if I didn't get tagged again for a different meme!

[ profile] stac88 tagged me and so here I am…

1. Favorite scent... the smell in the air right before/after it rains
2. Favorite way to relax... read
3. Favorite movie you own... Just one? Gah. Say Anything
4. Favorite movie you don't already own... Ocean’s Eleven (I borrow it from the mother whenever I’m in the mood)
5. Favorite male movie star... Brad Pitt
6. Favorite female movie star... Jennifer Garner
7. Favorite book genre... chick lit
8. Favorite clothing store... Old Navy
9. Favorite non-clothing store... Best Buy
10. Favorite cartoon character... Tweety Bird
11. Favorite CD you own... Ani Difranco “Living In Clip”
12. Favorite CD you don't already own... not sure if I have one?
13. Pass the torch to five of your favorite LJ friends! - [ profile] ladybug218, [ profile] dragonsinger, [ profile] sdlucly, [ profile] supernaturalhel, and [ profile] larah33 - or ya know, anyone who wants


I get to leave work at 3:30pm today because the boss is being uber kind, per usual, before the holiday. Love the boss on days like this.

Really don't feel like I've accomplished much, which is accurate. For I've spent most of my morning reading fanfic and pondering how to go about my take the house fic. This is my sad process a lot of time - ponder, ponder, write, rip that draft to shreds, ponder, ponder, write. Sometimes it works (like I think it did with the Jack/Sawyer story) and sometimes it doesn't (oh so many stories that I'm not going to count).

Fannish to Do List for my own needs... )


Alright off to wish away the remaining hour of time and write. Really. I'm gonna write. Goodness knows I might not have time this weekend.
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passing the time until this day is done. Very busy. Very gross out - damn you allergies!

Anyway, more interview questions. Ask me some questions or ask for some questions...

Questions from spy_barbie... )

Questions from my partner in crime, the evilest of weebles... )


Does anyone want to take over writing Trouble In My Head for me? Really? Anyone out there?

Laney is still being difficult and I've got no bloody interest in difficult when I have a Lee Adama muse that wants my attention and then this weird ohmygodtheover-the-top angst bunny for Seth/Ryan. And of course, there is always Chris...

So Laney really needs to start being more conducive to letting me write this chapter. Because how can I even begin to fix things between her and Justin if I can't get through one damn chapter.


Not much else to report. Baffled by the crazy lady/bride that reported her own kidnapping - dude, this is why I don't think marriage is necessary and that living in sin can be much more fun. Wasn't sure whether the President was being ironic during his press conference when he uttered the words "energy plan." Tired and sore from packing boxes for a friend. And feeling quite lazy that I did absolutely NO writing this weekend. None. Aside from making the edits to a piece that was beta'd, there was no use of WORD.

So on that note, I shall go flog myself and wish away the remainder of the day.

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I'm once again behind on my television viewing. It really is a weekly thing anymore - I tivo everything and get caught up over the weekend. Except for Gilmore Girls, which is my new Buffy that I watch as soon as it starts, commercials be damned.

So thank you all for the wonderful lj-cuts so that I can remain spoiler free on Veronica Mars and Alias.


I wrote another part to the ongoing New Future A/U. It's not posted yet, nor does it have a title, but [ profile] ladybug218 promises that it's not completely horrible. To think that this thing started out as one little story...and now it has taken on a life of its own, with help from the brilliant [ profile] ladybug218 of course.

Alas, it wasn't one of things on my "to do" list, but isn't that always the way with my evil writing muses? Why focus on the eight different stories I have to do when I could write more chris angst?

Today, I will do some more beta work and then I shall try to write. I'm only four hundred words from my goal of 28K now. 400 words over three days! Woo-hoo! I can do it! I'll make my goal! (And considering how I ended up not seeing NANO through this past year, this is a very good thing!)


Not much else going on. Tomorrow Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy opens and I can't wait to see it. My sister likes to point out that I'm such a little sci-fi nerd, but I just...those books are wonderful. And from the trailers, the movie looks like it was made by someone who appreciates the wonderfulness of the books (sort of like Peter Jackson with LOTR and it makes a huge difference in the outcome).

I think the boy got me tickets to see Spam-A-Lot on Broadway (he does pick up on hints rather well) so I'll have to take him to see the movie this weekend since he's back from LA (occasionally I try to do nice things for him and stuff).

I'm also looking forward to the girl's weekend in the Poconos with the friends at the beginning of June. No boys, no stress, just shopping and hanging out.


Alrighty, off to attempt to get some of the stuff on my to do list done and maybe work on that "review" of the new Backstreet Boys video that is just begging to be written. Oh boyband phase! I thought I was done with you, but alas, it seems I was wrong!
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Dear Laney,

You are one of my favorite original characters of all time that I have created. Yeah, that's right. I created I don't think I'm asking for too much for you to get your act together enough for me to finish up this chapter of TIMH. It's been a very long time between updates...and yes, I realize that most of that is my doing as I'm a lazy sort of a girl with a very short attention span who moves onto the newest shiny thing. However, if you could stop sounding like Justin every time I go to write, that would be great. Remember him? He's the whiny bastard, not you.

Get yourself together. Be pissy! Be annoyed! Be quoting movies left and right! But do not mope about like Justin. Otherwise, what will Justin do next chapter when it's his POV?




I have progressed a bit on TIMH for the three of you that care. I wrote another 146 words, so we might be able to avoid the scenario where [ profile] iamtheeenemy takes over writing duty and kills Frankie off. Then again, I think I'm the only person who doesn't hold Frankie solely responsible for Laney and Justin's break-up.

Oh well.


So allow me to procrastinate and do that meme that everyone else and their mother has done.

1. Below are fifteen of my fandoms.
2. Guess my favourite character/pairing.
3. Or, if you really want to, guess the character I loathed.
4. Once it's guessed, I'll bold it and then squee/rant about them.

Below are the list of fifteen for you all to have fun with! )


Someone entertain me! I just have no energy to write anymore. I could work on something else. Possibly my Earth 2 story...or my O.C. story...or one of those that will probably never end/get done/never been seen by more than maybe one other person.

Alrighty, off I go to find something to do...I mean, write
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I've started working on those ficlets for everyone in a notebook as I've been fighting bronchitis the past few days - it's an evil thing, but wonderful to sleep all day long. I say this now, but come Monday when I return to work, I'm sure I'll be weeping at the sight of my in-box.

So I figured my first afternoon back on the computer, rather than typing up what I have of ficlets or finishing off Steph's [ profile] iamtheenemy story that I was going to finish last weekend, well, I'll have some fun with questions.


This Week's Fannish Five - [ profile] fannish5

What five crossovers would you like to see?

1. I think everyone has heard me go on about this quite a bit already. 24/Alias - specifically the love potential of Sydney Bristow and Jack Bauer. Oh, it could be great. They would be perfect together. Jack is so much better than whiny Vaughn.

2. O.C./Dead Like Me - because [ profile] sdlucly refuses to write it, someone must. Seth Cohen as a new reaper. Think of the possibilities! It would be fabulous. Someone needs to write it because the idea won't leave me alone - do we really want me writing it?

3. Charmed/Roswell - both supernatural. I like the idea of Maria having some sort of power because she was always the "plain" one during Roswell's run and I hated that view of her. She was special without powers, man, but imagine her with powers.

4. Joan of Arcadia/Wonderfalls - they both talk to God, or something. Better to say they both hear voices and do as the voices demand. They can meet in the psycho ward. heh.

5. Roswell/Farscape. I don't know how really. Haven't thought it out a great deal. But it could work...right?

A Friday Five - ganked from [ profile] dragonsinger

1) Name your favorite pairing?

Of all time? Good God! That's not right. There are so many in different fandoms: Seth/Ryan, Joan/Adam, Michael/Maria, Luke/Lorelai, Pyro/Rogue, Dan/Casey, Josh/Donna. Okay, I'll stop there, but there are many more, man. Many more!

2) Name your least favorite pairing?

I'm not a Polar Girl from Roswell. I don't like the idea of Michael with anyone but Maria. (Oddly enough, on occasion, I can/will read Maria with Kyle or Alex though).

3) Which character that was killed off upset you the most? Why did this one upset you more than others?

Alex on Roswell and Chris on Charmed - both were just...gah...I'm still not over it. Especially Alex's death because it was turned into the crappiest murder mystery EVER.

4) If you were able to bring back this character from the dead, how would you do it?

With Chris, it's easy enough. He just went back to his future. That's what I believe and I refuse to hear otherwise...fa, la, la. For Alex, er, that's a bit harder. Um, it was all a dream?

5) What song most reminds you of your favorite pairing?

"Stay" by Lisa Loeb reminds me of Michael/Maria.


New Battlestar Galatica and Stargate Atlantis this evening! There is a bright spot to the past few days of horrible illness! I'm almost caught up on all my television viewing, trying to pretend that I didn't see Smallville this past week, and wanting to do bad things with Jack Bauer on 24.


that interview meme is going around again and ladybug218 asked me some questions...answers are below. Comment if you have questions for me or want questions! )


Okay, I'm off to do start typing up some of the ficlets and finish the rest of them. So far, some have turned out much better than others and I apologize in advance for that.

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I have survived cleaning off the cars. The good thing about apartment living is that my shoveling is drastically reduced from when we had the big corner house. Do think that the majority of the people in my building are lazy asses who don't pay attention to a simple request from the landlords to "in the morning, please move vehicles to the adjacent parking lot." It's the lot no one uses and it was already plowed. But no, we have asses who just leave their cars in the main lot and it's ugly out there. Fuckers.

I hate snow. Lazy people like myself shouldn't live in areas where things like snow occur.


[Poll #423531]


Writing meme 1 with questions answered... )

writing meme 2 - the posting of lines from stories... )


Eagles game is on. Couldn't care less, but I know everyone else in the goddamn region does. Instead, I shall fic for a bit. So answer my poll and entertain me!
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So much to do, so much to do...and yet, here I am, updating my livejournal. though that is most likely the most important thing I'll undertake today.

So some dipshit had his/her way with the [ profile] yuletide site so I can't upload my story yet. Just why? I don't understand the appeal of doing stuff like that. It's along the same lines as all the fandom wank, hate posts that occur. Why? What does it accomplish except to make you look like the ass? I mean, someone could be spot on about his/her take on a fandom writer, but by posting things in that means...I'm sorry, but I grew up being told, "You have a problem with someone, you deal with it directly" and "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I understand we all get frustrated and annoyed with people and the like, but there are better places to vent, better places where you're not hurting people's feelings.

Oh, the Internet makes some people so damn brave in their anonymity, doesn't it?


Some fun memes that I haven't had a chance to do until now:

The television meme )

My stories for the year in review meme )


In other news, I still have everyone's wish list items that I think I can saved. You might not get it until after the holiday is officially over (as during the holiday vacation is most likely the first chance I'll have to grant those wishes), but there coming! I love the idea of it and want to do it for people.

I also have a bunch of recs to put up here in different fandoms, but I want to wait until I have a few moments to sort through them properly.

In the meantime, the next few days will be filled with some beta work for people, my Charmed Santa project, and my story for the most wubulous cyber daughter ever, [ profile] iamtheenemy.

Wish me luck! I've got four days!

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Woo-hoo! Progress! I'm making progress on my [ profile] yuletide story! I've got a 1000 words! It's not nearly done and it's going to need some rewrites before going to beta, but yay! I'm making progress.


Have you ever read back over one of your own stories and really loved it? I mean, I usually enjoy all my stories - well, most of them anyway - because it's stuff that I wanted to see written, stuff that I enjoy. But there are certain stories that when I re-read them, I actually wonder if I wrote it and think it's a great story.

This came about because I was reading over some of my Alias stuff and stumbled upon A Shift In The Wind. It's Season Three Sydney angst, but I actually like the premise of the story. The use of her love of books to set up the story and the idea that Sydney is going to try to get over this woe-is-me feeling she has.

I don't know. I never know when it becomes arrogance on a writer's part or simply an ability to recognize good work.

Oh well, ignore this ramble. I'm trying to avoid writing and I really can't afford to do that at the moment.


Must watch last night's Veronica Mars tonight. Maybe start wrapping some of the gifts I've purchased (I finished the last of my shopping on my lunch break today! Hurrah! I'm done!)

But for now, I'm off to try to fill the last ten minutes of work with meaningless crap.

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Before any real entries of substance or proof that I have succeeded in writing something can take place, I feel the need for some memes galore that I've been doing at work in a fit of boredom.

[ profile] dragonsinger has created her own meme:

You know how bands and artists pick their best songs for a "Best Of..." CD, well, that's how this works. Choose ten of your best fanfics (or fanart or original works or photographs). List them and explain why they're your best.

Below are my ten favorites of my fanfiction – not an easy feat for a secret self-loather )


A Nano-related meme that I stole from [ profile] nanoladybug218

Are you nearly as bored as I appear to be today? )


this week’s fannish five )


That passed some I'm off to undertake in some picking of Charlie's brain for this Lost idea I had. That Charlie is an evil one - though I keep trying to make him so much like how I write Dom and that's not very fair to Charlie.
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My job is sucking out my soul.

In other news, a somewhat brief writing memo to appease my need to rebel against my workplace for a few minutes.

Another Writing Survey that I stole from [ profile] musesfool

1. What's the favorite story (i.e.: 1) you've ever written and why?

I know it’s probably not appropriate, but I have deep love for almost every one of my stories for different reasons. But I guess my favorite would be Reinventions because I somehow managed to write an old-fashioned romance – who knew I had it in me?

2. What're questions you're most frequently asked?

“Are you friends with Justin Timberlake?” and “When are you going to update?”

3. What're your thoughts on betas?

I think it’s imperative to have a few people that you can trust to read your stuff and basically just help you to reshape it into something marvellous. No matter how many times you edit on your own (which, as a compulsive edit Nazi, I have a tendency to do), you’ll still miss things that someone who doesn’t live in your head might not.

4. How important is canon?

You have to know canon before you can write a decent fanfiction. All fanfiction (A/U and crossovers included) is based off the canon. The way the characters would react to things, their interactions with other people, the activities they would find themselves caught up in. If you don’t know canon, I don’t know how your story is anything more than original work with the canon character’s names.

5. What're your fanfic pet peeves?

This is a can of worms I doubt anyone wants opened, but I guess my main ones are based on my above answer. I don’t like it when a character acts completely different without a very good reason. I hate people messing up characters I love without any cause for it. I have no problems with A/U or original characters in a piece as long as you maintain the characters that I love. Also, if you don’t know the basics of writing, please don’t force it upon others without someone beta’ing it. I won’t read things IN ONE BIG PARAGRAPH.

6. What's your favorite (ie: 1) story you've ever read and why?

This is an evil question! Can I just say anything that Lady Lit ever wrote was always brilliant! I was so in love with her stuff and talent. Alas, her site is no more, but her stuff was what great writing was all about.

As for a story that still exists: I love My Little Mary by Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy because it was back in the day when people only wrote Chris Kirkpatrick as being “the funny one” and Steph actually gives his character some dimension…and it’s just an adorable little romance.

7. What quote applies most to you and why?
“I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you, Warren.”

8. Do you outline/brainstorm?

I mull things over in my head for awhile before putting them to paper, but usually my brainstorming/outlines is my first draft. I just write and edit and write…and then by the time the first draft is done, I have a basic idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. For my WIPs, well, I just have an idea in my head of what I want to happen and where I want my characters to go – sometimes the characters end up changing that on me…which is why I tend not to use outlines. I can’t seem to function with outlines.

9. Computer or pen and paper?

Both. I prefer to do my very first drafts in a notebook and then type them into the computer, changing it as I go, but sometimes it’s simpler to type it right into the computer.

10. What's your muse's name and favorite temptation to be creative?

His name is the evil, angsty Chris Perry! Okay, it actually depends on what I’m writing. I don’t know that my muse has a name besides what I refer to it as “goddamn pain in my ass!”

I’m not sure what “favorite temptation” means unless it’s what really makes you tick as far as writing goes. And I don’t know – I vary. I love it all really. I love writing tons of different scenarios for tons of different characters.
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Somewhere between yesterday's struggle to get anything beyond 350 words onto paper and last night, this Roswell ficathon piece has turned into the story that never ends. I'm at eleven pages and there is no ending in sight. Eek gads. Who knew that these characters could be so damn talkative? Michael Guerin is not a man of many words so why the hell is he suddenly so chatty with me--pointing out that he can do these certain things to guarantee a "happy ending".

This story will be done today in time for Ficathon deadline. Oh, I will beat this damn story into submission if it kills me.

And then, well...Chris wants his new story finished and a few other pieces he's been forcing me to work on. I blame this solely on Drew Fuller's shoulders. If he weren't so damn hot and created a character I find so intriguing, evil Chris muse would not own my brain.

And I don't even want to think about finishing my part of my collaboration with Steph [ profile] iamtheenemy because she's mean and likes to talk smack about me and my lack of productivity.

And people have started asking about the new chapter of Trouble In My Head, which, has it really been over a month since I posted the last part? It feels like just yesterday when I was stuck inside Justin's head for prolonged periods of time.

I wonder if I weren't writing, if these voices would come out in different ways and I'd end up a diagnosed schizophrenic?


Veep Debate is tonight. While I love Edwards and want nothing more than to see someone finally wipe that evil smirk off Cheney's face, I'm not sure I can stand to watch. Dick Cheney scares me. (He sucks out souls, people! We should all be afraid!)

Also, I would much rather watch Veronica Mars. She's much more honest and entertaining. Plus, Logan, no matter how bastardish (is that a word?) is such a cutie!


writing to do list--more for me, but read if so inclined )


Okay, back to writing. Back to kicking this stupid story in the shins.

Damn the man, save the Mare!

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